Ineffable Desires Part 2: Into the forbidden waters

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After passing out from the college Riya had another sexual encounter with a guy named Harsh. She was a bit drunk that night with some of her friends and went about having a one night stand.

It was 2006 Riya got admission in another college, into a post-graduation course. She made a few new friends Nasrin went to Dubai and got married and her other friends were also left behind.
In her new friend circle there were also two Muslim guys Aqib and Zaffar they both were Kashmiri. Both of them looked the most handsome in the class and Riya also felt the same.
Riya’s figure had changed since her graduation days all thanks to Imran. Her ass and boobs had become bigger in size and she didn’t have any belly fat which made her figure a total killer.

Aqib and Zaffar used to flirt with her from time to time though she did not given in to their advances. Once Riya reached college but found out that there is a strike (bandh). It was a day off, she was just starting to head back to her room when she came across Aqib.
Aqib said its a day off so why not come with me and we shall have a good time together.
Riya agreed to his proposal. Aqib took her to his place where he lived. There he made coffee for her and told her to relax. After some time he started playing with her.
Aqib said you dont look comfortable. You are wearing such a tight jeans, do you stay in jeans at your home too.
Riya- no, at home I usually wear loose clothes.
Aqib- Its your home too, remove your jeans be relaxed.
Riya- Seriously ! you mean it.
Aqib- Yes, whats the problem are you shy or do you think I would take advantage.
Riya- The latter is possible.
Aqib- You can test me out.
Riya- No need.
Aqib- Ok then, should I do it ? I like to remain in underwear at home.
Riya- Do whatever you wont.
Aqib removes his shirt and jeans and now he was in just his underwear. Riya didn’t tell him to stop on the contrary she enjoyed the sight.
For a moment Riya’s eyes went on to Aqib’s bulge which was visible from outside his underwear. Aqib was clever as he noticed her and straightaway commented, you cant keep your eyes away. You seem to be the one taking advantage instead.

Riya- You only know how to flirt. I think I should leave now.
Riya stood up and begins to leave but Aqib grabbed her hand and stopped her saying that he likes her. Riya said she doesn’t believe him but Aqib told her that its true, and he can’t get her out of her head, then he moved his head towards her face, then paused for a second to see her reaction. Riya knew he was about to kiss her but she didn’t say anything she just stood there without moving an inch which encouraged him further to go head and give her a smootch.
He sucked Riya’s lips as Riya moved her hands behind Aqib’s back getting a feel of his sturdy naked body. She got sexually excited in no time. Shyness was something she had left behind, she was not the same Riya from the graduation days.

Aqib removed Riya’s top and pulled her bra down. Now he was sucking her mellons as Riya moved her hand inside his underwear pulling out his thick circumcised cock.
She looked at his rod as Aqib followed her eyes and said “you like it ?” Riya looked at him with intoxicated eyes and her expression was enough, no words were required.
Aqib sat down on the chair as Riya was taking his full straight erect cock deep inside her mouth. He was impressed seeing the way she was sucking every inch his dick.

He took her to the bed and laid her down. He pulled her jeans and Riya removed her pany exposing her shaved pussy.
Aqib lunged onto her naked body and began kissing her rough. Riya was craving for his dick really bad. She grabbed his cock lifted up her pussy while Aqib was licking her neck. His dick made first contact with her pussy.

He knew this bitch is dying to get his lund. With a thrust Aqib pushed his dick inside her cunt. Riya sprung up and hugged Aqib tightly as he was now fucking her with all his weight behind him. Riya was left digging her finger nails on Aqib’s back, it was not deliberate but spontaneous.

Next Riya was on top of Aqib, she rode his dick like a hungry bitch. Her ass was bouncing with pounding sound that had filled up the room.

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Aqib turns her with her hot ass facing his big and wet circumcised dick. He pounced onto her with his cock inside her pussy from the back. He fucked her from behind, there was no way he could have forgotten her ass. Aqib and Zaffar used to always check out her killer buttocks from outside the tight jeans which she usually wore.

Riya ne pura maza lete hue apni gand utha utha kar Aqib se apni chut chudwayi.

After the intense fuck session they remained laying naked on the bed in each others arms. Aqib asked her how was it. Riya told him that she had a boyfriend Imran during her graduation days and she hasn’t had so much fun since then.

Aqib knew she likes the muslim cock and he wanted to loosen her up for his friend Zaffar who was literally dying to fuck her. Zaffar was mad for her ass and he would always react in front of Aqib that what a killer ass she had got.
Aqib and Riya continued their sexual relationship. He now started saying certain things to her and Riya never objected instead she developed a liking for it. White making out with her he would comment about how much she likes the muslim cock. Riya would also play with him.
Now Aqib started bondaging her in the bed, making her his slave and Riya liked the new experience, getting dominated and fucked as a Muslim man’s slave.

Once they were having sex and out of no where Zaffar showed up in the room. May be Aqib had left the room open on purpose. Riya was riding his dick that time in reverse cowgirl position, her face was towards the door, both Zaffar and Riya saw each other. Riya was stunned she pulled up the bed sheet and tried to cover herself.
Aqib signaled him to wait outside. He explained Riya not to worry and Zaffar is is a friend.

Next day in the college Zaffar talked to Riya and said sorry about what had happened. Riya said its ok, it was not intentional. After that incident Riya and Zaffar started talking more than before and Aqib had no problem with it.
Riya even said to him that she has some single friends who would be happy to have a boyfriend but Zaffar rejected her proposal saying that he only wants her. Riya look flattered but she said she is already dating Aqib.

