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Ishita’s story how she gave her sacred body to a katwa

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Narrated by Ishita
Ishita is a beautiful girl with sexy body and light olive skin tone. She comes from a middle class hindu family. Its morning 8:30 AM and as usual Ishita is leaving for school. Her father is sitting on the arm chair and reading the news paper. It is a usual morning sight for her. Ishita’s big brother is sitting next to his dad and having a cup of morning tea.
Ishita’s father murmurs “in katwo ka to kaam he yahi hai ladai aur jhagda”[acts like these are a routine job for the katwas] reacting to some news article. She walks past her father and hears what he said and silently moves past him. Sensing her daughter her father says in a loud voice “aaj ghar time se aa jana” [reach home on time today]. She steps outside her home and stands at the roadside waiting for her school bus and innocently wondering what is ‘katwa’. Its her last year of school, the flower is beginning to blossom.

One of the days in the school. Ishita takes part in an extra curricular activity and misses her school bus. Now she has to walk 1 KM to her home. As she is leaving for her home she finds a traveling companion her class mate Arshad whose home is half a km away from Ishita’s. They are talking and laughing, time passes by quickly she reaches home. Ishita’s big bro sees her with that boy. He shouted “kya kar rahi thi tu us ladke k saath.” [what were you doing with that boy]. Her dad was also there. “Dekho papa ye aaj us kassai k ladke k saath thi school bus mai nahi aayi uske saath masti kar rahi thi” [Look dad she didn’t come in the school bus today she was having some fun with that buther’s son].
Ishita: Nahi bhaiya aaj school bus miss ho gayi thi extra curricular activity ki wajah se [No I missed the bus because of the extra curricular activity].
Ishita’s dad: “In katwo ka to kaam he yahi hai bholi bhali hindu ladkiyo ko fasana. Dekh beti tu abhi bacchi hai tu aise ladko se dur he reh tu inki gandi soch ko nahi jaanti” [It a routine job of these katwas to trap innocent girls. Look child you are a kid you don’t know their mentality stay away from them].
Ishita quitely moves towards her room wondering why is her daddy calling that by a katwa.

Time passed by, Ishita got admitted into a college. Life is different now. She made few friends in the college. She is sitting in the college campus during the lunch hour with one of her friends. Next to her is a group of childish immature overly extroverted hindu boys doing some trash talking. One of those boys says – “wo dekh us katwe ko” [see that katwa]. Other boy in that group utters- “bhago bomb” [run bomb].

Ishita listens to their crap, she already knows they refer to muslims as ‘katwas’ (men with circumcised penis). She came to know about it on the internet that shahrukh khan is the most popular katwa. She even searches for muslim dicks to see how they look, just a curious human behavior.

This muslim guy who those boys were making fun of behind his back was Ishita’s class mate. He was in jeans and white kurta with medium beard and he seemed like a proud muslim. Ishita had a feeling within that these boys are no match for him they are just trash talking behind his back.

One of those days, as usual day Ishita’s father is watching hindi news on the TV. Ishita enters the room, they were showing about love jihad. Her father says “Inka to bachpan mai he kaat diya jaata hai par jab apna he sikka khota ho to koi kya kar sakta hai.[their dicks are cut in the childhood but what can we do if our own girls are stupid]” Ishita’s mother intervenes “Bacho k samne to aise baatein na kaiya karo” [don’t talk like this in front of the kids].
Ishita willingly moves out of the room and locks herself in the bathroom. The katwa dick was getting a hold of her. These days Ishita was going through heat. She was ovulating, her sexual desire and thirst was at the peak. She quickly takes out her mobile phone and begins to masturbate, fingering her wet pussy while seeing pics of katwa cocks. She wants to touch and feel these muslim dicks so bad, the though of it sends electricity through her veins. The fantasy of a muslim stud with rock hard dick touching her sacred body sends shock waves across her heart and brain. She only stops after getting a quick organsm and this thought helps her get one.

Once she was casually browsing the internet and she comes across a news article and on its comments section was full of abuses and rants by hindu guys. She remembers those immature guys from the college campus whom she once heard trash trash talking about that muslim guy and begins to think that these guys are like them. Some of them had made jokes about their penis said they are half cutted in broken english. She goes ahead and writes “umm katwa dicks are so hot these morons can’t handle one”. Her liking for katwa lunds was beginning to show.

Days passed by, it was the third year of B. tech (course). Ishita was sitting in the class, behind her bench as usual that same muslim guy was sitting he was her class mate. His name was Irshaad. They did talked with each other in the past on quite a few occasions but they were not personal conversations. Now the lecturer announced that the students have a make some project and he begins to give them topics on which the project had to be made. He divided the whole class into groups of two students according to their roll. numbers. The students argued that they can choose the person who they want to team up with but the lecturer shut them down saying sometimes you don’t get to choose who you want to work with get used to it. Now Irshaad and Ishita got the same topic for the project as their roll. numbers were one after the other. They had 3 weeks time. They didn’t talk that day but the next day Irshaad comes up to her asks about her plans. She didn’t have any. He tells her to come to his place so that they could discuss about it and get to work together. She was confused whether to agree to it or not. Irshaad senses it so he says, dont worry I’ll complete it on my own.

