Ineffable Desires Part 3: Subjugation of a Hindu Husband

Part 2

The year was 1997, Ashutosh was watching an indo-pak match. Cricket was something he never missed.
A few painters who happened to be muslims were hired to whitewash the house. In between they would sneak into Ashutosh’s room to get a glimpse of the score.
He was very immature then, Ashutosh would tease those muslim guys as Pakistanis in between especially when a Pakistani batsman would get out. He would make an ironical facial expression while looking at them. The Muslim guys on the other hand would taunt him in playful sense and leave him as they knew he was just an undisciplined kid who was pampered too much by his parents, as for those Muslim guys they had started earning a living when they were of his age.

Time progressed and Ashutosh was now 19 and got an admission in an expensive and reputed college.
By 2006 Ashutosh had completed his studies and with his father’s backing Ashu had got a good job.

Few years later in 2009 Ashu’s parents started getting marriage proposals for his son. His parents also wanted him to get married and have a family.
After looking at the pics he agreed to meet the girl. Few days later Ashutosh along with his parents went to the girl’s house.
The girls parents were impressed by Ashutosh. Riya on the other was dressed in a saree and was acting like a sati savitri.

Riya and Ashu had a conversation in private, Ashu had made up his mind to take it to the next level. They shared their mobile numbers with each other and began having long conversations.
Ashu liked Riya’s beauty and intelligence and soon they got engaged.

Once they were out sitting in the park and Riya was getting intimate with him. She even gave him an idea about stealthy kissing in the park. Riya kissed Ashu, though he liked it but he also thought of Riya being so forward.
Ashu asked Riya if she had a boyfriend before.
Riya inquired why are you asking this.
Ashu says that he wants to know everything about her, even her past. He requested Riya to be honest with him.
She told him that she had a boyfriend during her graduation days.
Ashu curiously asks – what was his name ?
Riya went silent for a moment and then replies – Imran.
Ashu- He was muslim
Riya- Ya
Ashu- Did your parents know about it ?
Riya- No.
Ashu- Why didn’t you marry him ?
Riya- Boyfriend and on top of that a muslim they would never have accepted him.
Ashu- You are in touch with him ?
Riya- No I haven’t seen him or talked to him since many years. Everything that was between us had finished a long time ago.

At night when Ashu was alone he thought “Ye bhi mulle se fasi hui thi”, should I marry her he thought for a moment. Then he felt that many girls have bf’s these days and he can’t reject her because of this. Their marriage was scheduled two months later.
Few days later he met Riya again and they both went to a hotel were they booked a room. Inside the room things started to heat up. They both kissed each other.
Riya said – Sab kuch aaj karoge ? (You’ll do everything today and not wait for the wedding night)
Ashu was not in the mood to wait. Both of them undressed each other. Riya grabbed Ashu’s dick and started sucking it but just after a few minutes Ashu ejaculated into Riya’s mouth like amateurs.
Ashu – oh ! sorry.
Riya went to the bathroom to wash it off came back and said its ok. They had some juice and Ashu asked her “you have done this before havent you ? You seem to be more experienced than me.”

Riya felt a little embarrassed and she said yes.
Ashu- With whom.
Riya- My boyfriend I told you about….. sorry.
Ashutosh- its ok.

Riya then grabbed his dick in an attempt to make it hard again. Ashu then asked her. So you only had sex with him or you had more boyfriends ?
Riya – Silent.
Ashu- Be honest I wont bite you, just want to know everything, let it go.
Riya- Aqib, Zaffar during postgraduation , Mohsin my office colleague and Harsh whom she met at a pub.
Ashu got a little shocked he asks her does she only like muslim guys.
Riya- No, there was also one hindu guy.
Ashu- But how come 90% were muslims.
Riya- They were better at approaching me.
Ashu- So you will have sex with anyone who approaches you.
Riya- I am sorry it just happened.
Ashu gets angry and pulls Riya’s hair “bahot shok hai katwo ka lene ka” aaj mai tujhe chohdta hai.
Ashu opened her legs and put his dick inside her pussy. He began fucking her while trying to use his full strength to punish her with his dick but  he ejaculates too soon and with it releases all his frustration.

Ashu then got dressed up and leaves. Riya tries to stop him but he didn’t listen. She called him but he would not pick up the phone.
Then at night Riya calls him again and this time he accepts the phone call.
Riya told him there is no one in her life now except him. She acted very sad on the phone and asked him if he would marry her ?
Ashu accepted his mistake and said that he overreacted. He also asked her why she wants to marry him to which Riya replied that he is a nice guy and that she likes him.

Ashu now began to get wierd boners thinking about how she wants a nice guy for marriage but had been fucking muslim katwas over the years and he knew that she still likes their lunds over his.
He was feeling both titillated and nervous thinking about how she could sleep with a kashmiri muslim. When Riya told him about 2 guys being kashmiri Ashu asked her how could she sleep with kashmiri muslims who are pakistani supporters. Riya told Ashu that he just has a misconception and that they were very nice to her.

In another conversation Ashu asks her why is it that you girls like to sleep with muslim men, he referred to a few girls known to him during his college days who had muslim boyfriends.
Riya assured that its nothing like that but that was all going to change after the marriage.

After their marriage Ashu began thinking about cuckolding and now he wouldn’t get a hardon without thinking about his wife with a muslim man. He would also ask Riya to tell him stories of her experience with those Muslim men she fucked before the marriage.
Riya would then share stories of her, how she loved taking muslim lunds inside her pussy. She’d tell him about the physical and mental pleasure that hindu girls get while fucking a muslim male and Ashu would get an instant hardon.

He also asked her to chat with Muslim guys online and would then jack off seeing his wife talking to them. After an year he thought about doing it in real seeing his wife getting fucked by a bull. He was able to find a muslim bull online when they were in london on a long vacation. Riya was also excited to fuck that Muslim guy, she was finally going to get muslim lund after so long. It was something that had always remained at the back of her mind. Now she had no fear, she was feeling lucky that she was able to subjugate her husband who now can’t live without seeing her spread her legs to get nailed by a muslim man.

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  1. Absolutely Marvellous, I am dying to read the next part where Riya is thoroughly fucked by a musalman stud, while the cuckold hindu husband watches them. What a great time Riya and her husband would be having after this
    Both serving Dominant Arrogant Musalman men in their own ways

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