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  1. Karoline Schmidt August 1, 2016 at 7:51 pm

    It makes me so horny seeing my people going to be exterminated.
    Once every single european girl has converted to islam, there will finally be peace.
    I converted this year and wear my hijab every day 🙂
    Greetings from Austria :-*

  2. Glad to hear that.
    Get back to me at [email protected]

  3. 14-15 ki umar me khelna seekh jati hain ye ladkiya fir musalmano k beez le k pet fula leti hain.. heheh aisa jaldi se India me bhi hone wala hai

    kik: deviarti
    gmail: [email protected]

  4. kash India mein bhi jald se jald ghazwa e hind ho jaaye aur hamari auraton ko musalmani lund mile 🙂

  5. what has converting to Islam got to do with peace… Karoline is not in the right state of mind… anyways…

    when will India become an Islamic country and Hindus would be regarded as Dhimmis instead of converted so that millions of Hindu women can be legally fucked and fertilized by Muslim sperm… I have heard from my Muslim master from his visit in Saudi that big billionaire network is working to already plan massive public harems in India which would be first built as innocent entertainment houses with megaplexes and as India is islamized they would be converted into massive public harems where every Hindu women would be admitted at age of 16… it sounds like fiction to me… but with Muslims what can I say…

  6. Bahut chchi air sahi jaankari do hai Samir Sharma

  7. oh my god sameer sharma

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