Innocent couple submits to Aslam Part 3

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Ruchit arrived late and was tired but the moment he saw me in this dress he was excited. He gave me a long deep kiss on my lips and hugged me for 5 minutes. Thank you so much for getting ready for me dear you look absolutely gorgeous and very sexy. If someone sees you like this they might rape you. You can excite a 80 year old man dick. Ruchit was showering me with praises and it made me feel special. After lot of praised he kept his hand on my navel and pulled me closer and gave a kiss on my cleavage exposed through my blouse and looked in my eyes. Sneha why don’t we act our role play today it will be very exciting to do that.

I was already very excited of the thought of getting fucked by my husband after 3 months so I wanted to get maximum pleasure, I thought if this is the way Ruchit can get excited the max than let it be so I agreed and asked him what role play he wanted to do. He immediately told Aslam. I was thinking why Aslam he is not even good looking, he is a old widower and always chews gutka and pan and I don’t know how gets excited thinking about me fucking Aslam. But I didn’t want to disappoint Ruchit. So I agreed He told a scenario where you will be waiting for me like this to have sex and I will send Aslam as I was busy with office work and couldn’t make it and since you are sex starved you will seduce Aslam and have sex. I said okay. So he went out and knocked the door. I opened the door and asked him where is sir for which he replied sir is busy with work and asked me to give this file. Okay. Madam are you going for any function you are looking good today. Ha no I was just waiting for sir. You might be missing him so much that’s why you got ready for him like this. Aslam do you want some water, please come in. I made him sit in sofa and went into kitchen to bring him water and readjusted my pallu in such a way that both the boobs’ shapes are visible properly inside my low neck blouse.

I went and gave Aslam (My husband) water and sat beside him very closely touching my shoulders with his shoulders. Your sir is so busy in office work that he doesn’t have time to take care of me. You only tell me am I not looking good. I got ready for him and he doesn’t come and take care of me. Tell me am I not good? Madam you look good in fact you look very sexy. If I get a wife like you I will fuck her continuously. Aslam you will also be missing your wife. I think it’s very long since your wife died how you manage without her. Saying this I placed hands on my husband/Aslam Lap. He looked at me and said it’s very difficult Sneha and I feel lonely. Immediately I gave him a hug and told him I am there for you. I will take away your loneliness and you take care of me, saying this I took him to beautifully decorated room and my husband made me sit on the bed and told let’s celebrate our suhagraat.

Aslam planted a kiss on my rosy lips and told that I have the sweetest lips he has ever tasted and his comments made me blush. He pulled me on to him making me sleep on his lap and kissed my lips continuously for 10 minutes enjoying the taste of my lips and tongue and we exchanged our mouth juices and tasted each other juices and explored our deepest parts with our tongue. After a long kissing session, my husband started kissing from my head just below my head piece(Papidi billa or Maang Tikka) and moved down towards my ears kissing all the way there and kissed on back of my ears and pulled my hangings with his mouth while his hands were exploring other parts of my face. He made me suck his finger while his mouth roamed all over my face. He slowly found the way to my neck and kissed on my slender neck. He looked into my eye and made me turn back side and started removing each jewellery one by one with his mouth and fingers and pulling them of my body slowly. All his actions were making me wet. I held his in my hand in excitement and moaned Ruchit,

Immediately Ruchit stopped and told I am not Ruchit I am Aslam. Imagine the old man playing with your young sensuous body and moan only Aslam’s name and continued kissing my back and removing my jewels one by one. My husband didn’t even leave mangalsutra saying now you are mine and you need not wear what Ruchit has tied and removed it from my neck. I was shocked with my husband actions but didn’t want to disturb him in the heat of the moment and co-operated with him. he moved down to my boobs, removed my pallu and started kissing me over exposed skin in my blouse while his hands were untying my blouse from behind and in the process he was rubbing my smooth back and sometimes pinching and pulling my body more towards his body. He started sucking my boobs over the untied blouse. He was sucking me like a mad person and I just gave my body to him and enjoying the pleasure from it. He removed my blouse and saw my milky white boobs hiding under the red designer bra.

My husband went seeing the sight and attacked them with his mouth and pulled up my boobs from my bra. I removed the hooks of my bra and allowed my husband cum Aslam free access to my boobs. He sucked them hard for 15 minutes just when I was about to reach the orgasm he stopped his sucking he went down towards my lehenga. He inserted his hand inside my lehenga touching my pussy over my panty while the other hand was searching for the knot to untie my lehenga. He finally found the knot and untied the knot and pulled my lehenga down exposing my shiny thighs and panty. Husband could not control and pulled my panty and smelled my wet pussy. He went mad and kissed me on my pussy lips and undressed himself in a hurry. His 4.5 inches manhood stood straight and without any further delay he laid on me in missionary style and tried to penetrate my tight pussy.

