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Hi Sandy I am Mayank I read your post which encouraged me to post my feelings as well. I have the exact same fantasy and I also think about the exact same thing that you mentioned in that post “jis bhi ladki ko dekhta hu usko musalmano k saath dekhne ka khayal aata hai.”
I have had many fantasies in the past but with time after a few months I used to get bored but hindu girl with muslim fantasy I have been having from past 5 years and don’t seem to get bored may be because its so deep rooted and there is some reality in it. Reality in the sense that I have seen too many hindu girls going for muslim men. I know a quite a few and I cannot share their pics or anything on this site.

That time I dont think this site existed. In the beginning I hated this thing but later I realized that there is nothing I could do about this it is only going to increase with time. I tried to ignore this feeling but it was too heavy. Slowly the energy and feeling of hate and despair inside me converted into sexual energy. I started masturbating thinking about it.
Sometimes I wondered that may be I think this way because I dont have a girlfriend but I have seen many guys with girlfriends and wives having this fetish/fantasy too and real cuckolds are the people with gf’s and wives.
Those were the early days of my fantasy, there was a hindu girl on facebook a real girl with real profile, she was married to a muslim  had many pics and videos including her wedding pics. I messaged her saying something negative about her relationship with a muslim. She gave a blistering reply. A round of arguments began.
She mentioned in the middle of the conversation that talking with me reminds her of a girl, there was a girl who was her real life friend she was also not very happy with her relationship with the muslim guy but later she was able to change her mind and now she has a muslim bf.
To which I replied “you are like that so you want others to be like you those who eat shit also want others to do the same.”
The argument heated further we both started using foul language. I told her to convert to muslim and she said she already has. Then she started humiliating me saying that I am a looser and she pities me.
Honestly at that moment I was enjoying getting humiliated by her, it was a bittersweet feeling a mixture of opposite feelings. She loathed me further said I could never get a girl like her at the same time praised her husband. It turned me on I began masturbating thinking about her enjoying that cirucmcised muslim cock. She had no clue that I was enjoying it, I think she wanted to hurt me with her words. I wanted the conversation to grow more sexual so I directed the conversation mentioned something saying that I pity you because muslims have half cut and samll dicks. She said to me that I should send my sister to her and she would let her husband fuck her and after that she would narrate all the pleasures my sister had with a real man. I was amazed.
She blocked me and also took a screenshot of my first message in which I made a negative comment about her marriage to a muslim guy there was no foul language in that message. She posted the screenshot on her timeline saying that look at these haters who say negative things to her b’coz she married her muslim boyfriend. She had a large amount genuine followers. After that I got many messages from random people cussing, cursing me after getting flooded I was forced to disable may account. I didn’t talk to her again.

Then after a few months I messaged another girl, too pretty to ignore she was also married to a muslim had wedding and honeymoon pics. At that time I was using a ‘female’ name Priyanka Sharma. I had some followers on that account. That was a nationalist account meaning that I made some posts and shared things which showed that this girl is nationalist and staunch hindu. I messaged that saying that she should be ashamed to marry a muslim. At first she tried to convince me that there is nothing wrong but I didn’t listen to her and acted stubborn. Then the argument heated further with constant disagreements. Then the girl fight began. We started using abusive language, she said that I am brainwashed and muslims are cool and that I should try one. I said yea they are cool with half cut dicks like your husband who has a 4 incher. She asked me to come to her home and see for myself. I replied I dont see disgusting things and that I pity her that her husband has so small and kata hua half cut.
She replied my pussy would be so tight that it would get torn apart by half cut dick. ‘teri to itni tight hogi ki kate hue se fat jayegi.’ She even mentioned that she would get me fucked by her muslim husband.
Then she said “aja tere ko chuda deti hu kisi kate hue se” (come to me I would get you fucked by a muslim man). I felt humiliated and started masturbating.
Then she said tum chutiyo ne theka le rakha hai lovejihad ka tum log wohi chillate rehte ho, she said she cannot believe an educated girl like me could think like this (she was right coz i was a boy and in reality inko muslimo ka jyada pasand aata hai).
After that she blocked me it was the end.

Then after an year there was a time when I was using a facebook account with a muslim name. I added a few girls. There was a beautiful girl named Ruchika she is so pretty I wish I could share her pic because words cant describe her beauty. But I cannot share her pic here. She had a muslim boyfriend he was not so good looking. She was a college girl, had quite a large following on facebook coz she was pretty had hundreds of pics. Her bf was in the same college they shared pics of being together in the college. As i said I was using a muslim name on facebook. First I added her boyfriend after he added me as a friend I sent Ruchika a friend request, she added me, might have seen me as a mutual friend of her bf. I messaged her ‘hi how are you pretty’. I got a reply. Then I said ‘I see you like muslims don’t you’. She replied back ‘yea thats why my boyfriend is a muslim’, it was not some joke or sarcasm. She seemed like a smart girl if I had sent the same message to her with a Hindu name saying that ‘I see you like muslims’ I am 100% sure that she would not have sent me the same reply ‘yea thats why my boyfriend is a muslim’ instead she would have said something more general and neutral like ‘oh I don’t like or dislike people on the basis of religion or race.’ I didn’t talk to her much as I got the answer.

This kind of thing I have noticed in other well educated hindu girls too. I cant say that all are like this but personally I have come across quite a few girls like these. There was another college hindu girl whom I chatted with the same muslim name. She also had a muslim boyfriend, she had shared many pics of her with her bf and got many likes and comments. She studied in a reputed college. We were having a chat, I started flirting with her. I knew she had a muslim boyfriend but I showed as if i dont know. I said hindu girls like you need muslim men for satisfaction right? She said I have gone mad. I sent many messages of this nature she tried to downplay them all. Then I said you are not satisfied you need a muslim man. She replied ‘I already have a muslim boyfriend to satisfy me and I dont need another so please find some other girl.’
I lol ed and said so you agree muslims are better in bed. She didn’t answer and ignored me but I got the answer so no point digging more leave her with her bf.

Some misogynistic say that deception is women’s weapon and women should not be trusted.  For me they are just going for superior men and lund with gives them more pleasure and satisfaction. They give nice neutral answer to hindu guys because this truth could be unpleasant which cannot be revealed at all times but some of us get to know the truth and this harsh truth turns me on.
This is a hidden truth buried deep. Where do you find diamonds? Deep down in the ground, covered and protected. Where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, covered up and protected in a beautiful shell. Where do you find gold? Way down in the mine, covered over with layers and layers of rock. You’ve got to work hard to get to them. I felt light after sharing this as there is no other place where I could have shared this.
In case any hindu girl likes to humiliate hindu guys or want to talk about this then here is my email: [email protected] I will not waste my time with any person with a girl name I would only chat with you if you could prove that you are girl by sending me your voice that yes you wanna chat with me you could either record your voice here or on your phone or computer.

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  1. ohmm nice man . at least hindu guys give their girls rights of selection. yah openly. if rich ppl give girl to muslim no problem if middle class or poor girl in friendship with muslim then the cry. see the famous person of hinduisam. bal thakray saab.

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