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Jared’s Surprise

Hi Jared,

Sorry that I am not home to welcome you back from your business trip.
I thought it was time to tell you why I have been so distant these past few months.
Shortly after you left, the staff found your stash of porn magazines.

Then I did some checking on the computer. It seems you like nude photos of female service members and other military wives.

At first, I felt like there was something wrong with me that you would resort to porn.

I wasn’t sure what to do, whether to confront you or let it go.

The more I thought about it, the more curious I got but remained quiet.

My curiosity peaked when I saw the type of porn you enjoyed. Most of the magazines were ‘interfaith’. I could never have imagined that you enjoyed watching Muslim men screwing Christian, Hindu and Jewish women with their massive cocks.

The websites are what really stirred my interests. I checked the browser history and you were visiting the sites almost daily when you were home.

Story after story of western women being fucked while her husband was clueless. I also noticed the most revisited stories that involved ‘barebacking’.

After getting over being angry, I realized that you weren’t interested in the individual women. They were too diverse. The women were Caucasian, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics…

It was their actions. Then I got the idea, if that is what turns you on, I wondered if I could do it?

You had spent so much time reading those stories that I knew you wanted this to be real.

Since that day, I have had my eye out for a Muslim man that be able to perform just like in the stories. It was difficult, at first, considering that we live in the public eye.

After a while, I visited the local CAIR office and found the perfect man. His description was similar to many of the Muslim men in the stories you visited over and over again. S I knew the Muslim man I had picked out would have to be willing to do his part once I gave him the chance.

So, you can guess what I have been doing?

That’s right! I had been visiting and then flirting with him since just after you left.

Well, I eventually called in sick to work. My second call was to my soon to be lover.

I told him that I was very sad and confused… that I needed his advice since he had been so helpful over these previous weeks. You wouldn’t believe how well the “damsel in distress” worked, within half an hour he was here.

It didn’t take long for him to ask what was wrong.

I reminded him that you were gone and I showed him the magazines I had discovered. I also gave him a couple of the better stories that I had printed out. I asked him to read the stories before he addressed any of my questions.

I excused myself while he read and changed into… well… nothing.

I had learned that the color green meant life, hope, desire, paradise in the Muslim faith. So, I already had green lingerie on under my clothes in preparation.

He didn’t take the time to address the questions I had written down: “Are Muslim men really better?” “Would a Muslim man give me multiple orgasms?” “Are Muslim men really more potent?” “Would I want my white husband afterwards?”

By the time I had finished stripping; he had that big Muslim cock completely into me, I came…

I had my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms wrapped abound his neck. I was holding on for the ride of my life.

I was whispering in his ear for him to fuck my married Trump pussy.

Can you imagine me saying that to him?

I was stretched more than possible and loving it.

Then it got even better. We found our pace and he just kept fucking me for what seemed like forever. Then he said the sweetest thing to me, “I going to fuck you on camera for the Muslim ummah. You’ll be my randi, sit in my lap, spread your legs and breed future musalmans.”

I couldn’t understand half of it but isn’t that sweet, I thought so?

Anyway, I told him to knock me up and he started to hammer my blonde little pussy.

Oh, and cum he did. I could actually feel him shoot jets of seed in my womb. It was so hot.

That first day our bed creaked and strained, threatening to collapse from the constant bucking motion.

Never has it been put to such strenuous use.

I don’t remember just how many times that lengthy cock emptied itself deep in my receptive womb.

Every time I begged that I “be blessed with his Muslim son” just before his hot load exploded deep in my womb.

I discovered that sent him into a frenzy, with his stokes becoming longer and more powerful.

His beard tickled and he would bite my ear, whispering thoughts that he knew would make me feel aroused, “Is this the marriage bed you share with your loving husband? The same bed that you are being breed on?”

I could only nod my head, panting too heavily to answer him verbally. Well into the evening, the activity finally ceased.

On the overworked bed, our conjoined bodies on the rumpled sheets would have been a sight to behold. My trim white arms wrapped around his neck. His body still twitching as the thick sperm oozed deeply in my fertile womb.

My ankles were locked around his quivering ass as I attempted to milk out every drop of his potent semen. It was another half-hour before the still thick shaft was slowly withdrawn from my widely stretched and overflowing pussy.

I was totally exhausted but was thrilled from the numerous climaxes I had reached.

You have never been this good, NEVER, Honey.

Later when he opened the door and started to leave, I pushed it shut.

I prostrated myself before him. Down on my knees, I quickly undid his pants. I wanted to show him how much I worshiped his instrument of pleasure that had brought me to heights never before obtained.

Every day since has been much of the same. Would you like to watch his balls throb with each jet of his Muslim seed filling your blonde haired Jewish wife? Will you jerk off thinking of us while watching this video?

Welcome back. Like your surprise,

Oh and Honey? No doubt I am expecting.

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