His manhood was not strong to invade through my pussy lips. So he used his hands to widen my pussy lips and kept his dick inside my pussy and started moving up and down, the sensation of dick inside my pussy was so good and I wanted him to go deep inside me but he hardly reached the surface. My orgasm started building again and at the same time Ruchit increased his speed you slut I will fuck you every day and make you whore. I also said yes Aslam fuck me don’t stop fuck me. Yes. Meanwhile my husband couldn’t control the excitement and removed his cock and cummed on my tummy and immediately lied down on the bed and slept without helping me to reach an orgasm and left me high and dry.

I was so disappointed with my husband, I was waiting for him and for his fuck but he didn’t even stay hard for 10 minutes. I was forced to rub myself and reach an orgasm but this time I imagined Aslam fucking me hard just beside my husband and cumming inside me. The thought made me reach an orgasm and slept nude on bed. Next day morning Ruchit woke up early and started kissing my nude body, but I was not mood for sex and pushed away. Same thing happened in the night too. I didn’t allow Ruchit to touch me and we slept without any sex.

Next day at the breakfast I was sitting seriously and having my fruits, Ruchit started the topic, Sweetheart I know you were disappointed the other night. You did so many things for me but the thought made me so excited that I could not hold on and cummed instantly. I could not control my anger anymore and told him why you all ways imagine me fucking someone else. Sneha I don’t know I always want you to be happy and you are so beautiful that the moment I touch you I get very much excited and cum in no time. That’s why I wanted to see you fucking someone who can hold his cum and make love to you.

I told Ruchit let’s go to a doctor he will increase your stamina for sex.

Ruchit immediately told no, my stamina is good whenever I use my hand I stay long but I don’t know what happens when I am with you. You know there are lot of stories on Xossip where young wife cheats with a husband’s employee or worker in house and I always felt excited reading them. I always imagined you in those stories getting fucked by the low class workers and it always excited me.

Me: Ruchit when did you become like this. You were not like this before.

R: Sneha I don’t know I thought I was actually enjoying the stories but over a period it became my addiction and it reached new heights when I married you. I never expected such a beautiful wife and the stories became my addiction when I started imagining you in them. And now a days my dick in not getting erected if I don’t read those stories imagining you or if I don’t talk dirty with you. I have told this problem to an expert and he told if you can live this fantasy once then your addiction will be gone and your erection will be normal again.

Me: Ruchit what do you mean?

R: Sneha if you can seduce Aslam and sleep with him for one time, I will be normal again and we can live our life happily or the fantasy may turn into depression. My friend warned me

Me: Ruchit you know it. It will never happen. I was doing role play just for your happiness, but this is horrible. How can you even think like that and ask me to sleep with Aslam.

I got so angry and left the dining table and went to my bedroom and closed the door. I cried and cried till my eyes felt tired and heavy and I slept till the evening. In between Ruchit tried to open the door and talk to me but I didn’t even open the door.

In the evening Ruchit again knocked the door and said Sorry to me several times. Even I felt bad for Ruchit, he shared his problem openly, instead of helping him solve it, I shouted at him making things worse and complicated. I went for a bath and wore a black transparent saree and called Ruchit inside the bedroom.

Me: Ruchit how am I looking?

R : Gorgeous my love as always.

Me: Baby don’t you get excited looking at me.

R: Saying this I went near him and placed a kiss on his lips.

Ruchit : Yes, Yes I get excited but it doesn’t stay long.

I held his dick over his boxer and pressed with my hand. I can feel it growing in my hand.

Me: Oh my baby is responding for my touch,

saying this I pulled his boxer down bringing out his 4.5 inches erect cock. I held it in my hand and rubbed it up and down and said naughty boy what does it want to do now

R: It wants to fuck this beautiful girl

Me: Then why is he waiting, or else does he want to watch this beautiful girl fuck other big cock.

I can feel it raising and becoming strong when I said those words.

Ruchit moaned as I rubbed my hand over his dick.

Me: Tell me darling do you want to see someone kissing my lips

Saying this I again kissed his lips. Ruchit was moaning with pleasure

Me: Tell me baby do you want Aslam to remove my saree and kiss my body.

Saying this I removed my saree pallu and showed my cleavage in my deep neck blouse.

Ruchit: Yes.!!! And kissed my neck and cleavage portion exposed through the blouse and started removing the blouse.

Me: Oh someday Aslam will just remove the blouse in the same way you are unhooking and he will play with my young round milk globes.

R: Yes and he will suck them like this

He removed my blouse from the shoulder and started sucking them like baby. My nipples became stiff and I gave it to Ruchit’s mouth like mother feeding her baby. Ruchit sucked them in excitement.

