Javed Ki Kahani 1

Deepika Joshi was a big name in the police department. She was a strict officer who booked no nonsense from anybody. Having joined the force after graduation and given the State commission exams, she had risen quickly due to her hard work and ability to solve the tough cases.

Deepika mostly handled cases related to women. Rape, molestation, eve teasing and dowry cases were her strengths. Once she took up the case, the department was rest assured that she would quickly solve the case and see to it that the culprit was adequately punished.

But now a day she was in a somewhat disturbed mind. Deepika at 27 years age had married just last year. She like all the girls had a dream of her would be husband. Though she got a good husband not lacking in money, status and fame, her husband Rohit was not that interested in sex. It was not that he was a total gone case, but slowly Deepika came to know that Rohit had a gay side too.

Deepika came to know about it when one of her informer told her about how he saw Rohit with a male in the car shagging each other. Deepika was totally devastated by this news but she didn’t let anybody know about it. To overcome this sorrow, she now fully dedicated herself to her duty. She was so angry with the men that now whenever any rape, molestation, eve teasing or dowry case was given to her, she would give ‘special treatment’ to the culprits before taking them to the court.

Normally also Deepika was very strict officer. None of the culprit (if he was guilty) could bear her torture for more than a day and would spill out his crime with total description. She had lost the counts of beating and abuses she had showered on these dirty criminals.

Thus due to her this dedication, Deepika had been handed over the rape case of 19 years Ruchi by a well known ruffian Javed Khan. Javed had been charged and arrested on the charge of repeatedly raping Ruchi. Deepika wasn’t surprised to see Javed’s name as the accused. Just 3 months back he had been arrested for eve teasing case and Deepika had handled the case in the last phase as the concerned inspector was transferred. The very next day the charge sheet was filed in the court and Javed had been let off on bail pending regular hearing.

Deepika remembered that even when he was under arrest, he was looking at her with so dirty looks in his eyes. She understood that Javed had a liking for girls and women and that he would take any step to get the girl and women he liked. With his dirty looks she also understood that if given half a chance, Javed would like to fuck her there itself. She knew Javed as a tough guy, hardly ever concerned about the police torture. He was used to all the beatings and 3rd degree methods and had never flinched. Now for eve teasing or molesting cases, no greater painful methods were used, but now being charged with rape and that too of a prominent leader, Javed was surely to be given the 3rd degree. Deepika found herself happy to meet Javed again and had decided to break him completely this time.

Though Javed had been arrested for rape, the actual scene was that Ruchi had fallen for Javed and she had herself enticed Javed with her coy smiles, open invitations and suggestive actions. Sitting in the cell waiting for the interrogation to begin, Javed went over the days when all this started.

Javed was a nicely built male who had a great effect on the opposite sex. He lived in a slum area near Ruchi’s house. He was 28 years of age and did many assorted works like plumbing, electrician and driver on daily payment basis. But due to his rough and aggressive nature, he had been to jail many a times too. He had come out of the jail just a month back on bail in a eve teasing case.

Ruchi was living in a high rise society. Being endowed with nice body, blooming at the right time and in the right places, Ruchi was a treat to watch. Being from a rich family, she thought everybody else were inferior to her. She was a very open minded person and talked what she liked and did what she wanted. What attracted her to Javed was a fight in the slums one day when she was coming home.

Javed had a fight with Ali, his neighbor. Ali was caught teasing Javed’s niece and so the fight broke out. Both Javed and Ali were well built and strong. Ruchi’s Activa had got punctured near the slum and so she was waiting for the mechanic to repair the puncture when she saw the fight.

For the first time, Ruchi heard all the dirty ‘maa-behan ki galliya’ first hand. The way they were abusing each other would make a high class girl vomit. Ruchi too felt very embarrassed to hear all this initially, but as the verbal fight went on, she realized that the dirty abuses were making goose bumps on her body. Also when she saw the lady folks of the slum waiting to see the fight she felt excited hearing it all.

After the lengthy verbal duel, Ali pushed Javed who fell to the ground. Now Javed a tall muscular man, felt very insulted by this action. He immediately stood up and advanced on Ali. Before Ali could defend or retaliate, Javed was showering him with dirtiest abuses, slaps and punches. Javed with just shorts and a T shirt was looking like a WWF wrestler. His toned body, shining in the sweat was looking so manly to Ruchi.

Ruchi kept looking at Javed who within no time knocked out Ali. It was then Ali’s father came and begged Javed to stop the fight promising him that Ali would never ever trouble his niece. Javed too relented and dusting off the dirt from his clothes looked around.

It was then that their eyes met. Javed found Ruchi looking at him with some awe. Javed found Ruchi a ripe young girl who had blossomed in the right places. But he also knew that she was a rich girl who was out of bounds for him. Looking hard at Ruchi for one more time, Javed turned and went to his house.

Ruchi stood there like a fool even after Javed had gone. It was as if a spell had been cast over her and she had been entrapped in it. After the puncture was repaired she started her Activa and looking in the direction Javed had gone, started for her house.
From that day, whenever she saw Javed, Ruchi would keep looking at him. She didn’t know why but she had fallen for him. Though she had a boy friend with whom she was doing all the kissing, petting and oral sex, she found that Javed was much more manly than her boy friend. Javed’s strong physic had made her go head over heels.

Now whenever their paths crossed, Javed would find Ruchi looking at him. Javed was a bastard of a man who had fucked many girls and ladies. He was a master in wooing girls and fucking them. But he was wary of this girl Ruchi. Though he had fucked many high class society girls, Ruchi was the daughter of a local leader and he didn’t want to do anything to disturb that leader.

With this thought in mind, he didn’t give much attention to Ruchi. But Ruchi was angry with this attitude of Javed. It was a case of avoiding her beauty by a local ruffian. And this attitude made her mad. Now she wanted to have Javed under any cost.

To woo Javed, Ruchi now started adjusting her timings with Javed’s presence. Also she wore more tight clothes which showed off her curves and bumps. When Javed would look at her, she would give a coy smile biting her lower lip. She would flutter her eye lids looking at Javed when he was watching her.

One evening when she was coming home at 8-30, she saw Javed standing near her society gate. Ruchi was in a tight midi which was showing off her well formed boobs and her round tight ass. Ruchi stopped her Activa near the gate and kept looking at Javed. She un-necessarily kept pulling her midi down as if she wants to cover herself in front of him but actually was showing off her body. This went on for 5-7 minutes and then Ruchi had to go as she saw some of the society people coming.

But by all the actions of Ruchi, Javed understood that Ruchi had fallen for him. He thought about all the pros and cons of fucking her even if she was the local leader’s daughter. Her fresh nubile ripe body was making him mad. As they say, a male thinks with his penis and then repents with his actions, Javed too decided to take up the challenge. Now if the apple was ready to fall on the sword what can the sword do?
From the next day Javed too started to give full attention to Ruchi when their paths crossed. He kept scanning her body when she was looking at him. 1-2 times he had smiled at her and also winked. Ruchi was so happy the day he first winked at her that she just hid her face in her palms in front of him.

With all this actions going on, Javed didn’t take the next step as he wanted Ruchi to initiate the proceedings. Later he knew he could handle any problem but for that Ruchi had to take the lead.

Ruchi too understood the dilemma of Javed. She realized that her father being the local leader, Javed wouldn’t want to do anything that would antagonize him. But she was gone for Javed. She wanted to feel his strong arms around her, take her in his arms, kiss her and then do whatever he wants. Ruchi now decided to call him in some isolated place for a meeting.

Ruchi knew that she couldn’t talk with Javed in this area. Thinking of how to talk to him, she hit upon an idea.

One of the sweeper ladies of the society lived in the same slum as Javed did. Ruchi told Mumtaz that one of her cousin needs Javed’s cell number as he wanted to employ Javed for some job. Mumtaz being a servant didn’t ask any more questions and later in the day gave Ruchi Javed’s number.

