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Interfaithxxx Special Request

The alarm went off at approximately 7:15 in the morning. Malak’s hand shot out from under the covers and shut it off. The Arab teen leaped out of bed and stretched. The air conditioning made his room cold, so he quickly pulled a thawb over his bare chest.

His morning stiffy strained against the material. Malak was thin and small for his age, but his cock was the exception. None of his classmates came close to him in size, black or white. A few classmates showering after gym teased him about it, calling him “third leg”, but for the most part, it seemed to make his male friends uncomfortable.

Word had gotten around at school, as several girls started flirting with him. Two had seem it, one staring in awe, but refusing to touch it. The other had actually touched it but would do nothing else with it. Malak thought she would eventually come around.

Malak thought it’s intimidating size and the fact that he was a Muslim immigrant had kept him a virgin, but Malak wouldn’t have traded either for anything. He wouldn’t stay a virgin forever.

His cock was getting uncomfortable. He needed to take care of his erection, but that could wait.

School was out for the summer and Malak didn’t have a job, nor did he have chores to attend to. He would have preferred to sleep in or to have gotten back in bed, put his laptop on his lap and call up interfaithxxx. There he could take care of his swollen cock, jerking off to hot images of Muslim sexual domination of others and then go back to sleep.

Malak didn’t need to get out of bed, but he did have a reason for doing so. That reason was Beth McDaniels.

Malak walk over to his window and to the telescope looking down from the second floor to his neighbor’s driveway across the street. He faked an interest in astronomy a few months ago so he could get a telescope as a reward for his good grades at school. That telescope had never once been aimed at the sky. It was always aimed at the McDaniels’ yard.

Five minutes after his alarm had gone off, Malak was bending over, eye pressed to the viewer on his telescope. He watched Mr. McDaniels stroll out his door just like he did every week day. The pale Caucasian man recoiled when he hit the humid air outside. He hurried to his BMW convertible, eager to get the air conditioning going to escape the heat. His wife followed him and Malak relished what she was wearing. Beth bent down and kissed the glass of the driver’s window. Then she backed up and waved as her husband backed out of the drive.

Malak wondered what she saw in this old geezer who couldn’t be bothered to roll his window down to kiss her goodbye. Beth was in her twenties, but her husband was at least fifteen years her senior.

Malak stared at her as she waved to her husband. The young wife was wearing black yoga pants that hung low on her hips. Another quarter inch and the tops of her pubes would be showing. She was wearing a tank top that stopped just above her sexy flat stomach.

Malak wanted to stick his tongue in her naval and lick her belly before moving his tongue up to her breasts or down to her pussy. Her tits were magnificent, C maybe D, he didn’t know cup sizes very well but he did know they were impressively big on her small frame. The tank top showed off a lot of cleavage and he could make out a bra strap sticking out on one shoulder. If she were his, he wouldn’t allow her to wear a bra even if it was the reason her cleavage was so impressive. Beth McDaniels was a red head, naturally. Her eyebrows were red. He wondered if her pussy hair was red too. Not that he cared, he’d make her shave it clean.

Malak continued staring through the telescope as his hand slipped inside his thawb. He grasped his straining cock and began to jerk off.

“I love you so much,” whispered Malak as he watched Beth return to her house.

Malak stepped back and collapsed on to his desk chair. He spit in his hand, leaned back and started jerking his cock off, slowly at first, then picking up speed.

Beth McDaniels was one hot fucking bitch. He jerked off every morning to her in his mind. Then he’d go back to bed, check out interfaithxxx, jerk off again to whatever interracial picture caught his fancy then spend the rest of the day doing nothing else.

Beth had looked extra fucking hot this morning. He loved the summer. As soon as the winter clothes came off and he started getting glimpses of her shapely body, his hand would find the shaft of his dick. First the shorts would come out and he could stare at her bare legs and if they were short enough, a hint of ass cheek. Long sleeves, turned to short sleeves and short sleeves turned to tanks or halter tops. Once last summer, when the newlyweds moved across the street, he’d caught her washing the car in a bikini top and he’d practically cum in his pants without even touching his cock.

Beth liked sunning herself in a T back thong apparently, though her alabaster skin never got much of a tan. Unfortunately, she didn’t appear in public too much in her thong. She preferred the privacy of her backyard when sunbathing. Malak had come up with a brilliant plan to introduce himself to Mr. McDaniels and offer to do yard work. He was reluctant but Malak quoted such a cheep price, how could he refuse. Malak would wait until he saw Beth in the backyard then he’d stroll over, but the moment Beth saw him, she’d disappear inside. Either she didn’t like to be seen in her thong, maybe she didn’t like being on display for a teenager or maybe she didn’t like Arabs. Whatever her reason, Malak’s plan backfired and all last summer he was stuck working for next to nothing. He hadn’t offered to work for them this year.

“FUCK ME!” screamed Beth.

Malak laid his head back and jerked his cock off faster now. She was wearing a green girdle that matched her eyes and left her boobs bare. White lace gloves covered her hands as she squeezed her tits and smiled alluringly, invitingly.

“I want that big fucking cock so bad,” she moaned.

Beth wore black high heeled shoes that left her pretty little feet bare except for black straps. If you were my bitch, he thought, I’d be sucking the red paint off one of those big toes right now. Sexy see thru black panties covered her pubic mound and he could see that she had granted his one wish. Her pussy was shaved bare. Her clit was swollen with her arousal for him, her pussy lips glistened with their wetness. One hand left her tits and slipped down inside her panties.

