Innocent couple submits to Aslam Part 4

Part 3:

As planned hubby has invited Aslam for watching IPL along with us in our house. Husband was busily arranging things for evening match and party. He brought imported scotch with less alcohol content he just wanted to act drunk and watch all the action happening. he arranged for the snacks and food by ordered biryani and mutton curry and starters for munching from online. I was leisurely having bath

inside washroom and suddenly hubby knocked on the door. Yes Ruchit. Sneha please open the door once, what’s the issue Ruchit. I bought you something, what is that Ruchit can’t it wait till I finish my bath

No Sneha open it now please it’s a surprise you need to open it immediately, I couldn’t understand what was it so important surprise that it cannot wait any further, so I opened the door and he handed over me a packet and smiled looking at me. Idiotic husband even after looking at my sexy figure wet hair with droplets of water shining of my skin and nude didn’t want to fuck but was smiling giving the packet in my hand.

I opened and saw it, it was containing scented bath oils, extra smoothening cream for vagina and hair removal cream. Seeing this I thought my husband really want me to sleep with driver Aslam and he himself is giving me such exotic gifts to seduce that cheap driver. I couldn’t believe how much low he has fallen down.

I was feeling bad why does he want me to sleep driver and become a slut of a low class middle aged person who in dreams can only get a girl like me who is fair curvy and classy. If he wants to do it so badly then I will do it. It was so exciting when my husband used to fuck me as Aslam chacha and that was the only time he used to fuck me for 5 minutes and lick me till I reach my orgasm otherwise it was just like a dry fuck he used to get over before I got excited and left me high and dry.

So I poured the oils in the bath dub and took a dip in those scented water. The smell was so relaxing and I was loving it. So I had a leisure bath and then called my husband to remove hair from vagina. He was so happy to do that. Do you know what you are doing? you are getting me ready to fuck with a low class worker and you want me to take his dick in my pussy which till now was tasted by you and you want me give this melons(boobs) to that old man to taste who may play with them roughly which you will never be able to do. May be he will have a bigger dick and will fuck me better than you and maybe he will cum inside my fertile pussy and make mother of his children. While I was teasing and humiliating my husband with my talks he removed my pussy hair and applied extra smoothening cream on my pussy and rubbed it well it was exciting me. His touch on my smooth cleanly pussy. Seeing my pussy wet and with my hot talks husband got excited. He stood up and took his dick out. It was standing tall and wanted to fuck me. He took me to the bedroom and made me lie on the bed and lied on me to enter in my pussy. But I pushed him down and made him lick my pussy and told him keep it fresh for my lover. Don’t spoil it by fucking with your impotent dick. The thought of his wife getting fucked with a old man excited him and he started stroking his dick looking at me and climaxed with in no time, His sperm was so low that it didn’t even cross his hands. I told him to wash his hands and I stood up from bed to get ready for my lover. Ruchit already decided dress for the day to seduce Aslam.

He took out an old gagra choli which I wore for a wedding of my first cousin after that even though I maintained my body very well I gained weight at the right areas. My boobs become bigger and my ass globes too. The blouse of gagra was deep neck with just laces on the back and it exposes a lot of my tummy, navel and nice cleavage show and whoever sees will definitely want to fuck me. At the time many guys were back of me seeing in this dress and everyone wanted to either click pictures with me or of me just to store them in their memory and masturbate whenever they can imagining that they are fucking me. This was all 2 years back I even forgot about the dress. My husband saw them when he was seeing the photo album and asked about the where abouts of the dress and I told him it’s here in the cupboard. So he remembered about the dress and searched my cup board and took it out and placed it on bed. I was surprised that too how much extent my husband wanted me to seduce and Aslam. So when he came I asked him? Do you seriously want me to wear this it’s like I am wearing a bra on the top and nothing else? You want me to stay whole evening in front of him just like this. Baby you will look sexy in this and Aslam will have a hard on seeing you like this and who know what may lead to. You have become such a pervert Ruchit. He looked at me and said please get ready like in the same way you got ready in the function. Okay just arrange all the things what you want me to do and I will do as you. Even I am seducing a low class worker just for your fun then why not you have the maximum fun I will do as you like and who knows at the end I will get the maximum fun with his Muslim dick.

He might fuck me like a he might not get to live another day and all his perm which he stored for all these years he might discharge right in my fertile pussy. you know what Ruchit I will not even ask him wear a protection because it might ruin my fun of tasting a Muslim dick in my un protected pussy which will tear my tight vagina walls and reach deep inside me which you never reached, He will fuck me in the same marital bed where you once claimed as yours and now I will be shared with someone else just for your fantasy. So live your fantasy and I will do whatever you want but you will only be a spectator and you will not get me to touch me till I feel like. Ruchit was happy that I was ready to seduce the low class driver. I was sitting in front of dining table just in my bath robe. Husband gave me a roll on for armpits and then body lotion. He made my apply foundation, face cream, kajal, eyeliner, lip liner. He gave me a long ear rings that hangs down the year and made me wear small gold set with stones that matches my black transparent blouse with red lehenga. Since it was a back open blouse I could not wear any bra so I wore the blouse without any bra inside. The blouse cups were small as my boobs have grown in 2 years and they were hardly covering my milky white boobs. I asked Ruchit tie laces on the back. He tied them tightly increasing the skin show with tight blouse as my boobs are trying to bust out of blouse.

