Indian Histoy Hindu Princess and Queens

Erotic History

This video is taken from an Indian TV serial based on the history which shows mighty and fierce Mahmud Ghazni and Princess Chaula.

What does the video show ?

After watching this video it gives an impression that the Hindu Prince lacked valor.

On the other hand ‘Princess Chaula’ who is a girl (princess) showed more courage than that Hindu prince, she stands in front of Ghazni ready to face him.

This impressed Mahmud Ghazni, he ogled at her navel and other parts of the fair sexy body and called  her a nymph (hoor) of the heaven. After this Ghazni decided to take her as his wife and why not.

Which looks like a better match?
Mighty tried and tested ruler Ghazni and sexy courageous Princess Chaula, or that hindu prince and Chaula. It is for you to decide.


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