Innocent couple submits to Aslam Part 2

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Coming back to the call:

Me: ummm baby it was good ummmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaah. I love you.

Hubby: love you too baby. ok honey sleep well I need to go early tomorrow.

Me: Baby when will you come back me and my pussy is waiting for you. I want a fuck so badly.

Hubby: I will come in May for sure honey and I will fuck your pussy so badly that you will not forget for one month. Sleep now.

The Origin: How it all started

My husband kept the call. I was feeling relaxed after the intense orgasm.

Thoughts slowly drifted back to the day the romantic talks started. This role plays, sex chats and all started one day when I was showing him our wedding album on Skype and we were reliving our wedding memories.

Hubby (H): Darling I think you are the hottest bride they will ever see in that red lehenga showing your sexy navel and your young boobs in that tight blouse.

You looked really hot that day. I can see everyone was staring at you hungrily. You are like a slutty bride showing your tits to the guest inviting them to play with your young body.

Me: You idiot. You only has chosen that dress for the reception and got it stitched in such a way that all my boobs were visible in that tight blouse and you made me expose my navel. Now you’re blaming me for showing the navel ha? And stupid now you call me slutty bride.

H: But you are so beautiful and sexy. How can I Hide you ha? They need to know that I got the greatest treasure and I will be the one who will be milking those lovely boobs and kissing your sexy navel and fucking your tight virgin pussy.

Me: uh! So you want me to expose and show all my assets to all others ha? So that you get excited and fuck me

H: LOL! I want to show to others how beautiful you are and I think that day many of them would have masturbated thinking of your beautiful body, your cute innocent face and your curvy body.

Me: You are gross.

H: But Sneha tell me who was good that day in all the men?

Me: My dear husband it’s you.

H: come on you have to tell me other than me.

Me: then no one

H: Please darling

Me: Seriously I liked no one. I was looking only at you. You are the special one for me.

H: Please dear tell me one name. Let’s make this interesting I am getting bored of our routine chat

Me: Please leave this topic darling we will do our romantic chats normally

H: No. I am bored of that talk, I will not get excited. Please for me

Me: No…. Baby Please… I can’t think of anyone other than you.

H: Hmmm you don’t think of any one I will tell their names you say yes or No if you feel if they were looking hot at our ceremony?

Me: Why do you want me to tell? I will not tell. I cannot imagine anyone else

H: Please tell me my slutty bride….it will be so good… believe me and if you tell me I will buy the gold bangles you wanted to buy before wedding.

Me: Now you are really making me a slut. Someday I will get fucked by a stranger for money if you do like this.

H: LOL. I have no problem with that. Now let’s start with the names.

H: X……..Y…………..Z…………

He started telling so many names but none of them interested me.

H: Aslam

But I got struck at this one name Aslam was our car driver and even though he didn’t came to our marriage I was thinking why my husband took his name out of nowhere.

I could not answer immediately. My husband immediately understood the matter in wrong direction and felt I had hot for an old man.

H: So you felt Aslam was hot in his driver uniform white shirt ha?

Me: No dear.

But husband was persistent and did not allow me to answer on that topic.

H: One thing..!!!!!!!! Will you ever go on a date with him?? If you are not married??

Me: No way… He is way out of my league even I wouldn’t look at the driver.

H: Hmmmm……. even when is so hot?

Me: He he he… he will not be able to even take me to a coffee shop…..

H: hmmmmmm……….

Okay now I will tell the rules (and told about role play). Today I will be Aslam and I will come to house…

Knock Knock!!

Me: Who is that?

H: Memsaab!! I am Aslam!!! Sir wanted some file to be given in office!!!

Me: I will open the door!!

H: Mam!! Good morning!! You’re looking very nice madam!!

Me: Thank you!!

H: Can you give me the file madam?

Me: Okay I will bring. Which color is it?

H: It’s pink madam Just like your Cute Cheeks.

Me: Oyy Control your words…

H: When you are so beautiful how will my heart listen to me Madam??

Me: I will tell to my husband to remove you from the job

H: Sorry Madam… Please give me the file I will leave.

Me: Okay. Just sit at the sofa.