He gave me a red thong panty which I bought it for my honeymoon. I had a happy memory with that. I wore it on the first day of our honeymoon and Ruchit went crazy seeing me in that red thong and it was one of the rare occasions I reached an orgasm when he fucked me. So I always held it special. But today my stupid husband is giving me the same red thong to wear and seduce a elderly person and remove the few special memories we were sharing together. Even Ruchit knows that thong is special to me and still he is doing it. May be from tomorrow when he touches me I will not feel Ruchit and instead I will feel Aslam and his cock banging my married pussy. I wore the red thong and wore the lehenga. The lehenga was a fish pattern with mirrors and embroidery work all along the lehenga with tight fit at the ass till my knee and opens up like a frock at the end. The lehenga was showing the shape of my ass cheeks. I wore it above my navel to reduce the skin show. But my husband was looking at my back while I wearing the lehenga. After that he made me turn towards him and stared at my boobs fora while. Sneha you’re looking gorgeous in this lehenga. I think will just cum in his trouser just looking at you like this. I was feeling sorry for my husband for getting ready for someone else other than my husband Ruchit. My Ruchit then suggested me to wear the lehenga below my navel and adjusted it to a level just above my panty. I was feeling exposed. There was lot of skin on show. Just like a women standing in a bra and lehenga. I did not expect this from my husband, but this what he wants. So I didn’t say anything. He gave me a waist chain and made me wear near the navel. So my navel is shining with the gold chain nearby and will sure attract eyes directly over there. It’s like a candy to children with open invitation you can eat how much you want.

My husband then opened my bangles case and gave gold bangles mixed with normal coated bangles to wear on hands. He gave me so many that I was looking again like a newly married girl. Then he made me sit down on bed and painted my toe nails and finger nails dark red. He never did that to me till now but today he was doing everything to me so that I will seduce a low class driver. Once he was satisfied with the look he made wear transparent chunni wrapped into a small palate and made it pass over blouse. He didn’t allow the chunni to cover the midriff or blouse. He made me apply blush on cheeks. The dress and bangles were making me look like a dulhan waiting for her husband and then he requested me to open the door when Aslam comes saying this he went out. Ruchit went out and sent away the maid to her house. I finished my touch up’s and found that mangalsuthra was hanging abruptly in between the dress which was spoiling the look so I removed it to tease my husband further and I also I don’t have the habit of applying maang sindoor, so everyone will believe that I am an unmarried girl if they look at me like this. I took anklets from cup-board which makes sweet sound whenever I move. I used to wear them before marriage today I felt like wearing them.

I dried my hair and made a nice hairstyle that doesn’t cover my bare back so that it can be remain exposed. I was happy with my look I was looking really sexy in the attire. It’s been so many days that I got ready like this and it was making me happy and my mood turned into joyous mood. Finally at 7:50 calling bell rang, so as my dear husband’s request I went to the door to open, I was nervous because I don’t know how Aslam would think of me if he sees me like this and above that if it’s someone else what should I do. Slowly I reached the door and was praying that it should be Aslam.

Luckily it was Aslam. Aslam was awestruck seeing me in my lehenga and my makeup and attire were making me look sexier. His eyes popped out from his eye socket and he almost forgot to breathe seeing me. A 45 year old aged man is having a sight of his dreams. He would not have expected a 21 year old married women, less than half of his age with sex appeal radiating from every inch of her body. I called Aslam please come in. He realised he was staring at me to much so he lowered his eyes and said ok. He is yet to have another feast. I turned backwards showing my bare back to Aslam to walk into my house. Along with bare back I was showing the shape of my ass cheeks clearly in my tight lehenga.

I started walking swaying my ass seductively to sofa and from the corner of my eye I was watching the actions of Aslam. He couldn’t move his eyes from my back and swaying ass. A tent was forming near his crotch and he adjusted his dick in his trouser and was staring at back. My skin was shining with the new lotion, bath oils and extra smoothening cream. It was a visual treat to Aslam. I went near to the sofa and sat along with my husband and asked Aslam to sit. Aslam was about to sit on the floor, but my husband intervened and told. “Aslam brother today you are our guest” please sit on the sofa. “Sir I can’t sit along with you”. Ruchit told if you don’t sit up then me and Sneha will sit down what do you want us to do. Aslam said okay sir and sat on sofa. Ruchit said today you are our guest no calling Sir and Madam Business and you are elder to us so just call us Ruchit and Sneha. Aslam Sir I can’t do that. That’s very difficult. You are from a very big family and you are educated and I am just a driver and we are poor and I just passed 3rd class. How can I not call you sir? Ruchit said “it’s not about education or rich or poor. You are our guest and you will not call us sir and madam and that’s final. Saying this he Sneha why don’t you gets the drink and serve us. Sir is swathi not there? Why Sneha madam needs to serve? Ruchit said no swathi left to her home and the women of the house needs to serve drinks for the guest or else it doesn’t look good saying this he touched on my thighs and made a requesting face to serve drinks to Aslam. A rich newly married women serving drinks to low class worker in front of her husband in a tiny jacket.