“Please Malak. Fuck me now like only you can,” she moaned.

Malak’s cock exploded. His cum shot several feet into the air arching downward to leaved another mysterious stain on his carpeted floor.

Malak slowly opened his eyes, still stoking his cock, milking every last drop of his voluminous ejaculate. His heavy scrotum was plus sized to go with his cock and his big balls never failed to produce a lot of semen. He pushed the wheeled office chair back towards his bed and the box of tissues on the nightstand beside it. He grabbed some tissues and wiped up the sperm. He then tossed the tissues into the trashcan by the desk. It always reeked of semen.

Malak sighed and considered going back to sleep, be he heard the garage door going up across the street. Malak ran back to the window.

Beth was standing in her garage bent down. The yoga pants were replaced with equally tight black shorts. The full moon of her ass filled the image in his telescope. She was tying her sneakers laces and then she stretched her legs. She was preparing to go for her morning post-yoga run. Malak watched her take off down the street at a slow steady pace. He scrambled to get dressed. Five minutes later, Malak was pedaling his bike in the opposite direction down the street.

Malak liked watching her. He knew her route. He often biked to watch her. She jogged three days a week but switched the days around. He was very familiar with the route she took.

Malak hurried the several blocks towards the park. He pulled his bike up behind a bench and sat down, sweat pouring down his face. It was hot, but then Beth would be all sweaty too and five minutes later when she rounded the corner, he saw that he was right.

Malak watched her coming. She was sweaty. She’d tied her hair back to keep it off the back of her neck. Her entire body glistened, slick with sweat. Her tank top was soaked. It clung to her fit body like a wet tee shirt. He watched her breasts bouncing each time one foot came down. She moved like she was in slow motion. The big melons on her chest slapped down on her right as her left foot came down, then they bounced up to the left before falling on her right only to bounce back up to the right. His eyed followed her bouncing boobs as if hypnotized.

Beth saw him sitting there. She glanced at him, then quickly away, staring straight in front of her. She moved to the edge of the path. She passed without acknowledging him. Malak wondered if she was on to him. But then she never did say anything, even when he worked for her husband.

His eyes followed her as she passed, but instead of her boobs, he now stared at her ass, bouncing almost as must as her breasts had.

He followed her home staying a block behind her. His pedaling hampered by another stiffy. Malak was soaked with sweat when he parked his bike in the driveway. He hurried upstairs, rubbed another one out while in the shower, pulled his robe on, and collapsed on his bed. He felt like going back to sleep, but then he felt like looking at some porn. Porn won.

Malak went to interfaithxxx and was checking to see the latest updates when he noticed a “Member Request” tab. He clicked the new link.

As a member of our on-line Muslim community you are entitled to exclusive privileges. Just fill out the form below. He finished reading it. The form has a section for name, address, member request.

“Well, I know what I want,” he whispered, typing Beth McDaniels in the first section. He filled out the address and then in the request section typed, “I want the Bitch bound, nude, today”.

Malak’s finger moved over and pressed the submit button. “I’d like to see that,” he said with a chuckle wondering how his request would be fulfilled.

He closed the site and then set his laptop on his nightstand deciding he would go back to sleep.

Malak had barely closed his eyes when his laptop beeped. He had received an instant message. He sat up when he saw it was from interfaithxxx.

It read, “Congratulations, your special request has been accepted. Would you like to track your request?”

Malak snorted, “yeah, I’d like to track my request,” he said in disbelief. He clicked on yes and immediately got a response.

“Pick up has been dispatched.”

He shook his head and climbed out of bed when the next message arrived.

“Pick up at transfer point.”

Malak frowned. This had to be an elaborate joke. He had hoped for a photoshopped image from Beth’s facebook page or a bondage cartoon with her features. How could anything be at a transfer point?

He moved over to his window. The old lady that lived next to him was walking her little dog in front of Beth’s house. A very large man in a black suit carrying a briefcase was waking towards her down the sidewalk. Malak couldn’t make out the man’s features, but he was huge and built like a weightlifter. He looked like he would have been very hot in the dark suit. He was also wearing a kufiya. The man nodded to the old lady who stared then nodded at him. The man turned and walked towards the McDaniels front door.

Malak put his eye on the eyepiece of his telescope. He saw the man’s huge beefy hand ring the doorbell.

Beth opened the door and Malak gasped. She was barefooted. Appeared to have showered after her morning jog. She’d changed back into shorts. This time she had pulled on a halter top that barley contained her tits and he could see her nipples through the top. No bra on and her tits were as firm as then were when she wore one.

“Mrs. McDaniels, you are a wet dream,” whispered Malak, watching the man nod to Beth. She looked at him suspiciously until the man produced a business card. She read it, smiled and stepped aside so he could enter her house. The door closed behind them.

“Package being prepared”

Malak read the message and scoffed again at the strangeness of the situation. He felt his cock stiffen again as his mind entertained the fantasy.

“Package in route”

Malak ran back to the window and looked through the telescope. Beth’s front door was open and the man in the dark suit was filling the frame. The man stepped out of the house. He reached in and took his briefcase out, setting it beside him. The man reached into the house again and this time he took out a much larger package. As he turned to shut the McDaniels’ front door, the package swung around and Malak could see the form of a bound nude woman handing from his hand.

