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Huge Muslim beast enjoying white kufr woman

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The 33-year-old Zack ‘King’ Khan says he has never missed Friday prayers.

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No prizes for guessing white woman Jodie sucked his powerful muslim cock and she is not the only one.

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One thought on “Huge Muslim beast enjoying white kufr woman

  1. In London more than 75% white women are fucked by muslim studs. Muslims are just 6 or 7% in London but they enjoy 75% women. So on an average 1 muslim male has atleast 10 white females.

    I had written about this after i visited London and how a British Muslim Stud of Turkish origin, Hasan, made my wife pregnant here in this story

    London is a much more open society than India hence white females there openly worship Muslim studs and their cocks. Also it is revealed that Muslim males rarely fuck their women without condoms with their cut cocks, so 90% of the babies born by white women in London are by Muslim Males. The white males can only hopelessly watch, their women taken over by more powerful muslim bulls and do nothing about it. Hence many British men have accepted that their wives will be made pregnant by muslim males, who are usually their drivers, servants etc. Rich white females do not hesitate to get physical with muslim males of low education and income. They use rich white husbands, just to spend money but when it comes to sex or babies, muslim studs are the top choice. Those husbands who do not accept this are cheated by there wives. I know a white woman, who got fucked by her husband with condom but she cheated on him and got 3 babies from her muslim boyfriend who was her husband’s junior in his office as he regularly fucked her with his cut cock without condom.

    Another story, a powerful muscular muslim Bull from England (see his body here and he is 40 years and still capable to have 10-15 white wives) was twisted by Media. He had 3 wives and 10 children, All white wives. He was not given Visa to USA because they thought this Stud will then marry white women in US as well so they got scared and rejected his Visa but in Media they ran some other fake story. Just see his body and imagine his powerful cock. He is 42 years old. Any non muslim married man will feel threatened with this Bull. (Guy pic –

    In India the trend is catching where Hindu girls leave their husband and get fucked by muslims but we are still not as open as England so many love stories happen in secret. Very few are in open. Soon India will be an open society where 90% Hindu women get babies from powerful muslim bulls.

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