I though you were a pakistani and a muslim says this H!ndu girl

I met this cute looking  girl on Steam, sent her a friend request which she accepted. Shez a girl gamer from India.
It had been 6 days since we started chatting. The chat was mainly about games and other related stuff.
She though that I was a Pakistani and a Muslim. She never asked me where was I from until that day

pakistani loving hindu girl

Whats interesting is that I had uploaded a pic of a smart looking Pakistani muslim guy from facebook, so I was using a pic from the profile of some paki guy in my steam profile. That guy didn’t have a big beard or anything such that would make someone assume that he might be a muslim but still she had an intuition that this guy must be a pakistani and she was right. After that day we don’t chat like we used to, she seemed kind of uninterested after that, now we rarely talk.
What do you make of it ?

My wisdom tells me that she is in the league of H!ndu girls who like pakistani musalman mards. She drools over the pics of paki musalman mards on the internet. It took you by surprise ‘how could she know that this is a paki musalman just by looking at the pic.” She has a knack for it, since she likes them so much. She fantasizes about musalman men especially pakis and feels aroused. Her belief became even stronger when she saw you in a paki group.
If she comes here which is possible since she is into musalman men and sees this post she would laugh as she was right and would think of you as a jerk.


3 thoughts on “I though you were a pakistani and a muslim says this H!ndu girl

  1. Baaat aisi hai…
    Jo ecstacy must Muslim ka kaala, tagda, aromatic or khunkhar Lund deta hai vo naamard hindu ka nahi de sakta

  2. indian girls sab jaan gaee hay, net per sab dekhti hay. they are more clever and more realistic then indian men. aur net thu badha padha hay every type of information say. The India Time aur BBC news nay bi sab publish kia hay. net per dekh sakti hay. aur waisay bi indian men tu expose kartay hi rehtay hay movies mean hindu females ki beauties, so aaj kal Paki means bi bahut like kar rahay hay indian hindu females…. jab bi chance melta hay control nahi kar pathay hay.

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