Innocent couple submits to Aslam Part 1

It has been 3 long months since my hubby left for the onsite leaving me alone after marriage. We were married in August 2017 and after honeymoon he left for USA where he works and came back in b/w for one 1 months and left again to USA.

Our marriage was an arranged marriage but we liked each other very much from the first meeting on the day where we saw each other. Ruchit was a handsome guy and engineering graduate from a reputed college and MS from USA and working in a very big MNC. He has all the qualities of dream husband.

When we saw each other we became very good friends, we had similar tastes and were compatible in all respects and slowly our friendship turned in love before marriage date itself and we used to chat all dirty things in the nights before marriage and even we used to send each other some hot pics teasing each other and we were eagerly waiting for our 1st night.

We both lost our virginity on our wedding night but unfortunately we didn’t enjoy that much as wanted as we were already tired with all the marriage rituals. So we went to honeymoon to Bali and enjoyed a lot there we had one of the best sex in there. Especially on the first day of our tour when he saw me in a red thong covering only my pussy lips and ass hole he became mad and fucked me without any foreplay but was so good… I was tight and he was strong inserting his dick in my newly opened pussy.

I never saw porn and I was kind of satisfied with my husband sexual performance even though I expected many more things when my friends discussed about their experiences and how their husbands and boyfriends fucked them. He left to US after 15 days of marriage and sex chats were a common thing between us and it slowly led to role play as he got bored with normal sex chat.

Ruchit gifted me a new car and appointed an elderly person Aslam of around 50 years as driver as I don’t know driving and I was afraid of driving in traffic and never showed interest to learn. Aslam lived in a nearby colony and I just needed to inform him 1hr before and he will take me to the destination.

I was a housewife even though I studied till B.Tech computer science I didn’t want to work as I was lazy and I wanted to look after my husband and home. I know I will be going to US in short span once my husband gets PR over there. I usual stay at my husband’s place i.e.; his own home in city (my in law’s live in village) as I can’t find much freedom and privacy at my parent’s home and in-laws home.

Here I can wake up whenever I want and cook whatever I want and watch movies hit gym and enjoy the life and have sex chat on phone with my dear hubby. So friends now you had a brief introduction of me.

It’s time for you to know about me a little more

I am Sneha agarwal born in 1996 at *** place in Gujarat. And believe me Gujarat has the most beautiful hindu girls in whole India and I am one of them.

We Guajarati’s are very fair when compared to southern parts of India. We possess the best body shape after the Punjabi’s. We are classy as well as hot. We mostly wear saree as per our hindu tradition but we know how to show our beautiful skin. Our figures are well developed and ripe to be eaten. We don’t hesitate to show our skin and expose to tease men around us. Unlike south India here boys are too dull and typical mother sons who does everything after asking their mom and have little individuality of their own and it shows in their sexual performance as they are very much naïve in the bed. On the other hand girls enjoy lot of freedom and they are dominant and they are very much aware of sex and sexuality and the effect they have on male and it allows to control their husband’s.

To tell more about me, you need to know how my body looks.

My body stats are

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 58 KGs

Figure: 32:26:34.

Cup size: b

Age: 22

I hit the gym regularly to maintain my figure in shape. I wear bit tight clothes to show off my curvy figure and I am very proud of my young body and the curves.

Back to present:

Night on Bed

I moved my phone from one hand to the other and moved my long frock (sleep wear) up till my pussy lips and kept my slender fingers on my already wet pink pussy.

Yes you guessed it right I was not wearing any panty inside.

I started rubbing my pink tight pussy imagining my loving husband licking my tight pussy. We (me and my husband) were talking on phone and we were having hot phone sex together.

He was talking dirty to me and while I moved my hand lower and started rubbing my clit over my pussy. I kept my phone in speaker mode and freed my other hand too and using that I pinched my already erect nipples and with the other hand I continued rubbing my soaked pussy.

My boobs have become tight listening to my husband dirty words and I was fully excited.

Hubby (over phone): Aslam will keep his big black dick inside your tight pussy and fuck your delicate pussy like a mad bull.

You will be screaming ahh ah ahhh ohhh Aslam ahhhhh ah with pleasure as his dick moves in and out of your tender pussy and with his every stroke you will be begging for more and below you I will be licking your pussy while I finger your ass hole.

He will fuck you like a whore on street side and cum inside your young fertile pussy and I will lick you clean of his cum and eat it like a loving husband to avoid pregnancy from the bull.

Later he will push me down your ass to make me lick your ass hole while he will be spanking my ass for being a bad husband for allowing a bull to fuck your delicate pussy. He will make you lick his dick clean while I finish licking cum of your pussy.

Me: Yes baby clean my pussy baby or I will have to carry his babies.

(I was moaning loudly over phone imagining the situation and playing with my boobs).

It didn’t took long as I was horny like hell and I had a massive orgasm and on the other side my hubby also reached his orgasm spilling his cum on his hands.

Hubby: Baby how was it? Did you like today’s role play?

I was shy to reply to him and I was blushing on the other side.

Me: Yes baby (I was blushing while answering).

Today’s role play we had a threesome where my hubby fucked me as his driver Aslam, and while hubby’s character will be cuckolded and made to suck his wife’s pussy and clean it.

With my husband’s question my mind went back to the day I first saw Aslam.

To tell more about our driver:

Aslam is a Tamilian, belongs to Muslim and he is of around 45-50 years, and he is currently working as driver under my hubby. He is very strongly built around 6’3 inches and bulky body like all other beaf eating Muslims. He has hairy body and black skin tone.”

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