Ruchi felt so elated after getting Javed’s number. She stored his number under a ladies name. The next day when she crossed Javed, Ruchi gave him one of the widest smiles till that day. Seeing Ruchi’s smile when Javed winked at her, Ruchi fluttering her eye lids bit her lower lip. Javed understood that this girl was ripe and ready to fall in his lap and later under him in his bed.

Ruchi didn’t want anybody to disturb her when she was to call Javed. So she decided that she will call him up after 10 PM, when she has had her dinner and would be alone in her bedroom.

That night when she was alone, she with trembling hands dialed Javed’s number. She could feel her heart in her mouth. She was so overcome with panic that she disconnected the call. She could feel her heart pounding. Waiting for sometime regaining her breath, Ruchi again dialed his number. This time she let it ring fully. But as soon as the call was picked she lost her nerve and disconnected the call.
This happened 2-3 times again and again. She call the number, when it was picked up she used to disconnect the call.

As she was thinking what to do next the cell rang. It was Javed calling her now. She let it ring 8-10 rings and then with a sort of fear and anticipation in her mind, picked up the call.

As soon as she picked up the call, Ruchi got a blast full of abuses.

“Kaun maderchod baar-baar calls karke mujhe taang kar raha hai? Behanchod aagli baar call uthane ke baad aagar baat nahi ki to aake tu jo bhi ho, teri maa chodke rakhunga.”

Saying this Javed cut the call. Ruchi heart went into over drive hearing that manly voice showering her with abuses. She felt very excited hearing the abuses. She liked Javed’s daring to call back on the unknown number and abusing the unknown caller without any fear. Ruchi now decided to call up and speak to Javed.

She had some water and called Javed. As Javed picked up the call and even before Ruchi could say hello, she heard Javed saying, “Kaun hai re tu harami jo Javed ko call karke taang kar raha hai? Lagta hai aake teri maa chodni padegi phir teri akkal thikane aayegi.”
Ruchi could feel the same Javed who was fighting with Ali that day. The same commanding voice pierced her heart. His abuses were so strong and dominating. Ruchi in a very soft tone replied, “Ji woh mai bol rahi hoon Javedji.”
Javed was surprised to har such a soft female voice. Who could it be to call him at 11 PM? Trying to remember the voice he again blasted, “Tu mujhe teri aawaz pechanne aaise bol rahi hai jaise ki tu meri raand hai. Tere Maa ne kuch to naam rakha hoga na tera? Naam kya hai bata tera

Ruchi was thinking how can a man be so arrogant and dominating? This man was openly abusing her as if he owned her. She could feel her heart racing talking to him. Trying to keep her voice low she said, “Aap kaise baat karte ho Javedji? Mai Ruchi bol rahi hoon, Ruchi Shah. Ab to pechana hoga na mujhe?”
Javed was surprised to hear Ruchi talking. He never could imagine that this girl would be so mad for him that she is calling him at 11 in the night. But her actions and eyes from last so many days had shown her feeling for him. Even though now he knew who it was calling him, he decided not to take the lead and let her speak her mind.

Trying to deduce her intentions, Javed in the same tone asked, “Accha to tu Ruchi bol rahi hai? Kyon call kiya mujhe aur woh bhi itni raat ko?”

Ruchi felt nice that even after knowing it was her on the call, Javed didn’t buckle down as other males did. He was at his dominating best. Ruchi knew she had to take the lead and tell him to meet her. Running her hand on her waxed legs, she said, “Javedji mujhe aapse milna hai aur kuch baate karni hai. Ab hum idhar milke baat to nahi kar sakte. To kya aap mujhe kal shyam ko Town Hall ke pass wale garden mai mil sakte hai kya?”

Javed was happy to see Ruchi taking the lead. He knew why she wanted to meet him. He thought that if she is going to meet him for some real fun (as they both had nothing else in common) then it would be better if they meet in some public place first and then they could proceed to some secluded place later on.

But that Town Hall was bit far away from their place. Also he knew that Ruchi would go by her car and he will have to go on the bike. Trying to test her desperation Javed replied, “Haan mai zaroor milne aata hoon tumko Town Hall ke pass, lekin Ruchi udhar jaane ke liye auto ka kiraya Rs. 200 hoga aur mujh jaise garib aadmi ke pass utne haram ke paise nahi hai.”
It was not that Javed didn’t have the cash. Though not loaded with wads of notes, he had money to spend. But he wanted to see how Ruchi reacts and what does she does. Ruchi, as Javed thought fell into the trap. She thought that Javed was speaking the truth. She wanted to help her new found lover and meet him desperately.

Ruchi said, “Tum uski fikar mat karna Javedji. Tum Town Hall aana, jab hum milange to mai aapko utne paise de dungi. Lekin aap please zaroor aana.”

Javed heard the desperation in Ruchi tone and was happy. A new girl was to be added to his list. Javed knew he would fuck Ruchi and she would even pay him for his expenses. He thanked God for sending a girl loaded with sexy body and booty of cash in his life.

Javed now changed his tone into a lover’s pitch and said, “Haan Ruchi, mai zaroor aayunga tujhse milne. Teri jaise sundar ladki mujhe bulaye aur mai nahi aau, aaisa kabhi nahi hoga. Ruchi mai thik 5 baje garden gate pe tera intazaar kaunga.”

Ruchi was delighted by Javed’s acceptance. She thanked him and after exchanging some pleasantries Ruchi cut the call. She was happy that tomorrow she was going to meet Javed, her strong man.
The next day Ruchi was filled with excitement. Even her mother could make out that she was very happy today. After a short nap, Ruchi took a bath and got ready for her meeting. She wore a tight black slacks and a red shirt tight kurti. Her round tight ass was displayed nicely in the skirt and the tight short was enhancing her perky tits. She tied her hair in a pony and telling her mother that she would be late as she had to go for a party, came down and taking the car started for the lover’s meeting.

Javed in a jeans and T shirt was waiting near the garden gate. As soon as Ruchi saw the hulky Javed, she felt herself going week in her knees. He was standing so proudly and was looking so manly that some women were looking hard at him. Javed stood there enjoying the stares.

When Javed saw Ruchi he smiled at her. Ruchi too smiling back coyly indicated him to follow her. Walking in the garden behind Ruchi, Javed was admiring her round tight ass. With each step her tight ass wriggled in a rhythmic manner making Javed lust for her.

Ruchi was taking him to the corner where she and her boy friend had spent some intimate moments. It was a big hedge of bush. One had to bend and go inside where there was a neat place to sit and talk. As she approached the hedge, Ruchi looked back and saw Javed looking at her ass. She felt very excited by his viewing.

As she bent to enter the hedge, Javed a given a nice view of her thighs from under the short kurti. Javed too entered the hedge and suddenly they were cut off from the world. Sunlight was entering the hedge from between the leaves and small twigs. Small insects were making a continuous humming sound. Other then these sound’s there were just faint voices of the people roaming in the big garden.

Ruchi’s heart was beating hard now that she was all alone with the hulky Javed with brute strength and a very abusive tongue. But she had fallen for him due to these same reasons. There was hardly any distance between them. Even now Javed was waiting for Ruchi to open the topic. He wanted to be 200% sure of the reason she had called him.
Ruchi fiddling with the hem of her kurti finally said, “Javedji maine isliye aapko bulaya hai ki mai aapko us din ek asli mard jaise Ali ki pitai karte huye dekhke chahane lagi hoon. Aapka woh mardani roop aur taqat dekhke mai aapki diwani ho gaye hoon. Kya aapko mere liye aaisa kuch lagta hai?”

Javed was surprised at the straight forward talk by Ruchi. He never thought that Ruchi would be in so deep love for him. But he was happy that Ruchi had fallen for him. Javed took her hand and caressing it said, “Ruchi mujhe bhi tu badi acchi lagti hai aur mai bhi tujhe chahata hoon. Par Ruchi, tu itne bade ghar ki ladki, tera Baap ek leader aur mai ek garib aadmi hoon. Hamare pyaar ka koi acchi result nahi hoga aaisa mujhe lagta hai.”