Malak gasped and stepped back from his telescope. The man in the dark suit carried his briefcase in his left hand and the nude Beth McDaniels hanging from black leather straps in his right. The old lady waiting for her dog to finish defecating on Beth’s lawn. She waved at the man in the dark suit as he passed as if there was nothing strange about the situation. The man nodded. His kufiya covering most of his face. He walked over the sidewalk and down the street. He waited for two cars to drive past, then casually crossed the street carrying Beth as easily as easily he carried the briefcase. Malak held his breath as the man in the dark suit stepped onto his lawn. His doorbell rang.

“Package Delivered”

Malak flew down the stairs, skipping two at a time. He yanked the front door open and stared in shock.

Beth McDaniels was indeed nude, but for the black high heels on her feet. She was bound, hands between legs. Her ass and the sexiest shaved quim Malak had ever seen facing him, while Beth was facing away from him. She appeared half asleep. Her eyes were closed and she moaned softly. He pussy glistened with wetness. It looked swollen, engorged with arousal. Her tits were also swollen. They glistened too as if coated with baby oil. Strange white gold circles capped her nipples. The circles had been pushed down her areola. Each white circle had three bent prongs that curved outwards and served to keep Beth’s nipples erect. It looked like her breasts might explode at any moment. Four black leather straps encircled her body connected to several metal rings that connected to the strap in the man’s hand so that he could carry her.

“My card,” said the man in the dark suit.

The card was an interfaithxxx business card. Malak looked at it then up to the man. In shock, he stepped back in fear.

“Don’t be afraid Malak. Here is the Bitch bound, nude, today as per your request.”

Malak stepped back so that the man could enter his house. Malak was so surprised, he found himself staring less at his nude fantasy woman and more at the mysterious man.

The man set Beth down and began undoing the straps. He pulled her to her feet. As her red hair swung aside, Malak could see a leather collar around her neck. She also had a leather strap around her wrists binding her hands together. The man pulled Beth’s arms over her head and strapped the wrist cuffs to the back of her neck collar, binding her hands upwards over her back and forcing her to arch her back thrusting out her breasts.

She moaned, still appearing asleep, maybe even hypnotized. Her eyes remained closed. Malak just stared dumbfounded at her big white titties. Malak had never seen white titties or pink nipples outside of the internet. He stared at the big beautiful orbs, milky white and smooth and at her swollen nipples held erect and squeezed by the white circle clamps. Her breasts still looked like they might pop at any moment.

“Why are her breasts so big?” her asked.

“From the clamps. it is necessary that we prepare Mrs. McDaniels to properly serve you, Malak.” He reached out and pinched one of the clamps around her nipples. Beth moaned loudly, her hips making little thrusting motions.

He then reached down and stuck one index finger between her legs. Beth’s body spasmed and she moaned.

“She is ready to receive your cock.” He removed his finger and leaned down before the bound woman. He put both hands on the nipple clamps, fingers squeezing them to pinch her nipples more.

“Ahh! AHH! AHHH!”, screamed Beth. Her eyes flew open and she looked both confused and horrified.

He moved behind her, reaching around her and squeezing both breasts. His hands gripped them tightly causing areas he wasn’t squeezing to spill over.

“Ahh!” she cried again and Malak wondered if she could no longer talk. Not that he was interested in conversation.

Malak sat back, staring at his fantasy woman being treated like a party favor. He squeezed his big cock eager to sink it in her needy pussy.

“It has not been enough,” the man in the dark suit said.

“It is necessary to simulate Mrs. McDaniels without relief in your presence. This will create a psychological connection between you and Mrs. McDaniels. She will think of you as an unattainable forbidden pleasure required to satisfy her physical desires. Even after she returns to normal over the next several hours, the desire for the forbidden pleasure will remain. She may need some subtle suggestions to complete her conversion but Mrs. McDaniels will then do anything.”

Beth was still standing with her arms over her head, hands bound to the collar on the back of her neck. Her eyes closed again. As soon as his hands made contact with her breasts, her eyes flew open again. Her head flew back and she moaned loudly at the contact. She arched her back, thrusting out her massive mammaries and gyrating her hips.

His hands squeezed and massaged her lovely white breast flesh, then moved all around her swollen nipples. Malak swore her areola grew larger. Her areola definitely puffed up and her nipples were as hard as plastic.

The mysterious man released one breast, his hand sliding down her sexy stomach. The hand slid down over her ribs, over her navel, then her abdomen, and over her shaved pubic mound. Beth’s whole body jerked as one large finger teased her pussy. He moved the finger around rubbing it deep inside her. When he was done, his hand moved back up to her breasts. Her genitals looked even more aroused and swollen then before.

“I believe Mrs. McDaniels is ready.” He said glancing at Malak, “I suggest you slow down. You don’t want to spoil your fun.”

Malak’s hand was rapidly stroking his cock and he could feel the sperm stating to well up. He did slow down, saving his first load for her needy pussy. Malak didn’t need to be told twice. He jumped off the couch and stepped in front of his neighbor. He was shorter than her and didn’t have to stoop much to plant his lips over one nipple.

He had touched one of his date’s breasts over her bra once, but he had never sucked on a woman’s tits before and never touched a white woman’s breasts. The paleness of her bosom and the swollen pink nipples filled him with awe. He sucked one of her hard nipples between his lips, gently biting down with his teeth and letting his tongue swirl around the hard little knobs.

