Independent Hindu wife to a Muslim’s Begum

Hey , I am Imran khan, and I am back again with another Interfaith story . Before I start my second story I must thank you all for the love you all gave me and the feed backs and the appreciation I got from you all for my first story that is “submission of proud Hindu woman”. your appreciations and feed backs encouraged me to gift you another story . I must thank the ADMIN for publishing my first story and thanks to the for giving us the platform.


There are two main character of the story . Imran khan , 40 years old, Imran has a masculine body and his height is 6 ft 4 . Imran is in his 40’s but still he goes gym regularly and has a habit of practicing boxing, Imran has a manly look a beard face that’s makes him look rough. on the other hand VIDYA , 34 years old . she is a feminist who supports women empowerment and believes no man can bow her down. she has a very provoking face with thick juicy lips and big eyes and a perfect sexy attractive figure .she maintains her figure perfectly . she has a busty ass, a perfect pare of tight big boobs and a curvy belly a sexy waist (36b 30 36) and more so she has a good height 5 ft 5 , in short no man can move his eyes from her figure . Now I am going to the main story without wasting much time . The other character of the story are Vidya’s husband Arun , 50 years old a successful business man, but he is a impotent person and a cuckold person.

Imran khan is the leader of Muslim league and holds very high power . Imran is known for his power , ruthlessness and known for the lust he has for Hindu woman. Vidya being a feminist woman and a independent woman runs to pubs and she is the owner of two pubs because maximum time her hubby stays abroad. she got married to arun 6 years back, but still she can bot become a mother because Arun is impotent and that’s her only pain, but being a independent loyal feminist proud Hindu woman she stays loyal and enjoy her work as the owner of two pubs. Vidya is in the office and today she seats on her chair while thinking how to make her company more large, she keeps thinking to grow more and finally comes up with the decision that she will open a new pub . She now starts thinking about the place and while having a coffee she decides to open the pub in GAZI LANE .She choose this place to challenge Muslim culture because she hates Muslim and more so because Muslims has a male dominated culture, and being a Hindu feminist and a independent Hindu woman she wants to challenge the manhood of Muslims. she has no idea that this decision of her is going to change her life and her mindset completely. she has no idea how much she will have to pay for her decision. Sitting in her office she finishes the paper work quickly and calls her manager to take this paper and submit to the government office for the license and all.Her manager leaves her office and Vidya takes another cup of coffee in enjoyment, she is too happy because of the growth and her decision,but her happiness does not sustain longer as her manager comes in and tells him- “mam GAZI LANE is a muslim dominated area and I have mate cm he has said we need signature of the leader of Muslim league.” vidya gets shock and angry hearing this , she shouts “what the hell now we need signature and permission of those looser muslims ” then she calm herself down and confidently says no issue go and take the sign of him, who ever he is and if he is not ready throw money on his face”. The manager leaves the office and comes to the office of Imran khan, who is the leader of muslim league. Imran in his office on his laptop having fun with Hindu sluts in the site.Its a daily routine of imran and his favorite site. Mean while the manager enters -“sir may i come in?” .Hearing the voice Imran’s get irritated as he was having fun with hindu girls in Imran takes his eyes off from the laptop and looks up, “who are you ? what you want ? can’t you see I am busy ” Imran says in a irritated and a mainly voice. Imran doesn’t even offer him a seat. The manager standing right infront of the door says -“I am from “HWP” company , our owner VIDYA mam wants to open a pub in GAZI LANE so for that we need your signature”.

Hearing the name Vidya , Imran get excited because he has heard many stories about the sexiness of Vidya and heard a lot about her sexy body. The evil mind of Imran starts thinking about Vidya and how to meet with her,Imran looks at the manager and says “what ? pub here ? are you fucking crazy. you hindus do such shit things and have no culture and do naked dance openly,this culture of yours will not be tolerated here , its our area, jake apne mdam ko bol dena inha pub kholne ke bare mea soche vhi mat aur han agla bar koie bat ho to khud aye,, tere jaise namard hindu ko na veje” Imran says this in a very rough tone and in a angry way. Imran wants Vidya to come here too see her sexy look and all so he plays his game. hearing such rough words and such nasty lewd statements the manager gets scared and leave the place immediately. The manager comes to Vidya and says her all what happened and how Imran talked to him. Vidya was working on her laptop hearing all this she gets shocked , she is in utter shock hearing the incident and how rough and vulgar Imran is. In shock she started thinking how dare he, how can he speak such things , and after a 5 minute she looks at the manager and coming out of shock and after talking to herself the independent proud married Hindu feminist says- “you go, I will take care of that bastard Muslim and give me his mobile no”. Hearing this the manager leaves her cabin giving her the mobile no. Though Vidya confidentially said that too manager but still she is amazed and angry by seeing the dare of Imran khan. She keeps thinking about what to do , after thinking for half an hour he decides to call Imran khan. She decided to call but even after deciding she is in dilemma, some how she is lacking guts to call Imran, first time Vidya is thinking before calling someone , she is someone who is so confident that she even does not think before calling the chief minister but she is thinking today. she then gather guts and call Mr Imran holding her phone on her right hand and looking in the window , her heart beat is beating fast as she is a bit nervous. Imran as usual was having fun in his favorite site and gets irritated to get the cal because he is unaware that Vidya is calling . Imran take the call and “hello who is this” says in a mainly tone , Vidya replies “hey I am Vidya” says in a confident way , Imran hears the hot voice of Vidya and it makes him happy and excited , imran tells to himself “hmm my plan is working” and then replies “yes say , say a little fast because I am busy , I don’t have much time to waste”,hearing this and his attitude makes Vidya angry , no one ever talks with her even ministers talk with her with respect ,she says in her mind “what the bastard Muslim think about himself” but she knows that Imran’s sign is important