I notice more married hindu women stare at me

I am 25 year old 5.9 feet good looking Muslim guy. I like to keep a bit of beard I dont clean shave as I feel it looks more manly.
I am from India and I have often observed that married Hindu women stare at me far more than unmarried girls. This may be because they are unsatisfied and stuck with their husbands who are not able to satisfy them nor have enough time for them, as opposed to unmarried girls who have their options open.
I have noticed this at various places on the streets, metros, restaurants, shopping malls, clubs, banks you name it.

I go to mosque every Friday in white pathani kurta and skull cap kufi. Most of my hindu female friends say that I look very handsome in that Friday attire. They say I look like an arab in those clothes.
I have also noticed that when I visit other places after the Friday prayer in that attire some married hindu women just drool over me.
I have a girlfriend so I try to avoid these women, most of these women are usually beautiful but on few occasions they are too hot to be ignored. I slept with 4 married hindu women first one I met at a Club, second one at a sopping mall, third and forth were wives of my clients or I should say wives of my fathers clients since I help my father in his business. All of them were from rich and good families.

I read this article from a hindu girl recently,
Why Do Married (Hindu) Women Have To “Look Married?”
As far as I am concerned Its good they have to look married it helps me to differentiate. I instantly come to know the woman staring at me is hindu, married and unsatisfied. Their mangalsutra and sindoor arouses me sometimes and for some Hindu women its a liberating feeling to sleep with another man (if muslims than even more liberating and thrill of forbidden fruit) with their husbands mangalsutra and sindoor.
Regarding mangalsutra some Indian Feminists are of the view that it is a tool of hindu men to control women, its is like a “Leash” worn around the neck which denotes that this woman is already owned by some man as if she has a master.
So why shouldn’t I liberate them.

No wonder its on a rise

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  1. Well, I will speak from the heart and admit something. If I am wrong, please correct me. That “thing” that every Hindu girl feels for a Muslim cannot be put into words, I mean it. In fact, if any Hindu girl can put it into words, she either has no experience or is lying (and as I can see in many cases here, is not even a girl :-P).

    What I think is Quran makes Muslim men very energetic. I have felt that when a Muslim talks in his deep voice or even does something around, he gives off warm vibes that Hindu girls (or any girl for that matter) LOVES. If it is erotic in nature, there is no match… I used to work at a 7 – Eleven store in Canada and I had to work alongside two Muslim men (one Pakistani and one Afghan) and to be honest, that was the only time I really felt like a woman. All I will say is it was the first time in my life I was undressed and fondled by a true man… it was the first time I saw an actual pe**s in my life though I could not go further as I got scared.

    THIS is the key. A Muslim man by his presence, charisma and sincerity, can melt the hardest of girls and find his way into her dress. Other men, though they might be “big”, well mannered and charismatic, lack that “vibe” that Muslim men have.

    I have a true happening to tell you about but later … xoxo

  2. i am from hindu family and i observed my family women including my mom staring handsome muslim guys and uncles. once my mom said that she was in love with a muslim guy but her family did not like it and they forced her to marry my dad. i feel sorry for her.

  3. hello firends i am hinndu lady . mane love marrige ki hai .lekin meri frnds ne muslimo se sadi ki hai. or jub se unhonemujhe muslimo ke bare me btaya hai tab se se mai muslim males ke bare me soch sochker pahel hu

  4. More married hindu women are unsatisfied.
    Most hindu women here marry for money and caste reasons. Most of this married women are sexually frustrated because all 95% men here are overweight and unfit.

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