“AiYEee Yess!” squealed Beth.

Malak looked up at her as he continued sucking and licking her breasts. He clamped his mouth down hard around her nipple and pulled his head back as he sucked, stretching her breast out. He opened his mouth letting her breast snap back and moved his attention to her other nipple.

He flicked his tongue up and down over her erect nipple. She stood very still and he couldn’t understand what was holding her up. He bit down over this nipple and sucked, biting, and teasing it.

“AAAHHH!!!” moaned Beth. “Th thank you uu,” she stuttered using the biggest words Malak heard her say in her current state.

Malak pressed the end of his fingers against her sexy flat stomach while he sucked her nipple. She sucked her tummy in while he let his fingers slide down her belly and over her smooth pubic mound. The tip of his index finger touched her swollen slit, then slid down the outsides of her swollen labia. Her pussy lips were dripping with arousal. His finger entered her. The heat of her insides surprised him as he worked his finger in deeper. He moved his finger around exploring her pussy before pulling back and adding a second finger inside her. After several pumps of his fingers, he detected small thrusts of her pelvis. Her pussy started responding to his fingers. She started humping him, slowly, then faster, then faster. He held his fingers still. But her pussy kept pushing down on him.

“Cumm..” she cried and warm fluid poured down Malak’s hand.

“Please,” she begged. Malak couldn’t tell what she was asking for. Did she want her hands uncuffed from behind her neck? Did she want his fingers removed? Was she begging to be let go and returned home or was she begging to be fucked? Malak chose to believe it was the latter.

“You should fuck her now.”

For the first time Beth moved, stepping backward, arching her back, trying to maintain her balance. She stopped as she backed into the couch.

Beth McDaniels tottered on her feet and fell back to sit heavily on the couch. Her hands still over her head.

Malak practically leaped out of his clothes. His cock was still rock hard and sticking straight out, ready for its first taste of white pussy or any pussy for that matter.

Beth had fallen sideways on the couch. Malak pulled her legs apart. He pushed down hard with his steely cock, lining it up with her swollen, dripping genitals. His neighbor still half comatose, but he was aware that she actually spread her legs a little wider for him, inviting him inside.

Once again, he was surprised at how much heat the inside of her pussy was giving off. Only this time, the heat wasn’t engulfing his fingers. It was surrounding the tip of his cock. His hands grabbed the milky white flesh of her pale breasts and squeezed. He gripped her breasts tightly, using them for leverage as he slowly pushed his cock inside her.

Beth McDaniels has one tight pussy, but then Malak was sure she’d never had a cock like his before. As wet and hungry for cock as her pussy was, she still had to stretch wide so that he could enter her. The heat slowly swallowed his golf ball sized cock head. He worked the head around inside her pussy a little, letting her juices coat it and some of his shaft before pushing a little more in.

Malak pictured himself slamming his cock forwards. His youth and inexperience should have had him cumming in no time at all. His first taste of white pussy was so hot and wet that there was no way a virgin could last more then a minute. But he did!

Malak had complete self-control. He didn’t slam his cock forwards and hump her like crazy. He held his cock still, with just his head inside her, letting her stretch to accommodate his size. He worked another inch in and then another. He heard her moan and knew she was loving her first exposure to Muslim meat.

He slowly worked inch after inch inside her. Her pussy walls were hot and slick. Her vaginal muscles squeezed his cock, pulling him inwards, wanting him deeper. She moaned, eyes still closed, but her hips were now raising up to his cock as he pushed it in her deeper and deeper. He was only half in when he met resistance. Instinct told him that he was now deeper than her husband had gone. Well, Malak wasn’t old Mr. McDaniels, he was a real man and he was going to fuck Mrs. McDaniels like only a real man could.

It took longer to open up her virgin territory, but he could tell she was loving it. Her body shivered beneath him, her white flesh shaking with lust as his huge cock probed deeper and deeper. She purred, moaned and mewled, thrusting her hips up into this thrusting cock. Her vaginal muscles continued tugging his cock. The bitch wanted it buried inside her and she was about to get her wish. Malak felt his cock head knocking at the entrance to her womb. He angled his cock up and pushed it through her cervix. The last few inches pushed into her, her heat fully engulfing his shaft.

She shuddered underneath him. She moaned, her moans turning to a scream. For a brief moment, Beth McDaniels’ eyes opened. She stared into his eyes. Her vaginal muscles squeezed down around every inch of his long shaft, then her pussy seemed to expand as a hot fluid poured from her body, coating his cock and dripping down their conjoined crotches to coat his balls.

Beth McDanials had just cum.

Malak decided that pussy was his new favorite thing in the world. Hunched over his neighbor, Malak had an awesome view of her body and of his cock sticking out of her pussy. She had a hot body. Her flat sexy belly was undulating as his cock slowly moved in and out of her. Her shaved pubic mound was the hottest thing he’d ever seen and he swore that he could see it bulge out each time he buried his cock in her.

“Fuh!” moaned Beth.

Malak squeezed on of her tits and shook it. He bent down and sucked the nipple between his lips.

“FUH Ka!” groaned Beth writing in ecstasy.

Malak reared back and moved his hands to her thighs. He pushed her legs back so that they were open farther. He angled his cock down and began fucking her harder. He pulled his cock almost out and then let gravity slam his cock back into her womb.

