An Indian Mother’s true sex story

Hello everyone my name is Anirudh Nayar and this is not my story, but it is a true story which no one can tell better and it is a story that needs to be told. This story revolves around an incident which took place way back in 2008 and I had just turned 18 that year and was in my 12th grade. I lived in Borivali in Mumbai with my parents and a younger brother who is 8 years younger to me.
We lived in a 1 BHK apartment in a housing colony. My parents and my younger brother used to sleep in the bedroom while I used to put a mattress and sleep on the ground in the hall. My father was a Physics professor in one of the most reputed engineering colleges in Mumbai and my mother worked as a clerk for a bank.
My father’s name is Vishnu Nayar he is a qualified engineer and married my mother after he completed his M. Tech and they had an arrange marriage and got married in 1988, they had me in 1991 and had my younger brother Abhishek in 2000. My mother’s name is Pratiba and she was born and raised in Calicut, Kerala. She completed her 12th grade exams in Kerala itself Malayalam medium and took up a job in the bank. Married to my father only at the age of 24.
Now let me tell you all a bit about myself. Like most of you and I started watching porn at a very young age. I used to masturbate in school fantasizing about girls from my senior batches.
I spent a lot of time surfing the net and masturbating on pictures of American teen porn models, etc. I was extremely voyeuristic in my ways and spent a lot of time clicking and sharing voyeuristic pictures and doing online role plays. I had made a lot of online chat friends, most of them fellow horny men like me and all we’d do is share our fantasies, sometimes some of them who were lucky enough to get laid would share pictures and videos of their love making session
And I would jack off to that and I was extremely horny nerd and I did everything my chat friends asked me to do including editing pictures of their mothers and sisters since I was good at photo shop. I had built this amount of trust with my online friends that they would share pictures of their own mothers, aunts, sisters, teachers with me and ask me to morph it for them without sharing it on any adult site and I would always adhere to their guidelines. I used to spend a lot of time online and would get at least five friend request from various people, most of them were incest lovers who used to view the various voyeur and celebrity fake threads I had online. I was very careful not to share my personal details with any of them once however a long time online friend of mine Hussain probed me about my personal life.

I had known Hussain for almost a year and I had never met him in person but spent a lot of time chatting with him online. He was a incest lover and often shared fantasies about his mother, Rafia. He’d send me pictures of his mother for me to morph in various sex positions with various men. He was one of the few people I had developed a rather pleasant rapport with.
However, that day when Hussain probed me about my life, something in me changed.
This is what our conversation read:
Sexyboy hussain: Dude, you always ask me about my mom why don’t you tell me about your mom is she big? What’s her bra size? Have you seen her getting fucked by anyone apart from your dad? Show me her pic man. I immediately logged out and deleted Hussain off my friends list but something stuck with me that day.
I didn’t have the answers to any of those questions, I didn’t know what my mother’s bra size was, I haven’t even seen her being kissed by my dad, seeing her getting fucked by another man was a distant dream. I had never looked at my mother as a sex object, and had never harboured any sexual feelings for her. Maybe I was too scared to even think of it but that night something really changed in me as I lay on my mattress staring at the ceiling.