so she speaks in a soft voice , “yes, I sent my manager but you refused to sign and insulted him” vidya was about say more but Imran interpreted “yes I have refused to sign and i have not insulted him, i have only said the reality , hindu men are impotent” Imran says in a mainly tone, this aggressive behavior and dare to say things directly puts VIDYA in shock, and the thing that Imran says Hindu men are impotent, it makes vidya remember about her husband , who is a impotent man, those things makes Vidya shut and she could not reply. Imran continues “and talking about pub , its our area and we Muslims don’t allow such shit things, Hindu woman and man do such fucking things in pub , we will never allow it in our area”.Vidya listens to all this and no one ever dare degraded her religion and no one ever talk to her like this , it makes her angry and she is in shock to by Imran’s behavior. Vidya gathers herself and composing herself she says in a confidence “look Mr. Imran you should mind your tong and we don’t do naked dancing in our pub, its a western culture, anyhow I have a party here tonight in my home , I will be very glad if you come and we will discuss the issue there” Vidya is angry and amazed at the same time by Imran’s behavior but she knows that his sign is needed so Vidya tries to be cool. On the other hand Imran Is overjoyed for getting the invitation and he thanks allah for giving him the chance so soon. Imran- “well thanks for the Invitation , I will try to come , I am busy still when a hot woman like you have invited me I will surely try” , Imran knew he will surely come and he has no work but still he shows the attitude and same time flirts with Vidya by complimenting her. In the first time in Vidya’s life a man directly compliments her like that, she gets confused how to react and blush a little and says “it will be my pleasure if you come” and she cuts the phone.

Imran get overly excited and he makes plan that he will go the gym then will take a bath and get ready to meet his new hunt ,his new target.On the other hand Vidya puts the phone down on the table and her eyes are on the window looking outside sitting on the chair, she is thinking about the rough lewd talks of Imran and how he compliment’s Vidya directly saying her hot, it makes her angry ,amazed and excited, Vidya can stop herself from thinking while looking outside and playing with her fingers but a sudden knock at the door drags her brain in present , she shake her head and it feels like she was in a different world, she looks at the door seeing the manager she says “yes I have talked to Mr.khan ,I will have to go for the party , you take care of the other things” , saying this Vidya stands from her chair and walk out from her office .She took the car and goes to her home. On the other hand Imran comes from the gym and after a bath he gets ready in a typical muslim wear with surma in eyes. Imran holds a rough look. Vidya comes home and start getting ready , She wear a black sari and a pink color blouse , the blouse was back cut and a little deep neck blouse which shows ample amount of tight cleavage that vidya has and her sexy white back, she puts on chocolate color lipstick and ear rings and gets ready. After some time people starts coming and meanwhile Imran comes as he get down from the car , every one is amazed to see a muslim man in the party because everyone knows Vidya hates muslims. Imran gets in the party and thats the first time Vidya and Imran see each other. Seeing vidya, Imran gets amazed,Imran’s eyes are on the sexy beautiful face of Vidya and her sexy voluptuous body. Vidya walks and comes in front of Imran and says “welcome “by her hot soft voice. seeing vidya’s sexy look and hearing her voice Imran’s dick gets hard as iron , without saying anything he is just checking out vidya , his eyes are on her sexy lips and deep cleavage. Vidya feels the hungry look and the look full of lust and feels uncomfortable, her hubby never looks at her like this nor any other man looked at her like this,she feels shy and angry at the same time ,she thought how vulgar and shameless lustful this Muslim man is and she adjusts her sari in discomfort. After a minute of awkward silence Imran says thanks and forward his strong hand to Vidya, Vidya has no choice but to shake hands because its a party and she has invited Imran ,though she does not want to shake hand but still forward her hand and there hands meet . Imran grabs her hand’s palm and looking in her eyes Imran says “you are looking like sexy heroine, you are looking so attractive and sexy , you are the sexiest women I have ever met in my life ” while saying this imran crash’s her palm softly ,Vidya feels his rough hand and listing to her compliments she feels shy and uneasy , she does not know how to react , the compliments were making her feel excited as every women loves compliment but the fact that she is a proud independent married hindu woman and a muslim is giving her such compliments directly and more so no one ever says things directly to her making her feel exited and angry ,it’s a mix feeling that Vidya is going through. Vidya drag her hand back from Imran’s grab and says please come in, Imran follows Vidya and his eyes follows her naked white back and the busty bulky sexy ass of her which is moving as Vidya walks. Vidya says – “what will you take cold drinks or whisky ” Imran looks at vidya and says “well i would like to take a very precious thing , which I will take in time (in his mind imran thinks about taking Vidya) but alcohol is haram for us and I will not drink anything Vidya. Imran is standing besides Vidya and though she is 5ft 5 and wearing hills still Imran is tall enough too have a clear look on her cleavage. Imran masculine body and height and Vidya’s sexy body together was looking like a beast and a beautiful doll together. Vidya break’s the silence “so, I want a open a pub in GAZI LANE and it will be very nice of you , if you sign the papers, I will make sure that you guys don’t feel any trouble for my pub”. Imran turn around at Vidya looking in her eyes she suddenly hold the hand’s palm of Vidya and it tooks Vidya by surprise ,she was not ready for this move , she could not even imagine a muslim is holding her hand without her permission and so suddenly , holding her hand Imran says “looks Vidya you are looking so attractive and sexy and its a party atmosphere ,I dont think its a right time to talk about this shits , we can do business letter and I am in a hurry ,so I will have to leave ” Imran says looking at vidya , this sudden act of Imran and his talks frozen Vidya as she don’t get time to even reply , as saying this Imran leaves her quickly, Vidya stood there in shock and confusion grabs her mind , after a minute vidya stands there thinking what happened, and then she gets busy in attending the guest and having little dance and chats with friends,though she was busy in all Imran khan ,his act and, and his compliments were running on her mind .