“FUH KA ME!” she screamed, “Fuck Me!”

It was like her mind had trouble remembering the words.

“I am fucking you, bitch.” Looking into her eyes. “Just like I always dreamed I’d be fucking you. Giving you my big Muslim cock.”

“Luv Muslm,” she cried.

Beth McDaniels ungritted her teeth. She lifter her head up from the back of the couch. Malak brought his head down, their lips pressed together for their first kiss. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, but her tongue was pushing back, dueling with his. Her pussy suddenly spasmed as she came again.

Her breasts were thrust out from her arched back. She seemed to struggle with her bonds. Malak reached behind her neck and unhooked her bound wrists from her neck collar. She brought her hands to his chest trying to caress him as he pumped her pussy. He buried his cock and held it still while he undid the straps holding her wrists together. Once her hands were free, she ran them down his chest and over to grab his hips. She started pulling and pushing on his hips, urging him to fuck her faster.

“Malk, FUH KA ma wif you Muslm COK,” she pleaded.

The words were too much for the teen. Malak started humping her like mad. His large cock pistoned in and out of her pussy so fast he started panting and sweat started glistening on his tan skin. He was ready to cum. He wanted to cum so badly, but his divine stamina allowed him to go another fifteen minutes at this quick pace before he started to feel his cum welling up in his balls. “ Gonna cum,” he groaned.

“Yesss!” she moaned.

“Here it cums.” Malak pushed his cock in deep and blew his first load straight into her receptive womb.

“I should warn you that Mrs. McDaniels can still get pregnant. Her behavior suggests extreme fertility at this moment,” interrupted the suited stranger.

By that time, Malak had already shot three loads of his potent semen inside her receptive pussy. Still, he yanked his cock out, sperm shooting from his cock to coat every inch of her spasming vagina. Beth’s own orgasm had her womb contracting to suck up even more of his seed. Malak’s cock sprang free and shot is final few blasts of semen onto her belly as he tightly gripped her breasts.

Gasping for breath, Malak stepped back. He stared at her pussy. Splayed open and covered in his seed. Cum started trickling from her pussy to drip down the couch and on his carpet.

Exhausted, Malak walked over to a recliner and sat down heavily, gasping for breath.

“What now?” asked Malak.

“I will return Mrs. McDaniels to her home. I need to get her cleaned up before her husband gets home. The memory of todays events will finish her conversion tonight while she sleeps.” He reached one of his hands into a pocket and pulled out a small digital camera. “I’ll need a picture for the website.”

“Oh, ok,” said Malak.

The man walked over to Beth still lying on the couch. He picked her up and strolled over to the middle of the tiled floor kitchen and pulled her up to her knees by the neck collar. “Get behind her.” he instructed.

The slut’s hands were on the floor and she was moaning as she tired to push her ass back into his groan.

“Give me you cock,” she mewled. It was the most coherent thing Malak heard her say yet and she wasn’t done. “Fill my pussy, knock me up. I love it.”

“Wait,” Malak said and reached over to the table where is family kept their dog’s leash. He grabbed the coiled leather and returned to Beth and hooked it to her collar. His neighbor’s knees had spread out. Lowering her pussy closer to the floor. She had one hand on the floor in front of her, keeping herself from falling forward. Sperm continued to drip from her pussy. Malak grabbed the end of the lease, and remained behind her as the photo was taken.

Malak felt something nuzzling his flaccid penis. He looked down to see Beth’s nose buried in his crotch. Her tongue came out and lick the shaft of his cock. “Love Muslim Cock,” she whimpered, licking it again.

Malak’s cock twitched and extended an inch. She lowered her head and took his cock head into her mouth. Malak’s cock went full mast in a matter of seconds while Beth held his cock head in her mouth, her tongue twirling around the crown and slit.

“Enough,” ordered the man in the dark suit. “I need to get Mrs. McDaniels home immediately.”

Beth leaned forward, following his retreating cock, “More please.”

The man took the end of the leash. “On your feet. Mrs. McDaniels” and led Beth by the leash to the front door. He paused to pick up his briefcase.

Malak opened the door.

“Thank you for subscribing to interfaithxxx. I hope you enjoyed your special request.”

“Oh I did and will” said Malak as the man led Beth out the front door.

Malak raced up the stairs to his room and the bedroom window. He watched as Beth was led back to her house. Several cars drove by and a young mother pushed a stroller past the strange pair, but just like this morning no one seemed to notice the Muslim man leading the naked wife by a leash.

Malak sat by the window for an hour. Occasionally, he would peer through the telescope, scanning her windows for signs of life. Finally, the strange man exited Beth’s house by the front door. She followed him out wearing the same sexy halter she had on this morning. She seemed alert and normal again, smiling as if saying good by to an old friend. She gave him a hug, her cheek resting against his chest. When she stepped back, he walked down her drive and turned on the sidewalk.

Just as he was strolling away, Mr. McDaniels pulled up into the driveway. Beth hugged and kissed her husband then led him inside their home.

Later that night, Malak had showered for bed. He called up interfaithxxx and was pleased to see the picture of him holding Beth’s leash was the new homepage. Other members had rated the photo and left encouraging comments of support. Then Malak went to bed.

