Indian hindu guy Gaurav undergoes sex change to live with Pakistani lover Rizwan

hindu guy sex with muslim

Musalman lund ka craze Hindu ladko mai bhi sir chad kar bol raha hai. Hindu guys competing with Hindu girls for Musalman lovers.

A Hindu boy from Lucknow named Gaurav has undergone a sex change surgery to live with a Pakistan Muslim boy Rizwan.

Gaurav after sex change

According to a TOI report, Gaurav from Uttar Pradesh has now become Meera (after sex change surgery) to spend life with Pakistani beloved Rizwan.

Gaurav is a Kathak dancer

Like any other normal man, Gaurav (now Meera) had affairs with women and was about to marry when she met Rizwan over a social networking website in connection with her PhD studies.

Meera has never met Rizwan but has faith in the Almighty. Rizwan is likely to meet Meera in March this year.

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  1. is this really possible?
    how to contact her and ask her for help?

  2. lol u never heard of sex change surgery

  3. i want to do the same

  4. Sorry… I am a hindu guy addicted to Muslim dicks but would never go for sex change… ye ek alag hi maza hai nasha hai hindu male hokar muslim Lund ki bhakti karna… sex change karke na idhar me rahe na udhar ke… par sorry… don’t mind… it is much appreciated and more hindu guys should be encouraged to publicly embrace the status of hijra and those who are willing to undergo sex change to serve muslim dicks must be supported in this bold step…
    hum hindu mardon ko ye publicly kahne main hichak nahi honi chahiye ki hum napunsak hain… hijde hain… aaj sabki equality hai… men, women ya hijra kya fark padta hai… for every hindu women who comes forth to embrace publicly her love for muslim dicks… one hindu man should come forth to embrace the status of hijra… it would create an equal hindu society… without bias and arrogance of any kind…

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  5. If there are any dominate muslims who want to marry a feminized Hindu guy like Meera please kik me @ Aiesha_P. I want to runaway with a Muslim and become one of his many wife’s, I would not be able to have kids, but I want to be with my Muslim Master, I want to cook and clean for my potent Muslim Mard, while him and his friends shame my sissy Hindu choot, and force me to eat there cum with beef.

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