She though that Imran has gone as Imran khan said to her but it mean while Imran stayed in the party and he was lustfully looking at every inch of vidya’s body and her sexy face and provoking smile , Imran has a hobby of capturing beautiful hindu milfs in his arm and in his camera , in the whole party imran captures some sexy pics of vidya where he has captured her killer smile , her curvy belly her jumping busty ass , and in those pauses vidya was looking like a sexy model the sexiest woman in the world. Then Imran left the party silently. vIdya was unaware of the facts , she came home and was putting of his ear rings when she receives, she opens the whatsapp text and sees her sexy pause where she turned her face with a sexy smile while walking , she was walking casually she did not give any pauses so she gets utter surprise and more so seeing the sender , the sender is Imran khan, she keeps looking at her beautiful sexy the picture when she gets a text “ohh vidya look at your killer smile , look at your lips ” you are looking like a ocean of sexiness, she gets the text , and feels shy , the direct aggressive compliments of imran and in this manner starts effecting vidya., vidya was thinking about the reply when she receives another photo of her where she was standing side wise turning a little and hand on her hair , in this pause her curvy belly was looking so sexy, Imran sends the photo and texts “vidya look at your curvy belly , any man would like to squeeze it hard” getting such pics and hearing such lewd comments and lustful comments starts to turn on vidya , she has not faced any man who dares to talk about her sexiness and her body directly like this , Imran,s act and her commend starts to instigate vidya’s womanhood. vidya looks at the mirror and starts looking at herself and reading the comments looking at the mirror she was blushing like a wife blush’s when her hubby compliments her. vidya now is not in a zone to reply and she is in the different world her womanhood dominates are feminism her proud and her hate against mainly muslims. Imran knew he has his pray in his hand and he will not let her pray go , he sent the next photo where vidya was dancing and sending the photo he says “vidya the best part of your body is your busty ass, I love it the most. Now a muslim hunk is talking about a independent hindu married proud woman and talking and commenting in a filthy way and the proud independent hindu feminist married woman who hates dominated mainly muslims was blushing and felling shy and excited by getting those compliments and was powerless to stop him . vidya setting on the chair looking at the mirror her head was down in shyness and she was blushing only . Now Imran knows it is the right time to put the last nail in the coffin, he knew the iron is in heated condition and it is the best time to heat the hammer , and the evil vulgar and lustful man imran is he will never gonna miss this golden opportunity, Imran texts -” vidya my darling , I want you to be my model , you are such a sexy hindu milf and such a voluptuous woman you are perfect to be my model, and you know photography is my hobby and specially loves to click photos of sexy woman like you , so we will go to my farmhouse that is in “JANBAZ” jungle and we will shoot photos and we will discuss about the pubs, I am sending you a gift you will wear this when you will come with me tomorrow and I will not listen to any excuse my sexy milf”, vidya gets the text and she gets shock and confuse , she hates muslim and she is a loyal married proud hindu woman who is a feminist too, she wants to say no directly but she can not type no, her lust and the mainlines and the acts of imran melts her proud and feminism and provokes her lust and womanhood so much thats she does not have the power to say no, the lust makes her say yes . Vidya only says a yes and getting the text Imran was over the moon he knew now there is no looking back. Imran sleeps well but vidya could not sleep the whole night, she was in dilemma , her feminism loyalty and being a proud hindu married woman was trying to stop her from going but her lust and womanhood was overpowering its all and she keeps looking at the sky setting near the window the whole night and constantly thinks about the filthy comments the acts of Imran khan, she does not even know when the night ends. Imran gets up in the morning he is in full excitement goes to gym and he eats 2 kg of beef as beef kabab before getting ready to go on a photo shoot date with a feminist independent loyal proud married hindu woman and puts on a boxer and a sleeveless t -shirt that shows his huge mussel. on the other hand Vidya hears the alarm and gets back in her reality , she can not stop herself from getting ready , she goes to parlor and gets make up and then opens the gift which was sent by imran, It was a red sari a red back cut back less blouse and very deep neck (Imran intentionally gifts a small size blouse , from petticoat to bra and panty all are in red color ) Vidya gets ready wearing that some how and stands in front of the mirror seeing herself in the mirror Vidya gets shocked , vidya -“oh my god , how can i wear this in front of mr imran, ” her cleavage was highly visible, it was a sleeveless blouse so her fleshy arms were looking sexy her back was completely naked and the saree design makes her curvy belly and waist naked” seeing herself like this she feels so shy and just she felt like a new bride who will come in front of his hubby. she was standing infront of the mirror in shyness when she gets the text from imran -“are you ready my darling” ? she some how replies “please imran , how can i come out like this , it is exposing me” ,, imran gets the text and laugh and gets more excited and texts back” come fast , and you know you have no option but to wear my gift , I am waiting come fast” Vidya puts on deep red lipstick on her thick juicy red lips and comes out of her bungalow.

