Indian atheist girl from hindu family gets satisfied by a muslim guy

atheist muslim sex story

My name is Himani Upadhyay. I was born in a Hindu family but after completing my schooling I moved away from religion and started calling myself an Atheist.
I have had 3 boyfriends first one was a hindu, second one was like me an atheist from a Hindu family and my third boyfriend was a Muslim. In fact he is still my boyfriend and it has been the longest relationship I have had.

I met Naushad in the third year of We were in the same team working on some computer science college project. I remember Naushad talking special interest in me, we became friends and after few weaks I fell for him, the feeling was mutual. Naushad was a Muslim, he used to visit mosque to offer friday namaz even though when I talked with him he didn’t seem very religious but he was fairly devout. I tried to change his mind a couple of times to bring him out of his religion but he was stubborn and wanted to stay faithful after which I accepted him the way he is and did not try to change him.

Soon I was in his bed. It was a after a long time since my last breakup 6 months ago I was finally going to have sex.
Coincidence; it was friday and Naushad was in a white kurta with a scull cap (kufi) on his head. He had just arrived from the Mosque after offering friday namaz. He always wore such clothes before going to mosque on fridays. I was just sitting in his private rented house waiting for him to come back.

Soon he arrived and after some time things started getting romantic. He kissed me on my lips and neck then soon started undressing me, it was wiered getting undressed by a devout muslim being an atheist girl from a hindu family. When he was removing my clothes such thoughts were popping up in my mind more so because of his attire, the sight of his skull cap (kufi) and white muslim kurta was definitely having an effect on me psychologically.

He unhooked my (enamor) bra and threw it away like it was some piece of trash.
I said to him “hey mister this bra is more expensive than the clothes you are wearing.”
He pulled my hairs and pressed by boobs then moved his hand down below inside my underwear and said “Not for me because I like something even more expensive” he made a gesture by touching my pussy lips with his finger.

Soon I was completely naked in front of him without a single thread on my body waiting to be fucked by him as he wanted.
He removed his kurta I saw his tough athletic body. He wanted me to remove his pyjama and I was ready to unwrap the present.
I loosened the the pyjama and saw a huge bulge, then pulled down his underwear and his huge cock popped out.

His dick was bigger than my previous boyfriends and it was circumcised with an extra hard shaft and pronounced head.
I started stroking his dick with my hand giving him a nice little handjob. His dick felt so hard, when I did the same to my previous boyfriends it felt like their dicks had padding because of all the extra skin. I enjoyed playing with his firm hard dick.

I remember those adult gossips and small talk conversations with my female friends. Once we were talking about dicks and one of my friends said among Indians muslim men have bigger dicks I have experienced 2 myself, I was like wtf.. then another girl named Aditi added, yea harder and better shaped too. I did not believe any of those things because as an atheist I do not blindly believe anything until I see and experience it myself which I finally I did.

Now I was sucking Naushad’s dick. First I tickled his thick round dick head with my tongue to titillate him, then sucked the head of his dick like a lollypop as I looked into his eyes it was evident he was immensely enjoying my rolling tongue over his dick head.
Then I started deep-throating his dick, some amount of semen came out from his dick and I swallowed it all.

After that he fucked me for so long. It was the best fucking session. I enjoying his throbbing cock stroking and literally hammering my pussy.

The third time when we were having sex he became more open. He said he is gonna fuck my hindu pussy. I said no I am an atheist. Then he asked me my parents name and I told him. He went on to say that you are a hindu daughter besides it doesn’t matter. He enjoyed dominating me physically and mentally in the bed.
That day while fucking me he whispered in my ears that he loves fucking my hindu atheist pussy. I succumbed; I failed to resist and let him have his way, I let use me in whatever he wanted as my lover besides it makes things spice up in the bedroom and I admit I get extra horny and wet very quickly when he tries to mentally humiliate and dominate me in the bed like that not to forget his big hard muslim dick completely overwhelms me.

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  1. Great Story Himani.
    Also you mentioned Naushad fucked you three times.
    I am sure hw would have fucked you without condoms. That is how Muslim studs fuck hindu girls.
    Aren’t you pregnant yet with Musalmaan’s powerful seed which came through his big fat lund?

  2. I will contact me first u stupid bitch at [email protected]
    I can fuck u onlybif u contact

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