Is it easier to get laid with married hindu women than unmarried ones

Many men are of the opinion that married hindu women are easier than unmarried ones and there are some solid reasons for it.

married women stare

Many hindu women marry for caste and money reasons. Caste plays a big role in the marriage. For many such women husband is just a provider (financially) and when it comes to sexual needs they look outside for sexual gratification.

Most average hindu males are not very fit many of them have phimosis and paraphimosis and vast majority of them don’t even have a clue about what this is.

Its easier for hindu females to be sexually unsatisfied, some even develop sexual frustration in the long run if the needs are not met.
This guy tells more married hindu women stare at him and its not hard to understand why.

The sex ratio among hindus is very poor. There are so many more million hindu males than females. So what this does in case of an unmarried girl there are so many more males running after one girl. It increases the competition and an average hindu male usually gets rejected. But musalman men have an edge with hindu females, they have the X factor.

A. Khan

Girls have a filtering mechanism they are usually approached by many guys they keep filtering out the common ones, they look for something different.
(an example) Pick the odd one out from the following list:
Mayank, Nitin, Imran, Rohit
Odd one is: Imran
It has a some amount of psychological effect on a hindu females mind. Initially she would think about Imran differently than Mayank, Nithin and Rohit. What exactly she would think would vary from female to female. Some would also think oh he must have a circumcised dick.
So keeping in mind the sex ratio and seeing so many muslims have hindu girlfriends and wives it means the muslims are preforming seriously well.
Now when it becomes difficult to get unmarried girls then the other option is trying to get  unsatisfied married women.
More than 98% DNA paternity test found to be suspicions

muslim with hindu moms

The trend of nuclear families is growing, these days most girls after the marriage don’t like to live in large families. Especially in the metro cities most families are nuclear. The husband remains busy in his job and many unsatisfied wives tend to easily get lonely and then they explore other options. There there is a proof that so many hindu wives are unsatisfied or looking for sex outside the marriage. The proof is adult website Ashley Madison which revealed that “arranging affairs for arranged marriages in India has resulted in more than 50,000 users signing up within two days of the official launch. Female members represented more than half of the sign up ( 85%) and primarily from Gurgaon, a suburb of New Delhi.”

In the following post you a hindu woman writer says extra-maritial affairs are good. She indicates that hindu women should cross the Lakshman rekha and have fun.

muslim with hindu moms

3 thoughts on “Is it easier to get laid with married hindu women than unmarried ones

  1. yes it is true,most married hindu females want to have hard fucking bfs nowdays and even many husbands agree for wives to have hard fuckers to enjoy

  2. I think this is true. Married women are easy to get because they r more hungry and also they have less options. Whereas college girls or unmarried girls have many options.
    I know from personal experience. My neighbourhood aunty who has met me about 4 times now, but her college going daughter is not much interested because she has many boyfriends.

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