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Husband sold me

Hi I’m liza I’m 34 and this is my story how my husband sold my body to his friends.

So I was born in the Netherlands but never really liked it there. In my opinion the people there are too free and there was sin everywhere. Christianity wasnt my thing either. So I started reading about islam and read the quran and learned more and more. One day I decided if I die tomorrow I wanna die muslim. So I went to the mosque I had visited and became muslim. My parents kicked me out the house and my friends stopped talking to me. I was all alone in the cold. One night a man walked by me and saw me. He gave me food and some drinks. I immediately fell in love with him. He was a caramel arabic from saudi arabia and he was muslim. He stopped by my spot every night to feed me. One night he invited me over to his house so I wouldn’t have to sleep in the cold. When we were at his house he led me around and showed me his bed that we were gonna share. I took a nice long shower and went to bed. When I woke up I saw him sleeping naked next to me. He snored loudly and yawned often. I looked under the covers and saw his massive cock. I immediately got wet and had to taste it. I crawled under the covers and started licking and suckint his huge arab cock. I felt it harden in my mouth till it couldn’t fit in anymore. I sucked and sucked and deeptrhoated it hard. I loved this man and his cock. I felt the mans hand on my hand as he pushed my head further. He started to facefuck me till he finally came. When he went for work I went outside to look for jobs. Unluckily. Then I went back to his home where he had come home to and he was furious. He yelled at me for not cleaning his home after he gave me shelter. He slapped me a few times till my nose bled then whipped my booty. I promised it wouldn’t happen again. I sucked his cock again and again and again. After a year he finally proposed to me and I said Yes!!! On our honeymoon he finally took my virginity. After a while after being married he said I needed work. I didn’t know what but trusted him. He asked what I was willing to do for him. Unknowingly what he meant I said everything. He smiled called a couple friends. The next day I was taking a bath and my hubby told me to get ready for my job interview and put makeup on. Finally the doorbell rung and I opened. The men stormed in to greet my husband. They talked a while and I saw them give him money. He whistled me into the room and as I sat on his lap they started looking at me. My husband kissed me and told me to listen to them. I still didnt know what was going on but he left. Guy number 1 came up and started to touch my boob. I slapped his hand away and he looked shocked then furious. He smacked me in the face and I fell on the floor. My niqab was loose and you could see my face now. They all picked me up and undressed me. I tried to fight them off but with every resistance I got a smack or punch so stopped resisting. Guy one agresivly put his black huge cock in my mouth and fucked my mouth, then guy 2 and 3 started playing with my pussy and ass while slapping my boobs and face. They all pulled my hair and slapped me everywhere. They spat on my face and body and pussy. The men forced their giant cocks in my ass and pussy and fucked me for what felt like hours. When they finished they all came on my face and left. My husband told me to shower. While I was washing myself I cried. My husband came in the shower with me and comforted me. I cried in his arms. He surprisingly said that I said that I would do anything and they paid good money for this. When I asked how much he said they paid 50 each. The next day I woke up and saw a note with 20 dollars. The note said this is your share of the money. Get dressed and washed and shaved for the next costumer. I was furious that I had gotten so little of the money and try to run away but he locked the house. He came home with a friend of his Muhammad. When i saw muhammad i instantly fell in love with him. He wore a polo shirt with gray joggings which really showed off his massive bulge and sandals. They went in the man room for a chat and when he paid my husband called me in again. In de mean time I had put on some sexy lingerie and fingered my pussy to him. I walked in in my lingerie and my husband smiled as Muhammads mouth dropped. It was crotchless lingerie which put my shaved wet pussy on display. My husband left us and Muhammad laid me down on the couch and kissed me tenderly. He whipped his massive cock out his pants and got on his knees on my face. He slid his cock in my mouth and I sucked like my life depended on it. He moaned loudly and then came off me. He got my ankles on his shoulders and slid his big arabic cock inside my wet pussy. We made love for 2 hours. When my husband walked in and said 3 hours costs more. Muhammad didnt have no more money and was told to wrap up. He pulled off his condom and fucked my pussy till he came inside. He whispered his number in my ear and told me to call him. My husband came in again and told him to leave. I laid there for some minutes trying to keep the cum in. The next day I called him and told him I loved him. He felt the same and booked more sessions. For every 50 dollars my husband charged i got 20. Muhammad and I never wore a condom when we made love. At this time I saw 5 men a day and my husband became very wealthy. As he started charging more I got less. But with muhammad I didnt mind. He came inside my pussy everytime he was here. One day I couldn’t take it anymore and told my husband I was in love with Muhammad. He yelled at me for cheating and beat me till I passed out. That day I saw 0 costumers and I never spoke Muhammad again. I felt heavy and fat until my belly become so big it didnt look like just fat anymore. I was pregnant. I told my husband and he stormed out the house. When he came back he had divorce papers and it said I owed him 15.000 dollars for infidelity. I signed and before he could say anything I ran out the house. In the street I asked if anyone knew Muhammad. Finally I saw him again and he saw me. We kissed under the sunset and i moved in with him

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  1. Hi, really liked the story. I’m a white Eastern European young guy from the UK. Email me if you want to chat a bit, I may be interested even though I’m white, and I have a couple of Muslim friends that may also be able to help you out. Cheers!

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