Interfaith Love Story

Hi, And Lots of Love to each and everyone of you Who is Reading this Right now.
The Story you’re about to read isnt a work of Fiction but A confession. Its A Chapter from My life’s Book and The only reason am Sharing this is Show My Support towards the concept of interfaith and Its Perks. Hope U guys like it.

About me, I am Rashmi , Currently 27 years old, In a Relationship and Working as an Asst Proffesor. Basically from East Delhi but Resides in Jaipur Now. I come from a Humble background of A typical Brahmin Family, Educated and Working class, am The Only Girl born to my parents Besides My Older Brother,Pavan Who is 5 years Older than me. I am 5’7 Tall and Has a Fair skin and Slim Figure. The Story Which i am sharing with u all, Is When i was 18 Years Old and Was Just admitted In BBA at JNU, Delhi. Although a Bold and confident woman now Back then i was a Shy, Sincere and Quiet Sanskari Typical Brahmin Girl haha.. I was well on top of my class. Well Atleast in the top 5. And My only intrests besides Studies and Career were Reading Blogs.

I Had Just started My college At JNU. Soon I made New friends In college, And begin to Adjust and Dissolve in my New Life. I met Ketika, Who was completely opposite of me, She Loved Partying, Occasional Drinks, And always talked about Guys she has been with, One night stands, And Parties and would Share all her Intimate moments with me. Although i knew it in my heart that it was all wrong i was somehow Attarcted to her Lifestyle. I thought She is Just 18, same as me and look at how she enjoys her life. But at same time i thought about my career, felt these things arent for me. My parents always kept me in a strict Environment. It wasnt that they didnt allowed me anything but i was never allowed to come home late or Go to some party with friends , and well friendship with Boys was strictly off the Table. So I Envied Ketika’s Life a lot..
One such day i saw her getting off from A senior’s Bike. I Didnt know who he was But I instantly Liked his rugged looks He Was atleast 6 feet tall Dark skinned, He wasnt Muscular but He looked Fit. I quickly asked Ketika who he was? SHe just told me ‘He is Nobody, He is Just a Mushroom.’ I didnt understand what she said but she told me ‘Tu abhi Bachhi hain, Bf Mil jayega sab samajh jayegi’ And just she Just walked off Laughing.

It was Usual for me In Next few months, Same Boring life. Home to college, College to tuitions and Again Back home, for some more Lectures regarding life From My Parents. Being around Ketika I now Used to feel completely Bored by this routine and It was Gradually Changing my perspective towards Life. So i started more n more time with her, we used to Bunk college and Go for movies, Chill out, I even sometimes Bunked Tuitions and go with her on Dates with her bf. I was always the 3rd wheel but her bf was sweet towards me and never complained of my presence. His Name was Sayyed. Although i never imagined Myself ever befriending any muslim yet after i met Ketika i started seeing things in a different light. We 3 soon became Good friends and often used to hangout together. Ketika Told him everything of my life and Being with them Made me feel free. The only awkward moments were when The 2 used to start making out. Sayyed was crazy he never used to care about surroundings. One such Day they were making out in a movie theatre and as i was getting uncomfortable sitting beside them, I asked them to go and get some private room. Sayyed suddenly and told us that his friend has just moved to an independant room Near JNU and we should go there. I told them they should go there as it was gettig late But both of them took me there anyways.