Me: Oh Ruchit slowly handle them with care they belong to Aslam who know from next time onwards Aslam might not allow you to suck these tits.

I was constantly playing with his dick and whenever he hears word of Aslam I can feel a wave of pleasure passing in his dick.

Ruchit Kept his hands inside my saree and pulled my clutches allowing the saree to fall from my body. Now I was only black petticoat and I was not even wearing a panty.

I was stroking Ruchit’s dick while he untied my petticoat and made me nude.

Me: Oh my baby How will Aslam react seeing my nude body.

He will go mad seeing my hairless pink pussy.

Ruchit kept his finger inside my pussy and started fingering.

Me: Ruchit have u seen his hands they are so big and rough. Aslam will insert his thick and rough finger inside my pussy and rub it oh… it feels so good please fuck me.

Ruchit kissed my navel while fingering my pussy.

He licked my navel and pushed me on the bed.

Me: Oh Ruchit Aslam will make me nude and will sleep with me along on this bed nude. His bid dick will be on my pussy ready to penetrate and tear my pussy

Ruchit came on top of me and was ready to insert his dick inside my pussy. He used his fingers to open my pussy

Me: Baby you know Aslam can insert his dick into my pussy and his dick will separate my pussy lips and explore my pussy unlike you. He will just fuck me like a bull and cum all his fertile sperm inside my pussy. Saying this I touched his dick to direct it into my pussy.

Ruchit was so excited listening to my words just cummed with the touch of my hand.

Oh my poor baby you cannot even fuck your wife. Now please finger and satisfy me till I seduce and get fucked by him every day.

Ruchit started fingering me while I rubbed my boobs with my hand and moaned Aslam where are you. I am waiting for your big dick to fuck my unsatisfied pussy and make me cum. Oh.. Ruchit yes finger me you will never be able to fuck me. Oh my pussy is reserved to Aslam.. Yes… Ohhh Fast… Please finger me like a man. Yes. Aslam will fuck your sexy wife and satisfy her. Ohh… You will just watch and enjoy while your horny slutty wife will sleep with Aslam and milk his big dick. Your wife will get wet for Aslam. Your wife will allow Aslam to enter her unprotected and make babies with him. I could see Ruchit’s dick raising again and I started stroking his cock up and down once again while he was fingering me. Oh my poor husband you need to satisfy your dick with your hand and if my new lover permits I might allow you to touch me. Ruchit was getting more excited with the humiliation and we both reached the orgasm together. We both slept on the bed tired.

We woke up at 9 pm and Ruchit ordered food online and I had some fruits and juice while he ate the food from online after watching some TV. We both came back to bedroom. I told Ruchit I want to see those stories. So he opened his laptop and opened those stories. I started reading them one by one and I imagined me as heroine and Aslam fucking me in every story. I read few updates that night along with my husband and I was wet again and I saw my husband dick was partially erect so I made him finger my pussy again and by the time I reach and orgasm it was 12. I gave a hand job to Ruchit and He cummed in 2 minutes. The stories made me really horny.

Next day morning

Me: Baby why are you not getting fully erect. Please satisfy me. I cannot manage my whole life with your finger. Saying this I fell on him and kissed him madly with love.

Ruchit also kissed me back, please Sneha do it for one time and our life will become normal, Anyways we will go back to USA in 2 months so Aslam will not be a problem in future and I will be erect again we can have our life back.

I didn’t know what to do and so only option left is to get fucked with Aslam and live my husband’s fantasy.

Me: Okay Ruchit I am ready to do whatever it takes to get you back normal.

Ruchit was so happy and kissed me and he said I will invite Aslam for watching cricket match tonight and please seduce him. I will act as drunk and watch you. Thank you so much baby.

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On Wed, Nov 21, 2018 at 7:46 PM Prashanthi A wrote:

Please post the below story
I will be posting the story in parts. Thank you.
Story Title
Innocent couple submits to Aslam

It has been 3 long months since my hubby left for the onsite leaving me alone after marriage. We were married in August 2017 and after honeymoon he left for USA where he works and came back in b/w for one 1 months and left again to USA.

Our marriage was an arranged marriage but we liked each other very much from the first meeting on the day where we saw each other. Ruchit was a handsome guy and engineering graduate from a reputed college and MS from USA and working in a very big MNC. He has all the qualities of dream husband.

When we saw each other we became very good friends, we had similar tastes and were compatible in all respects and slowly our friendship turned in love before marriage date itself and we used to chat all dirty things in the nights before marriage and even we used to send each other some hot pics teasing each other and we were eagerly waiting for our 1st night.