Javed was just testing Ruchi resolve in this relationship. He knew that if Ruchi gives him full support he will elope and marry Ruchi and then her father couldn’t do any harm to him. And Ruchi said what he wanted to hear.

She was happy that Javed had held her hand. She found his touch so strong and nice. She looked up at him and replied, “Javedji aap uski chinta mat karna. Mere Dad ko kaise manana woh mujhe pata hai. Bus aap mujhse kabhi bhi dur nahi jaoge yeh waada karna.”

In reply javed put his arms around Ruchi and taking her in his embrace said, “Yeh hui na sacche aashique jaise baat. Ruchi mai yeh waada karta hoon ki chahe jo bhi ho, mai kabhi bhi tujhse dur nahi jayunga.”

Ruchi felt Javed hard body against her firm yeh soft body. Her perky tits were crushed against his broad hairy chest. Her face was resting under his chin on his neck and her torso was rubbing against his torso. Ruchi had never felt it so comfortable with her boy friend. It took that idiot nearly a month to kiss her after she had accepted to the boy friend’s proposal. But Javed was doing it from the start.

Moving his hands on her tight back, Javed then put his fore finger under her chin. Lifting her face up, Javed looked into Ruchi’s eyes. Ruchi could read his eyes tell her to kiss him. Is if in a daze, Ruchi closed her eyes and brought her face near Javed’s face. Javed holding her face in his hands twisted it a bit and then lowering his head put his lips on her lips.
Ruchi opened her lips and let Javed suck them. As soon as Javed started sucking her lips, Ruchi could taste the strong taste of tobacco. She knew Javed was a smoker and today she tasted the smoker’s lips. Ruchi felt more erotic tasting the tobacco taste and kept the kiss on. Javed made her open her mouth fully and now put his tongue in her mouth. Ruchi was now sucking his tongue and Javed was sucking her upper lip.

The kissing continued for quite long. Javed had felt the full supple firm body of Ruchi. Her tight ass was a great plaything for him. He kept pressing her ass cheeks. Ruchi too rubbed her body on Javed’s. In the up down and sideway motion, her tits were being mangled like soft rubber balls making her nipples taut. She had even felt Javed’s big dick rubbing on her inner thighs making her wetter.

When at last they broke the kiss, both were panting like dogs. Both of their lips were smeared with saliva. Ruchi face was flushed by Javed’s manipulations. Javed held her face and licked of the saliva off her lips. Then kissing her lips Javed said, “Ruchi ekdum meetha swad hai tere hootho ka. Aagar tere hootho ka swad itna mitha hai to mai sooch raha hoon poore jism ka swad kaisa hoga?”

Feeling shy, Ruchi hid her face in Javed’s chest saying, “Aap bhi na Javedji, kuch bhi bolte ho. Kya koi lover uski premika ko pehle meeting mai aaisa kuch bolta hai kya?”
Before Javed could reply to Ruchi, they heard a commotion outside. It was a raid by the social department of the police to find and arrest people behaving indecently in the park. Javed quickly held Ruchi’s hand and they both rushed out. As they came out, Javed left her hand telling her to follow him 3-4 steps behind him. Ruchi did as was told and walked behind Javed. 1-2 personal’s came near them but seeing them walking alone thought that they were individuals having a stroll in the park and so didn’t question them.

As they moved away, Javed slowed down and let Ruchi catch with him. Looking at Ruchi Javed said, “Darling, jo sawaal tune mujhe abhi pucha, uska jawab mai tujhe aaj raat ko dunga. Jab raat ko tu free hogi to tujhe mujhe call kar. Aur haan, call karke baat kar mujhse nahi to mai bewajah kal jaise galliya dunga.”

Ruchi smiled and holding his long thick fingers shyly said, “Haan mai raat ko 11 baje call karungi. Aur haan Javedji kal raat aapke muh se galliya sunke mujhe kaisa to laga lekin accha bhi laga.”

Seeing nobody around, Javed pulled Ruchi behind a huge tree and a started kissing her again. Ruchi too responded back. After a nice kiss Javed said, “Mere muh se galliya sunke accha lagta hai to ab tujhse gaandi-gaandi baate karke galliya dunga. Chalega na tujhe meri jaan?”
Ruchi just smiled and nodded her head slightly. Javed knew he now had Ruchi in his grip. He had decided to make full use of her body and money. As he started caressing her neck to take the play forward, Ruchi stopped him. Javed too thought that he is going too fast and removed his hand.

They came out in the open again and started walking. As they reached the car, Ruchi stopped and then remembering something opened her purse in front of Javed. It was filled with Rs. 1000 and 500 notes. She took out 10 notes of Rs. 1000 and giving it to Javed said, “Darling, mujhe pata hai ki hamare mulakaato mai aapke paise kharch honge. Lekin mujhe mere darling ko kharche mai nahi dalna hai. Isliye yeh paise rakho aur jab bhi aapko paiso ki zaroorat ho mujhe bata dena, thik hai na Javedji?”

Javed was happy with this offer and he took the money shamelessly and kept it in his pocket. He had already started encashing the bearer cheque from the first meeting itself. As Ruchi sat in the car, Javed reminded her to call him in the night and let Ruchi go.

Ruchi was happy that she had got the man she wanted. She was totally gone over his manliness and physic. Really speaking, she wanted to be in the arms of a strong man like Javed who was much better than her current boy friend. Also Javed’s rough dirty way of talking would make her feel excited and she loved hearing the abuses. Now that she had told Javed that she liked hearing the abuses, she didn’t know to what extend Javed would speak to her in that words.
Here Javed too was very happy that after many days he had got a high class girl loaded nicely in her sexy body and purse. He had purposely taken the money as he wanted Ruchi to know that he needed the money because he does not earn substantially. He also knew that Ruchi had fallen for him due to his rough dirty talks and his power. He was happy that Ali had teased his niece due to which the fight took place and Ruchi had fallen for him. Also he was happy when she said that she doesn’t mind Javed talking dirty. Javed had decided to start talking vulgar with Ruchi from tonight itself.

After having dinner and retiring back to her room, Ruchi called up Javed. Picking up the call on the first ring Javed said, “Kaisi ho meri darling? Kya kar rahi ho tum?”

Ruchi was happy to hear Javed calling her as darling. She replied, “Mai thik hoon Javedji, aap kaise ho? Mai to bus abhi room mai aaye hoon aapse baat karne.”)

Javed was surprised that Ruchi was calling him, a slum dweller as Javedji even now. All the other folks used to call him as, ‘behanchod, maderchod, gaandu, bhadwa ‘and what not. He loved the way Ruchi called him with respect. But Javed didn’t want respect from Ruchi; he wanted her nubile tender soft body and loads of cash from her.

Javed replied, “Mai bhi ekdum mast hoon. Shyam se tere garm jism ki mehak aur tere hootho ki mithas yaad karte baitha hoon. Ruchi kitna mast jism hai tera aur kissing bhi kitna accha karti hai tu. Jin hootho pe aajtak sirf cigarette aur sharab choote thay un hootho ka aaj tune chooma aur chusa. Kaisa laga tujhe hamare hot kiss?”
Ruchi got bit excited hearing Javed’s words. She felt Javed was such an open person who said anything that he wanted. Ruchi too being like that replied, “Javedji aap bhi kuch kam nahi ho. Aapki body kitni strong aur firm hai. Javedji aaj pehle baar maine aaise hooth chuse jinse cigarette aur sharab ki mehak aa rahi thi. Mujhe accha laga aapke woh hooth chusne. Aap bade acche kisser ho. Mere hootho ka paani hi pi dala aapne. Lagta hai aap har baat mai bade mahir ho.”

