Indian penis size an analysis

Indians have the second smallest penis in the world average Indian penis size 4 inches while Koreans have the smallest with an average penis size of 3.8 inches.

Out of 80 countries researched USA performed badly stood at 61st place with an average penis size of 5.1 inches.

Most Arab countries do not take part in penis surveys, very few of them do. Lebanon for example had an average penis size of 6.6 inches.
Average Moroccan penis size is 5.9 inches
Another Muslim majority country Egypt with an average penis size of 6.2 inches.

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A reaction from a girl after viewing that penis size report

African country Congo stood at the top with an average penis size of 7.1 inches.
The Arabs that have been intermixed with Africans generally have very large penis.
The natural penis enlargement exercise named Jelqing was also invented by the arabs.

They say Indians and Pakistanis are the same people but still Pakistan beat India in terms of penis size with a good margin with an average of almost 5 inches. If they are exactly the same people with the same DNA there must be something that is making the difference ? What could be the difference ? One of the differences is eating culture, sex mineral halal beef and other non-vegan foods taken from childhood stimulates growth and testosterone. And from my personal experience most of the Pakistani penis I have seen were bigger than Indian hindu males.

Also in a majority hindu country no wonder the penis research that took place most of the participants representing India were from hindu families. Not to forget the Indian guy Rajeeve Gupta who won the smallest penis contest in USA.

There was another report and it was reported on BBC Indian men have small penis and ‘condoms too big for Indian men’. Normal size condoms don’t fit them and they need custom-made condoms. The two-year study was carried out by the Indian Council of Medical Research. The report also gave necessary fuel to Pakistanis to make fun of Indian hindu men on the internet.

Due to small penis you see so many products and websites in India claiming to increase penis sizes making India a big market for penis enlargement products. There are hundreds of advertisements like these which you might come across on adult sites every now and then in India. Also in local hindi newspapers you might have seen advertisements of products that claim to increase your sexual stamina, cure your erectile dysfunction and swapandosh. Large amout of money is also spent to promote these penis enlargement products and websites. Few examples of such ads.

The turk and arab muslim men entered India along which their large armies. They settled down in India and coupled with Hindu women. Here’s the catch, the arabs have big dicks and that famous report which was published after researching penis sizes around the world also shows arab dick sizes to be big.

Its about genes, heredity which passed from arab, turk male when they intermixed with Hindu women to produce offsprings who grew up to be muslim men with bigger penis. Historically many native Hindu men also became muslim and after becoming Muslims their eating habits also changed which brought about change in their testosterone level and physique etc.. it passed from the father to the children generations after generations which may also be the reason for bigger penis size among Muslim males in India.
In this video this guy is just a 20 to 21 year old young indian muslim boy with such a huge dick who knows he may very well be a descendant of arab muslim male.

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    Ab sun 80%of Indian and Pakistani Muslims are converted Hindus, those who were cowards , got afraid and converted to this(no foes). Penis sizes are dependent on race not religion. Mine is 7.5 not 4.4!!come on get real! You sex starved morons. Sale itna kon girta hai they are even saying their women were fucked by black community just to state their cock is large *slow claps *

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