Seeing the sexy attractive Vidya , Imran converts to a wild lion , his lust goes beyond imagination , feeling horny Imran looks at the sexy doll Vidya and white checking her out with full of lust imran says ” umm massa allah massa allah kya mast lagrahi hai tu, you are looking like a queen of sex, your are a ocean of sex where and I want to drink the whole ocean and I want to swim deep” saying this Imran steps forward and looks at Vidya with lust , VIdya the indecent,feminist proud hindu woman could not even look up, hearing such sexy compliment and comments and feeling the lust of imran she starts to feel more shy, she was already feeling shy but now the comments make her more shy. Imran holds her hand , Vidya could not say a word and then Imran make her seat in the car and he sets in the car and ask the driver to drive . The car is going through the roads and Vidya is looking at the window as she wants to avoid Imran,but this will not going to work as imran slowly touches Vidya’s finger and palm and running his fingers , Imran-“sach mea teri trah mast gardia hua vari sexy jism ka malkin mehne kavhi nehi dekha, when you have married your impotent hindu hubby “? now imran starts to insult his hubby directly and giving Vidya lewd comments, hearing this vidya feels so ashamed and shock , but she could not protest because of imran’s mainly presence at the fact that her hubby is impotent. vidya- “please Imran don’t insult my hubby , its a request , we have married 6 years ago” Vidya says in a low tone and in a soft voice while looking down. Imran- “6 years, and still you are saying your hindu hubby is not fucking impotent ,if i get such a sexy curvy busty hindu cow like you in my hand , I would crash you , I would fuck you all day night , tuje to mea itne din mea rgar rgar kea nichod deta aur tuje kamse kam 10 baccho ka ammi bana deta , aur teri gardia hua ghosh vara zism dekh kea saf pta chlta hai o namard hindu tuje use vhi nehi kar paya” Imran says in a mainly rough voice with full of lust crashing Vidya’s palm roughly. Vidya gets too excited and feels humiliated at the same time and ashamed that a muslim man is saying such vulgar things to her and insulting her hubby,she starts to breath heavy , but she knows its true that her hubby can not do anything and she is now feeling the lust in her body and mind , she is so powerless that, this time she could not even replied. Vidya tries to gather confidence and says “when you took my pictures and when ?? ap mere photo qu click kar rehe the ? apne to bola tha ja rehe hai? Imran laughs , Imran-” I was praising your sexy body and hot looks and capturing you on my phone before capturing you in my arm” The car stops and imran holdin Vidya’s hand says now we have to walk through jungle to our farm house ,,, and they both get down from the car and Imran again holds Vidya’s hand and start walking … IN 5 minutes they reach the destination, A farm house in the deep jungle and a river which is flowing through wildly.

Imran- “are you ready ?? ready for the photo shoot? ”
Vidya- slowly says “yes”
vidya is still avoid the eyes of imran..
Imran-“now go and stand near the river , aur side wise khare ho jao , aur han apna gund thore upar utha ke khri ho na”
hearing this Vidya get shocked, she feels more shy but without saying she goes and stand to give pause , but as she stands she sees Imran is slowly coming towards him, seeing this she starts to feel more shy and excited and mover her eyes in shyness , she stands still .
Imran- “no , it is not the right pause , I told you gund thora bahar nikalo , tumahri yea mast gardia gund aur bara dikhna chaiea”
saying this , imran comes close and now Imran can hear the breath of Vidya is breathing fast , Imran grabs Vidya’s busty ass and squeeze it . as soon as Imran squeeze’s Vidyas ass vidya moans
Vidya- “ahhhhh umm okkk” vidya moans closing her eyes.
and imran clicked the picture , and shouts “umm perfect short”
Imran-“now go and put your two hands on the tree and look at the river”
as Imran says Vidya slowly walks and does so .and give the pause , but Vidya was unaware of the fact that , Imran is coming from behind , Imran comes from behind and holds Vidya’s sexy waist in two hands and squeeze it hard. and whispers in her eyes umm My hindu milf cow you are a sex toy a perfect sex machine.
Vidya- “ahhhh auchhh ohhh imran please I am a married Hindu woman umm ”
Imran again click the picture and then holds Vidya’s hand and take her to the stone made seat near the farm house,the seat is a only for one to seat and Imran seats there and Vidya stands Infront of Imran in full of shyness and excited and ashamed.
Imran- “what are you waiting for my hindu cow milf come and have a seat ” he says slapping his thigh roughly and continues “thats the right place to seat for busty curvy hindu milfs like you.”
Vidya without saying anything walks close and seats down on imran’s thigh. now a proud independent married feminist hindu woman is sitting on the thighs of a muslim hunk,,
Imran- “ummm my busty curvy hindu cow you are so fucking sexy , aj to tuje rgar rgar kea chodunga”
and saying thins imran touches vidya’s naked back and run’s his two fingers on her naked back and started kissing and biting her. and holding her belly pull her more close”
Imran- “umm kya mast sexy pith hai teri mera aj to tuje kha jaunga”
as soon as imran runs finger on vidya’s naked back , currents run through her body , she starts to breath so fast and gets more excited and shy, and as imrann start kissing her and biting her naked back she leans back and mons,
Vidya-“ahhhh imran ohh god please imran ohh don’t do this , plssss ahhh
Imran ji muje jane dijie”
Imran continues to biting her naked back and squeezing vidya’s curvy belly and now imran slides down the pallu of vidya’s sari. vidya closes her eyes in shy and sitting on Imran’s thigh helplessly moans.