Ruchi didn’t realize and know why she added the last sentence, but that gave Javed the opening he wanted. He now decided to take this talk ahead with some vulgar chat. Javed replied, “Ruchi ab mai har baat mai mahir hoon ya nahi yeh dekhne ke liye hame akale mai fursat se milna padega. Tera yeh garm jism ke har ek hisse ko mujhse acche se masalke aur sab kuch karwake leke dekh mai kitna mahir hoon. Meri jaan, aaj jab teri gardan ko masalne ke baad jab mai haath niche, tere mast rasile aamo pe le aa raha tha, to tujhe mujhe kyon roka? Kya tujhe tere aam mujhse masalke nahi lene ka mood tha?”

Ruchi was greatly excited hearing to Javed’s reply. Now here was a real man who was saying it all openly. Her boy friend was never this bold and Ruchi herself had to take the initiatives. But she realized that Javed was a class apart. How in just a sentence he had said and told all the things he wanted. Ruchi could feel her cunt getting hot and the nipples starting to harden.
Ruchi’s tone went into a sexual mode when she said, “Aap kya bol rahe hai Javedji? Ek ladki se koi aaise openly baat karta hai kya? Yeh kya akele mai milna aur poora jism masalke aur sab karke lene ki baat kar rahe ho? Aur Javedji aapne jo gardan se niche haath leke jaake ‘unko’ masalne ki baat ki to hum woh udhar open mai kaise kar sakte thay? Koi dekhta hame to kya hota soocha hai kya?”

Hearing Ruchi, Javed understood that Ruchi wouldn’t stop him from doing everything if they are alone in an isolated place. He saw that she didn’t mind him telling her what he wanted to do and also she too wanted it but was afraid of anybody seeing them. He now decided to be more open and vulgar to put across his point and see Ruchi’s reaction.

In a gruff hard tone he said, “Koi dekh lene ka daar tha tujhe Ruchi? Aur koi dekhta bhi to kya hota? Us gaandu ki gaand mai dum chahaye mujhse panga lene ka. Saala koi aata to udhar hi uski maa nahi chod dalta mai? Ruchi ab tu meri maal hai aur har waqt har jagah teri hifazat karna ab mera kaam hai. Tujhe open mai yeh sab karne daar lagta hai yeh mai samajhti hoon. To yeh bata hum akele mai kab aur kaha mil sakte hai taki mai woh karu jo maine kaha? Tujhe pata hai, tujhse milke aane ke baad abhi tak mera lauda tight ka tight hai.”

Ruchi could feel her cunt pulsating continuously now after hearing Javed. This guy was so open and vulgar in his talks. If he was so vulgar and dominating in talks, god knows how he will be when she would be alone with him. Ruchi felt her nipples poking hard against her soft satin nighty material. Her panty was wet hearing Javed’s dirty talk. She understood that Javed being a guy from the slums had no manners and etiquettes’ to talk to a high class girl like her. But she also knew that it was his is uncouth mannerism and lack of etiquettes’ that had made her fall for him.
Rubbing her inner thigh near her cunt, Ruchi in a husky tone said, “Javedji aap to ek number ke badmash ho. Yeh kaise baate kar rahe ho aap aapki mashuka ke saath? Aapne such kaha, aaise udhar openly sab karne mujhe daar lag raha tha. Koi hame dekhta to kitni badmani hoti hamari. Javedji mujhe pakka yakeen hai ki ab jab mai aapki mashuka hoon to aap hamesha meri hifazat karogi. Rahi baat kab aur kaha milne ki to woh hum dekhte hai. Javedji jaise aapne bataya ki aapka ‘WOH’ abhi tak tight hai waise mai bhi kahi to bhi tight ho gaye hoon.”

Ruchi couldn’t believe herself saying all this. Though in her friend’s she had talked dirty things it was different talking all this to a male and that too her lover from last 6 hours. She could feel her full body heating up, her panty had a patch of wetness and her nipples were looking more prominent. She knew it was Javed’s effect that was making her talk like this and heating up her body.

Javed was very happy with Ruchi’s response. He understood that Ruchi was a hot girl who wanted to be taken, crushed and fucked by a hard man. It was a lottery for him that she had chosen him for the pleasant job.
Javed running his hand over his hard dick said, “Ruchi tu darna nahi, ab tu jaldi decide kar hum kab aur kaha mil sakte hai. Udhar jab koi nahi hoga tab tera top utarke, teri bra nikalke tere rasile aam masalke unse jee bharke khelunga. Yehi nahi, tujhe bhi mera tagda lauda dunga khelne. Ruchi ab jab mai itni openly baat kar raha hoon to tu kyon ‘WOH’ karke mere laude ko bula rahi hai? Ab yeh bata jaise mera lauda tight hai waise tere jism ka kaunsa hissa tight hai aur kaunsa hissa gila hai?”

Javed was now starting to break all the barriers of lovers talk. He was now purely taking about just sex, pure raw hard sex. And Ruchi liked this talk. She now had a hand over her moist cunt and she was rubbing her cunt with a finger from over the panty. She could feel her whole body heat and tense up. She knew she had found the right man who would talk and use her in a hard way. Ruchi too decided to open up a bit more and reply to Javed’s query.

Putting her finger in the panty and now rubbing her cunt lips she in a more husky tone said, “Javedji aap bhi na kuch bhi bolte ho. Lekin haan, aap yeh jo sab bol rahe ho mujhe woh sunne bada accha lag raha hai. Javedji hum jaldi hi milange aur tab aapne jo bhi bola hai aap karo. Mai aapko rokungi nahi.” Then waiting for a moment, deciding to reply to what Javed had asked, Ruchi in a more husky tone added, “Javedji jaise aapka la….matlab aapka lauda tabhi se tight hai na, waise hi mere nipple kadak ho gaye hai. Aur aapki yeh sab garm baate sunke meri chut gili ho gaye hai.”
Happy to hear Ruchi opening up, Javed upping the ante said, “Wah meri jaan, kya mast boli hai tu. Tere in pyare hootho se lauda, chut aur mamme sunke mera lauda to aur tight ho gaya hai. Dil karta hai abhi udhar aake tujhe poori nangi karke, tere mast mamme masalte, unke tight nipple chuske teri chut maaru. Mast maal hai re tu Ruchi. Yeh bata meri maal, kab mil rahi hai akele mai mujhse?”

Ruchi had 2 fingers in her cunt and she was rubbing it hard and fast. She too was imagining Javed with her now and him playing with her naked body sucking her nipples and fucking her. Moaning a bit and fingering her cunt hard she said, “Javedji aapne yeh kya kar diya? Mere poore jism mai aag laga di aapne aapki baato se. Mai bhi wohi chahati hoon aap mere saath karo jo aapne kaha. Mai jaldi hi koi jagah dhoondti hoon aur hum zaroor milange aur phir aap……..ahhhhh Javedjiiiiiiiii.”

Before she could complete her sentence, Ruchi came hard. Her whole body was shaking and shivering. She kept rubbing her clitoris and fingering her cunt. Though Javed couldn’t see it all he understood what had happened. He let some time go to let Ruchi relax and become normal.

When the moans and heavy breathing became a bit normal Javed said, “Kya hua meri maal ko? Chut mai ungli karke mera naam lete huye zad gaye kya meri darling ki chut?”

Ruchi was feeling a bit shy now but she said, “Haan Javedji, pata nahi yeh sab kaise hua, lekin aaj zindagi mai pehli baar aaisa hua hai.”
Javed cajoling her said, “Hota hai aaisa Ruchi. Teri jaise laude ki pyaasi ladki jab mere jaise tagde laude wale mard se chudai ki baate karti hai to chut mai ungli karke hamesha zad jaati hai. Ab yeh sooch meri chudai ki baato se tu itni garm huye to jab hum dono nange honge tab tu kitni baar zadegi?”

Becoming normal, Ruchi said, “Aap such bol rahe ho Javedji. Aapki baato ne na jaane kya aag bhadka di meri chut mai ki mai khud ko rok nahi saki aur ungli karti rahi. Javedji mujhe bhi ab jaldi se jaldi aapse milna hai. Mai 1-2 din mai hi aapko kaha milna hai woh bataungi. Mai aapse bahoot pyaar karti hoon Javedji. Aap mere ho, sirf mere.”

