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Hunderds of hindu girl come out in support of hindu musalman couple and Many tagged their musalman boyfriends

A HBoy does not like it.
Tired of counting.

Hindu girls LOVE it (A Glimpse)

Ankita and Shahid Khan
Relationship with hot musalman
Hindu girls so excited
Hindu girl richa modified her name to include the name of her musalman boyfriend
Shivani and Mr.Khan
Khan and Shivani
Umair and Sinharoy
Xtian girl Rivka and Shafeek
Cute hindu girl shreya and Azam
adultbacchi aka Sakshi and Zeeshan
aarahska and riaz
This is hot- Dr. Khushboo and musalman mard Yusuff
Taken by Yusuff
Sanjana tags her friend Shreya and musalman bf

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  1. Me too support Hindu Muslim marriage.

  2. This is so great. We hindu girls don’t see religion while choosing our life partners. Also, muslim boys prefer us hindu girls because muslim girls are usually backwards and illiterate and they dont even have a sense of fashion.

    • Hindu girls in hot dresses show their sexy bodies to muslims, they themselves go to muslim men and love the khan culture, while muslim girls are more interested in their Deen and consider the love for a man lower than the love for the deen, I have talked to many of them and they seemed far more disciplined. While hindu girls fantasize about bollywood style love, get love stuck easily, and can do anything for love.

  3. Good campaign

  4. we want to be saalas of musalmans….that can only be our salvation.

  5. I am jerking my cock by reading this

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