We both lost our virginity on our wedding night but unfortunately we didn’t enjoy that much as wanted as we were already tired with all the marriage rituals. So we went to honeymoon to Bali and enjoyed a lot there we had one of the best sex in there. Especially on the first day of our tour when he saw me in a red thong covering only my pussy lips and ass hole he became mad and fucked me without any foreplay but was so good… I was tight and he was strong inserting his dick in my newly opened pussy.

I never saw porn and I was kind of satisfied with my husband sexual performance even though I expected many more things when my friends discussed about their experiences and how their husbands and boyfriends fucked them. He left to US after 15 days of marriage and sex chats were a common thing between us and it slowly led to role play as he got bored with normal sex chat.

Ruchit gifted me a new car and appointed an elderly person Aslam of around 50 years as driver as I don’t know driving and I was afraid of driving in traffic and never showed interest to learn. Aslam lived in a nearby colony and I just needed to inform him 1hr before and he will take me to the destination.

I was a housewife even though I studied till B.Tech computer science I didn’t want to work as I was lazy and I wanted to look after my husband and home. I know I will be going to US in short span once my husband gets PR over there. I usual stay at my husband’s place i.e.; his own home in city (my in law’s live in village) as I can’t find much freedom and privacy at my parent’s home and in-laws home.

Here I can wake up whenever I want and cook whatever I want and watch movies hit gym and enjoy the life and have sex chat on phone with my dear hubby. So friends now you had a brief introduction of me.

It’s time for you to know about me a little more

I am Sneha agarwal born in 1996 at *** place in Gujarat. And believe me Gujarat has the most beautiful hindu girls in whole India and I am one of them.

We Guajarati’s are very fair when compared to southern parts of India. We possess the best body shape after the Punjabi’s. We are classy as well as hot. We mostly wear saree as per our hindu tradition but we know how to show our beautiful skin. Our figures are well developed and ripe to be eaten. We don’t hesitate to show our skin and expose to tease men around us. Unlike south India here boys are too dull and typical mother sons who does everything after asking their mom and have little individuality of their own and it shows in their sexual performance as they are very much naïve in the bed. On the other hand girls enjoy lot of freedom and they are dominant and they are very much aware of sex and sexuality and the effect they have on male and it allows to control their husband’s.

To tell more about me, you need to know how my body looks.

My body stats are

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 58 KGs

Figure: 32:26:34.

Cup size: b

Age: 22

I hit the gym regularly to maintain my figure in shape. I wear bit tight clothes to show off my curvy figure and I am very proud of my young body and the curves.

Back to present:

Night on Bed

I moved my phone from one hand to the other and moved my long frock (sleep wear) up till my pussy lips and kept my slender fingers on my already wet pink pussy.

Yes you guessed it right I was not wearing any panty inside.

I started rubbing my pink tight pussy imagining my loving husband licking my tight pussy. We (me and my husband) were talking on phone and we were having hot phone sex together.

He was talking dirty to me and while I moved my hand lower and started rubbing my clit over my pussy. I kept my phone in speaker mode and freed my other hand too and using that I pinched my already erect nipples and with the other hand I continued rubbing my soaked pussy.

My boobs have become tight listening to my husband dirty words and I was fully excited.

Hubby (over phone): Aslam will keep his big black dick inside your tight pussy and fuck your delicate pussy like a mad bull.

You will be screaming ahh ah ahhh ohhh Aslam ahhhhh ah with pleasure as his dick moves in and out of your tender pussy and with his every stroke you will be begging for more and below you I will be licking your pussy while I finger your ass hole.

He will fuck you like a whore on street side and cum inside your young fertile pussy and I will lick you clean of his cum and eat it like a loving husband to avoid pregnancy from the bull.

Later he will push me down your ass to make me lick your ass hole while he will be spanking my ass for being a bad husband for allowing a bull to fuck your delicate pussy. He will make you lick his dick clean while I finish licking cum of your pussy.

Me: Yes baby clean my pussy baby or I will have to carry his babies.

(I was moaning loudly over phone imagining the situation and playing with my boobs).

It didn’t took long as I was horny like hell and I had a massive orgasm and on the other side my hubby also reached his orgasm spilling his cum on his hands.

Hubby: Baby how was it? Did you like today’s role play?

I was shy to reply to him and I was blushing on the other side.

Me: Yes baby (I was blushing while answering).

Today’s role play we had a threesome where my hubby fucked me as his driver Aslam, and while hubby’s character will be cuckolded and made to suck his wife’s pussy and clean it.

With my husband’s question my mind went back to the day I first saw Aslam.

To tell more about our driver:

Aslam is a Tamilian, belongs to Muslim and he is of around 45-50 years, and he is currently working as driver under my hubby. He is very strongly built around 6’3 inches and bulky body like all other beaf eating Muslims. He has hairy body and black skin tone.”

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