Husband fantasy goes wrong

Twenty-eight year old Kishan was married to the most wonderful girl in the world, so why wasn’t he the happiest? Kishan felt he would never be happy until his fantasy was fulfilled. For many years, he had been on the computer browsing adult websites, particularly interfaith sites. He had looked at Hindu studs and their women, but without any interest whatsoever. His fantasy was to see Radha with a well hung Muslim man, the bigger the better. Every evening, he was searching and reading stories of monster Muslim cocks fucking a virgin Hindu pussy. Every wife seemed reluctant, but soon came to crave her lovers Muslim cock. Not only did Kishan want to see his wife ravished, he wanted to lick and clean her pussy afterward.

Lately, it had become difficult to get an erection without first looking at photos of Muslim and Hindu wife sex acts. Naturally, all the pictures were of gigantic Muslim cocks forcing themselves into a pussy, often too small to accommodate them. Still, every woman learned to love it and begged for more.

Radha Pandit was twenty-three and had married Kishan when she was eighteen.

Kishan had been reading blogs from and decided to try and get Radha drunk enough to loosen her up. Maybe, lowering her inhibitions was what he needed to do. Dinner, a few drinks and dancing at a club might do the trick.

Kishan never believed the differences between reality and fantasy were like daylight and dark. Kishan was about to create a situation in which there was no return. One in which, he would be sorry for the rest of his life. How many women would believe their husbands truly loved them and allowed another man to fuck them? How many wives would still love and respect their husband, after he had licked and sucked another mans’ cum from their pussy? The stage was set for him becoming a cuckold forever.

Kishan had put an comment in, requesting his desire of talking to Muslim men in the area of Hyderabad. Receiving dozens of replies, he insisted on pictures or they would not get an answer. The Muslim stud’s name was Javed, about Kishan’s age, good-looking, but more important, sporting a nine or ten inch cock standing almost straight up.

Kishan was hooked and sent photos of himself and Radha. He explained his idea of getting Radha high and allowing his new friend to seduce her. Revealing his desire to watch and clean her afterward added to the icing on the cake. Javed told him of a club and arranged to meet the couple about ten the following Friday night.

Friday afternoon, Kishan was nervous and excited at the same time. Not believing he was really going to try and get Radha fucked without her permission, scared him to death. “Honey, what say we go out tonight? How does dinner, a few drinks and a couple of dances sound? I heard about this club that is supposed to be really cool.”

“Really? We haven’t been out in ages. It’s about time you took me dancing.” Radha innocently exclaimed.

After sharing a bottle of wine with dinner, Radha was more relaxed and ready for an enjoyable evening with her loving husband.

Following Javed’s directions, Kishan finally arrived at his destination. This was a new part of the city to him and wasn’t in the best neighborhood. Upon entering, their eyes had to adjust to the darkness. Finally, they could see the only light was coming from globes containing candles.

Trying to choose a table, they saw a couple leave a corner booth and immediately headed toward it. Kishan was thinking the large curved booth would be perfect, if Radha allowed Javed to join them. If he could arrange for Radha to sit on the inside, she would be accessible from either direction. So far, everything was falling into place for his lovely wife to be seduced.

Radha was looking around the club, trying to see what kind of this place catered to. She sipped her drink.

The band came back while they were on their second drink. “Well, you brought me dancing, so let’s get at it.” Radha said.

When the first dance ended, they stayed on the floor until the music began again. There were about a dozen half drunk couple. Radha and Kishan got separated at one point and she found herself opposite a young, good-looking Muslim male. When she looked into his face, he winked at her. Turning again, she found Kishan was behind her and smiling over her shoulder. She wanted to continue dancing, but Kishan signaled he was going to the booth. Thinking, what the Hell, I don’t need a partner, she never missed a beat. Later, she noticed the same Muslim man always in her area. He would come close, then back off before she became alarmed.

The music stopped and before she could leave the floor, the same Muslim person blocked her. “You’re a wonderful dancer. Will you do me the honor of letting me have the next one?” He asked.

“Well, okay, I guess. My husband is waiting, but he shouldn’t mind just one more.” Radha answered.

To Radha’s surprise, it was a slow, romantic song. Taking her in his arms, he said. “My name is Javed and you have just made me a very happy man. I come here often, but I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing you before.”

“I’m Radha and this is the first time my husband and I have been here. I love to dance, but I have to drag him onto the floor.” She answered. She had placed both hands on his upper arms and could feel the muscles rippling under his shirt. Without realizing it had happened, one of his arms had encircled her waist and the other was clasping her butt. She found herself pulled closely against his body. She discovered trying to push herself away was useless since he was so much stronger. Not wanting to make a scene, she relaxed and let him lead her.