One day Riya, Zaffar, Aqib and other friends made a plan to party. Riya got drunk and she had an argument with Aqib with turned ugly. Zaffar came in between and took Riya outside. Riya said she doesn’t want to stay here anymore. Zaffar took her to his room and calmed her down. He held Riya’s hand and she got cozy.
Zaffar came closer to Riya who was drunk and he kissed her. Riya smiled casually and then both started kissing each other. He removed Riya’s clothes and also got naked himself. They both had an intense foreplay.
Zaffar then placed his cock on Riya’s face and she knew what do do next. She sucked his dick from top to bottom.

Zaffar opened her legs, placed his big cock inside her pussy and then and lunge onto her. He fucked her like there is no tomorrow especially from behind pounding her ass which he had been craving for since so long.

Riya opened her eyes that morning fully naked with Zaffar. For a moment she was shocked but then realized that she was drunk and they both had sex.
Zaffar also opened his eyes and his dick was hard which usually is in the morning. He caressed her body and Riya responded, I never thought this would happen between us.

Zaffar said it has happened for good, he put his hand over her with his leg above her’s and his hard cock brushing against her thighs. Riya couldn’t stop herself, she grabbed his full hard cock to which Zaffar reacted – you like that thing you are good with it.
Riya- yea I am good with it.
Zaffar- So you have been with many guys.
Riya – No just three Imran, your asshole friend, and now you.
Zaffar- Wow you like Muslim guys it seems.
Riya- I don’t know why I end with with them, it seems like my fate.
Zaffar- Or may be its at the back of your mind, that they fuck good.
Saying so Zaffar placed his big cock inside her pussy and began fucking her again. Riya moaned yes fuck me !
He fucked her real good that morning as Riya had now compeletly given herself to Zaffar.

Later Aqib and Riya had a compromise, they began talking again but she was confused about Aqib’s reaction what would he think if he comes to know that she is having sex with his friend but it turned out that Aqib knew about it and he told Riya that he has no problem.
Soon they started having threesome, Aqib and Zaffar would both fuck Riya together as she became a total slut for these two musalman guys who would use every inch of her.

Then the day of the Farewell party arrived. Riya was dressed in a saree just like most of the girls. She was in hot deep back blouse and sky blue colored saree.
Aqib and Zaffar were left stunned as they looked at her in a completely different avatar.
Riya knew that she was going to get a fucking of her life tonight because there was no way that these two muslim guys were going let her go.
After the farewall party finished they took Riya with them. As she entered the room both of them pounced on her. Zaffar was licking her back while Aqib was pressing her boobs from outside her blouse.

Aqib – Kya gazab lag rahi hai aaj to saree mai.
Zaffar – Bhai aaj isko nanga kar k nahi chodenge, aaj to iski saree utha kar chodenge. (Don’t remove her saree,today we will lift her saree and then we’ll fuck her good).
Riya got very horny listening to such lust filled words, as the these two muslim guys had got completely mad seeing a her in saree.

Riya was now on the bed. Zaffar moved both his hands inside her saree petticoat and pulled out her underwear. Now her pussy was naked inside the saree.
They both got naked as Riya watched their hungry dicks popping out.
Zaffar turned her upside down with her ass up against his big katva cock. He lifted her saree up and placed his dick inside her pussy. Then he hugged her from behind and pounded her while licking her nangi exposed back from outside her deep back blouse.
In between Zaffar slowed down and began to grind her from behind with his dick. He was also gently biting and sucking her back. Zaffar then said in her ears while slowly crushing her ass – How can you wear such a blouse by yourself (commenting at the hooks on that blouse that were not in front but at the back).
Riya- Umm! My friend hooked them.
To agar khol du to nangi wapas jaogi ?
Riya- umm! moaning while feeling his dick.
Zaffar then biting her ears said – Tum hindu ladkiyo ka to kaam he yehi hai, jeans mai gand matkana aur saree mai peeth dikhana.
Riya while feeling the heat – ummmm! aur tum muslim ladko ka kya kaam hai, kutto ki tarah hindu ladkiyo k piche pad kar unko bistar tak le aana.
Hearing this Zaffar gave a extra strong jhatka inside her pussy and continued thwacking her with his cock.

Aqib with his cock in his hand made contact with Riya’s lips who now had one cock in her mouth and the other one banging her from behind.

After some time they exchanged places and now Zaffar had his cock inside Riya’s mouth while Aqib was pounding her like a bitch from behind while she was still in the saree which was loosening up bit by bit with every thrust of his dick.
Aqib opened the hooks on her blouse which were at the back. Zaffar did the rest, he pulled her blouse and removed it. He unhooked her bra which fell down on its own and now her boobs were hanging and moving back and forth while she was getting fucked from behind.

Now Zaffar was over her fucking his in missionary position while Aqib had his cock in her mouth which was being sucked by Riya. Later Aqib cummed Riya’s face with a heavy load of cum with spread all across her face, it was followed by Zaffar releasing all his load inside Riya’s pussy.

Zaffar then cleaned his wet cock with Riya’s saree as she watched and felt like a complete slut to be used by these musalman guys but she was enjoying it.
Riya was fucked over and over again all night long by Zaffar and Aqib who were in beast mode tonight.

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