Javed happy to hear Ruchi said, “Haan re meri mast sexy maal, mai sirf aur sirf tera hi hoon. Ab jaldi se koi jagah dhoond taki udhar fursat mai teri garm chut ko mere laude se chodke teri garmi shant karu.”

Agreeing to find the place as soon as possible Ruchi cut the call and tried going to sleep dreaming about her new lover Javedji.

1-2 days passed but Ruchi couldn’t decide where she could call Javed. She was very desperate to meet him. His words had made her so hot that now she wanted the full treatment by his rough hands on her soft body. Ruchi couldn’t take him to any of her friend’s place as her relation with a slum guy would be met not by surprise but by sneers. Also Javed being a Muslim would be another shock. Also meeting in a lodge was a problem as Ruchi’s father was well known and she didn’t know who she could cross who knew her as Mr. Shah’s daughter.
Here Javed could have taken her to any of his friend’s places, but then they would have demanded their piece of ass. Javed and his friend’s would normally exchange their current bed mates between them. It was a normal thing for them. But for Ruchi, Javed had decided to break the rule. He had wanted to enjoy Ruchi’s nubile body all alone. It wasn’t enjoying just her body. Later he knew that Ruchi would help him in a monetary way too.

Every night they would talk on the cell till late in the night. Now Javed had fully opened up with Ruchi and Ruchi too had opened up quite a lot in expressing her words and replying to Javed’s vulgar talks. Both of them were eagerly waiting for a chance to be together.

At last Ruchi could find a place. It was just half a kilometer from her society. It was a semi constructed bungalow being built by one of her friend’s father. But due to some problem, the construction had stopped from last 1 month and now just a watchman used to be there. The bungalow was a one storied structure. All the brickwork as well as internal and external plastering was done. Windows frames without glass panes and temporary doors were also in place. The tiling, electrification and other internal works were balance. All rooms had and electrical point for working in the night also.

The guard knew Ruchi as she had been there many a times for some small works or to give message to the contractor as told to do so by her friend’s dad. Ruchi decided to call Javed there under the pretext of showing him the electrical works, so the guard wouldn’t suspect anything. It was a perfect getaway and she would be all alone with her lover without any tension.

That night when she was talking to Javed, she told him about the bungalow. Javed knew the bungalow as he had fucked 2 of his girls from the slum there in the night. Also once he had bribed the guard and he and his friend had a threesome with one of the girl the full night. Javed agreed to the spot and then it was decided that they would meet there at 2 PM.

Javed thinking of how to get something of this meeting told Ruchi that incidentally it was his birthday tomorrow. It was a total lie as Javed never knew when his birthday was. Ruchi was so happy that she was going to meet her lover for their first rendezvous on his birthday. Ruchi asked him why he didn’t tell it before. Javed just said that he didn’t want Ruchi to think that he wanted something from her and that’s why he didn’t tell it.

Ruchi like a fool thought that Javed was so good person in this aspect. When Ruchi persisted Javed to tell her about the present, he at last somewhat unwillingly (but in real carefully planned) said that he had seen a nice new mobile. But since it was costing Rs. 35000/- he forgot about it. For Ruchi Rs. 35000/- wasn’t a big deal. She promised Javed that he will get the mobile as his birthday present tomorrow.

It was decided that Ruchi would reach the place first and Javed would come later. She will tell the guard to let Javed in as she would be inside. After deciding that Ruchi would call Javed before leaving for the meeting and the finer points she cut the call waiting for tomorrow.
The next day, Ruchi had an early lunch and then went to buy the mobile Javed wanted. She was happy that she was gifting her lover something substantial on his birthday. Ruchi got the mobile nicely packed and came back. Coming home she went for a late bath. She had decided to have a nice hot bath cleaning her body very nicely. She wanted to present herself to Javed in the best possible way. She knew that today Javed would fuck her; hence she clean shaved her pussy and removed all the unwanted hair. She could feel her pink pussy lips pouting as if opening themselves to take in Javed’s dick and smiled at herself at the thought.

Coming out she wore a black thong. The front strip hardly covered her pussy and in rear just disappeared in her tight young ass. She also wore a red strapless half cupped stringed bra. Her perky tits were more than 60% out of the cups as she purposely wore a small sized bra. She put on a black skirt which hardly reached her knees. Her fair and waxed legs till the knees against the black skirt were fully visible. She had put on a red front buttoned top. The top was tight fit and hugging her well formed body.

She sprayed perfume at the right places and put on gloss on her cheeks and nice lipstick. Tying her shoulder long hair in a pony and wearing black heels, she came out and sitting on the Activa started for her first rendezvous with Javed. Before starting she called Javed and told him to reach there in 15 minutes.

Ruchi reached the bungalow and parked her Activa. She told the guard named Raghav that a electrical contractor named Javedji would come shortly and that he should let him in. telling him to stay at the gate, Ruchi went inside.

Ruchi roamed all over the ground floor admiring the design and craftsmanship. The bungalow was being built artistically with rich taste and design. Then she went to the first floor. There were 3 bedrooms with attached bathroom. All the bedrooms were very spacious and all had nice balconies.
As she was watching the bedroom interiors, Ruchi felt 2 hands on her waist and simultaneously somebody kissing her neck. From the smell of the cigarette tobacco she understood it was Javed. Smilingly she turned and found it was Javed, her lover Javed. She saw Javed with opened arms she rushed into his arms. Both were in tight embrace.

Ruchi then caught Javed’s face and putting her lips on his lips started kissing him. The kiss was more passionate, ferocious and erotic than the first kiss. Ruchi made Javed slip his tongue in her mouth and was sucking his tongue as if she was sucking his dick. She could feel Javed cupping and pressing her ass cheeks quite hard. She could also feel his tight dick rubbing her thighs, cunt and stomach.

Keeping the kiss intact, Javed lifted Ruchi by her waist. Ruchi too spreading her legs and putting them around Javed’s torso came into his arms. She was amazed as to how effortlessly Javed had lifted her in his arms.

After the long kiss when their lips separated, Ruchi asked, “Javedji aapko aake birthday ki hardik badhai. Mai khush hoon ki aaj mai mere Javedji se pehli baar itminaan se mil rahi hoon aur aaj hi mere Javedji ka birthday hai. Javedji kaise laga aapko aapki mashuka Ruchi ka birthday kiss?”

Javed was surprised by Ruchi’s intense passionate kiss. As Ruchi was in his arms, her skirt had moved up and now her naked ass was resting on Javed’s arms. Javed knew today he was going to fuck this nubile piece of ass and now she belonged to him. Giving a kiss on Ruchi’s lips Javed said, “Ekdum mast kiss tha meri maal ka. Ruchi aaj pehli baar kissi ne mujhe mere birthday pe itna accha tofha diya hai. Nahi to hamare zhopadpatti mai kisko time hai itna apna pan dikhane ke liye.”
Javed purposely said the last line with a hint of (false) sadness. Ruchi felt sad for Javed and holding his head she buried it in her cleavage and said, “Aaisa mat kaho Javedji. Ab mai aaye hoon na, to aaj ke baad aap kabhi bhi aaise baate nahi karogi.”

Javed was happy with Ruchi’s reaction and her rubbed his face in her cleavage and boobs. He could smell the nice perfume and also the sweet body odor coming from Ruchi’s fresh body. He kissed her cleavage and said, “Thik hai jaan, abse aaise baat nahi karunga. Par yeh waada tu bhi kar ki tu mujhse kabhi bhi dur nahi jayegi.”

Ruchi was feeling so erotic with Javed rubbing his head on her boobs. When Javed kissed her cleavage a shock went through her body. Pressing his head more on her cleavage she said, “Javedji, mai waada karti hoon kabhi aapne dur nahi jayungi. Hamesha aapke saath rahungi.” Then remembering something she said, “Javedji, please mujhe niche utaro abhi. Aapki aur ek birthday present jo deni hai aapko.”