Vidya-“umm plss imran don’t do this ohh god no one ever, done this to me, please i am feeling so shy and ashamed umm plss imran”
Imran-“umm kya mast zism hai teri , tuje to aj mera raand bnaunga , from now on you will be my Hindu whore”
saying this Imran turn’s vidya side wise and start squeezing her big tight breasts by his rough hand. hearing the lewd and insulting comments vidya gets more ashamed , vidya never thought a muslim man will call her a whore and will say something like this , she gets so ashamed, it makes her more excited and shy ,
Vidya-“ahhhh ohh god , what are you ahhhhh saying , plss Imran don’t degrade me like this ,I am a feminist a independent married Hindu woman,ahhhh umm please imran ahh its hurting please slow ohh god you are so wild”
Imran-“shut the fuck up my hindu raand , married hindu feminist independent hindu woman are perfect to be our whore, from now on you will known as imran’s whore only , I will ravage us i will breed you , tuje to mera 10 muslim baccho ka ammi bnaunga”
saying this imran slides down the blouse strap and throw it away, and holding vidya’s hand he puts her hand on his hard dick , as soon as vidya feels the hard dick she gasp , imagining how long it can be and how hard it is, lust and shyness has captured her mind more so because imran has broke her proud and degrade her so mush. vidya slowly start to massage imran’s hard dick from his boxer.
Vidya-“umm please imran don’t degrade me so mush , you muslims are so mainly”
Imran -“I am not degrading you my busty curvy Hindu raand I am just saying the facts , thats your destiny , tu paida hui hai mera kutia raand begum ban ke rahne keliea”
Imran start to squeeze vidya’s boobs more roughly and tearing her bra he throw it away , vidya’s big boobs get free and open seeing the amazing pare of boobs Imran gets more excited and mainly and squeezing and rubbing her boobs imran wildly start to twist her erect nipples and pulling her nipples.
Imran- “umm my hindu whore mera hindu kutia teri eia dono boobs to massa allah umm aj to tuje halal karunga”
Vidya-“ahhhhhhhhhh auchhhh ahh plsss imran plss ohh god , its paining ahh ohh imran plss ”
vidya is now in the seventh cloud and in the ocean of lust.
pinching the nipples and pulling the nipples Imran bites the ear lob of vidya and says
Imran-“ummm so my hindu whore mera chinal hindu raand tuje pub chaiea eia mera lund ? pub or you want to be my begum decide now” Imran the evil man the ruthless hunk is now playing his games and enjoying his pray. vidya now massaging imran’s dick more hard and and more fast ,
Vidya- “ahhhh auchh umm Imran, I am submitting myself on your hand , I want to be your begum umm”
Imran rub her thick juicy lips by his finger and whisper in her eyes holding her throat “stand up”
vidya slowly stands up without saying anything , her sari is in the ground.
Imran stands up come close and slaps vidya’s busty ass hard shatttt shattt slaps her ass hard and squeeze to wildly and roughly
Imran-“ummm my hindu whore , this busty ass of your made my dick rock hard in the first day , from that day I thought of making you my whore, teri yea matakti hui hindu gand ko to aj mea far dunga”
Vidya-“ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh auchhh ohh ohh my goodddddd ahhh imran please umm so rough you are ahh you brut man , ahhh I knew you have eyes on me , you are such a wild lion ahhhh”
Imran pulls her sari of her body and then open the nod of the petticoat whick makes it drop on the floor , now the independent proud married hindu woman is standing in-front of a Muslim hunk naked and just in a panty. Imran slaps vidya’s busty ass again and more hard shattttt a sound comes as imran slaps her ass hard and her busty ass shakes by getting the hard slap,
Vidya-“ummm ahhhhhhhhhhhh Imran please don’t be so wild ahh I am not use to this ”
Imran” now you are my begum vidya raand , you ate my whore , you will be with a muslim man as my other whores and begum you will get use to this , now turn around and be on your knees”
vidya turns around , her head is down and the proud independent hindu married feminist women gets down on her knees in front of the Muslim man.
Imran put down his pant and the hard thick and big pthani dick of Imran’s jumps out , vidya on her knees seeing this gasp in fear and gets amazed , she can not even imagine such a thick hard and big dick, her eyes are open in shock .
Imran rubs his dick on the thick juicy lips of vidya and slaps her face by the hard dick shatt shattt
Imran-“look at me my proud hindu whore” Imran says in a dominating voice
vidya slowly puts her face up and looks at imran, lust and shyness and being ashamed makes vidya’s sexy face a fuck materiel.
Imran-“so are you submitting yourself on my feet my whore? are you ready to be a begum of Muslim?” Imran says in a lustful and dominating tone
Vidya slowly says “yes imran , i am all yours , yours begum”
Imran-“now suck my dick my hindu whore begum ”
Vidya slowly opens her lips and holding the big thick dick she starts to suck and put the dick in her hot mouth.
Imran-“ummm my hindu whore , you have such a hot mouth , umm suck it ,, “saying this imran slowly starts to fuck vidya’s mouth and start putting his dick in her mouth.
Vidya- “ummm ummmm ahh ummmmm umm ” sucking her dick like a perfect Hindu whore.
Imran now holds her hair and puts the dick on her mouth and holds are like that for a minuet, vidya’s hands are on imran’s thighs as she tries to breath but can not and her eyes are fully open as she is desperate to breathe. after a minuet Imran takes his dick out and vidya stars to breath hard and fast as she was out of oxygen.Now again as she starts to take breathe Imran holds her hair and starts to fuck vidya’s mouth fast ghappp ghapp ghspp and rough and spits on her sexy face ,
Imran- “ummm ahhh my fucking hindu raand , lea kutia chinal whore ”
Vidya- “ummmm ummm ahhhh ummmm ohh plss ummmm ummmm noooo umm”
imran keeps fucking vidya’s mouth like this and then holding her throat see spits again and says “now be in the position of a bitch , hindu whore , I will ravage your ass ,chal kutia ban ja”
Vidya without saying anything gets in the pose of a bitch , Imran comes down holding his panty tears it in a second and makes her ass fully naked, Imran starts to rub her dick on vidya’s busty ass and squeezing her ass hard she spits on vidya’s ass hole and in a single push puts his dick in vidya’s tight ass.
