Hungry for big muslim lund

I m a 32 year old house wife with fig 38.30.40 want to share my real feeling with u (please dont take it as a joke). I am living in Mumbai with my old in laws and 2 kids. My husband works abroad. I come to this site everyday from last 2 months. I love all post of this site and want to read them again and again and rub my soft pussy very rough when thinking about big muslim lund, especially bearded muslim man with big hard lund. Almost every day I rub my pussy and so much fun I cant tell. Whenever i go for shopping in mohemed ali market and see beard rough muslim my pussy becomes wet. mohemed ali market is muslim dominant area and u will see maximum muslim shop owners there. I go for purchasing household items and after reaching to my home I rub my pussy at least three time with loud moans. I love u …..musalman….some times I think about enjoying in real with a muslim man. but scared about the society.

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