I had images of my mother Pratibha running through my mind. Pratibha Nayar was 42 year old, mother of two Malayali lady who moved to Mumbai after marrying Vishnu Nayar. She had been working in a bank for more than 15 years, her elder son me was in the 12th grade studying science, while her younger son was in the fourth grade.
Pratibha was a doting mother to her two kids and a caring wife to her professor husband. Pratibha was a typical south Indian lady, she spoke Malayalam at home, her Hindi was pretty bad in the beginning, but subsequently got better after staying in Mumbai although her accent was a giveaway, she spoke average English but she was no match to her two kids and husband in this department even though she was a working woman.
She did all the household chores, although she had a washing machine at home for washing clothes. Pratibha had been taking the Bombay local train to work for the past 15 years, over the years she made a few friends who were regulars with her in the ladies special, besides that she had a couple of female friends in office. Her life revolved completely around her family. She didn’t have much of a social life besides attending the odd wedding here. And there as the images rushed through my mind, I noticed I had developed a boner. I was consumed with guilt and shame, but I decided to let go. I loved my mom, but I was sure everyone else did too, even the one who wrote stories about their mothers on net and the ones who shared their pictures with me. I decided to look at my mother as a woman and not solely as my mother.
I got up from my mattress and walked into the bathroom connected to my parent’s bedroom. All three of them were fast asleep, I switched on the light and spotted my mother’s used underwear and bra lying under her nightie, which was all put for wash. I pulled my boxers down and let me cock out, I took mom’s bra in my hand and started rubbing the cup with me dick, I took her brown soiled underwear and started sniffing it.
My mom wore 36 c bra, as I rubbed my dick against her bra I could smell the odour of her vagina through her underwear, a weird kind of a current rushed through me. I came into her bra cup and sat down there to think of what had just happened in the last 20 odd minutes for the first time I had thought of my mom as a woman, and I was bewildered as to where my imaginations could take me.
My mother was a very beautiful Malayali Brahmin, she had milky white complexion, and long black hair till her hips. She was about 5 feet 2 inches tall and was slightly on the heavier side like mot south Indians. She dressed very moderately and had a very conservative sense of fashion, which is one of the other reasons maybe why I never looked at her that way, she wasn’t out and out sexy, but she could be sexy if you could look past her salwar kameez.
She usually wore to work, or her dull nighties which she wore at home. She wore sarees on special occasions like Puja, wedding or some festival. She used to look stunning in sarees, though she never really showed too much skin, the skin of her back and the little tummy skin was enough to get you to fantasize about her. It was impossible to think of my mother having sex or indulging in anything remotely close to it she was extremely religious and very conservative.

She would feel awkward talking to other men, and avoided being around other men without the company of me or some of her female friends. She would get scared even to let a plumber into the house when there was no one at home therefore, for me to actually get to fuck my mother was all but impossible. I didn’t have the guts to approach my mother or make any advances towards her, especially not when dad is home half the time.
So, I decided to play the pimp to my mom, I just wanted to see my mother naked, see her get fucked and I didn’t care if it was someone else. That night, I added Hussain back on my friends list and told him about my plans, I also shared a picture of my mother with him, he said my mother was beautiful and anyone would want to fuck the living daylight out of her.
I suspected that too, but the difficult part was not getting men who were willing to fuck her, the difficult part was selecting someone who my mom would want to fuck, which was very difficult very difficult. My mom’s relationship with my dad was like how mot marriages are, there was no romance whatsoever, my brother used to sleep between my parents so you can imagine how dead their life was but they were still going strong as a marriage, they were parent to big boys, so it would have been almost impossible for either of them to even think of a affair outside marriage, besides they were too busy at home and work to have the time for meeting someone new to have a affair with as time went by my frustration only grew and I couldn’t concentrate on my studies either, getting my mother laid was the only thing on my mind one night while chatting with Hussain.
I told him how desperate I am to see my mother getting fucked, so he told me he’ll help me out and we decided to meet. The next day when I met Hussain for the first time and he was the first online friend I had met in real life, he was around 23 years old and a little dark complexioned, big built when I met him, he seemed eager to get his hands on my mother.
He told me to take him home when my mother is there in the absence of my father and he’ll do the rest. So that evening, I took him home at 4, my mother comes home at around 4:30 and my father at 8, so that would give hussain almost 4 hours to do whatever he wanted to. I was extremely excited yet nervous. Hussain and I went home at 4 and waited for my mom to come while we were waiting Hussain checked out my mother’s soiled undergarments and rubbed his penis against it.
I had a boner just imagining that monster hussain fuck my mother. Mom finally came home at around 5, I introduced Hussain to her as my friends, she smiled at him and went inside to have a shower while she was having a shower and I asked him what’s he going to do, he seemed pretty nervous himself.

