I am An Unapologetic Victim Of Love Jihad : A hindu girl writes

I am an unapologetic ‘victim’ of Love Jihad.

An upper middle class, Brahmin Hindu woman. I was one of the safest, here in my country, India. Until I fell in love with a Kashmiri Muslim man. And I became the target.

For the past one year, I have toyed with the idea of typing down my story. Even today, as I type this in my bedroom in the national capital, my hands tremble a bit. What if, my safe haven, the internet fails to keep my anonymity? What if, they fish out my identity? What if, they get to know? What if, they find me?

The ‘they’ of my love story are the antagonists. And, what is a love story without a good, old villain? ‘They’ aren’t so easy to be contained in a single line or definition, but can claim my life if it comes to that. Actually, my tale is more about ‘them’, than it is about my man and me.

The ‘they’ of my story stem from the background of the time I type this in: 2018. We are now in the once distant future that we were so excited about back in the 00’s. Humankind is buzzing, tweeting, ringing with new, progressive thoughts, ideas, innovations and opinions. ‘They’, however, operate from the other end of this spectrum. Their ideas are redundant and regressive, and more often than not, incoherent. Their tool is coercion. Their colour is saffron, and they justify their actions in the name of religion.

So far as my story goes, it was a quintessential college romance. He was a senior at my college. We would talk endlessly, go out on dates, have coffee and hang out with friends. And I thought to myself, well, that’s that. But, it was only after we both confessed our love to each other about a year ago, did the magnitude of our sweet innocent love really hit me. My personal love affair became political. I still shiver at the thought of that.

And that’s how ‘they’ would deem me to be a victim of ‘Love Jihad’. Love Jihad is said to happen, wherein Muslim men ‘lure’ Hindu women with promises of love, with an ulterior motive to get them converted to Islam. The concept is rooted to the bigoted propaganda, by dominant agencies, who wish to establish a Hindu nation in my secular country (or, whatever).

When I was entering college, my mother said to me, “Bass Muslim Ladka mat pakadna” (Just don’t get attached with a Muslim man). My relatives have unapologetically, forwarded messages, videos and memes about the ‘Muslim threat’ our country faces on our family WhatsApp groups. My friends have asked me, time and again, if I feel safe with my Muslim man. The newspaper warns me of all the murders of young adult lovers in the name of religion and honour of their families. My television shouts in high decibels how my judiciary discounts the voice of a consenting adult woman and probes it as a potential case of Love Jihad.

Here is a Hindu Woman answering back to all such agencies and my misinformed friends, family, readers and institutions of the state and the judiciary who have fallen, and become victims of malicious lies.

I am an active opinion maker, Aadhaar card holder, an adult woman of my beloved country. I actively consume knowledge, debate about pertinent issues of our society and work towards making this country a place worth living in. I am not a vulnerable body, a naive mind, to whom a man can simply ‘sweep away and get me converted’. I do not need to wear my religion on my sleeve to prove my ‘association’ with it. I consented to this relationship. I love my Kashmiri, Muslim man with all that I’ve got. My love is my personal choice, none of anybody’s business.

My friend recently asked me, if I wished my man was a Hindu. I scoffed at the idea. “I probably wouldn’t have fallen in love with him if he wasn’t a Muslim”, said I to her. His choice of religion was an integral part of his identity. His religion is his choice, just as my religion is mine.

It feels strangely nice to type this out today. Maybe, I am one of the optimistic few. I still believe, love can conquer all. Love is all we need. Love, and not hate, would save my country. Love can make everything right. And a day will come when everything will be all right.

A day will come when I wouldn’t have to write my love story anonymously.


Hindu girls are supporting love jihad.

7 thoughts on “I am An Unapologetic Victim Of Love Jihad : A hindu girl writes

  1. Very well written article. Actually the word love jihad is itself an insult to hindu women. It implies that we are fools who cannot choose our lovers. There is no such thing as love jihad. It’s just an excuse used by bjp rss to attack muslims and free women.
    [email protected]

    1. Yes indeed. These liberal, leftist, feminist women are nothing but sick minded. Who actually think muslims are modern, liberal & secular. None of them are aware of what happened to Kashmiri pandits. Whats happening in Islamic countries where muslims are in majority.
      How much freedom & rights are given to non-muslim.

      The sick thing is most of them are ok with their muslim husbands’ view of muslim women cant marry non-muslim men.

      I asked many such women what if hindu men & muslim women want to get married in Islamic countries & muslim women want to convert to hinduism?
      what their husbands think about that?
      You know what I get shushed!!!

      Its our fault that we not only raise hindu women with strict religious atmosphere but also allow them all the freedom which is not given to women yet these sick women are ok with hijab beliefs of muslism & dont even dare to question them.

      we should have given them the same treatment as sharia law only then they would have understood.

      1. First of all, I am a Hindu (Rajput) and well aware about our Indian society. Second is, No one ever said that Muslims are more secular, liberal or anything. Yes Hindus are secular since the beginning. The reason our girls are picking Muslim dicks over Hindus is not because they are dying for Love, there is something more then love, Yes! pleasure, Rough & Wild sex, Taboo things, Religious degradation or the search for Alpha male. If you really don’t know what is the ultimate pleasure in tasting the forbidden fruit, no one can make you understand this.

        Your concern is why the opposite is not happening, Well it does, but not in majority coz muslim girls are somehow bound to have certain boundaries, also they are not sexually unsatisfied like our Hindu women in majority. #LoveJihad is a propaganda, the reality is our girls are falling for Muslim boys by their own choice.
        Exp: Bigg Boss case Asim and Himanshi

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