Vidya-“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh auchhh ohhh god ahhhh I will die , I can not take this ohh ahhh”moans so loud that her moan even can be heard by the people outside the jungle.
Imran-“ahh umm such a tight ass you have my hindu whore, kutia teri ass ko teri namard pati kuch kar nehi paya , teri tight ass ko mea chod chod kea far dunga”
Imran now starts to in and out his dick from vidya’s tight ass and doing it roughly holding her hair and slapping her ass brutally.
Vidya-“ahhhhh ahhhh aucghhh ohhh god hea vagban ahhhh ahh ohhh ahhh plss slow ahh plss no”
Imran starts fuck her ass with more brutal force ghapppp ghapppppppp ghapppp , her ass starts to shake with every push of imran’s dick,
Imran-“ummmm ahh my indian hindu whore when your impotent hindu hubby will come”
Vidya-“ahhhhhhhhhh auchhhh ahh tomorrow , ahhhh auchhh he will come tomorrow ”
Imran now starts to fuck her like a beast and making her busty ass shakes and jumps like anything.
Imran-“umm my hindu whore tomorrow I will come to your bungalow and you will show that impotent cuck hubby of yours that you are my whore”
Vidya-“ahhhhhhhhh ahhhh auchhhhhh oh Imran ohhhhh god plssss no ahhhh ohhh plss don’t humiliate me like this, ahhhhhhhhh auchhhh ummmm ahhhh plss slow”
Imran-“My fucking whore my hindu raand you are my Begum my personal property , ummm” Imran is pumping her ass and ravaging her ass like an animal
Vidya-“ummmmmm ahhhhhhhh ahhh ohhh ahhh ohh god ahhh yessss ohhh ahh yesss i am yours , I am yours begum”
Vidya was moaning louder and louder , her proud has been broken, the feminist independent hindu woman has become submissive a property and begum cum whore of a muslim.
Imran takes his dick out,,
Imran-“now get on your knees my whore”
vidya gets down on her knees and Imran releases his thick cum on vidya’s sindoor on her head and it drops down to her face , Vidya feels so embarrassed and humiliating and at the same time submissive that she stays there in the position on her knees head down
Imran-“so my hindu whore come begum who’s whore you are ?”
Vidya without looking up slowly say “yours, yours whore imran”
Imran-“now you will get ready on tomorrow , I will come to your house for lunch and will take you in front of your X impotent hindu hubby.
saying this imran starts to move to the car , vidya tries to get fresh but imran commands that she will go like this and will not wash her face. vidya follows Imran’s command and they both gets in the car , The driver was looking like at vidya in great amazement and he was thinking how brutally imran sir has ravaged and degraded this hindu milf . vidya gets down from the car , her servants and all are shock seeing her in such condition , vidya slowly walks in the house putting her head down in shyness and humiliation.
VIDYA gets in her house and she sits like this in her bed in humiliation excitement shyness and tired by getting brutally fucked by imran, she does not have any idea when the time gets pass 10 pm, she looks at the clock and seeing the clock she can not believe its 10 pm and she is setting there for so long time , her scenes was not working,Imran destroyed her like anything , then she gets up takes a bath and fell asleep because she was so tired.


On the other hand arun lands and he thought his sexy wife will be there to welcome him but she had no idea that his wife is no more his, she is now a property of imran khan, arun gets disappointed but thought maybe she is busy in work, arun takes a car and reaches his home as he enters in his home, the servants of the home starts looking at him curiously and start talking to each other , because they have seen vidya yesterday in such condition, arun gets in his house looking for his lovely wife and finds Vidya is sleeping, arun gets shock that vidya is sleeping but she knows arunn will come ,
Arun-“hey vidya , good morning darling , wake up I have come home”
vidya sees arun and in shock wakes up, vidya looks at arun in guilt and shock, looking at arun she says nothing.
Arun-“you did not come to pick me up darling ? are you tired ? i know you do lots of works”
hearing the word lots of work reminds vidya about yesterday and she feels ashamed but shy at the same time” vidya can not say anything and there is not shine of happiness seeing arun, arun realize that,
Arun-“what happened vidya are you not happy?” saying this he goes to hug her beautiful sexy wife, but vidya stops her , as she was felling guiltily and her mind and heart and souls now belongs to imran. vidya stands up and says -“no , i am happy , i am happy ” and after a pause she says “lots of thing has happened, I have to get ready and cook food ”
vidya never cooks for anyone and hearing this that she will cook , arun gets surprise and says “woow , my wife will cook for me , first time you are cooking ”
vidya-“no , a guest will come , Imran khan will come , so i will have to cook and get ready”
hearing the name of the guest makes arun little dick jump , because he knew vidya hates muslim and now for the first time vidya is going to cook and that too not for arun but for imran a muslim, arun’s cuckold nature gets provoked as he starts to imagine and think, and curiously asks “who is Imran khan” , vidya hearing this does not give reply and starts to gets ready and cook biriani for Imran, meanwhile arun keeps thinking and imaging things as he has a cuckold nature, and Imran gets ready and he comes in vidya’s bungalow, and knocks the door, hearing the sound vidya’s hear beat starts to beat first as she knows its Imran , she runs quickly to the door and opens it , Imran sees vidya and , seeing her with lust gets he gets in and , holds vidya by her waise , imran pulls vidya near him and kisses on her cheek, It makes vidya blush and feels shy, Arun sees the scene and he gets shock by seeing such a strong build Imran khan and seeing her lovely wife in a muslims arm he gets sissy and his cuckold natures starts to effect him , as his tinny small hindu dicks jumps by seeing a muslim hunk holding her wife and kissing her cheek. Imran gets in and holding Vidya by her waist and holding her close Imran looks at sissy arun, Arun puts his head down in humiliation and in scare. vidya also looks down because she too feels humiliating and shy that imran is holding her close infront of arun.