Mom came out of the bathroom wearing a nightie since her body was still wet some parts of her clothes were sticking to her body which made her look even more sexier. I noticed a huge boner that had developed in Hussains pants but he was too scared to do anything. Mom went into the kitchen and started cooking and Hussain left soon without making a move.
I was very disappointed that day, and had made my peace with just being able to masturbate thinking of my mother. Months went by and my fascination for my mother only grew, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I continued sharing my fantasies about my mom with Hussain, who had become a good friend by then. He loved my mom too, but had given up hope himself.
However in late 2007, during September my father got a job opportunity from an Indian engineering college in Dubai. Most of my dad’s relatives, including his brothers live in Dubai. He had been trying for this job for very long and was very pleased to finally get it. He was supposed to move to Dubai in November. The pay in Dubai was much better than the measly salary he earned in Bombay, but still not good enough to have us all move there with him immediately.
Plus I was in my 12th grade and couldn’t have moved colleges. So it was decided that my father will go to Dubai, and my mother would stay back along with me and my brother. I was upset that I couldn’t go to Dubai, as I had never gone abroad before but I was secretly also happy that I will get to spend more time with my mother and can finally implement my plan. The day finally came and my dad left for Dubai.

He wasn’t going to come back for at least one year and it wasn’t certain as to when we’d be able to go there. Mom was very low the first few days after he left; they spoke on the phone every day unfortunately though the recession hit Dubai within a couple of months of him shifting there. My dad was luckily not removed from his job, but had to go through a salary cut and all his preferences travel expenses, phone bills were put on hold.
Because of which he couldn’t call us for a very long time. A couple of months passed and the tension at home had eased, my board exams were done and I was free for the next three months. Dad never called, but would send letters every week. It became my weekly chore to go collect dad’s letter. Mom was also getting slightly better however she used to get agitated a lot at us she’d scold me for little things but was also extremely warm to me on certain occasions.
After my exams were done I had more time to think and fantasize about her, I got in touch with Hussain again and started talking to him and that’s when a full proof plan struck my head. I created a account in social media for my father, I told my mom that Dad had called and had asked me to tell her to sign up on social media account so that they could keep in touch. My mom seemed happy with the news and I helped her sign up and create a profile.
I made her upload a picture of herself though she resisted initially as she was too shy then I showed her how to use this account and I sent a friend request to my Dads account handled by me and she then searched for some of her school friends and was surprised to find a lot of them. She immediately took a liking this account which was a very encouraging sign for me.

Later that night I accepted Mrs. Pratibha Nayars friend request from my dad’s account and I sent her a casual hello message and the next day I got a casual reply from my mom. I was very tempted to send ha slightly sexual message to her, however I resisted the urge and sent her a message asking her about her health and asking if she feels lonely. The replies I kept getting were very dull so I moved my attention to spending more time with mom at home.
The fact that she was in touch with dad helped her stay calm. It became obvious by her online replies that she didn’t miss my dad’s physical presence as much as she missed him giving her a helping hand with household chores. Finally, I knew what my next step was. I asked Hussain, if he knew any decent looking elderly man who’s around 45-50 years old who’d be interested in fucking my mom. Hussain said he’d want to do it himself, but I shrugged off that suggestion.

Later that night, Hussain sent me profile links of three men, all different background who fitted the criteria and more importantly would go any length to fuck my mom, or any girl for that matter. I carefully went through the three profiles and shortlisted one out of them. His name was Khalid Muzain, he was 53 years old, about 5 feet 10 inches tall, brown complexion, had a moustache and owned a couple of small restaurants in Mumbai.
The only reason he got shortlisted was because he was Hussains uncle and it would have be easier dealing with him than dealing with anyone else.
Next day, the three of us met at National Park in Borivali. Muzain seemed to fit the bill perfectly, he was a married man and had four kids in Allahabad, he spoke mostly Hindi, but could manage decent English but most importantly he wasn’t bad looking and had a account profile.