The alarm went off at approximately 7:15 in the morning. Just like yesterday, Malak’s hand shot out from under the covers and shut the buzzer off. He felt a weight down by his legs. He sat up and saw that his laptop had fallen over. He pulled this computer upright and winced at the cracked screen. He took it out of hibernation and stared at interfaithxxx’s homepage. There was not picture of Beth and him staring back at him. There was only interfaithxxx’s regular homepage. It had been a dream.

Malak set the damaged laptop aside and slid out from under the covers. His cock was hard and covered in flakes of semen. He must have jerked off to the internet and dreamed the entire thing. “Damn!” Wishing it had been real. Still, it had been a great dream.

At 7:20, Malak found himself looking though his telescope at the McDaniels’ as they said their morning goodbyes. Beth wasn’t wearing a sexy outfit this morning, just a bulky white terrycloth robe. She kissed her husband and stepped back as he got in his car and backed out of the driveway.

Malak was just about to quit spying on them when Beth raised her head and stared right at his bedroom window.

He jumped backwards and fell. Scared, he slowly rose to his knees and peeked out his window. He prayed Beth wasn’t on her way over to tell his parents that he was spying on her. He caught sight of her disappearing into her house and gave a sigh of relief.

Malak dressed. He set his laptop up on his desk and went back to interfaithxxx after taping over the crack in the screen. It wasn’t the first time he dropped his laptop and wouldn’t be the last. He checked for updates, scanning every possible page and the twitter feed, hoping he’d stumble upon the picture of him and Beth again, but knowing deep down he would find nothing.

Around thirty minutes after her husband left, Malak heard her garage door opening. He looked up expecting to see Beth walk out in running gear. What he did see shocked him. Malak leaned forward staring at his neighbor, wondering why she was deviating from her routine.

Beth McDaniels was dressed up. She wore a little red wrap dress with a black leather belt tight around her waist, cut low to show off her impressive cleavage and so short, it showed off half her thighs. She had on dark nylons and black high heels. A quick peek through the telescope showed she was also wearing some makeup.

He sat back and out of sight as she walked along the route she normally jogged. For a minute Malak thought that he shouldn’t follow her after she’d almost caught him watching her that morning. His curiosity got the better of him and he raced down the steps.

Malak made it to the park bench with plenty of time to spare since she was moving at a much slower pace on her walk then she would have while jogging. He ended up waiting so long that he almost left, assuming that she may have traveled along a different route. Just when he was about to get up and remount his bike, she saw her walking in the distance.

Beth was strolling bristly, Her heels made a clomp clomp sound as she walked. She saw him and crossed to the other side of the trial just like she always did, but this time she didn’t stare straight ahead. She turned her head to watch him. As she got closer, her pace slowed and she continued to stare at him. To Malak’s surprise, as she got closer she stopped and walked up to him.

“Hi Mrs. McDaniels,”

“You’re my neighbor, right?” she asked.


“I was hoping you’d be here. I need your help finding something.”


“It’s back here,” said Beth. “Follow me.”

“It’s Malak,” he said standing to follow her.

“Yes, Malak, that’s right,” she muttered leading him off the trail and into the wooded park. “you used to work for my husband last summer.”

Beth led him far from the trail into a little clearing off the main park. The clearing was mowed and had short grass, but it was nearly completely surrounded by bushes and trees. Malak saw a few beer cans laying nearby, other litter and even a used condom.

“What is it you lost, Mrs. McDaniels?” he asked.

Beth walked to the center of the clearing and turned to face him. She looked nervous and jumpy, yet wanton and she was staring at him strangely. She held her hands up before her breasts and Malak saw the sunlight glistening off her wedding ring. Then she slowly lowered her hands so that his eyes followed them.

Her hands moved down to the hem of her dress and slowly started pulling her dress up. Malak gulped as he watched her garters appear and then he could make out the tip of her bare crotch.
“I appear to have lost my panties,” she said showing him her pussy.

Beth didn’t stop there. She pulled off her belt and opened her wrap dress. She was wearing a black slip under her dress. The garters were attached to her slip and her nylons. Her erect nipples were visible through the slip. The slip hung low. She reached up and pulled the top of the slip out and then down over her breasts. I appear to have lost my bra also.”

“Wow!” Malak chocked out, staring at her. her breasts were C or D’s as he’d dreamed about. Her nipples were hard with arousal.

“I’m glad you approve Malak. I need something from you,” she said, her fingers pinching her nipples.

She stared at his crotch, watching his pants tenting out from his rapidly growing erection. “My husband can’t satisfy me anymore,” she told him stepping forward. She reached down to squeeze his cock through his pants. “Now it’s my turn to say, Wow,” she said. “You’re a big boy aren’t you?”

“Biggest in my class,” replied Malak.

“I knew you would be.” Beth fell to her nylon covered knees right before him. “I need something younger than my husband,” she said, pulling his pants out. “Something bigger,” she added pulling his pants down.

Malak stood there with his cock straining against his underwear and his pants around his knees.

“Something exotic and forbidden,” she growled grabbing the hem of his underwear and yanking them down.

She seemed surprised when his cock sprang forth and smacked her face. “OH, WOW!” she said again, staring at his huge shaft. “Please, I must have it.”

Malak felt the tip of his cock engulfed in her hot wet moth. She bobbed her head slowly over the end, coating his cock with her saliva, getting used to his size. She swallowed more and more of his cock. He felt the head push down her throat. She gagged and pulled back, her eyes looking up at him apologetically. “Sorry you’re more than I’m used to and I don’t do this for my husband anymore.”

