In praise of bengali women

Article submitted by Atul Kumar
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​Bengal has evolved a unique Hindu culture so very different from rest of India and particularly from the cow belts of Bihar extending upto Haryana and Rajasthan.

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Bengali woman are blessed they are intelligent and liberated bold and naturally dominant.

A typical upper caste Brahmin Bengali girl will be highly educated intellectual capable of discussing on any topic from marx to mamata.

​Females in Bengal are raised by their parents in a free thinking way.Besides best of schooling they are also trained in arts,this probably will explain why Bengali women dominates film and music industry.

Bengali diet consists of fish and rice which raises their sex hormone or Estrogen levels in females and gives them a glossy skin,buttery smooth complexion and lovely thick shinny hair,together with the genetic material that they have inherited a Bengali woman will be most beautiful compared to their counterpart from rest of India.

The houses in Bengal are large house with separate independent room for each individual of the family offers lots of privacy,besides this each house is interconnected with terraces of other houses offering easy access to a adventurous man.

Thus we have a liberated, free thinking sex hormone charged woman in a large house with her own independent room that offers her lots of privacy no wonder a Bengali woman will indulge in sexual pleasure from a early age and dream of sex each day.
hot bengali ​The Bengali boys on the other hand are in pursuit of education and the men are bhodrloks(gentlemen),decent,sophisticated naturally submissive and due to lack of meat in their diet they are not sexually charged up thus leaving their women unsatisfied.
hot bengali wifeBeautiful,bold,hot,sexually charged, independent,free,totally uninhibited women on one side and decent,sophisticated,laid back and cold men on the other side,the contrast is just too clearly evidenced in a Bengali society.

Musalman boys on the other side are less educated,mostly school dropouts into occupations demanding hard physical labour,with diet of rotis and cows meat,their bodies are hard,muscular and testosterone charged,they have inherited their good looks and physiques from their Afghan and Persian forefathers who had invaded this country, defeated the hindu kings and had sex with beautiful queens and princes and married a lot of Indian women.

They are bold and dominant and always horny,besides being into occupations like air condition and refrigeration and auto mechanics,dhobis,milk and vegetable vendors they get access to best of Hindu homes through their front door.The married Bengali women or boudis as they are called just cannot resist their charms and soon succumb to them and invite them to their bedroom.
​The thick and long,rock hard,cut musalman laudas satisfies their hot burning chut and they are shamelessly spending most of their afternoons fucking musalmans in privacy of their own bedroom.
bengali wife blowjobSoon they become rundis to musalmans and many a times a conversation between two boudis would typically be like this.
boudi 1-kal dufure salim asechilo,baba koto bodo bada,khub rogdiye rogdiye chude gelo.(yesterday afternoon salim had come oh my father what a big cock he had fucked me rough.
boudi 2-anwar ke try korechis?salim theke bodo aar saala ekdum janwaarer motom chode.(did u try anwar? hes bigger than salim and fucks like a beast.
​While mothers have discovered the pleasures of musalman cocks their young school going daughters are not far behind. Young muslim boys who are dropped out from school spend their idle time on streets and terraces of buildings. They see these pretty young Bengali girls coming home from school and as they enter the lonely narrow street they get commented by groups of muslim boys. They have grown up to seeing a anwar or mohamad or salim chacha coming out of their mom’s bedroom they have even secretly tiptoed to their mom’s door and heard her moans of pleasure even watched thru slits their moms shamelessly spreading their legs and getting their married chuts fucked by musalmans,even admired the size and hardness of a musalman lund and then in privacy of their own bedroom touched their young chut with their fingers dreaming of musalman lunds.

Thus it doesn’t take much time and effort for musalman boys to get them.Lack of education means lack of finesse and sophistication and a bold vulgar language that these pretty convent educated girls finds so very hard to resist.Wthout mincing words these boys would say wow what hard boobs, another will comment look at her small skirt, yet another would say it would be such a pleasure to lift her skirt and fuck her while another would ask her will you let us fuck you?
The girl would walk away with her head down in shame,few days and the girl would give in,raising her head she would ask them don’t they have any work? The boys would respond by saying fucking you is our work and ask the girl her name,to which the girl would say aporna Mukherjee.boys-oh are you not archana maasi’s daughter? the girl – yes how do you know? boys-isn’t your mom been fucked by salim? salim is this boy’s uncle.He is Pervez.
Few more days and they get invited to her bedroom and in another 30 mints into her hot virgin chut.
As they grow up,go to another city for higher education or a job these beautiful,cultured hindu Brahmin Bengali women always find nice big hard cut musalman lunds to fuck their hot wet chuts.
bengali slutIn their free time if they are not fucking musalman lawdas then they fantasise of them.
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43 thoughts on “In praise of bengali women

