In The Company Of Brahman Women Part 1

Hello everyone, this is Khurshid Khan . I am a 24 year old, well built young man from Afghanistan. I stand 6.3 feet tall and have fair and radiant skin due to regular exercise. I always keep my self fit by going to the gym regularly. This story is from when I was just 18years and 6 or 7 months old. So, It was 2012 and I , like every Afghan student had come to India with great ambitions. By Allah’s grace I got admission in one of the top colleges in Pune and also earned a lot of respect and popularity back home in my family circle. This was mainly possible as we were neighbors and the brahman area and muslim area were located in close proximity.

Now I live in a muslim area with a Bengali Muslim man who was 50 years old and did not marry after his wife died just 6 months into their marriage as a paying guest. I was treated very well in that home as Indian Muslims have lots of love and respect for Afghans. So I made a friend named Balaji Kulkarni, he was a fat pig to say the least and was 6 inches shorter than me. But contrary to my expectations I was really welcomed to his family which consisted of his 45 year old mother namedKanika and 23 year old sister named Rukhmini in addition to him and his mother always called me a member of the family. His father , who was the head priest of pune passed away when Balaji was just 6years old. But obviously like any hindu priest he had left many bungalows and hundreds of acres of land to make life easier.

Balaji ‘s mom kanika, despite being brought up in a conservative konkanastha bramhan family knew how to carry herself gracefully as a city woman. She had a lovely face and a heavenly aura around her being . She was blessed with sea green eyes and milky white complexion. Her boobs were huge around size 38 and looked flawless on her slim body and were filled with loads of milk. which was also endowed with tight , round and bouncy buttocks. In fact Balaji himself confessed in front of me that he loved hia mom and often looked as his mom’s ass swayed and rubbed his little prick . Anyway this is not about that pimp, this is about that Brahman goddess. So , she had silky black hair which went till waist length and last but not the least had a flat tummy and a deep belly button. Wow! She was indeed a sexy woman and my first crush. But for some reason she always wore radiant coloured sarees and not white, as widows are supposed to wear.

Another woman who’s looks made we feel like in heaven was Rukhmini Kulkarni. She always wore a saree wrapped tightly around he assets making it even harder for me to keep my 8 inch muslim cock under control. Rukhmini ‘s lips were a special feature as they were rosy and bright pink and one would assume that she applied lipstick, when she smiled her perfect teeth gleamed. Her enshrouded jutting boobs and innocent little smile made me crazy. Plus her Sarre used ti be wrapped accentuaringly around her well endowed boobies.

One evening I went to their house to meet Balaji and rang the door bell. I was cordially greeted by kanika who was as I figured , elated to see me. She was watching those bhajans in TV. She asked me if I needed a change in channel but I did not want to distract t her from her religious practice and so asked he eto let it be. Balaji was not at home as he had taken Rukhmini to a gurukul to seek the blessings of the acharya .

What happened next was brought about a Reformation in my life as kanika sat on the sofa with her red saree draped around her boobs and patted the cushion to her left and I sat beside her . Suddenly she leaned towards me and took a deep breath and exclaimed ” ooooooh ram krushna hari, what a fragrance . For the first time I’ve seen a rose with such a radiant smell”. So meaning i was the rose she talked about, man ! I was flattered and by now my cock was throbbing in my pants as I had finished my workout a.few minutes ago. She touched my right thigh with her left hand and claimed” this is stirring sone deep rooted memories in me, I don’t know what to do.” She added” Khurshid, it’s been 6 months since we know each other and all this while I wanted an opportunity to talk to you alone. Some strong force is propelling me towards you, is it possible that we may have had a relation in past birth?”.

I was just ready to hump her right now but was a bit hesitant . She revealed that she sometimes had a desired of cuddling me like a baby and sometimes opening her heart out to me like a consort. Then she caressed my face and no onether than my mother had ever touched me like this. It indeed woke up some unknown desires in me. She said ” aaaah i don’t know if you were my lover, husband or friend in our previous birth but it has to be something”. She felt an unfathomable bond with me.