Arun and Imran both seats in the table and vidya serves the food , whiile vidya serving the biriani to Imran, Imran piches the curvy belly of vidya and Vidya moans “ahhhh” .Arun hears the moan and he has put his head down in humiliation but the cuckold nature of him and the cuckold side of him gets excited and he sees from the side of his eye. Vidya serves the food and seats besides Imran , and its humiliate arun more and he becomes more excited.
Imran-“arun, you know , you don’t deserve such a busty curvy hindu milf , a impotent fucking hindu you are , you don’t deserve her and she needs a real muslim man like me who will make her a whore begum and will use her properly”
Imran says in a mainly voice,hearing this both arun and vidya feels humiliating but excited at the same time. arun’s and vidya’s face has turned red in humiliation and excitement. arun has now become full excited in humiliation and being a cuckold arun slowly replies
Arun-“yes Imran sir , I know I don’t deserve such a sexy milf like her ,she is for muslim hunk like you”
vidya is hearing the conversation and feeling shyness and excitement and humiliating at the same time and sitting putting her head down , vidya is going through a mix emotions and meanwhile Imran is crashing her curvy belly.
Imran-“yes you are right , you only deserve too see how i am going to breed her,now this busty curvy hindu milf is mine, going to be my Begum my whore. we will do “NIKAH” and you will arrange all the things and will take her to “GAZI” mosque at 7 pm, I will be there and we will do “NIKAH”.
Arun-“ok ,sir I will make her ready for you and will take her to GAZI mosque”.
Imran leaves the place and aurn and vidya sits there without looking at each other. after sometime Arun says “I know vidya , I am impotent and i don’t deserve a sexy wife like you, Imran sir deserves to get you”
Vidya-“arun , he is real man, he is a beast , he has broke my proud and my ego and made me submit on his feet, he is not a sissy like you ”
hearing this arun feels humiliating yet exciting because he is a cuckold. Then arun manages all the thing and makes vidya ready just like a perfect muslim bride. A siisy impotent hindu cuckold was making her wife ready to becomes a muslim Begum”

They gets ready and reaches the mosque and imran reaches too,the busty curvy sexy hindu woman vidya is looking awesome in the get up of a muslim bride . Imran looks at her and gets happy seeing her such attractive sexy look , Imran”umm vidya you are looking so sexy” vidya turns her eyes way in shyness and slowly says “thanks” .Arun stands besides Vidya. Imran comes near arun and spitting on his face says”now fucking impotent hindu go and decorate your bedroom tonight I will fuck vidya In your bedroom” , arun feels so humiliating and his cuckold nature gets excited as he leaves , Imran acts makes vidya feels humiliating too but she is more excited for her new life as a Begum of muslim and to be with a hunk.
The Imam of the mosque comes and the Nikah takes place,
Imam -“vidya are you accepting Imran khan as your sohar”? hearing this vidya’s heart beat raises as she knows she is going to be a muslim’s Begum, she slowly says ” kabul hai, kabul hai,Kabul hai”
Imran feels great and the Imam asks Imran “Imran are you accepting vidya as your Begum”
Imran-“kaubul hai, kabul hai,kabul hai” as imran says the Nikah successfully completes and Vidya from a independent,proud married hindu feminist to become a muslim’s Begum .Begum of Imran khan.
After the nikah completes imran holds the hand of vidya and takes her in her bunglow , where arun was waiting for them to come. Arun sees vidya and imran together and feels humiliating yet feels good. Imran comes holding vidyas hand infron of arun and says “Today I will ravage my begum Vidya, I will breed her and i will fuck her on your bed and you fucking impotent hindu , you will see how a man fucks his begum” ,saying this he slaps arun’s face and ask vidya to go in the room and wait for him.
Imran orders arun too see outside from the door, Arun is yet to see his x hindu proud feminist wife gets fucked being a begum of a muslim on his bed.

Vidya is setting on the bed looking a perfect sexy bride in the muslim’s bride attire,her busty curvy body is looking more attractive then anything and in shyness she is looking down, Imran gets in the room and closes the door(it’s door of glass) , the sound of closing the door makes Vidya more nervous and excites arun who stands outside and looking in.
Imran comes near the bed and seats , he looks at vidya , with full of lust.
Imran-“massa allah , massa allah, you are looking so sexy my begum vidya”
Vidya could not reply in shyness , her heart is beating fast.
Imran holds her face and puts it up, imran-“suvhan allah , itna mast ,sexy aur provoking face maine ajtak nehi dekha, you are looking like a sex doll”
Imran now moves his finger on Vidya’s face and his fingers comes near vidya’s juicy thick lips as he rub his fingers on vidya’s juicy thck lips and plays with her lips for a minuet , imran pull her grabbing Vidya’s arm and puts Vidya’s lips on her mouth
Imran-“ummmmmm umm kya mast hont hai teri, mera sexy begum”
vidya-“ummmm ahhh ummmmm ummmmm ”
seeing this cuckold impotent arun gets excited and start rubbing his little dick.
