Ineffable Desires Part 1: Flower Deflowered

The story will be in three parts
Part 1 Ineffable Desires: Flower Deflowered
Part 2 Ineffable Desires: A lunge into the forbidden waters
Part 3 Ineffable Desires: Subjugation of a Hindu Husband

The story puts some light on the life of a girl and a guy who are now husband and wife.

Riya was in the first year of her college life. She had her first kiss when she was in 11th class. She made new friends in the college, the school friends she had were all left behind as everyone went about following their own paths.

By the end of her second year she had found a close friend in a girl name Nasrin. She was Muslim who occasionally wore hijab.
It was the start of the second year Nasrin and Riya were aimlessly strolling around the campus. Riya sensed somone is gazing at her and it was a guy she was not familiar with.
She said to Nasrin why is that guy looking at us. Nasrin followed her eyes and exclaimed “oh its my Bhai Jaan !”.
Riya – You never mentioned your brother studying in this university.
Nasrin replied he is just a cousin brother.
She went to him and in a playful way told him to stop behind so stealthy. She introduced him to her friend Riya. Imran was his name he shook her hand and felt her soft palm which melted him for an instance. Of course he’d love to feel those soft loving hands polishing his circumcised dick with cum and saliva.

Imran was in awe, he said to Nasrin how did she get such a pretty friend. Riya seemed flattered and she laughed. Imran said that their lecture room has been shifted to this block.

It was around 2003, people didn’t have mobile phones like they do now. This country wasn’t so virtual as it is today.
Bumping into one another and conversations between Imran Nasrin and Riya became frequent. Nasrin even told Riya that Imran likes her but she wasn’t sure.
Then a day came when Imran proposed her, he said he likes her very much. Riya didn’t know what to say. She neither said yes nor did she say no, but the next day she told Nasrin that she wants to talk to him. She said yes after the meeting with him that day.

They got closer and closer and after a week she was now going out every evening to meet him. They would go to a lonely place and exchange kisses. Imran would spread her lipstick while kissing her and pressing her boobs. He would then try to make her touch his dick from the outside and Riya would stop at that very moment as she was not ready for it. They would sit at the park for an hour and then head back to their homes. Once in the park in one of the conversations Imran asked her what is she afraid of ? Riya didn’t get what he was talking about. Imran signaled towards his dick in a stealthy manner but now Riya was acted totally unaware. Imran got straightforward and inquired why is she afraid of his dick. Riya looked a bit shy and said its makes her very tense and she tries to withdraw.

Imran was like, Oh ! you never saw a dick before. Riya said she has but only in the biology books.
Imran teased her- So you are aware of the process ?
Riya- Of course I am.
Imran – My dick is much bigger than what you would have seen the in the biology books, I guess you would faint.
Riya- Cut it out!
Imran – Its already cut.
Riya- What do you mean ?
Imran – I mean Muslim guys already have cut dicks, the skin is cut and the head fully exposed and it would give you maximum pleasure.
Riya looked confused.
Imran – You’ll  understand once I show it to you.
Riya – Leave it, I will only do it after the marriage.
Imran – So lets get married baby. How will you survive that long.
Riya – I can’t
Imran – Why ? I will meet your parents and tell them that I would get a good job and take care of you.
Riya – They will kick you out, and since you mentioned Muslim (she smiles and says) the chances are very high that they will never agree.

Expressing anguish, Imran stands up and tries to walk away. Riya tries to stop him. Hey wait ! I am sorry.. We will find out a way.
Riya followed Imran and was able to appease him with her sweet words. It was getting dark Imran took her behind an abandoned house close to the park. It was lonely out there. He started kissing and pressing her boobs. He told her to grab his dick. Riya hesitated. Imran said if she likes him then she would do it otherwise he would walk away and won’t touch her ever again. Riya grabbed onto his full hard dick from outside his pants. She felt something big and rigid. Suddenly a beam of light flashed near them, it was probably some vehicle, in haste they both escaped that place and later went back to their homes.

At night when Riya went to the bed she felt tension building up between her tights, whose epicentre was her tight and highly sensitive pussy. Riya used to rub her pussy whenever she felt aroused she didn’t like pushing her finger inside her vagina but tonight one half of her index finger was into the pussy and she felt a bit of pain and wondered how would Imran’s big dick fit into her pussy when it can’t even take a tiny finger.

