interfaith breeding is the answer

interfaith breeding

By Riya

As an individual who has a Master’s degree in History from one of the reputed Universities in India, I have studied the phase of interaction between Hindus and Muslims. Indian history is mainly divided into three phases: ancient, medieval and modern.

While the ancient history deals with the Indus Valley civilization, early and later Vedic periods and mainly “Hindu India”; the medieval part focuses on “Islamic India”. Be it the invaders like Gazni or be it the early Sultanate of Delhi, it is seen that many of the Islamic rulers indeed had conquered many Hindu women too. Even in Mughal India, Hindu women increased the beauty of the harem and the Emperor’s Courts.

It has to be noted that the depiction of these invaders or Sultans or even the Mughals is often depicted as “barbarians”. This can be especially seen in the history written by Hindu right-wing historians. While these historians do give a factual account of history at times, they seem to devote more of their writing towards often exaggerated versions of how Hindu women were conquered by the Muslims, how Hindu princesses were literally abundant in the harems of Muslim rulers, and so on. I can imagine the joy and excitement of a medieval Islamic ruler from the distant lands when he laid his hands first of a “Bharatiya Hindu Naari”. What a happiness it would be for him!

I am also sure that she would be equally thrilled. The Hindu rulers of medieval India too married off their daughters to Muslim kings and princes. These pretty Hindu women ended up in the harems and their fathers did this to save their kingdoms. “Apni gaand bachane ke liye”, as we could say in colloquial terms.

The law of the land then was that when a king lost his empire, he also lost his women and property. So when a Muslim ruler would invade the Hindu kingdom and conquer it, the Hindu king would be captured (or he would often lose his life in the battle). His queens were now the captives of the Muslim ruler and so were his kingdom. And what a great way for the victor to celebrate his victory, other than by fucking the women of the loser! That too, in the loser’s kingdom, in the loser’s palace and in the loser’s bed! Truly incredible!

The lower ranked Muslims soldiers and generals would fuck the women of the Hindu king’s ministers and soldiers. Often, these victorious soldiers would enter the villages like lustful lions and fuck young Hindu women to their dick’s content. It has to be noted that the Hindu society then has the practice of child marriages, so the Hindu wives then were even as young as 18 often. The Islamic victors indeed enjoyed fucking these fresh and exotic Hindu bitches who too liked being fucked wild by a foreign cock. A circumcised penis was something which they had never experienced before, and a new different penis was quite an exciting experience.

So this romance of Hindu women with Muslim dicks continues till date. One of the main reasons why a Hindu woman chooses a Muslim cock is just for trial. Since her childhood, she hears her father and brothers refer to Muslims as “Katwe” (those with a circumcised dick). So as she blossoms, she naturally has that inquisitiveness to see how a “Katwa” penis indeed looks. She’d have ample opportunities to touch one, as young Muslims lads are quite proud of their circumcised penis. As she touches it, she’d progress to suck it and later fuck it soon! This is how she takes her first Islamic penis. And then, there’s no ending to this. She becomes a perpetual cum dump for Muslim penises.

Now let me come to my title, “Why Interfaith breeding is the answer!”.

Today, we see that the right wing Hindu fanatics complain that Hindus and Muslims cannot coexist peacefully. My only solution to that is to promote and propagate interfaith breeding. What is the best union between two individuals? It is definitely nothing but an “intercourse!”

When a Muslim male fucks a Hindu female, both of them truly enjoy. It is a good way to bring in harmony between Hindus and Muslims. I am aware that Hindus and Muslims at times have certain feeling of hatred towards each other. But when the formula proposed by me is adopted, it will usher in a new era of peace and tranquility.

12 thoughts on “interfaith breeding is the answer

  1. I like ur formula n support it.nowadays its normal to Hindu women married with Muslim man in India.even married Hindu women make affair with Muslim man and enjoy real sex.

  2. Hindu girls are sluts by birth. They spread their legs happily to all foreign invaders eg. Muslims, Britishers. Their husbands sons and brothers are pimps who hold their mothers sisters and daughters legs wide apart so that the invaders can enter their pussy with much ease

    1. maine to behan ko chudwa kar apna jija bhi bnaya aur maa ko chudwa kar apna baap bhi bana liya musalmano ko

  3. Yes Maine Muslim ko apna jija banya hai mai Muslim ko ghar lakar apni bahan vaishnavi ki jeans air panty sarkake apne Muslim jija ka land ka supada apni bahan ke but ke chhed pe rakhke Dana diya Muslim jiju ka land meri bahan vaishnavi ka but fadte hue jadtak ghus gaya for mera Muslim jija mery bahan vaishnavi ki but Kate land se gapgap chodne laga

  4. bilkul sach baat hai. pehle hamari society mein hindus aur muslims ke beech mein bahut lafda hota tha, par jab se hamari society ki auraton ne musalmano se chudwana shuru kiya hai koi lafda nhi hua hai. hindu mard bhi ab auraton ko khush dekh kar khush hain. meri maa to jab bhi society ka koi musalman mard pareshani mei hota hai to use ghar bula ke hum sabke samne usse chudwati hai aur uska sperm apni chut mein dalwati hai aur use khush kar ke bhejti hai.

  5. I support this solution. If our Hindus ladies, though married,or unmarried, if make love with Muslim men, there will be great peace and harmony in our country. No wars ,but only Peace . Younger generation should understand and act fast.

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