So I went inside and brought Scotch and three glasses in a tray and kept it on the table facing Aslam. Aslam was directly staring at my boobs exposed in my small blouse which could not contain my breasts.

I intentionally did not sit and I bend further to pour the drinks in glass to show more cleavage to Aslam. Aslam moved in discomfort to hide his manhood which was getting erected because of my cleavage show. How could a low class worker control looking at a rich young educated newly wedded housewife who his way out of his reach showing ample amount of cleavage. Aslam could not resist himself and was trying to peek inside my blouse. I looked at Aslam and gave him a smile. Showing him the glass. Is this enough or you want some more? I said to him in an indirect way about the cleavage show. Aslam was confused and looked at me blankly. I said is the drink enough or you want me to pour some more? Aslam said this is okay. I mixed coke in his drink and gave it to him and made a peg for my husband and gave one to him and I sat there idle. Aslam asked Sneha madam don’t you drink. I said occasionally. Immediately my idiot husband Ruchit asked me to drink or else our guest will feel bad. So accompany him and made me a drink. I started sipping the vodka slowly. I get high very quickly so I was trying to have it in limit. My husband intentionally was drinking more and faster so that Aslam will believe that Ruchit is passed out and might make his move to fuck me. But actually he was pouring the drink in the tree pot nearby so that he can watch everything that’s happening. Both were drinking and discussing about match which I didn’t have any idea about. Aslam was trying to steal glances of me and exposed navel while sitting. Lot of my tummy was on display for Aslam and he is making the most of it. Aslam was drinking very slowly and whenever he finishes my husband made me pour a drink for him and each time is stood up and bent down more and more giving him a sexy cleavage show to a low class worker in front of her husband. Match was finished and husband asked me to serve dinner and asked Aslam to stay back as it is late and asked him to stay in the guest bed room. He told me Sneha give him my lungi. I was doing services to Aslam like a wife and gave him a lungi to change and directed him towards our guest bedroom and came back to my husband.

My husband smiled at me and told you gave him quite a big show. Did you look at his manhood it made a big tent in his trouser I am sure he is big there. I wanted to humiliate my husband for making me do this so I told him yes he will be big and almost everyone will have a bigger penis than yours. If he approaches to fuck me I will not stop. Husband was happy and told me that now he will pass out and asked us to take him to the guest room. Aslam might get some courage if he knows that I am not there and let’s see. Meanwhile Aslam came back after changing. So my husband acted as if he was passed out with excess drinking. So I tried acting as if I was waking him up. Ruchit please get up. Aslam saw us and asked us what happened. I told him that he passed out with drinking. He doesn’t have stamina to drink or do anything. (I was trying to humiliate my husband more). I asked Aslam to help me to take him to the bedroom. Aslam held my husband on one side and on the other side I was holding him from the shoulder.

My husband became bolder and pushed away my chunni while I was carrying him. I was just in blouse and lehenga in front of my driver and was carrying my drunk acting husband. By the time we reach our guestroom Aslam was staring at my blouse and I can see a big tent inside Aslam lungi. I guess he is not wearing anything inside the lungi. I can feel it’s not the usual size, my husband never got such a hard on. Ruchit saw me looking at Aslam crotch are and he also saw the tent inside his lungi, Ruchit wanted to show me what’s inside and he stepped on the loose end of the lungi tied by Aslam and when Aslam moved it has fallen in no time making Aslam nude from down and I was shocked to see the sight. Aslam was stark naked from down and his dick was hanging like a black snake. It was really huge triple the times of my husband’s baby dick in both length and width and it was circumcised. That was the second dick I was seeing in my life and it was huge. My husband has 5 incher now looks like a finger in front of the dick. Aslam wanted to pick it up but my husband’s weight was not allowing him to bend and pick his lungi up. Even he was startled and was not knowing what to do and above that showing a dick to a high class girl is making him horny and his dick was raising and over that I was just standing only in black and red blouse and lehenga. I can see the moment in his dick and Aslam saw me staring his dick and he became confident and he told Sneha Ji let’s take him to the bed and then only I can wear lungi. His weight is too much to bend. So Aslam in his semi-nude condition was walking confidently as he knows that I was occasionally looking at his dick and he knows the kind of effect his dick has on girls and he knows all these rich mamma boys can’t fuck properly and satisfy a well grown women and they can be satisfied only by a low class real men who have proper dick that can satisfy their cock wet pussies.

We reached the bed and I made my husband lie on bed and tried to cover him with blanket by bending down and Aslam was on the opposite side having a nice show and now there is no chunni also and he is having a clear cleavage show and he can see till 45% of boobs inside that blouse. The blouse was covering only from my nipple portion. I can see his dick was saluting me in 90 degrees and was proudly standing facing me.

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