Ishita: No, you start the project I will join in after a few days.
They both agreed. After few days as promised she goes with Irshaad to his room in the afternoon. He was from some other state, lived on rent here in a small house with two rooms.
She enters his room, it was a one medium sized room with a bed, a table and 2 chairs and a cupboard, the other room was the bathroom. There was some kind of islamic painting hanging on the wall.
She sits down on the bed. Irshaad removes his shoes, opens up his laptop and sits besides her. They worked that day. It was around 6:30 Irshaad gets up says its his “Salat” time. He goes to the bathroom for a moment, then takes out his prayer mat and puts on the skull cap. The begins to offer Salat (prayer). Seemed like a true determined strong willed man didn’t care about anything. Most other boys would have shied away from it sitting with a pretty girl ‘oh i need to go pray’ ‘no fuck what would she think about me I’ll do it later’.

She continues to go to his room regularly. They did have some personal conversations in between. After a week the project was almost complete. Today was probably the last day. As usual he was offering evening namaz. After that we worked for half an hour and it was finally complete. He said so now you won’t have to come here again. It started a conversation between them. Ishita asks him “what would you do after completing college”. Irshaad replies “I will get married”.
Ishita: So early have your parents fixed your marriage.
Irshaad smiles no they haven’t I will marry on my own with a hindu girl.
Ishita smiles, why a hindu girl to which he cleverly replies “because they are like you”.
Ishita: How do you know how many have you had.
Irshaad: Two in the past.
Ishita: So you are looking for the third now.
Irshaad: I think I have already found one.
Ishita: Who is that lucky girl.
Irshaad: Why do you seem so eager to know, don’t you think you should go home. The work is done.
Ishita: Aren’t we friends tell me or I won’t go.
Irshaad: I know you want to be that lucky girl, so I think its you.
Ishita smiles, no I don’t want to be, I am going.
She was a bit shy Irshaad could read her eyes, as she stands up to leave Irshaad grabs her hand and pulls her in his arms. Ishita was stunned.

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Irshaad kisses her on the lips and presses her boobs. No man had ever touched her like this. He lifts her top and removes it. Seeing her sexy blooming body he went mad with lust. He unhooks her bra, puts his mouth in between her tits and starts to lick that part. Then lovingly he sucks her tits like a heavenly fruit. While passionately kissing and licking her body he unbuttons her jeans. Then pulls down her underwear. Now there was not a single thread on her body, she was completely unveiled in front of this musalman guy.

Irshaad bends and checks her pussy puts his finger and smiles. Its was so tight like a virgin pussy. Ishita used to masturbate a lot but she had never experienced a real dick inside her pussy.
Now Irshaad removes his t-shirt and jeans. His dick was dying to come out of his underwear. Finally he removes his underwear and throws it on the bed. On seeing his dick Ishita was breathless.

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With his monster dick he moved closer to Ishita who was feeling a bit nervous. Irshaad grabbed her lovingly. They were close face to face. She could feel his rock hard katwa dick brushing against the lower part of her belly as he was taller than her. Ishita looks down at his dick and with her nervous hands she grabs his rock hard organ which sent a sense of thrill across her veins. He kisses and presses his lips to hers. She feels the hardness of his manhood and bulging veins on his dick.

Her daddy would be so proud she has grabbed a katwa’s dick and is craving for it. Irshaad kisses her neck as she stretches her neck in ecstasy.

He moves her down on the bed and puts his massive dick on her lips. Ishita opens her mouth and begins to suck his dong. She kisses and licks the thick head of his dick. Irshaad pushes his dick into her mouth and moans softly. In her mouth his dick grew full hard.

After some time Irshaad positioned his dick between her thighs. Ishita says softly “please dheere se karna” please be gentle. He knew her pussy is very tight probably she hasn’t tasted a dick yet.
Irshaad moved his big rod closer to her vagina, she was already in heat and her pussy was wet. He pushes his thick dick head into her vaginal opening. Her toes curled in ecstasy and his powerful dick into her sensitive pussy sent a jolt of electrifying pleasure through her veins.

Finally when it was wet enough he began to push his dick further inside her love hole. He rests himself on her and begins stroking his dick, his chest was rubbing against her soft tits, Ishita grabbed and hugged him tightly with her hands behind his back. She could feel his cock stretching her little pussy fiber by fiber. Her pussy is getting used to it, his tantalizing muslim cock is making her mad. She admires his cock spreading her pussy wide with every thrust.

His movements becomes faster, now he is fucking her hard and dominating her pussy. Her pussy is absorbing his cock welcoming the manly invasion of her vagina. She is overtaken by the forbidden thrill. She moans heavily and bites his shoulder as she reaches an organsm, her pussy swells with excitement, her cum flows through it lubricating his cock further. Irshad bites her neck while stroking his big dick deep inside her, with that final thrust he looses his breath for a moment then moans as all his load gets released into her innocent pussy. She keeps laying down in her forbidden lovers arms feeling like a grown up woman.

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  1. Good Imaginary Story

  2. sexy stroy kya iska 2nd part bhi hai kya. agar ha to jaldi aaye jismay uska nikah jo jaye irshaad ke saat

  3. Great story, Ishita to Asli jannat ka mazaa le rahi hai, like most Hindu girls wo bhi ladki se aurat musalman mard ke neeche hi bani hai

  4. Hi.megha aur parvati..
    Tumhari id kya hai.

  5. Yes I think the early warnings by hindu and brahmin parents, gets us girls interested in muslim men. We get curious and then we can’t stop thinking about them.
    [email protected]

  6. wow kitna maja aata hoga us nainaveli hindu pari ko muslim ke neeche aai hogi. jisne uske pyare hindu jism ke har kone pe apni chaap chood di or apna beecj uske hindu garb mai daal ke uske aurat bana diya. kya gajab ka manthan hai ishika or irshaad ka

  7. realy good story. i’m to addicted to muslim guys..

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