Javed could feel Radha accepting the situation. His cock was beginning to throb and grow. He knew if he played his cards right, he would get between those legs in the most obscene way. Javed could never understand why a husband wanted his wife to fuck a Muslim man. Thank God, they did!

Radha became aware of something poking her lower belly. At first, she thought he had something in his pocket. It hit her what it was! Oh My God! His penis! His very large penis! She almost died from shame, knowing she was letting a man rub his dick against her body. At the same time, she was excited by the thought her body had the power to affect a strange man. She was still held firmly and struggle was useless.

Following close behind her, Javed slid into the seat right beside Radha. Kishan glanced at them with a questioning look, then looked more closely. Radha’s face seemed flushed. It took a moment, but he recognized Javed from his picture. How had she met Javed?

“Honey, this gentleman is Javed. Javed, this is my husband, Kishan. Javed was feeling dizzy from twirling me around and needs to sit here a few minutes.” Radha lied. Glancing down, she could see the bulge in his tented trousers.

“Glad to meet you Kishan. Your wife is a great dancer. Is it okay if I have my drink brought from the bar? Can I buy you and your wife another?

“The answer is yes to both questions.” Answered Kishan. This would make the fifth beer he had consumed, and after the wine at the restaurant, Kishan was feeling no pain. Neither he nor Radha were habitual drinkers.

Kishan slowly sipped his beer while Javed and Radha made small talk. He was determined to see how far Javed could actually go. This is what he had wanted for years, but still felt a pang of jealousy.

Radha seemed nervous and practically gulped her drink. Javed had hardly touched his drink and noticing Radha’s glass empty, refilled it from his own glass. With her taste buds already getting numb, she hardly noticed the difference in drinks. She was now drinking a Zombie without realizing how potent it really was.

A short time later, it seemed to Radha that Javed was sitting closer and his leg was pressed against hers. She couldn’t remember when it first happened, but his hand would squeeze her leg whenever he was making a point during their conversation. Now, his big hand was resting on her thigh and his fingers seemed to be massaging her flesh. She knew she must move it, but it was comfortable and relaxing. Her body was weak and a strange excitement held her in thrall. Glancing over at Kishan, she saw he was not aware his wife had a strange man’s hand on her leg.

Radha gave a small gasp when she felt Javed’s fingers on her bare flesh. His moving fingers had been slowly raising her skirt! His hand was now only inches from her pussy! Without attracting attention, she tried removing his hand, but it was impossible. Attempting to move away from him proved useless. She thought of screaming or causing a scene, but was too embarrassed.

Kishan and Javed were arguing about who had the best cricket team this year. Above the table top, everything was so damn normal. The tips of Javed’s fingers were now touching her trimmed pussy hairs. Another inch and he would be at her clitoris! Pressing her back against the booth didn’t help. She was getting desperate for some way to escape. Too late! His finger for lightly stroking her sensitive clit. Wiggling her ass and pulling his hand was a waste of energy. She never realized how dizzy she was until she tried moving. Lord! She was drunk and didn’t have the strength of a baby.

Radha was thinking. What was wrong with Kishan? Why couldn’t he see she was uncomfortable and something was wrong? How could he be so blind? With a sigh of resignation, Radha lowered her head and watched as one of Javed’s big fingers entered her puffy pussy lips. Stimulating her clit and finger fucking her pussy at the same time, caused Radha to get soaking wet. She could have died from embarrassment! Being drunk is the only thing that kept her from screaming as loud as possible. Alcohol blurred her judgment, as well as her vision.

Radha was warming toward a climax, when Kishan finally said, “I’m getting drunk and have to drive. I think we better head for home. Let’s call it a night. Maybe, we can get together some other time.”

Thank God, At Last! Radha thought. Javed had two fingers inside her pussy and was using his thumb on her throbbing clitoris. Another minute and she would have a huge climax. She knew there was nothing she could do to keep from groaning when it happened.

Leaning on and supporting each other, they passed the restrooms on the way to the door. At almost the same time, Radha and Kishan exclaimed. “I gotta go!”

Javed entered the toilet with Kishan. As they used the urinal, Javed said, “I’m going to follow you home. You can say you invited me for one more drink. We’ll see what happens after that. That okay with you?”

Kishan had a buzz on, but not really drunk. He knew Radha was drunk as a skunk and he might never have this opportunity again. He couldn’t help but see Javed’s long thick cock. The thought of that monster stretching her pussy and then shooting huge gobs of cum deep inside her body caused him to agree.