I asked him to add my mother he immediately did, I asked him to add my dad too and I accepted his friend request from dad’s profile. Later that evening when my mother opened her account profile she asked me if I knew any Muzain Tahir, I got a little nervous but said no, I later pointed out that he is mutual friends with dad, so she should probably ask dad as suspected, I got a message in my dad’s profile from my asking if I knew any Muzain.
I replied saying Muzain is my boss in Dubai and you should accept the friend request. My mom did just as told, however Muzain had plans of his own as soon as my mom accepted his request he commented on her picture what a beautiful picture Pratibha your husband is a very luck man’ I was so shocked to see this comment and I commented and said thank you sir’ from my dad’s profile.
I was eager to see what my mother’s reaction would be when she saw the comment, but too my surprise she also replied, ‘thank you very much sir’
Just then Muzain popped up on her chat and said, please don’t call me sir. My mother didn’t know how to use chat so she called me for assistance that’s when I saw the message. I told her how to use it and sat right besides her. I was scared as to what Muzain would say or do.
To my surprise he handled it very well, he asked her not to call him Sir as he and my father are very good friends, he said my father visits his home often and knows his wife and children very well, he then asked my mother to check out his albums and pictures of his family, which were actually pictures of his Allahabad family. My mom seemed pretty comfortable talking to him, and said his pictures were really nice and that he has a very pretty wife and cute kids, to which he replied but my wife is not prettier than you, haha just when he said that the electricity went off and I could see that my mom was smiling and was a little upset that the electricity went off. For the next 45 minutes she was just sitting around the computer waiting for the electricity to come back.
That’s when I got my next big idea, I logged onto my account from my mobile and sent a Message to mom saying that my boss Khalid is coming to Bombay day after tomorrow for a week, though he has hotel arrangements I would like him to stay at our place, his family has been very kind to me, I hope you take care of him well as soon as I sent this message, I called up Muzain and told him this, he seemed very excited.

He also asked me how my mother’s reaction was when he said she’s prettier than his wife, I told him she was smiling and is waiting for electricity to come back. The electricity came back only much later in the night, and that’s when Mom logged into her account. She read dad’s message to her. She kept staring at the screen for a bit then she called out my name and said, ‘nirudh, we have to clean up the house.
Papa’s boss is coming from Dubai and will be living with us, he’s a big man he can’t be living in this mess. Her reaction to the news was very encouraging for me. The next day Muzain arrived at our doorstep during lunchtime as planned. He got a toy for my brother, a T-shirt for me, and handed over a bag to my mother saying my dad sent this
My mom looked at him a little surprised and said that’s very sweet of him as he generally doesn’t waste money on gifts’ which was true. Muzain freshened up and we all sat down for lunch, at lunch mom asked Muzain about his work in Bombay, and he said he had some business meeting to attend, he told her he needed to go to Churchgate for some work but didn’t know the way around. I told mom not to worry.
I’ll drop Khalid uncle on our way I asked him what his plan was, as I didn’t want this plan to fail like it did last time. He asked me not to worry when we came back from Bandra, my mother was wearing a Red saree, she had just come back from the temple and was looking absolutely stunning even Muzains eyes popped up when he saw her. Mom greeted us with a smile and went inside to heat food for dinner.

Muzain and I were sitting outside, he looked at me and said and I can’t wait any longer and I want to fuck her ass right now that’s when we came up with out last and final plan. This plan involved a little bit of money but it was all worth it. Muzain called my mother out to the hall and told her that he wanted to take us all out for dinner. My mom resisted initially but finally agreed after much coaxing by me and Muzain.

We went to a plush five star hotel in Andheri, my dad never took us out to eat and it was the first time we were going to a five star hotel. My mom and my brother were really happy and overwhelmed by everything around them. She kept thanking uncle. The next part of the plan involved me acting sick during the dinner.
I acted as if I had severe stomach pain and told my mom I can’t move. My uncle called a doctor, who after seeing me act said I should take rest. That’s when Muzain suggested we take up a room in the hotel for the night. My mom said NO in the beginning but Muzain didn’t budge, he said I am really sick and should take rest. He booked 2 adjacent rooms connected by a bathroom for all of us. My mother, my brother and I took one room and Muzain took the other room. My mom seemed disturbed by what had happened. This was the first time we were in a situation like this, living off a stranger’s money.

After half an hour, my mom said she’ll go thank Muzain for all his help. My brother was fast asleep, and I acted as if I was very sleepy too. So she went to his room alone. My mom was wearing the same red saree she had worn earlier, her hair was tied up in a bun and she had her reading glasses on as soon as she went out of the room, I went inside the bathroom and stood on the pot. I could clearly see the other room from the space through the exhaust fan. Muzain was sitting on his bed, reading a book with a white towel wrapped around his waist and a white collarless t-shirt on the top.
I kept looking inside I heard the doorbell in his room ring, I knew it was mom and got an instant hard on just thinking about her. Muzain got up and opened the door, he was a little surprised to see mom there, but the happiness on his face was evident, he opened the door more for her and called her inside, she was a little taken aback by what he was wearing but obliged and entered.