Javed kissing her cleavage with a long kiss put Ruchi down. Ruchi went to the other room and came with a nice shopping bag. She took out a parcel and giving it to Javed said, “Javedji yeh aapka mobile. Aapko yeh model chahaye tha na?”
Javed was happy to see the new mobile. It was the same model that he wanted. He immediately opened it and put on the cell. Ruchi didn’t know but Javed was a master in using mobile features. As the screen came alive, Javed opened the camera and then going in the selfie mode putting his arms around Ruchi took a selfie.

“Haan Ruchi mujhe tera gift pasand aaya. Ruchi darling bhale mujhe yehi mobile chahaye tha par tune itna mehanga mobile kyon liya mere liye? Mujhe to bus meri Ruchi hi chahaye.”

Though Javed was saying this for saying sake, he was continuously taking selfies with Ruchi. Ruchi too was allowing him to take their intimate selfies. Javed took many kissing and other selfies. Putting her arms around Javed’s waist and kissing his cheek as Javed took another selfie Ruchi said, “Javedji ab aap aaisa kabhi nahi bologe. Aap mere ho aur aajse aapki har taqlif meri hai. Aapko jo bhi chahaye aap bata dena, mai aapki har iccha poori karungi.”

Javed was happy to have a spending lover. He knew that after he fucks Ruchi nicely for the first time, she will always be his lover and he would take a lot many things from her. Taking a selfie kissing her cleavage, Javed said, “Accha, aaj ke baad kabhi aaisa nahi kahunga mai. Waise Ruchi aagar yeh hamara bangla hota to hum kaunsi bedroom hamari banate?”

Ruchi got a bit shy hearing the question but said, “Javedji aap ghar ke maalik ho, to jo bedroom aap chunange wohi hamari bedroom hoti na?”
Javed then changed the mobile setting to recording and put it in his pocket. Bending and putting the left hand in Ruchi’s knees and the other hand behind her back, Javed again lifting Ruchi in his arms said, “To chalo, hum sab bedroom dekhke decide karte hai ki hamari bedroom kaunsi hogi. Ab yeh bedroom to dekh li hai humne to baki bedroom bhi dekhte hai.”

The main reason for doing this was that the last bedroom had a huge pile of fine sand. Javed and his friend had a threesome with one of the slum lady in that room. The fine sand had served as a bed for their romp. Javed wanted to take Ruchi in that room and start his sex play.

After seeing the second room, they entered the last bedroom. Ruchi was yet in Javed’s arms with her hand thrown around his neck. With each step her boob was being rubbed hard against Javed’s mighty chest sending shivers through her body. The last room was more spacious and airy. The sand heap was bit scattered but would make a nice bed.

Kissing Ruchi’s cheek Javed said, “Ruchi mujhe yeh room acchi lagi. Dekho idhar to ret ka bistar bhi tayyar hai. Hum isse hi apni bedroom banate hai, kya kehti ho tum?”

Ruchi went red in her face when Javed spoke about the sand bed. She hugged him tight and kissing his ear said, “Jaise aap sahi samjho Javedji. Aapki khushi mai hi meri khushi hai.”
Javed put Ruchi down and removing the mobile from his pocket kept it in the window. He then came near Ruchi who was standing near the sand heap. Ruchi understood that now the real play would start. Her heart was beating hard and fast. Both were looking into each other’s eyes deeply.

Putting his hand on the top button of her shirt Javed said, “Ruchi tune to tujhe jo gift mujhe dena tha woh diya, lekin mujhe tujhse woh gift lena hai jo mai chahata hoon. Tu tayyar hai mujhe woh gift dene?”

Ruchi knew what gift Javed was referring to. She also knew this was the reason they were meeting. Ruchi looked at Javed and nodded her head in acceptance.

Javed was happy with the assent. He slowly started opening the shirt buttons. Each opening of each button Ruchi’s fair upper body with just the half cupped red strapless bra was coming in view. Javed could see the chest falling and rising with each deep breath.

As all the buttons opened, Javed slowly started to remove the shirt. Ruchi now with a bit of embarrassment and shame tried to resist but Javed made her remove the shirt and threw it aside. He could see the flawless white skin, her naval, bra clad chest and nearly 60% of her perky boobs. The red bra was in total contrast with her white skin.

All of a sudden due to the embarrassment, Ruchi pulled Javed to her and pushed herself into his chest. Though they had talked in all the possible vulgar way, when the real moment came, Ruchi felt very shy. As she went into his arms, Ruchi could feel Javed’s hands roaming all over her naked back and tight ass. She was feeling so erotic and nice.

Javed had now lifted her skirt and was rubbing her naked ass cheeks. Ruchi was so lost in the pleasure that she didn’t know that Javed had slyly unhooked her skirt. The skirt didn’t fall off as their bodies were joined. Running his hands over the ass and back Javed said, “Aare ab kyon sharma rahi ho jaan? Phone pe to tujhe na jaane kitni baar choda hai. Tune bhi kaise dil aur gaand kholke us chudai mai hissa liya tha. Har phone chudai ke baad mera lauda saala raat bhar taang karta tha. Aaj asli mai tujhe chodne ka mauka aaya hai to tu sharma rahi hai.”

Ruchi was now used to Javed’s vulgar language and felt nice to hear it for the first time face to face. She knew what Javed was speaking was true. Today she also had come for the much needed fucking. She decided to be a bit bold and putting her hands around his neck said, “Javedji ab thodi sharam to aayegi hi na? Lekin mai koshish karungi ki ho sake utni openly behave karungi.”
Javed put his hands under Ruchi’s armpits all around her. This way, when he would move a bit away from Ruchi, her skirt would fall off and she wouldn’t be able to hold her skirt. Then putting his hands on her bra hook, Javed said, “Yeh hui na acchi baat? Ruchi real mai bhi dil aur gaand kholke chudai ka maaza legi to tujhe badi khushi milegi.”

Ruchi could feel Javed’s hands on her bra hook. She didn’t want him to open her bra so early and to avoid this, she moved a bit back. To her surprise Javed let her move back. Thinking it as a small victory she smiled a bit but the next moment she froze looking at Javed. She could feel her skirt slowly falling down. As she tried to free her hand, she realized that Javed had locked her hands and she could do nothing about the falling skirt.

As the skirt fell down in her legs, Ruchi once again hugged Javed tightly and moaned. “Javedji aap bade badmash ho. Mujhe samjha hi nahi kabhi aapne skirt hook khola aur ab mai sirf bra panty mai hoon aapke saamne.”

As Ruchi come into his arms, Javed taking advantage of this opportunity quickly caught the bra hook and within a blink of the eye opened it. Ruchi was shocked with the speed with which Javed had unhooked her bra now. Her boy friend had to go behind her to unhook her bra. Javed was a true player which she understood.

Running his hands over Ruchi’s total naked back Javed said, “Ruchi ab jab mai tere nange jism se khelke tujhe mast chodne wala hoon to tere mast jism pe yeh kapdo ki kya zaroorat? Dekh jaldi hi mai bhi nanga honewali hoon, phir dekh chudai ke is khel mai hame kitna maaza aayega.”
Saying this Javed holding Ruchi’s arms made her move a bit back. As she moved back, Ruchi’s bra fell down joining her skirt on the floor. Ruchi hid her face in her palms trying to hide her naked boobs with her arms. But Javed held her hands and pulled them down. As Javed pulled away Ruchi’s arms, he was treated with the view of most wonderful pair of raw nubile perky tits. Ruchi’s 32 sized fair tits were standing hard with its nipples seeming like small bullets. The brown areola and the nipples were looking so inviting. The flat stomach with nice deep naval was leading down to her pussy hiding behind the skimpy thong. Ruchi’s well maintained thighs were looking like stumps of the banyan tree.

Ruchi was breathing deep and hard as Javed was eyeing her naked body. She was feeling so erotic and excited to be just in her things in front of her Muslim lover Javed.

Javed was caressing and drinking her beauty. He couldn’t believe his luck which had put such a fresh young girl in his lap. He had dreamed for fucking Ruchi whenever he saw her but was convinced that this dream would near be fulfilled. But strange are the ways of God.