In the car, Radha immediately passed out and Kishan silently drove home, while watching Javed’s headlights following close behind. Javed was practically sober and he was the one who carried Radha inside. Depositing her on the king size bed, he began undressing her by pulling her skirt down her legs.

“Wait a minute! Wait just a damn minute! You’re not going to fuck her when she’s passed out!” Kishan yelled angrily.

“I have no intention of fucking her when she doesn’t know what she’s getting!” Javed growled. “I want her to feel every inch as it’s forced into her tight pussy. You want to fuck her one last time? If so, you better do it now. Later, after I’ve stretched that little cunt, all you’ll ever get is very loose, sloppy seconds.”

“No. I couldn’t fuck her when she’s like this. It would be like fucking the dead. Besides, we’ll still be married and her pussy will eventually shrink to it’s normal size.” Kishan answered.

“Sure it will, as long as it’s not stretched over and over.” Javed suggested evilly. “How do you know this will be a one time thing? She may think differently, you know.”

“I don’t believe she will. Anyway, what happens now?” Asked Kishan.

“Let’s go make some coffee and watch television for a couple of hours. We’ll give some of the alcohol time to wear off, then I’ll show you how to wake her and get this show on the road.” Laughed Javed.

“How am I going to watch without her knowing? When she finds out I set this up, she’ll divorce me. This was a dirty trick to play on her. I’m sorry I ever got myself into this mess.” Kishan moaned.

“The light in the hallway gives plenty of light on the bed, while leaving the rest of the room in shadow. You can sit on the floor at the foot of the bed. Don’t worry! She will be too busy to look around for you.” Javed explained. Javed wondered why he always got these sorry assed husbands. They want to experience their idiotic fantasy, then when reality hits them, they want to back out. Stupid fucking hindu wimps!

Later, with the television turned low, Javed heard Radha moving around. Probably waking up cold because they hadn’t covered her. “Come on! Time to get this show on the road.” Javed said.

Nervously, Kishan got into position as Javed lay beside Radha. Javed began lightly stroking Radha’s body, from her breasts, down her stomach and to her thighs. Not getting any reaction, he placed his mouth over one of her small firm breasts, gently sucking the berry size nipple. His hand was circling her pussy mound, without any penetration, but still exciting her clitoris. When a low moan escaped her lips, he was was taking turns sucking and nibbling first one breast and then the other. His tongue worked over them lovingly.

Radha was having the most delicious dream! Her loving husband was finally making love to her body. He had sucked her sensitive breasts and was now kissing her yearning pussy. Wanting more, she arched her body toward his tongue. Feeling her puffy lips spread, his tongue found the warm wet spot that was her pussy. He was moving his tongue slightly inside and licking her already wet channel, then back to excite her sensitive love bud. After each thrust inside, he would again circle her erect nubbin’. Now, she knew it was all a wonderful dream! Kishan never enjoyed eating her, and he certainly had never done it with such enthusiasm.

Javed was immensely pleased with himself and the effect his tongue was having on this young wife. Her hips were moving now and he could hear her moaning almost continuously. He knew she wasn’t fully awake yet, or, she would know it wasn’t her husband eating her delicious cunt. He was taking long, sensuous licks over her sensitive flesh. Placing his lips over Radha’s pussy, he sucked on her sweet pussy, while fucking her with his tongue. Feeling her vaginal walls spasm around his tongue, he knew he must stop before she climaxed. He wanted her hot and ready for his throbbing pole.

Reluctantly leaving her wet and ready pussy, Javed licked and kissed his way toward Radha’s breasts. His throbbing, hot cock slid along her thigh and to the wide open vulva. Without ever touching his dick, the large mushroom head lodged in the slick opening of her pussy. He knew as slick as she was, it was still going to take more pressure than he was applying.

The shock of the tongue leaving her near climaxing pussy, brought Radha fully awake. Opening her eyes brought her nose to nose with a Muslim face! “Who…What..are you? Who are you? Javed?…Javed?” Radha stammered. “Is that you? What in God’s name are you trying to do? Turn me loose this minute, before I scream!

She tried to struggle and squirm her way from under his body, and found she was securely pinned beneath him. Her upper arms were pressed tightly against her sides, and at the same time, he had a firm grip on each shoulder. She couldn’t move upward, nor sideways, and suddenly discovered there was a blunt object at her pussy entrance. Her struggles were forcing it inside her. Instantly, she ceased moving around.

What do you think I’m doing? After the pleasure you got from me eating your pussy, I thought you might permit me to fuck you.” Javed answered sarcastically. “With my cock stuck inside the entrance to your slick, tight pussy, why ask stupid questions?”

