Iftar Exotica : Biryani meets Rajma Chawal

Mr and Mrs Pandey were invited to iftar party by one of the Muslim mates but Mr Pandey was out on a business trip and so his wife decided to go without him. She didn’t want to let their muslim friend feel discriminated in any way.

In the evening Mrs Pandey dressed up in a saree reached Arshad’s place. Arshad had just bought a new house. The party was outdoor in the open space next to the garden.

Mrs Pandey received a special welcome from Arshad and soon Arshad’s 27 year old brother Jameel also joined in.

Jameel had been away since many years due to studies and job.
Mrs Pandey on seeing Jameel – Oh! you have grown up, it has been so long.
Mrs Pandey last saw Jameel face to face when he was 20 years old.
Arshad told him to stay with Mrs Pandey, show her the new house, look after her needs and keep her entertained.

Mrs. Pandey along with Jameel was walking around as she bumps into Jameel’s sister Fatima who was so busy with her plate full of Biryani and chops that she didn’t notice Mrs. Pandey.
She was holding the chop from the bone and and with a bite she tore apart the ripe flesh which she begins to chew in her mouth.

Mrs. Pandey jokingly commented “easy on the food”. Fatima looked up, swallowed it hurriedly and greeted her.

Jameel took Mrs Pandey towards the vegetarian section. There was rajma chawal and other items. Mrs Pandey said she is in no mood to eat. Her Brahmin Sanskars came into play, as from the childhood she was accustomed to purity and sattvic food. She was taught not to eat vegetarian food from the same restaurant where non-veg is served as the food might not be 100% Shuddh, she wasn’t too religious but it was something that had been hardwired into her since childhood.

Mrs. Pandey said she is gonna drink coffee. Jameel brings coffee and snacks for Mrs Pandey.
He jokes – Its not right aunty your figure is already so good and still you are dieting.
Mrs. Pandey blushed. She was now sure about it that Jameel finds her attractive. She was 40 but still a fine piece of ass.
Jameel inquired about her vegetarianism. He told her that during his college days there was a girl she was actually brahmin but used to eat non-veg with him.
Mrs Pandey replied some do eat, times are changing but she is from the older generation.

Jameel then takes her inside to show her the new house. After a while he takes her to the terrace and while having a deep conversation with her Jameel touches her hand.
Mrs. Pandey looks at him thinking that it might have been a mistake, their eyes meet and Jameel grabs hold of her hand romantically.
Jameel starts to fondle Mrs. Pandey as she says – do you have any idea what you are doing you are literally like a son to me.
Jameel replies – but you are also very sexy. Jameel goes ahead and kisses Mrs. Pandey on her lips and knowing very well what she was getting into she showed no signs of physical resistance instead Mrs Pandey leaned on Jameel. The touch of the muslim man, the ‘katva effect’ was too intoxicating & overwhelming for her as she was now ready to turn into a ‘slutty sanskari’.

After that Jameel took her inside his room while his family was out in the middle of the party and he knew he can’t take too long. Mrs. Pandey was in the state of sexual intoxication and her heart was beating heavily. Jameel dropped her pallu and licked her cleavage.
He presses her boobs and sucks her lips. After some foreplay he hurriedly unzips his pants and takes out his big thick cock. He sits down on the bed and directs Mrs. Pandey to suck his extra hard rod-like circumcised cock.
Mrs pandey sighs and smiles damn its big. Jameel tells her he ain’t listening it for the first time. Mrs Pandey knew he must have got his cock sucked by quite a lot of hindu girls for he is a seducer and a ‘muslim mard’ which always gives an extra kick to hindu girls to fall for the musalmans.

She takes his cock inside her mouth and begins to suck the dong thinking how easily she has given herself to him. In between while stroking his cock with her hand she teases him- Jameel why don’t you get married if you are so desperate.
Jameel replies back- Find me a hindu girl just like you and I would get married.
Mrs. Pandey smiles and says aww I am definitely gonna find one for you.

Wasting no time Jameel then makes her lean on the table with her ass facing his cock. Jamal lifts her saree upwards and pulls down her underwear. His full hard cock easily went inside her from behind. He starts pounding her as her ass cheeks took the beating with every thrust and stroke of his cock.

Mrs. Pandey was mesmerized, she moans as Jameel tells her to keep the voice low. She replies back in ecstasy – then fuck me slower you maniac.
Jameel- Mr. Pandey doesn’t get so hard for you, he doesn’t fuck you like a maniac and his dick ain’t so pleasing.
Mrs Pandey wanted to say yes but she couldn’t she kept on moaning.

Jameel leaned on her he was softly biting her ear while continuously pounding her from behind and listening to her deep breaths and moans. He says in her ear Pandey ji’s cock doesn’t fill up your pussy like this eh!, let him rest while I do the work. Mrs Pandey moans in approval and keeps enjoying every inch of his cock.

After a while, Jameel quickly turns her around and makes her kneel telling her to take it on her face. He strokes his dick for a few seconds and releases all the cum load on her face.
Mrs. Pandey was overwhelmed by so much cum, it was all over her face, on her eyes, nose, lips and some of it inside her nostril. He gives her some tissue papers to clean it off. After that they both joined the party again.
That night Mrs Pandey went back home in her car thinking about her adventure while still getting the exotic aroma of Jameel’s cum which had gone away completely.

– Mrs. Pandey

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  1. Ya allah
    My sis mrs Pandey is so lucky to get such a special Iftar.
    mummm ummm yesss all of deserves same party.

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