That room belonged to Sayyed friends Rehaan, Whom i didnt know but Ketika And Sayyed Had been to his place a few times. It was a small Two Room Place, With one Bedroom and Living room. So we went there and i Was introduced to a Tall, Dark, and lanky guy named Rehaan. At First glance i wasnt quiet impressed with him at all. He had a long horse shaped face with swelly lips and Big bulgy eyes. The only thing i liked about him was His Towering height, He stood almost 6’4 tall almost Half a foot taller than me. Besides that he had a Husky deep voice. Ketika introduced us and quickly went into bedroom with Sayyed and i was left with This Tall stranger. The first few mins were just awkward silence and glances but Then out of nowhere he asked me, ‘Tera Bf Kaha hain?’ I was like ‘Dude, Mera koi Bf nahi hain’ ‘Seriously? Tum Bala ki khoobsurat ho , Kapdo se to Ameer Khandan se lagti ho aur aaj tak Tera Koi bf nahi Raha’ Hmm i thought to myself. I too wondered why i never went out with anyone, It does seem Fun watching Ketika and Sayyed. Though Too direct and somewhat rude Hus Questions got me thinking. I still didnt liked him much but that day we exchanged no.s and regularly started chatting and talking. As i knew him now I started frequently visiting his room along with Ketika and Sayyed. He always used to flirt with me, and i too didnt mind. In these Few months i tried a lots of new things, Rehaan Showed me Porns all the time and i even tried some beer on one occassion.And also during a Truth and Dare Game i was Dared to kiss Rehaan which i did. It was weird for me for few days but He regularly started Kissing me as soon as he got chance. Somewhat i started liking him and Sayyed used to teach me that very soon I will be the one In bedroom not them. We used to laugh about it. But Sayyed never stopped teasing me. In a month came my bday and 4 of us decided to celebrate it at Rehaans place. The Guys brought a nice chocolate cake my fav one and some beers with it. After some beers the mood lighten up, and Sayyed teasingly Asked Rehaan , ‘So Bhai, Isko Bedroom Ke darshan kab Karane wale ho?’ I was just listening to those 2 and ketika was beside me. Rehaan said, ‘Umm wahi sochta hu roz par ye hindu sali kuch jyada hi seedhi hain’. ‘To bhai Jhuka ke le iski’ and i dont know why but we all started laughing like idiots on his Vulgar joke. It was weird but i Liked the way he called me a Hindu and Listening to them talk sexual about me was making me moist. I just looked at Rehaan and got up saying i have to use the bathroom and went in his bedroom. It was a small room with mattress on floor there was no bed, and He had Religious Photos of islam hanging on his walls, The walls were painted green and it gave me a weird vibe. As i turned to leave the room. I saw Rehaan Standing behind as he locked the door. I nervously said, ‘main bas aise hi tumhari room dekhne aayi thi’ He didnt said anything and came towards me, Hugged me tightly and started kissing me deeply. ‘Happy birthday rashmi ‘ ‘Thanks Rehaan’ I said. He took me on his Mattress and We lay there together. He took off his Jeans and tee and was only in his underwear. I was Wearing a Dress that day so with one swing he took it off and i was Just in my Bra and Panty with him. For few mins he just stared at my body with his lusty eyes and then he said, ‘Aaj ka din tu kabhi nahi bulegi meri jaan , Tere janamdin ka tujhe sabse acha gift milne wala hain tujhe aaj ‘ I was happy to hear it. ‘U are the best gift for me Rehaan’ I said. And he held my hand put it on his underwear. I was touching something Big and Hard. ‘Isse bahar Nikalu?’ I asked him nervously. ‘Nikal na meri jaan , Abse ye musalmaani lund tera hi hain’ Ohh those vulgar words were making me moist more than ever. And i took his cock out. It didnt had any foreskin on top and It looked angry and was rock hard. And i smiled to myself and i saw his head and thought that This is it. This is what Ketika called as Mushroom. ‘Muh main le Rashmi ‘ And as i was thinking of whether to take it or not he pushed my head on his tool and His Musalmani lund was Deep and wet inside my hindu mouth. I fell in love with the taste the moment it touched my Lips and i started sucking and licking it as if i was doing it for years. ‘Aah.. aaah… kya baat hain meri jaan’ ‘Yahi to sala baat hain tum hindu ladkiyon ki, Kya chusti ho’ His words were encouraging me a lot and i kept on sucking it more and more. Untill i felt something Hot and Thick violently Pouring in my mouth. By this time i had seen lots of Porns so i knew he must have cummed. And Like a good Gf i wanted to impress him by keeping his cum in my mouth, showing him appreciation for his cock. But the moment he cummed in my mouth i wanted to throw up it was so sticky and Weird that I Thought i would vomit this very moment, but somehow i managed not to. ‘Swallow it rashmi ccmon ‘ I looked at him and With one Gulp swallowed it all. I was on top of my world, I just turned 19 , Had a Bf with such Huge Cock. And i just had the first Blow job of my life.