“Please, Javed, don’t do this. I’m married, for God’s sake! Where’s Kishan? Where’s my husband? What have you done to him? Please! Please! Let me go!” Radha begged.

“The last time I saw your dear husband, he was passed out on the sofa.” Javed answered. “Since he wasn’t able to do his manly duties, and I knew you were hot and horny, I decided to stand in for him.”

Radha was at a loss for words.

“What are you waiting for? You have me at your mercy and know you can rape me at any time? Why are you toying with me? Why are you being so cruel, you want to see me cry and beg? Well, I’m begging you not to do this terrible thing!” Radha sobbed.

“As much as you might think, I’m not a rapist. I want you to ask me to fuck you. No! Not ask! I want you to beg for my huge cock! Don’t you remember how much you enjoyed me eating your pussy? This will make that pale in comparison. Believe it or not, I want you to get as much enjoyment as I do.

Radha realized she was helpless and was going to submit to him. Her body was betraying her words of denial. She was responding to him, her face flushed and trembling from desire. Her body ached to be fucked by that monster, its head lodged inside the entrance of her pussy.

Kishan, on his knees at the foot of the bed, was scared to death. He wanted to put a stop to this travesty, but didn’t know how. Javed was much stronger of the two, and would fuck her regardless. Kishan knew Javed had no reservations about raping Radha, if he needed to. Javed was only setting himself up to be able to fuck her again.

Radha quietly agreed. “Okay. You can make love to me, but, please don’t hurt me.”

“NO! Tell me to fuck you! Javed exclaimed “Tell me you want my Muslim cock, buried deep inside your belly!”

Sobbing, Radha surrendered. Fuck me, Javed! Fuck my pussy with your Muslim fuck pole! Bury your cock and shoot your sperm in my pussy! I can’t resist any longer. Feeling your dick waiting to fuck me, is driving me crazy!”

Hearing those words, Kishan almost choked in surprise and horror. Surprised Radha would actually say that, and horror when she said he could cum inside her! She wasn’t on birth control and they always used condoms.

Javed smiled to himself when he heard Radha surrender her body to him. The large dark head and his extremely hard shaft began pushing into her, the lips of her cunt stretching to accommodate his huge size.

Increasing the pressure, his cock slid along her tight vaginal canal, as she groaned in pleasure. Finally, her pussy was fully impaled on his thrusting pole. Her cunt stretched tightly around his thick cock, until it was almost painful.

Kishan had his face almost at the foot of the bed. He had never seen anything so erotic in his life. He could hear Radha gasping, while low moans of pleasure escaped from her lips. She had her knees up and thighs spread, a position of total submission. She was wide open to be fucked by this Muslim stud.

Javed was holding himself deep inside, and could feel her pussy accepting his intrusion. Moving back and forth in long slow strokes, his cock completely disappearing on each thrust.

Now, Radha was groaning continuously, rolling her hips upward to get more of his wonderful dick. Her beautiful legs wrapped around his ass and she tried to pull him inside her body. She screamed out her first orgasm, as her body shuddered and shook. Bright lights seemed to flash before her eyes, while currents of pleasure shot from her cunt to her brain. Her body felt as if it was on fire and would entirely consume her.

Javed’s own climax followed almost immediately, moaning as he shot great gobs of sperm inside her pussy. Filling her with his semen, he stayed fully inside. He was so large and she was still so tight, none of the baby making sperm could escape.

Still tightly holding her, kissing her, he began swelling again. His powerful cock was hardening once more, wanting to fuck this Hindu bitch again. He took her again, forcefully fucking her with long hard strokes. Taking longer this time, he plunged in and out of her until she erupted in another orgasm. This was enough to set him off and he spurted another load of cum into her, filling her even more.

Kishan seemed hypnotized by what he had just witnessed. After the second fuck, Javed seemed to take forever to move off Radha. When Javed withdrew his cock, thick, cum almost squirted from her well used hole. Kishan watched as it oozed down her ass, making a large puddle on the bed. He wanted to kiss and suck her pussy, but didn’t dare let her know he had set this up. My God! With all that cum, how could she not be pregnant? Kishan was on the verge of crying in shame and regret for what he thought he had just lost. How could he ever compete with what had just happened?

Radha, holding her hands over her pussy, ran to the bathroom. Kishan stood up to leave the room. Javed, looking at him with a smirk on his face, said. “You better get to the living room and go to sleep on the sofa. Come to the door in the morning, with an expression of shock and surprise when you see your loving wife in bed with another man, especially a Muslim man. I promise to let you clean her up next time. We have all weekend, you know!”