They sat on the little dining table in the room across the bathroom as they sat down mom said thank you so much for all your help Muzain. I was shocked to hear mom call him by his name don’t thank me Pratibha, Anirudh is like my son too. I hope you had a good time today’ said Muzain. ‘That’s very kind of you sir, yes I did have a good time but then Ani got sick and I started worrying, but now he’s sleeping and I’m feeling better all thanks to you she said and smiled at him.

Muzain got up from his chair and went towards my mom and said how many times have I told you not to call me sir?’ and playfully brushed her shoulder.‘haha Sorry Muzain, anyway its getting late I think I should get going’ mom said and go up from her chair too. He held her hand and said, ‘So soon? If you want I can make you feel better’.
Mom looked a little surprised by his boldness but reacted by saying Accha? Make me feel better at 1 in the morning? How exactly?’ I was surprised to hear this response from my mother, but what happened next surprised me even further. Muzain took her hand and placed it on the bulge over his towel and said this is how. Mom immediately pulled her hand back and looked stunned for a minute
She then looked at Muzain and to my utter disbelief instead of shouting and screaming at him she said, but, this is wrong. We’re both married, you’re my husband’s boss and my kids really respect you. So what Pratibha? I came to India just for you and your family. I was a little confused when he said that, even mom looked confused what do you mean? She asked him Prathiba, I’ve known your husband for almost 3-4 years now and we’ve always been very close to each other but this time when he came to Dubai I saw a completely different side of him, he started drinking a lot, visiting prostitutes, etc. Muzain said. I knew this was some ploy he was using to get mom to succumb to his wants. I could see the anger n my mom’s face, she hugged him and started crying why would he do this to me? I’ve given all my life to him.

I’ve never looked twice at a different man since we got married and I gave him all he wanted, what’s wrong with me Muzain, what’s wrong with me? She broke down. I felt really bad for making my mother go through this, but at the back of my head I thought if the plan goes through it could all be worth it. Muzain held her tight and said don’t cry Pratibha, you’re beautiful you’ll get any man you want your husband just doesn’t deserve you.
He’s not good looking and doesn’t even have a personality to take care of a goddess like you. I got a instant hard on as he said that, I could sense mom also fall for his words as she stopped crying and said I wish all men were like you Khalid, you’re so kind. Khalid broke the hug and told her Pratibha, let me help you allow me to give you what you deserve please. I could see mom’s upper body over his shoulder from where I was standing.
She seemed to have gone numb as she heard him mutter those words, and there was a brief moment of absolute silence where 2 pairs of eyes mine and khailds were glued on to my mom for her reaction. A million things could have happened next, my brain was flooded with thoughts of what can happen, what will mom do, what if she finds out, what if things go out of hand, what if I get caught? But what happened next changed my life forever.
They stood there in the room standing across each other. Pratibha 42, mother of 2 young boys and wife of a college professor for 20 years was standing across the room with Khalid a stranger who had grown into a strong acquaintance over the past couple of days thanks to the help he received from her son. Khalid had just muttered a few things that shook her entire world
The life that she had known for the past 20 years came crumbling down in front of her as she discovered from him that her husband often cheated her on physically by visiting prostitutes her son, Anirudh who set up this plan of getting her fucked by a stranger without her knowledge was watching from the bathroom adjacent to the room. Pratibha was a strong woman, with a very strong will power.