“It’s ok,” said Malak.

Beth took his cock back down her throat. This time she didn’t take it slow, but attacked it with gusto. She swallowed more than half and held still, looking up at him for approval. He could feel her tensing up to keep from gagging. He winked down at her with a smile and she backed up until only the head was in her mouth. She twirled her tongue around the cock head, breathing heavily through her nose. When she had caught her breath. She slammed her face down into his crotch. Malak felt his cock shove deep in her throat. She looked up at him again this time her nose was in his pubic hair. He nodded and Beth began sucking her cock as rapidly as she could.

She seemed so eager to please him that Malak began to wonder if yesterday might have been real after all. His cock exploded down her throat after a few minutes of her rabid sucking. Beth immediately pulled her head back, letting her mouth fill with his cum, gulping it down as rapidly as his huge balls could pump it out. Her hands jerked his shaft trying to squeeze every bit of his seed into her mouth. “I always wanted to taste a Muslim man’s cock,” she told him before holding her tongue out under the last bit of sperm dripping from his cock head.

Beth stood back up, licking her lips. Malak just stared at her dumbfounded as she reached out and began undressing him. When he was nude, she ran her hands up his chest then down to his hardening cock. She stepped closer looking up at him, their lips approaching. He couldn’t care less that he had just cum in her mouth. He brought his lips down on hers, their tongues dueling as they kissed passionately.

Their bodies fell to the grass. Beth pushed him down on his back. She mounted him, squatting just high enough to get his cock head on her pussy lips, then lowered herself down over his big shaft. “Aahhh, Ohh Goddd,” she moaned taking him inside her.

“I dreamt we made love last night, Malak,” she groaned

“You did?” he asked trying hard not to thrust his hips up into her, wanting this to last.

“Yes,” she mewled arching her back as she rode him. “Your cock was big in my dream too and I knew I had to try the real thing when I woke up this morning. God, I’m cumming already.”

Malak felt her pussy spasm around his mighty shaft. She sat still, eyes closed, just enjoying the feelings. When she started bouncing again, this time she leaned down and he sucked one of her breasts into his mouth. He felt her cum again as his teeth gently bit and sucked one of her hard nipples.

Beth pulled back, bouncing hard in his lap. Malak knew he wouldn’t last long, but his stamina was holding up after having cum so recently. She rose so high on one bounce that his cock plopped out of her pussy and fell heavily to his stomach. Beth sat on his shaft, her pussy lips sliding up and down his length.

This felt good too, even though he wasn’t inside her. He wasn’t sure how she did it, but this sexy neighbor, spun around on his cock so that she was facing away from him. Malak grabbed her breasts as she laid down on him. He pulled her back and she reached down to lift his cock back up to the entrance to her pussy. He slid his hands down to her hips and pushed her down onto his shaft. Beth lifted herself up, working her pussy over his shaft while he squeezed and kneaded her tits.

“Oh God, Malak, I love your Muslim cock,” she cried. “You own me now.”

“Good” he gloated, feeling a strong surge of testosterone at her submission to him. “Cause I’m going to fuck this white pussy every day.”

“Oh God, I want that too. Anything you want, Lover. P-please, Just keep fucking me. I’m your bitch, Malak. Ohh Ccummmmiiinggg!!!!?

Malak knew she had a large orgasm. Her cum flowed down his shaft and covered his thrusting balls. Beth was softy crying in joy as her pussy contracted and trembled around his thick shaft. He had never felt so masculine before. Malak grabbed her breasts and rolled her over on her side. It was time for him to take over.

Malak lifted her leg and fucked her hard from behind. She was so limber and one of her breasts was thrust so high, he leaned down and sucked her nipple as he fucked her. Then he moved his mouth up to hers, their tongues embracing with passion as he fucked her to several more orgasms.

Malak would do this as long as he managed to hold out, it still seemed all to soon that the cum started welling up in his balls. “Gonna cum,” he told her, kissing her. “Want me to pull out?”

“No,” she whispered, kissing him back. “Not now, not ever. I need to feel your seed shooting deep inside me. Your cock is so deep, your cum will be shooting straight into my womb. I dreamt that it felt so good. I need to know.”

“FUCK! Can’t hold it back,” he groaned. The cum welled up in his balls, flying up his shaft and shooting out from the head in a large blast of fertile seed.

Beth was staring deep into Malak’s eyes as he came. He saw them open wide, wider, and then suddenly her jade green eyes rolled up in the back of her head and she was cumming again. His lips clamped down on her tongue, holding it still, her mouth open, “ahs” and “ohs” coming from her throat as she had a large prolonged orgasm that lasted every bit as long as his own cock continued to jerk in her pussy.

As they came down from their orgasms, her eyes returned to normal. She stared at him with so much affection, it scared him. “I love you,” she told him, kissing him deeply.

Malak’s cock stayed hard, Rock Hard. He started moving it around a little. This time he pulled it out and motioned her to get on all fours. Malak entered her from behind. Fucking her slowly. He stared down at this cock moving in and out of her gorgeous pussy.

His eyes moved up to her pretty little puckered rosebud. He suddenly wanted, no needed to conquer this woman in every hole. Malak suddenly pulled back and his cock flew up. He let his shaft rest between her ass cheeks for a moment, before bending the hard steel shaft down so that the head was pressing against her anus. He pushed down hard, watching the little rosebud open as he increased pressure.

