I am hindu and my boyfriend is muslim Unsanskari love story

hindu girl love story muslim

I belong to the Rajput clan, which has never given me anything in my life of 25 years and 7 months.
On weekends, I would go to a coaching class – and that is when I fell in love with my Muslim boyfriend.

My friend pointed him out to me. He was sitting among 4 other guys in a class of 300, but I only noticed him. He was wearing a polo neck t-shirt with a weird collar. I saw him from the back and wanted to see his face too, but luck didn’t work that day.

Eventually I went a half hour early to class one day just to see his face and I finally saw him. At that time I tried to dismiss it as a crush, but my feelings would not be dismissed that easily. One day, during the break when I was on my way to the canteen, he noticed me and said something to his friends. I was in seventh heaven because he had noticed me!

I finally learned his name for the first time and realized he was Muslim. I was wracked with questions, curiosity and anxiety. I was worried about the situation and didn’t know what to do. My friend told me to just know him more – maybe he was already committed, or we would not be compatible. This calmed me down, and I added him from my best friend’s Facebook ID. I told him, from her account, that there was someone that was interested in him in the coaching class and wanted to talk to him. Consequently, he sent me a friend request, and I realized he wanted to know me too.

On 29th March 2014, we started talking. We spoke about everything, and I realized he was not what other people said he was. He was as humane as me. My communal bigoted college friends ostracized me because I was in love with a Muslim man, and emotionally tortured me. Even my best friend boycotted me.
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