She had lived her life with absolute discipline for the past 20 odd years channelizing all her energies in bringing up her kids and being a good wife to her husband but as she heard these word Pratibha, let me help you allow me to give you what you deserve please come out from Khalid’s lips a sense of thrill and excitement went through her spine.
She looked into his eyes, there was a look of want in his eye, but inside of that there was this deep earnest feeling which she sensed. She closed her eyes, imagined his face and instinctively dropped her palu. I couldn’t believe what was happening in front of me. Mom dropped her pallu and didn’t say a word; I could see her milky white cleavage in her hot red bra her boobs were round and huge.
Khalid went towards her and took her in her arm while burying his head into her cleavage, mom’s eyes were closed but I could see her move her fingers over his hair as he continued kissing her neck and cleavage, I could see mom’s hand move towards his lower body, she caught hold of his t-shirt and pulled it out. Now, Khalid made her sleep on the sofa and went over her and started kissing her neck and face again after kissing for some more time.
I saw Khalid get up, he took his towel. He was now standing there wearing only his underwear which could barely resist his huge boner. He held mom by her waist and made her stand against the dinner table he made her bend over the table facing me luckily. I could see moms face and her huge cleavage clearly as she bent over the dining table. Khalid was standing behind her.

He lift her saree up to her waist surprisingly mom didn’t resist at all. I was getting really hard imagining his cock enter my mom’s pussy but surprisingly he didn’t go for the sex directly, as I saw mom bending over the dining table, I saw his face slowly disappear into her huge ass suddenly mom started moaning really heavily, I started rubbing my cock imagining his tongue lick my mom’s pussy all over.
Mom started moaning really loudly aahhh Khalid ahhhh don’t stop khalid ahhhhhh and I love you khalid I love you don’t stop as she started moaning louder I could see his head also move faster after about 5 minutes mom’s moaning started getting more intense as I could see her bite her lips and her shoulders shivering with excitement suddenly mom’s screams got louder and she held onto her fist really tightly for about 10 seconds before letting out a huge sigh
And collapsing on the table and soon Khalid got up and I could see some white liquid on his neck and face, I imagined it to be my mom’s love juice. I never thought my mom was a squirted as he got up, mom turned towards him and smiled. She went towards him and planted a kiss on his lips, they were still for a bit but the kiss soon started getting passionate as i saw their tongues enter each other’s mouth.
I had never imagined my mom could be so sexy and could kiss so passionately, Khalid sucked tongue and bit her lips like a kid eating lollipop. as they continued kissing mom’s hand reached down to his underwear as soon as she held his underwear they broke the kiss. Mom looked at him and smiled as she pulled down his underwear allowing his 9 inch penis to spring out like a cross bow.

Mom looked stunned and happy at the size of his dick as she held it by her right hand. He asked her how he liked his dick, to which she smiled and said, ‘it’s huge.’ To which he asked, ‘is it bigger than anything you’ve ever seen?’ mom started laughing and said, ‘I’ve seen only one before, and its much much bigger both of them started laughing as he sat down on the bed.

Mom knelt down on the floor and took his dick in her hand. She looked at it closely before kissing it gently with her lips and she started licking the head of his penis with her tongue before slowly taking into her mouth. Slowly she started gathering momentum and picked up pace at sucking cock. His cock disappeared right up to her throat every time she took it in. She continued sucking and spitting on his dick.
Khalid started moving her hand all over her boobs, his right hand was now inside her blouse as he played with her boobs, the intensity of her thrusts started increasing, soon Khalid started moaning ahhhhhhh prathiba, I love you don’t stop. I’m cuming! As she heard this she started moving quicker and started using a lot more tongues. Suddenly Khalid’s legs started shivering and he held moms head on to his penis with his hand.
Soon, Khalid closed his eyes and shot a heavy load of cum into my mom’s mouth. She drank most of it, however he shot out so much cum that some of it fell on to her boobs. Khalid lay on his bed senseless as mom got up to clean herself.
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  1. This is not the one I asked for. It was a different thread “True Story of A Indian Mother”. The author had carried this story further and wrote 6 more, on same theme: Hindu Brahmin Woman and a Muslim Man. In each story the Hindu Brahmin Woman’s was carried out by fertile semen from the Circumcised cock of a Muslim man, like a Hindu cow with a Muslim bull. Alas, its not there anymore.

  2. This is not the one I asked for. It was a different thread “True Story of A Indian Mother”. The author had carried this story further and wrote 6 more, on same theme: Hindu Brahmin Woman and a Muslim Man. In each story the Hindu Brahmin Woman’s breeding was carried out by fertile semen from the Circumcised cock of a Muslim man, like a Hindu cow with a Muslim bull. Alas, its not there anymore.

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