  1. dekha kitna jor rehta hai hindu ladkiyo mai musalman mardo se jyada….wo dominant hoti hai aur science kehta hai ki boys se 10guna jyada jor aurato me hota hai…so hindu girl can take a lot of muslim at one time….see the power of hindus

  2. Thank you Atul for this awesome article. I am a bengali Hindu guy and I cannot believe how true your entire article is. I feel very proud that starting from school girls, newly married women and even bengali hindu mothers are inviting more and more strong muslim dicks inside their fertile pussies.

    While reading this article my life almost flashed in front of me. Having grown up in a muslim area of kolkata I used to hear young muslim kids say dirty things about my then Hindu mom. I am not sure if she got fucked by any muslim guy back then but after her divorce she quickly married a Muslim man and converted to Islam. After her marriage I was privileged to see her getting fucked daily but her strong Muslim husband. Anytime I would peep and see mom taking his big muslim dick in her mouth I would slowly accept Muslim dominance in our lives.

    From what I have seen and experienced I feel extremely lucky that my hindu mother found a strong muslim that she could please and worship.Thank you again Atul for your informative article. If anyone wants to talk more my email is [email protected]

  3. sahi kaha tumne.
    As a hindu boy I believe hindu womens are the real boss.
    we are only made to obey them & be at their feets.
    I obey all hindu queens as there hindu boi slave.

  4. Ladies me double nhi 18% jyada hota sekarne ka chaah ,jab inko apne husband se satisfaction nhi multi to ye randio ki tarah hamare pass aati hai chudwane k liye

    1. sahi kaha sabirkhan lekin isme galat kya he agar hamare hindu bf ya pati hume thik se na chod paye aur humari pyas na buja sake to fir hum musalman mardo k pas jayegi hi na kyu ki hume malum he k tum log hame ese ragad ragad k chodoge ham pe bhukhe bhediyo k jese tut padoge lekin hume har tarah se santusht kar doge hamari pyas tum log hi buza sakte ho

  5. 0MG i m speechless.Every word here is true. I really believe its the coarse language muslims use to flirt with me is the biggest reason i cant resist muslim. So proud to be a bengali girl!!

    1. Hi Shayani. I am so happy that u are proud and open about your love for muslim dicks. As a bengali guy i have completely accepted that muslim guys fuck way better than hindus. It used to give me so much pleasure watching my hindu mom getting fucked in an extremely rough manner by muslims. Not only were the muslim dicks larger, they were circumcised which made it so much more appealing. I wish all other bengali hindu girls would accept this fact and invite more muslim lunds inside their tight chuts.

    1. Do tell your story starting from your 1st time when you were in school to present,should be a very interesting journey?

  6. Thank you all for liking my article.especially Sudhansu and Shayani Mukherjee.This article have been edited by the admin and as such must have lost atleast 20%impact.I can mail it to you both if I have your mail id shayani.I m a Bengali too,though from Mumbai,i travel and observe life minutely,i am married to a woman who knows whats she wants and enjoys the freedom to get it.presently shes fucking with half a dozen muslims and have picked up their lingo-kya mast lund tha saaleka kya chodta hai,etc.i really feel proud of her when every morning she takes shower and comes out naked,lets me kiss her forehead hold my cock in my pants and says aaj kuch lund dekho na mujhe chodne ke liye.

  7. I like Bihari, UP muslims very much.They are so uncouth and dirty minded but knows how to pleasure us bengali women in bed. Bihari muslims dont even wear baniyaan under lungi.Lot of northie muslims in Kolkata & WB…little Pakistan these horny fuckers have made the place

    1. Shayari Mukherjee, there are many liberal bengali men too who would satisfy your your sexual fantasies. you do not even know. You just need to look for them. And one of them is replying to this comment of yours! I dont know about your sexual encounters with men, but bengalis are also good in bed.

  8. The bhaiya (up,bihar) lunds or in this case the bhaijjans also happen to be one of the hardest n biggest in [email protected] Mukherjee.And its true these bihari musalmans wears only a green squared lungi with nothing underneath and when they sit with their lungi half folded their big,cut lunds dangling or bathing on footpaths in only a ghamcha a true Bengali khon khie (rundi) will find it very hard to resist.

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