Imran byres Vidya’s lowr lips and biting her lips he pulls it by holding in his teeth
Vidya-“ahhhh ummm ahhhh ummmmmmm”
vidya moans and feels the lust. Imran removes her bridal attire and makes Vidya naked, Vidya seats there naked infront of imran ,
Imran-“umm my sexy begum , you are such a fucking sexy woman, teri jaise begum ko to mea rat din chodunga” saying this imran makes vidya lying on bed and takes off his dress he comes on vidya,
imran starts to squeeze vidya’s large breast and squeezing them hard and smooching her wildly,
Vidya- “ahhhhhh aihh ahh ogghhh ohhh ummmm ahh umm ” vidya moans in pain pleasure and in lust and as imran is pinching and pulling her erect nipples and on the nother hand arun is standing outside and watching his sexy x wife of her vidya is moaning in the arm of a muslim man being his begum, and the cuckold sissy arun is getting more humiliated and excited.
As imran comes down to her boobs she starts to such and byte vidya’s big juicy boobs and put divya’s hand on his hard dick, imran’s dick is hard like a iron in the situation. vidya moans as imran sucks her boobs and start to massage his hard dick
Vidya-“ahhhhhh umm ahhh imran ji ,ahh you are the best hunk, ahhh umm mea apke begum hu umm ahhhh”
Imran -“ummm mera begum , tu mera sab begum mea sabse zada sexy hai , you are the sexiest begum in my all begums”
Now imran comes down and starts to suck and byre Vidya’s curvy belly and Imran is biting her belly like a animal and playing with her deep navel, vidya starts to jump in pleasure , no man ever plays and uses her body like this.
Vidya-“ahhh imran ji ahhh please don’t play with me like this, ahhh ummmm , ahh my sohar ”
now Imran goes down and spreading Vidya’s leg she puts her tong on vidya’s cunt and starts to suck and byte her clit , It makes vidya full of lust and she starts to jump in bed in pleasure.
Imran-“umm mm umm ahhh Vidya my begum you have a such a juicy cunt , ummm mera raand begum my whore”saying this she keeps sucking vidya’s cunt
Vidya-“ummmmmm ahhhhh ahhhhh ohhhhh ahhh ohhh noooo ohhh ahhhhh mea apke rakhel begum hu ahhh ahh , ahhh ohhh god please imran ji muje aise mat tarpao”.
After sucking her cunt imran pulls vidya on her and Vidya starts to love Imran, The X hindu wife is now loving the muslim man being his begum, Vidya gets down and puts Imran’s hard dick in her mouth and start sucking it.
Vidya-“ummmmmmm ummmmm ahhh ummmm Imran ji , you are a beast a giant , ummmmm ahhhhh”
Imran gets more wild and lustful and gets more pleasure
Imran-“ummm my begum , my raand , you sucks the dick so good.
Imran makes Vidya seats on his hard dick and holding her waist stats to fuck her ass making her jump,
Vidya-“ahhhh auchhh umm ahhhh Imran ji please slow, ahh plss ahh dont make me jump so fast and hard”
Imran-“you are my begum, tu mera raand hai,tuje dard sahna prega tavhi to maza ayega”, and makes vidya jump in her dick fast , holding vidya’s waist imran is making vidya jump up and down on his dick and the big boobs of vidya is dancing as vidya was jumping.
Imran fucking Vidya’s ass like this for half and hour throws vidya on the bed and wildly comes up on her , Imran holds the throat of Vidya and put his big dick in vidya’s tight cunt in a single stroke.
Vidya-“ahhhhhh ahhhhh ahhh ohh mar gyi , ahh please no i can not take this , ahhhh ahhh imran ji ohh god please ” moans loudly like a whore and hearing the moans of his x hindu wife Arun the cuckold sissy starts to massage his tiny dick faster in humiliation and excitement , the loud lustful moan of Vidya makes Imran more rough and wild. and Imran starts to put his full dick on vidya’s tight cunt
Imran-“ahhh umm my begum, my sexy hindu raand , ahhh you have such a hot and tight cunt, ummm my begum I will feel your womb by my thick cum ”
Imran is fucking Vidya more brutally and destroying her tight hindu cunt, holding her throat , he is fucking her cunt so rough that the bed is shaking and making noise.
Imran-“ahhh umm mera begum aj mea tera chut ka vhodsa bna dunga ummm ahh ”
Vidya-“ahhhh imran ji ahhhh plss its paining , ahh bahut dard ho raha hai” ,vidya’s eyes are closed in pain,,
Imran- “ahhhhh ummm ahhh bol mera begum, my sexy begum , you want me to breed you or not ?? you want to become mother of my muslim child or not ,say it ?? bol tuje mera bacche ka ammi banna hai ya nehi” Imran says fucking Vidya like an animal.
Vidya-“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhh ohhhh god ahhhh auchh ohh plsss yesssss ahh ohhh yessss , imran ji ahhhhh , i want to become mother of your child , muje apke baccho ka ammi banna hai”
Imran gives a brutal wild stroke and releases his thick pthani cum on the hindu womb of Vidya.
Imran-“ahhhhhhh ummm ahhh ahhhhh allah”
Vidya-“ummmmmmmmmmmmmm ummmm ahhhh ohhhh Imran ji , mea apka whore hu apka begum hu”
arun sees how imran the muslim hunk implants his seeds in the womb of her x independent proud Hindu milf wife and seeing this the cuckold leaves the place in humiliation and excitement with his tinny dick.
Vidya becomes mother of Imran’s muslim child as she give birth of a girl and then Imran breeds Vidya 8 times more with 4 boys 5 girls Vidya becomes a mother of Muslim children and this how a independent ,feminist , loyal proud Hindu married woman becomes a begum of a Muslim hunk and becomes mother of Muslim children.


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  1. That’s my mom you wrote about. It seems great to imagine her being fucked and enjoyed by Muslim bull

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