Putting his palms on Ruchi perky tight tits, Javed started playing with them. Ruchi closing her eyes moaning aloud was lost in the sensation. She could feel Javed’s hard, firm and rough palms massaging her tight boobs. When Javed’s palms rubbed against her nipples she would moan harder. With her eyes closed, Ruchi keeping her hands over Javed’s hands was letting him play with her boobs.

After nicely massaging her tits, Javed removed one hand and now kissing the nipple started sucking her boobs. As soon as Ruchi felt Javed’s lips on her nipple and then his tongue licking the full boobs she moaned hard and pressing Javed’s mouth on her boob said, “Ahhhhh Javedji, kitna accha lag raha hai jab aap mere mamma chus rahe ho. Ummm aaise hi chuste aur chatte raho mere mamme. Ahhhhh dusra mamma bhi aaise hi chuso aur mere mammo ko aur acche se dabao.”
Javed too alternatively sucking and playing with her boobs said, “Haan meri jaan, aaj tujhe poora maaza dunga. Meri kuttiya sirf tere mammo se khela to itni khush hui to sooch jab mere tagde laude se teri chut chodunga to kitna maaza aayega tujhe?”

Ruchi was surprised when Javed called her a bitch, but the sweet attack Javed was making on her boobs made her forget it. She was pushing her boobs more into Javed’s hand and mouth. She could feel her body heated up. Now she didn’t mind standing in front of Javed in just her thong and letting his suck and lick and play with her naked boobs.

After sucking, licking and playing with Ruchi’s boobs, Javed now sat down in front of Ruchi. Ruchi’s fresh pussy was in front of his eyes. He was seeing a thong for the first time and was surprised at girls wearing such piece of under-garment. He saw the thong having a wet patch showing off Ruchi’s excited state.

Kissing Ruchi’s stomach and then licking her naval, Javed put his fingers in the elastic band of the thongs. Ruchi moaned loudly as Javed kissed her stomach and now licked her naval. She looked at Javed and understood Javed’s next action and got ready to let Javed remove the last piece of clothing from her body.

Javed looking at Ruchi asked her by way of his eyes if she wanted him to remove her last piece of clothing and become fully naked. Ruchi too, with a bit shyness but a sparkle in her eyes nodded affirmatively.
Javed then looking at Ruchi, going down kissing her started lowering the last most important and sexiest part of cloth from Ruchi’s fresh body. As he uncovered her pussy, Ruchi felt his mouth near her pussy. Javed inhaled the aroma pouring out of Ruchi’s young fresh cunt. As the tiny strip of the thong got stuck in her ass cheeks, Ruchi herself pulled it out, allowing Javed to remove the thong and make her fully naked.

Javed saw Ruchi’s slightly brownish pussy, clean shaved gleaming with her juices. He ran his palm on it and gently rubbed it. This action made Ruchi moan aloud and hold Javed’s head. She wanted Javed to lick her hot steaming cunt but Javed wasn’t doing it. He was just rubbing her pussy hard.

Ruchi couldn’t bear it anymore and bending a bit and catching Javed face requested, “Kyon mujhe itna taang kar rahe ho Javedji? Please, ek baar meri chut ko chat daalo. Badi meharbani hogi aapki aagar aapne meri chut chat dali to. Meri garm chut tadap rahi hai aapse abhi chuswake lene aur baad mai chudwane ke liye. Uske badle mai aap jo bhi karne bologe, mai zaroor karungi. Bus apni jheeb se meri chut to thandak dedo.”

But instead of licking Ruchi’s hot pussy, Javed kissed it just once and then standing up removed his T shirt. Ruchi could see his broad hairy chest and well formed body. Catching and putting Ruchi’s hand on his pant button, Javed said, “Meri jaan, tujhe to maine nangi kiya, lekin mujhe nanga kaun karega? Chal meri jaan, ab tu meri pant utarke mujhe nanga kar aur phir hum is chudai ke khel ko aage badhate hai.”
Ruchi sat on her knees and opened the pant button. Then she unzipped his pants. Pulling the pants down, she could see a well formed tent in Javed’s undies. Javed helped her remove his pants. Ruchi’s eyes were fixed on the huge blob of meat making a tent in Javed’s undies. Though she had played and got fucked with her boy friend’s naked dick, she could imagine that Javed’s dick was of a bigger size.

Ruchi then slowly started pulling down the undies. As soon as the dick got free from the confines of the undies, Javed’s dick sprang up in a flash. Ruchi was a bit stunned by this reflex action and kept looking at the dick. Ruchi could see Javed’s thick long dick, without the foreskin standing ramrod straight. She felt as if the piss hole of the dick was looking straight at her. Ruchi knew that Muslim men have their dicks circumcised but she was seeing a circumcised dick for the first time. She could make out the head of this dick was more bulbous than her boy friend’s dick.

Javed made Ruchi stand breaking her gaze. Then he lied down on the sand bed and pulled Ruchi near him. Both were now stark naked and Ruchi was feeling comfortable being naked. Javed made her hold his dick and he putting his hand on her cunt said, “Ruchi ab hum dono maderjaat nange hai. Ab aaisa kar, tu mere uppar aake mera lauda chus aur tabhi mai teri chut chatunga. Kya kehte hai usse tum log, 69 position na?”

Ruchi smiled at Javed’s talks. She realized that even after being from such a low class and living in a slum, Javed and man like him knew names of different sex positions. She also couldn’t believe that she, a high class girls from a prominent family, who had all the luxuries at home was going to be fucked by a Muslim slum dweller on a heap of sand in a abandoned building. But she thought were making her more hot.
Ruchi came and sat on Javed’s chest. Now she could just see Javed’s hard long dick and his muscular thighs and strong legs. She was now going to suck the dick of a low class slum dweller and was excited by the thought. Bending down and holding the dick, she caressed it nicely. The hard dick was throbbing in her soft hands. Ruchi then brought her lips close and kissed the head.

Ruchi felt her heart beating fast as she kissed the head. Then opening her mouth she took the head in and started licking the head with her tongue. The salty pungent taste spread in her mouth. She opened her mouth to take a breath and then again started sucking the head and now taking more of the dick in her mouth. Javed’s dick was more long and thick than her boy friend’s dick but since she had the practice of sucking, it made her task a bit easy.

Javed was happy the way Ruchi was sucking his dick. He could feel her warm lips and tongue licking and sucking his dick. He could never believe that a high class girl would so easily suck a slum dwellers dick without any inhabitations. He was happy that this high class Ruchi was now going to be his sex mate.

Javed pulled her naked waist and brought her cunt near his mouth. Making Ruchi spread her thighs more he could see her brown cunt shining with her juices. Javed lifted his head a bit and putting his lips on her cunt started licking it. Parting her cunt lips with his tongue Javed started stabbing her cunt with his tongue. He even tickled her red clitoris.
Ruchi was already very excited and now as Javed started ticking her sensitive clitoris, she couldn’t hold it any longer and started to squirt. Javed could feel Ruchi’s cunt squirting the juices within no time and realized that this baby was sex started hot girl. He kept on lick and sucking her juices making her more hot.

Both were licking, sucking and kissing each other’s genitals and trying to give maximum pleasure to each other. Javed could make out from Ruchi’s sucking ways that this bitch had an experience of sucking dicks and so would have been fucked already. He knew sex hungry girls like Ruchi, didn’t like to carry the burden of their virginity and would lose their virginity at the first available opportunity no matter what their age was and who would take their cherry.

After sometime as both were panting for breath by the sucking, they stopped. Both the lover’s lips and mouth were sloppy wet with each other’s juices. Ruchi was surprised at Javed’s staying power. Her boy friend would cum in 2-3 minutes of sucking but even after sucking Javed for so long he didn’t show any sign of cumming.