Beth cried out in pain. Her hands grabbed handfuls of grass as her virgin ass slowly opened for his big cock. There was a loud “snap” as one of her garters broke. His cock slowly worked its way deeper and deeper into her anus. Beth sobbed and cried, but before too long, she started pushing her body back into him. Soon her sobs turned to moans as she began enjoying being sodomized. Malak grabbed her hips, pulling and pushing, fucking her ass as hard as he could. She took all but a few inches. After, about fifteen minutes of this, he came, flooding her bowels with sperm. Malak pulled out, his cock resting between her ass cheeks, shooting several last wads of his hot cum onto her ass and lower back.

Beth collapsed and rolled over. She was a sight. One nylon had ripped at the knee. Her knees, hands, and even the tips of her breasts were grass stained. He must have fucked her ass so hard, he pushed her tits down into the grass. Her legs were splayed, pussy still leaking cum. She breathed heavily, looking up at the clouds with a dazed smile on her face. Malak leaned down over her and kissed her. They both felt his cock hardening again and positioned themselves so that he could enter her again.

Her breasts mashed into his chest as they kissed. This time he took her slowly, lasting for a half an hour and if felt more like love than lust. She trembled beneath him several time as she came, the biggest one matching his own orgasm.

Afterwards, they both dressed. “Let me walk out first,” she told him. Beth grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his lips against hers. “Tomorrow, as soon as my husband leaves for work. I want to fuck you in my bed.”

“All day?”

“All day,” she answered, kissing him again. She grabbed his cock through his sweats. “I know that you will be up for it.” She squealed as his exhausted cock swelled a little. “It may be too late but if you want, I’ll start taking birth control pills again because I don’t want you pulling out or wearing a condom.” With one last kiss and cock squeeze, she turned and left the clearing, her heals making noises in the leaves as she tired to walk away.

Malak waited until she was well on her way hobbling home, before returning to the bench and his bike. He pedaled home as fast as he could. He was a mess also and needed to get cleaned up fast before his parents got home from work. He entered the house and paused. Eyes surveying the room, remembering how realistic his dream had seemed. How he had fucked her on the couch. There wasn’t even a cum stain to be seen and Malak knew he hadn’t cleaned anything. Yet, it had all come true.

He started to move toward the stairs when he saw something under the couch. He stooped down and reached to pick it up. Malak examined the object, its large circle with three arms. “Well,” he said holding the white gold object up to the light from the window.

The sun glistened off a nipple clamp.

Imbarek Shamekh turned the outside spigot on and gathered up the hose to begin watering his flowers. The large Libyan aimed his hose at the flowers bordering his store front and watered his was down along the side walk. He looked up just in time to see the woman walk past.

Her name was Marion Maréchal-Le Pen. She was a member of the National Front and served as the member of the National Assembly for Vaucluse’s 3rd constituency. She infamously believed that Muslims can only be French if they followed the Christianity-shaped culture, saying that “In our country, we don’t wear djellaba clothing, we don’t wear a veil and we don’t impose cathedral-sized mosques”. Marion wasn’t married. She was too busy as one of the youngest members of the new Assembly.

With her slim figure, blonde hair and long legs she looked more like a sex doll than a politician. Her ass was full and she had impressive tits for a woman with small frame and so little fat on her body. Imbarek had never seen her in-person wearing anything so tight and it showed off her body spectacularly. The mid-thigh length black skirt hugged her lower torso and a low-cut purple sweater with no blouse covered her upper torso leaving her forearms and chest bare. The black stiletto heals and see through black nylons accentuated her already well-formed legs.

Imbarek was trim, muscular man with a full head of dark hair. He was a successful business owner and a good member of the community. In anywhere but France, he could easily have had a woman like Marion. In fact, he had a Muslim woman better than Marion. Imbarek’s wife was one of the hottest women in he had ever seen but others couldn’t tell because she didn’t dress like a whore in public. Besides women with the social views of Marion wouldn’t give men like him the time of day.

The one time he’d tried to engage her in conversation, she’d looked at him disdainfully, wrinkled her nose and handed him her business card offering him to write his comments. Imbarek hadn’t have the energy or desire to take her up on her offer.

Marion hated Muslims. She didn’t like foreigners. She didn’t like associating with foreigners, and she wouldn’t have anything to do with anyone unless they would conform to French Catholic ideas. Even then she was still rude and disdainful to have them near her.

Imbarek dropped the hose, deciding to go in the back of the shop and beat off to an image of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen in the same outfit on the internet. He changed his mind however and decided to check on interfaithxxx.

On the top of the page was a request tap he hadn’t noticed before. He finished reading the link, filling out Marion’s information from her business card. Imbarek paused thinking how he wanted the young woman. Finally, he typed, “wearing black high heels, sexy but demure lingerie and a cross” and hit submit.

He was sure it was a joke or a chance to see some fake images, but then he got a message that it had been accepted and asked it he’d like to track his request. The answer was almost immediate.

“Pick up has been dispatched.”

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  1. Oho wow! Encore encore! That was probably the best story I’ve read on this site. You simply MUST make a sequel this was so good! I especially loved reading her say how much she loved his Muslim cock, and the thought of the French bitch wearing a cross while getting delivered is just Mmf!~

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