(Aslam will be sitting at the sofa and Opens your wedding album, he couldn’t control and opens his dick and starts masturbating in the sofa. meanwhile Sneha returns)

Me: Aslam what are you doing Oh My god…

(Sneha gets startled unable to move seeing his big black dick. Aslam knows the effect of his dick on girls and quickly analysed the situation and comes near her)

H: Madam Look at this madam. Once you touch it here.

Me: No Aslam leave from here… I will tell to my husband… I am married…

Aslam will come to you and will hold your hand and keep it on his dick. You will like the size and warmness of his dick

Me: I will get you removed from this Job.

H: Okay Madam First lets enjoy once and later you can remove me from the Job

Aslam will pick you up from the ground and keeps his one hand on your ass and other one your bare back while his fingers will be touching your sexy boobs.

You will feel so good in his big rough hands, but you don’t want to surrender easily and ask him to leave you.

Aslam will carry you effortlessly to our bedroom and throw you on our bed and he removes his shirt while you will be watching his muscular black body.

Me: Aslam Please leave. I will not tell to anyone please leave

H: Memsaab… Just relax… let’s enjoy… Sir anyways in foreign and you will be missing him right…

Me: No please

H: Aslam will come on to you and start kissing your rosy lips and his hands will move down remove your saree pallu.

Your beautiful cleavage is exposed under your deep neck blouse. Aslam will keep his hands on your cleavage and rubs his rough hands on your skin while he kisses your rosy lips. He kisses every inch of your face enjoying your beauty while his hands removes your blouse and he tears away your bra and starts playing with your young milky boobs.

Me: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes Aslam press them hard baby yes…. no one has handled them till day and Your sir doesn’t have time to take care of his sexy wife.

(I wanted to tease my husband so that he will come running to me)

H: Yes Aslam will go mad with your moaning and keeps your nipple in his mouth and sucks them hard while his hands play with your other boob and navel. His hand goes down and he will remove your petticoat and in excitement you will remove his jeans and touch his big dick

Me: You have a very big dick my darling, much bigger than my husband….

U will tear me into two please be gentle darling… My pussy is still new and not used to dick

H: Aslam took his dick in hand and hits you at your pussy making you even more vulnerable with excitement.

Me: Please wear a condom darling.

H: No I don’t like condom I will cum inside your Pussy.

Me: Ok darling please fuck me Now.

H: Aslam inserts his dick inside in one single stroke tearing your pussy and you will be moaning in pain, but you will feel the thickness of his dick stretching your pussy muscles and exploring your deepest parts of joy which you thought never existed till date.

Me: Oh My godddddddddddd you are so big, please Aslam Fuck me slowly……. or your big black cock will tear me into half. I have never seen such a big one and my husband has a tiny cock when compared to yours

H: He will continue fucking your soft pussy with fast strokes. His dick will be stretching your pussy lips. He will make you turn on your fours and inserts his cock from the back side. This was making you more exciting and you are moaning like a bitch, sensing your pleasure Aslam will tease you with his dick by stopping in between and make you beg for his cum with his fucking.

Me: Yes fuck me cum inside me darling give me your babies. I am a whore. I am your slut Aslam

H: He fucks you fast and cum’s his potent sperm inside your unprotected fertile pussy and falls on you.

Me: Yes… I will give him a kiss and clean his dick.

It has become routine for us to do role play daily using any of our friends or neighbours but our most common role play involved Aslam.

The role plays have evolved from seduction to cuckolding.

Back to Present:

So I will now come into the incident which changed my marriage life.

It dates back to September where I was eagerly waiting for dear Hubby. He was supposed to come on 3rd May. I wanted it to be special for us as we have not seen each other for almost 3 months. So I wanted it to be really special for my loving husband. I wanted him to fall for me again and want to ignite the passion for love in our marriage life. I wanted to look really special for my darling hubby and make it a special night and more memorable for us.

I decided to go out that and have some special treatment to my skin and face at the beauty parlour. I put on a low waist super skinny jean which hugs my ass like a second skin and put a White t shirt that just ends at the start of my jeans. So whenever I bend or stretch, my waist will get exposed.

I left my hair loose and applied little make up and came out of my house. I stopped an auto near my house and directed him to the address, at the same moment my hand purse fell down and I had to bend down to pick it up.