Puzzled I said”yes aunty I feel the same way and I thought Hindus are intolerant”. I feel the same way that you do. She was glad to hear my reply and said that it was comforting for her to hear me say this . But then she kissed me lightly on my cheek and ran her hand over my thigh saying” i get the feeling that we were husband and wife in our previous birth” and pressed my thigh. I was exhilarated by her intimate remarks but sensed that Rukhmini and Balaji would come any moment , just then the phone rang and we were told that they are stuck in the traffic and will take an hour to come. Kanika had a million dollar smile on her face and lust fully looked at me. Kanika caught my neck as the sanskari brahman aurat was in a playful mood and pushed me to the other side of the sofa. Then she leaned towards me with her right hand just above ny shoulder and her left hand was holding my right hand. Then I stuck the right hand and she fell right on top of me. Ya allah! Her brahman boobies which were only ment for her husband and son were on my hard chest now. Then we kissed feeling the inside of our mouths with our tongues and sucking each other’s saliva. The we got ready for action and I lifted her in my arms and took her to the bedroom. She exclaimed! Wow sooo stroong. ” My hubby was just a weak priest only good intellectually but his rat was the only thing he had to give me”. She added” I’m glad he died. Otherwise I won’t have had the chance to hook up with you”. I was astonished to hear such a remark from a konkanastha bramhan widow who was a priests wife and a religious WOMAN. The reason behind writing WOMAN is that irrespective of her caste or creed she was a woman and any woman would like to be treated like a queen and especially when they are a bombshell like kanika. A woman has needs and has the full right to satisfy them but these pundits don’t understand that their women don’t get pleasure from there brahman lulli .

Now on the bed she un buttoned my shirt and was mesmerized by my physique and again complained” my hubby was a fat asshole who wasn’t even worthy of touching me. I must have committed a serious crime in my previous birth to get an impotent bastards who couldn’t even hold on for 3 mins and put a little drip of his looser cum in my fertile brahmini womb”. Now this is the ” katua effect ” a sanskari brahman aurat was turned in to a shameless creature by the charisma that revolved around an Afghan lion like me. She even started abusing her husband with whom she swore to spend next 7 births just after 7 months of meeting a musalman.

The she took off my pants leaning near my croch and it sprung free from my underwear and hit her bang on her lip. She just looked at it frozen in complete awe of my sultani baby maker. She performed ling puja on my lund and I asked me if she had my permission to suck it. I welcomed her to suck it then I asked ” haven’t you ever sucked your hubby’s?” she said “plz don’t mention him i get sick thinking of that tiny lund and that fat bhikshu.” Then I asked her opinion about my lund and she replied that she was talking in love with me and that she will only worship my lund from now on.

I was happy at the idea of she liking me and was not repulsed at the thought of she sucking my cock. My little lover licked the tiny drops of pre cum that oozed out of the penis my penis hole. I quivered and could not control the sensation that her tongue created. I filled her head towards my croch and she sucked it inch by inch. When my glans touched her nostrils she coughed and gaged . Tears started to flow out her eyes and she immediately withdrew my cock from her mouth.
“Did it hurt you” i asked.
She relied that it was her first time and hence she had problems sucking it. So, we tried again her mouth opened wider and accepted my cock. I could not control myself this time and fucked her mouth with great force. My cock almost ahet down her throat . Then she grabbed my balls tightly and utters ” ummmm hmmm aaaaah ooooooh I’m a brahman slut for a muslim stud” aaaah. Then I came in her, she collected it all gleefully in her mouth but did not swallow it.

To my delight she went to a photo of her fat pandit husband and spat it all over the photo.

Now, I left their home as Balaji and his sister could come anytime. But it was quite clear kanika a konkanastha bramhan aurat was now a muslim addict and we did have some un finished business between the two of us.

To be continued…

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