Indian hindu girl desperate for Pakistani lover

A love-struck Indian woman, deported to Doha from the airport here for travelling on a fake Pakistani passport, has claimed she married a man from Punjab province and wants to be united with him.
Nagita Ramesh, who is in her twenties and hails from Gujarat state, arrived at Lahore international airport from Doha on Thursday to meet her “husband” Mohammad Azhar, a resident of Multan city in Punjab.
She confessed to officials here she had “stolen” travel documents to reach Pakistan to meet Azhar.

Chaudhry Ahmed, the Federal Investigation Agency’s immigration head at Lahore airport, told PTI that Ramesh had travelled on the passport of a Pakistani friend.

Ramesh claimed she had converted to Islam and her new name was Eman. She also said she married Azhar through a ‘nikaah’ conducted over telephone.

Ahmed quoted her statement as saying: “I’m an Indian national and not a Pakistani. I have embraced Islam to marry Pakistani jeweller Mohammad Azhar. I met with him in Doha and fell in love. I contracted nikah with him on phone after he returned to Pakistan.”

“As I was desperate to reach Pakistan to get united with my husband, I got the passport of my Pakistani friend and reached here.”

Ramesh, whose family moved to the Gulf some years ago, added she decided to come to Pakistan when her family wanted to marry her to another man.

Immigration officials rejected her request to go with Azhar, who had come from Multan to receive her. The FIA deported her to Doha yesterday, with officials saying Pakistani rules did not allow them to arrest a foreigner for travelling with fake or doctored documents.


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