‘Whats Next’ i asked him. He called for Ketika and asked her for some Gel and Vaseline. She winked at me as she went. Rehaan began applying All the Gel on his cock and he ordered me to Pull down my panty and Stay in Doggy Position till he is ready. I was feeling fired up they way he was using me. I grew restless as i waited there and as i was about to turn around he grabbed my hips tightly, Said, ‘Hilna mat, teri seal todne wala hu’ I gasped took a deep breathe, and With one odd second felt something Huge hot, And I felt as if someone has tore me apart. As i moved forward, Rehaan moved with me and pushed himself on me with complete force. We both fell on bed, And I could now feel his complete 7.5 inches deep inside me. He shoved my mouth with his hand and stood inside of me for few mins. I dont know how but the pain just went away after a while and i asked him to take his hand of my mouth. Maybe i screamed too loud, Coz Sayyed and Ketika knocked on our room, ‘Bhai, Dheere le thhoda Chudi nahi hain wo ab tak kisi se ‘ ‘Abe thik hain bhai , ab chud gayi wo ‘ .. I felt so embarrssed that i shouted, ‘ Sayyed tu jaa yaha se sale, Main thik hu’ I heard him Laughing outside.

‘Chudegi meri jaan? ‘ Rehaan asked me, ‘ Ofcourse i said and Rehaan started fucking me slowly and with a steady pace. I could feel why the whole world is crazy for this. The feeling i was getting was so so awesome. I could feel i was very wet so wet that i could feel it on my thighs too. But it was my blood which was proof that i was no longer a Virgin. ‘ Welcome to Interfaith world Rashmi , ‘ He said . I asked him whats that? ‘ Abhi to tu aayi hain Dheere dheere sab samajh jayega meri brahmin Chinaal ‘ And He kept on fucking me for few more mins. I had to stop him twice to cum myself.. and finally i gave him a Handjob so he finally came in my mouth again. But this time i wasnt nauseaous and i swallowed his cum with pride.
This is how i was welcomed to this world and lost my virginity to this amazing guy. I was in a Relationship with Rehaan for 3 Years during which i dont remember a moment when i was wasnt fucked properly. Me Rehaan , Sayyed and ketika became friends for life and Even Took our friendship to next level when sayyed and Rehaan shared us amoungst them. My 3 years of College with these 3 people were Memorable and it has left me with lifetime of memories.

Its been 5 years since we left college now and Are all busy in our Own lives, I Have a Bf Named Kareem now, Ketika is married to Sayyed and has moved to Dubai. Rehaan Went to Hyderabad to Work for his family business. Although separated we are still in touch.
Do Give me ur feedbacks or if u have any questions
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17 thoughts on “Interfaith Love Story

    1. Truly Spoken, These universties Are like Hunting grounds forQHindu women Are very Quickly Drawn to The Possiblities of Having an Interfaith relations. The Environment and University culture also plays a Vitol role in it.

  1. this is a remarkable story. i myself feel our woman are now getting what theyreally desrve. thanks for creating hindu muslim unity landmarks.

    1. Its Just a Story For those who supports such Relations. I cant say its right or wrong but Am sure its exiting. Thanks for showing maturity And being liberal in your Response.

      1. thanks thia ia requirment of time and i feel it is in my nature to see our woman living to the fullest
        kik : rashmi_ayunty1234

      2. Well unfortunately hindu women like you are the living example of why hindus are wrong to give freedom to their women.
        Mohammad was right to put strict rules & regulations of sharia on women.

        The maturity you speak of, do so called muslim community show that? especially in Islamic countries?
        Apne hi coomunity ke mardo ko secularism, liberalism ka lecture do, lekin muslimo ki har 7th century waali baat ko maano, ye double standard hinduo ne di huyi azaadi ki wajeh se hi hai miss.

        hindu aurto ko agar muslim aurto ki tarah rakhte to hindu bhi apni aurto pe garv paate.
        Par koi baat nahi future generation of all so called modern women deserve to live under sharia.
        Sanatan dharm jo athiesm tak ki azaadi deta hai

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