As always the next evening they met again. Today Imran was not in jeans instead he was in pyjama and even had a backpack. Riya couldn’t understand why he had a backpack with him.
They sat close together on a wooden bench at a lonely place inside the park. Imran placed the backpack over his lap and started caressing her arms. His dick got hard in no time with the touch of Riya’s smooth skin.
Imran asked Riya to grab hold of his dick. She got nervous, she was like how can we do it here. Imran assured her no one will come and even if someone did come he won’t be able to see whats behind the backpack. He somehow convinced her. Imran took out half of his dick from the pyjama. That’s why he didn’t wore jeans today, its much more convenient to do such a thing in pyjama. He pulled Riya’s hand and directed it towards his dick. Riya grabbed a naked dick for the first time in her life. She felt warm and hard. Her heart was breathing at a rapid pace and she was also keeping an eye out while Imran was in seventh heaven.
Riya inquired while slowly stroking his dick – “Bahot maza aa raha hai kya ?” Imran replied yes baby your hands are so soft and loving.
Riya further inquired – umm tell me.
Imran- what ?
Riya – Last evening you said muslim guys dicks are already cut. What did you mean ? I can’t see if its cut.
Imran- ahh! you took that so seriously.
Riya- You were joking right ?
Imran- No.
He moved the backpack just enough for Riya to get a glimpse of this dick. Imran said look baby we cut of the skin from the top and you may see the head of the dick is totally exposed without any skin on the sides.
Riya- That would have hurt.
Imran  – No pain no gain !
Once this thing enters inside your pussy you will find yourself in seventh heaven.
Riya- But baby I can’t even push my tiny finger into the pussy, how in the world I am going to take your massive rod ?
Imran- Thats not how it works, your finger is not supposed to go inside your pussy but my dick meant for that specific purpose. Wanna try it out ?
Riya- No not today.

Then one fine day, there was an event in the university campus. Girls had to come in either saree or salwar and boys were also expected to be dressed appropriately for the event in formal looking clothes.
Riya was dressed in a hot saree like many other girls. She wore a pink colored saree with a black border. The blouse was sleeveless and deep back. Her fair belly and back were visible and she liked showing it off because she knew that’s her asset, that she looks hot enough to become the centre of attraction.

When Imran saw her in the campus he was left open-mouthed. The college was filled with girls showing off their hot bodies and posing in front of the camera. In those days kodak cameras were more convenient, which many students had carried with them.
Nasrin was dressed in handcrafted kashmiri salwar and was with her other friends. Riya and Imran were roaming around the campus many guys just couldn’t ignore Riya. In between Imran would put his hand on her shoulder or on her exposed back.
Imran convinced Riya to come with her after the event. Riya couldn’t say know as she was very excited today.

The event ended around 5 in the evening. Riya went with Imran on his motor bike. She asked him where are they doing. Imran wanted to keep it a secret. He took her into a hotel room which he had booked earlier, as Riya entered into the room there was a bed and a table which was decorated with food items and candles.
Riya was thrilled. They entered the room and hugged each other. Riya was having some chocolates while Imran was lustfully gazing at her.
Imran kissed her mouth while she was still eating. The chocolate got spread all over her lips. He lifted her up and put her down onto the bed.
Riya was like – oh ! imran what are you doing.
He moved over her and they both started kissing passionately without any fear. Imran turned her body up side down.
Imran exclaimd – Riya your back is looking too hot and then he started licking her back with the bulge on his pants crushing against her ass.
Riya (in moaning voice) – I am surprised you liked it so much.
Imran continued to lick and bite her back which stood exposed in the blouse that seemed crafted for that very purpose.

Imran unhooked her blouse while kissing her. He orders her to grab his dick. Riya went ahead and not only she grabbed his dick but she also unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his big rod which was looking extra hard.

Riya’s one hand was playing with Imran’s big dick while Imran had now opened her bra and now she stood completely topless in front of her. Imran went ahead and started sucking her boobs. He moved his tongue all around her neck and her boobs while sucking and gently biting them.
He moved her saree and petticoat up and reached out for her pussy.
Riya was feeling powerless, she knew Imran is going to fuck her and she couldn’t say no.
After some more intense foreplay her saree was not all over the bed. Imran dragged her petticoat and panty down and now she was naked before his eyes.

He touched her pussy and then made the first contact when his dick touched Riyas tight pussy. The moment the thick exposed head of his muslim cock moved an inch inside her pussy a strong sound of ahhh!!! came oozing out from Riya’s mouth. Her pussy had for the first time got a taste of a dick and the first experience is something one never forget.

Imran knew her pussy would bleed he got some tissue paper from the table and placed it below.
Riya (in a low voice) – do it slowly I have never done it. Have you done this, do you know what you are doing ?
Imran – yes I have.
Again Imran inserted the head of this dick inside her pussy Riya didn’t have much problem taking in the Supada. Imran smootched her lips while the tip of this dick was still inside her pussy. Riya thought Imran was going to be gentle but instead he jerked his dick with a little force inside her pussy. It felt like a heavy blow. Riya screamed but her voice was suppressed as Imran had locked her mouth with his. Riya’s eyes had filled with tears as some blood dripped down from her pussy onto the tissue papers. Her natural hymen with which she came into the world was now torn open.
Riya (with a wailing voice)- What have you done !
Imran – Congrats you are now a woman. No Pain no gain Remember !
Imran continued to kiss her passionately while pressing her boobs to ease her pain with pleasure. It did work as Riya’s tears soon dried out.
Imran fucked her gently, she felt both pain and pleasure as it was her first time.

Their relationship continued for another year until they passed out of the university, they had lots of sexual encounters and Riya who shy to start with had now become an expert in giving blowjobs. Imran was the only guy till now whose dick she had sucked up until now.

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