Autowala had a nice view of my well-shaped ass in my super skinny jeans and due to bending he had a good view of my back. He could also see my panty from the gap formed because of bending. I got irritated and wanted to get up quickly and step into auto but my bad luck in the process my leg hit with the auto rod and I was in pain.

I had to hold my leg in the auto and Autowala was looking directly at my exposed cleavage, black bra and was enjoying the boob show. He was giving me dirty looks throughout the ride. The way he was looking at me reminded me of my husband’s role plays and immediately my pussy got wet. I even gave him a little smile when he was watching me through the rear view mirror. I used to bend in the pretext of rubbing my injured leg and gave him a nice vulgar show of my body to Autowala who could not believe his luck and was staring at my boobs openly and adjusting his dick in front.

He took his own time to take me to the beauty parlour enjoying my youthful body. When I was paying him the money he held my hand for a quick 2 seconds and his touch was different from that of my husband. His hands were rough and it had sent me an electric jolt inside my body and my pussy became further wet.

I went inside the beauty parlour and was waiting for my turn. I was going through the books at the parlour I saw an advertisement saying special honeymoon package for newly wedded brides. It was a very good package and contained everything I planned for getting it done today.

So I asked my beautician for the package and asked her do it. She was a good friend of mine and she was happy with my request. Her assistants started with manicure and pedicure and later removed body hair from every part of my body. They applied lotion on my body to moist my fair skin and make it smooth and silky. They applied mehandi on both my hands.

Applied nail polish to my finger nails. They took special care to my hair and made a special sexy cut. They had shaped my eyebrows. They had done a scrub and facial. My face had a nice glow after the facial. I was happy with my appearance and came back from parlour.

I ordered flower decoration people to decorate my bedroom. I went to purchase my hubby’s favourite ice cream. I had already done the necessary shopping for wearing that night. I came back home and decoration people had started the decoration. I called my husband to enquire about whether he has started or not. But his phone came switched off I thought his battery might be low so he might have switched it off. He always forgets to charge his phone. So I thought he will be coming home by 9:30 PM. The flower decoration was completed and I was happy with their work. They decorated my heart shaped bed with rose flowers and jasmine and entire room with different kind of flowers. As complimentary they have kept special scented candles and asked me to light them just before the night start. They told that candles will last the entire night and will increase the mood and will make it a special night for the people. I made the payment and they left form my home.

Only 3 hours was left for my hubby’s arrival. So I rushed to take special bath with rose water and special bath scents and lotion to make my skin shine and smell good to my hubby. Warm water was creating a soothing and relaxed feeling and with touch of water my nipples got erected. I was seeing myself in the mirror and was thinking how my husband will enjoy this smooth sexy figure. My pussy was getting wet and wanted to play and rub my pussy but I controlled myself and wanted to reserve all my feelings to my dear hubby. I finished my bath in an hour. Came out to bedroom and sat in front of the dressing table and dried my wet hair. I removed the towel and wet body was in front of the mirror.

I took night cream and applied on my smooth body and then applied powder to my skin. I took out my makeup kit and applied foundation and cream. I had applied blush to my cheeks and eyeliner to my eyes. I always liked smoky eyes they look sexy and appealing and suite my broad eyes. I applied lip stick and lip gloss making my lips ready for eating like cherry. I applied body scent.

I went to my ward and picked my favorite lingerie. It was a transparent netted dark red bra with small cups covering my nipples but with a tight base lifting my boobs and showing great amounts of cleavage due to lifting and my boobs look more and better in that bra(Not that my boobs are shaggy they are one perfect pair standing firm against the gravity). I took the matching red color panty which was off the same material and it was hardly covering my ass cheeks.

I took black colour petticoat and worn it way below my navel. It was just above my pussy. I took my saree out. It was a designer saree specially made for honeymoon. It was a black transparent saree with golden thread work and gold border. The blouse for the saree is a gold colour blouse with deep neck and completely back less more or less it looks like a bikini blouse which just covers my bra cups and my milky boobs. I finished wearing the saree and blouse and I felt really sexy and I thought my husband will fuck me in the hall way itself. I wore big hangings to my ears and matching diamond necklace and lot of jewellery given during marriage. I tried my husband’s phone one more time it again came switched off. So I light the scented candles and came and sat in sofa waiting for my dear hubby.

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