Javed stripped the cum soaked cover off the bed and replace it with a clean blanket. Getting between the sheets, he patiently waited for his new lover.

Leaving the toilet, Radha looked into the living room for Kishan. He was sprawled on the sofa, sound asleep. Returning to the bedroom, shame and embarrassment flooded her mind. Not knowing what else to do, she crawled into bed and turned her back to Javed. Being emotionally and physically exhausted, she fell into a troubled sleep. Waking hours later, she could feel something firm yet soft between her legs. Looking down, she could see the head of a large Muslim dick poking out from her pubic mound. Instantly, memory of what had happened the evening before came rushing into her mind!

Oh, My God! What have I done? She thought with horror! Jerking away from Javed and turning to face him. She was terrified when she saw his lust filled eyes. He expected the same thing to happen again! “NO! You are not going to fuck me again! I was drunk and you took advantage of me, or it wouldn’t have happened the first time!” Radha practically screamed!

Without answering, Javed mounted her with little effort, crushing her small body beneath his. He took his mammoth cock-head in his hand and placed it between the lips of her pussy. She was still wet and slick from the night before, so there was little resistance.

Radha was sobbing in frustration that she didn’t have the strength to resist further. She lay there conquered, naked and spread-eagled, powerless to prevent the ravishment of her body. Feeling his huge cock swell and pulsate caused little thrills of pleasure in her pussy. Before she realized it had happened, he had fully impaled her again. Her hips seemed to have a mind of their own and were twitching and fucking back against his giant rod. She was lost! Radha loved him fucking her and couldn’t help how she felt!

Javed knew she was his for as long as he wished! She was nothing but another slutwife hungry for Muslim cock! Pounding her with long, hard strokes, he could feel her pussy walls contracting as she screamed out her orgasm. He emptied himself into her with one more mighty thrust, shooting his potent load into her cervix.

As she lay there with his cock still buried in her pussy, Radha saw a movement at the edge of her vision. Turning her head, she saw Kishan standing in the doorway! Speechless, she could only stare. She noticed his face was flushed, and further, he had just finished masturbating. His hand was still wrapped around his soft Hindu dick. Looking down, she could see he had cum on the carpet!

Javed took the matter out of her hand, when he said. “Hey, Kishan. Come on in and join the party. Don’t be so bashful! After all, this is your wife I’ve been fucking. Come over here and see what a well fucked pussy looks like.”

Radha was about to die from guilt and embarrassment, when Javed rolled off her body. She could feel his cum pouring from her cunt and running down the crack of her ass.

Kishan was mesmerized by the sight of her wide open pussy and the great amount of semen escaping her body. Without a word, he crawled between her legs. Lowering his head to her honey pot, he began licking and sucking the last of the juice from her big cunt. Finishing there, he was licking the crack of her ass, determined not to let one drop avoid his tongue. He felt Radha take the back of his head and guide it back toward her pussy. Licking her vigorously, made up for his lack of experience and he felt her shiver with a small orgasm.

Javed lay quietly, watching the couple, thinking how their life had changed in one short weekend. How much more would it change in the coming months? How would she feel when he brought over a friend or two? Her wimp husband liked sucking the cum from her pussy, why not let him suck the source?

For the rest of the weekend, Javed was insatiable. Radha was fucked from behind while she was on her knees. She rode him like a wild stallion, while he was laying on his back. He fucked her on the sofa and on the kitchen table. Her husband was always ready with his hungry mouth to clean her sorely abused pussy. Not once, was he allowed to put anything but his tongue inside her. By Sunday, her pussy was stretched beyond repair. Her small tight cunt was now a well used Muslim sperm bank.

After Javed left Sunday afternoon,She was amazed how many times she had been fucked, more than her entire life. She wondered if Kishan had now gotten his fantasy out of his system. Hopefully, life would return to normal, but what if she was pregnant?

Kishan was happy the fuck filled weekend was finally over. He had come to love the taste of Javed’s cum, but a person could have too much of even that. He had masturbated countless times, until his dick was red and raw. He, too, wished for a return to normalcy.

By Tuesday, Radha was getting horny. Wednesday and Thursday, she was ready to climb the Muslim poll. Radha had no desire for her husband’s small dick, she wanted a huge Muslim cock! Not able to contact Javed, she could only suffer and pray for him to call her.

The doorbell rang Friday morning, almost as soon as Kishan left for work. Rushing to answer, there stood Javed with another large, heavy set Muslim man. He looked more like a gorilla than anything else.

“Hi, Lover. I want you to meet a friend of mine.” Javed said.

“OH, MY GOD!” Radha screamed.

Be Careful What You Wish For…..

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