Ruchi was resting on the left arm of Javed. Javed turned to his left side and then taking Ruchi’s right nipple in his mouth, putting his hand on her cunt started sucking her nipple and finger fucking her cunt. His rough finger was rubbing her clitoris hard making Ruchi moan. Ruchi arched her back and holding Javed’s hand hard in her clasped thighs said, “Ahhhh raja, aap to meri jaan hi nikal doge. Javedji aapki ungli meri chut mai itni masti de rahi hai to phir lauda kya tehalka machayega meri chut mai ghuske?”
Javed rubbing her clit more hard said, “Aare meri randi, mere aaise laude ke liye teri jaise kamsin ladkiya tarasti hai. Behanchod ek baar jo ladki mera yeh lauda legi woh hamesha ke liye meri randi banke rahegi. Meri kuttiya aaj tu bhi dekh, ek baar teri chut chodunga to kaise meri paltu kuttiya ki tarah mere piche-piche aayegi tu mera lauda lene.” (“My darling whore, young girls like you yearn for a dick like the one I have. You sister fucker, any girl who once gets fucked by my dick would always become my whore. Ruchi my bitch, you will see today after I fuck you will follow me like a bitch always wanting my dick.”)

Saying so, Javed increased his finger fucking speed. Javed had purposely talked so dirty and insulting now. He knew that now Ruchi wouldn’t go away without getting fucked. The passion he had ignited in her cunt would make her take all his insults and abuses without much anger.

Ruchi was very shocked by Javed’s abuse. How can he, a slum dweller call her a whore and bitch and get away with it, she thought. She was surprised at herself that even after hearing all this abuses she was yet lying naked in his arms. She got bit angry with these words. As she opened her mouth to demand a reply from Javed, she could feel her cunt on the throes of another impending orgasm.

Javed, being a true bastard had timed his abuses to perfection. Ruchi opened her mouth for an explanation but instead said, “Ahhhhh Javedji, aap ne yeh kya bola? Mujhe galliya kyon di? Uai maaa uffff ahhhhhhhhh, Javedjiiiiii mai phir zad rahi hoon. Aaise hi karte raho, aap apni is Ruchi ko aaise hi khushiya deke apni randi banao. Ahhhhhh uffffffffffff.”
Javed let Ruchi cum fully and then let her relax to regain her breath. Ruchi was embarrassed by her words but was happy too. Javed was giving her the utmost pleasure and the biggest pleasure was yet to come.

Ruchi turned to Javed and kissed him. Shamelessly rubbing her boobs on his chest and with one hand playing with Javed’s dick she said, “Javedji aapne to mujhe ekdum randi bana diya hai. Aapne mujhe randi bola to sunke gussa aaya par jab mai zadne lagi to khud ko aapki randi banane tayyar ho gaye. Javedji such kaha aapne, aaise laude ke liye meri jaise koi kamsin ladki hi nahi lekin shadi shuda aurat bhi randi banne tayyar hogi. Javedji ab raha nahi jaa raha hai mujhse aur meri chut se. Ab mere uppar aake aapne is tagde laude ko meri chut mai ghuske jee bharke mujhe chodo.”
Javed happy with Ruchi’s reply kissed her back. He then made Ruchi lie on her back and spreading her legs sat in them stroking his dick. He could see Ruchi rubbing her cunt. Javed removed her hand and started rubbing his bulbous head on her cunt. Ruchi was breathing hard and moaning. Javed pushed his dick a bit and his dick just slightly parting her cunt lips entered a few millimeters.

Seeing Ruchi pleading him to push his dick inside with her eyes, Javed said, “Meri maal, meri raand, ab dekh kaise mast chodunga tujhe. Ruchi aajke baad tu hamesha mere laude ke liye nangi hone tayyar hogi. Aaj mere birthday pe tune teri chut gift karke di hai mujhe. Isse badi aur acchi gift aajtak na mujhe mili hai aur na kabhi milegi. To Ruchi ab teri chut chodke tujhe mai mere birthday ka return gift dunga. Tayyar ho jaa apna return gift lene.”
Javed got ready to go out on full force to conquer Ruchi’s final frontier. Ruchi, ready to assist Javed in his conquest spreading her legs more and holding Javed’s dick on her cunt said, “Haan Javedji, mai tayyar hoon mere return gift lene. Mujhe bhi aaj tak itni acchi return gift nahi mili thi. Ab ghusao aapna yeh mast lauda meri pyaasi chut mai aur laga do apne laude ki mohor meri chut pe.”
Javed, putting his hands on Ruchi tight boobs gave a jerk. The jerk opened Ruchi’s cunt and Javed’s bulbous head entered the cunt. Ruchi screamed a bit with pain and held hard. The big dick was giving her pain but now Javed wasn’t going to care about her pain. He had his hands on her boobs and now to divert Ruchi’s attention caught her nipples and twisted then harshly. As the pain of the nipples was more, Ruchi diverted her attention and hands to her boobs.

Taking advantage of this diversion, Javed gave another push and half of his dick entered Ruchi’s cunt. This time her scream was louder and she was thrashing her head sideways trying to stop Javed and also to let the pain ease. Javed now had her firmly under him. He let her thrash out her body and wriggle as she wanted but firmly held his dick in her cunt.

As the pain subsided a bit and the wriggling stopped, Javed bending down and taking a nipple in his mouth gave 2-3 small jerks. Due to these jerks Ruchi moaned showing that it wasn’t paining. Javed kept giving these jerks to let her cunt adjust to his big dick. Ruchi too pressing his head on her tit showed that she liked the small jabs.
Javed now decided to push his full length of meat into Ruchi’s pussy and break the final frontier. He knew that Ruchi was going to scream out loud but he wasn’t concerned about her screaming. He kept sucking both her nipples, again making her cunt moisten and get lubricated for the final thrust. Ruchi too was moaning and rubbing her cunt on his dick.

Javed now holding a nipple with his teeth bit it a harder and at the same time gave a hard thrust into Ruchi’s cunt. Ruchi in duel pain, screamed out loudly as the hard big dick thrashing all the membrane resistance fully entered her cunt. Ruchi felt as if she was going to die with the pain and trying to push Javed off her said, “Harami, kitna dard de rahe ho aap hame Javedji. Yeh kya tarika hua ek kamsin ladki ki chut mai lauda ghusane ka? Aap to ekdum veshi darinde ho. Oh Maa kitna dard ho raha hai mujhe. Aur aapne itna dard diya ki mai kitne zorse chillai. Ab dekho woh watchman dekhne aayega to meri beizzati hogi. Uffff kitna dard ho raha hai mujhe aapke wajah se.”
Javed was surprised to hear Ruchi abusing him. But he knew that the pain he had caused was the reason for this abuse. Even then he didn’t want Ruchi to think that she could abuse him and get away so easily. She had to be punished for abusing him thought Javed had given her the pain making her abuse him.
Cupping her boobs roughly Javed pulled out his dick till the head and with a great speed jabbed it hard in the cunt. He gave 8-10 such hard jabs making Ruchi literally cry with pain. Then pulling her nipples he said, “Teri maa ki chut, harami kuttiya, mujhe galliya deti hai randi? Teri maa ko chodu harami, ek to itna badhiya lauda mila tujhe, ab usse chudwane se zara dard kya hua, mujhe galliya deti hai? Ruchi maderchod, yeh teri high society aakad mujhe mat dikha. Harami, mai ek zhopadpatti wala hoon aur aaise hi chodta hoon. Maderchod phir mujhe galliya di to tere ghar aake tujhe chodunga. Aur us watchman ki koi fikar mat karna tu. Woh gaandu mere hote huye kabhi bhi nahi aayega yahan. Ab dekh kaise teri chut ka bhosada banata hoon.”
Javed started fucking Ruchi hard and fast. He was fucking her with full hard and deep strokes. Ruchi full body was shaking and dancing with the thrusts. She was moaning and screaming and murmuring. Javed’s dick and fucking had taken her to a different level. Even after hearing all the dirty abuses, even Javed abusing her mother, Ruchi was in no position and mood to reply back. She realized that Javed’s dick was giving her the utmost pleasures and in front of that all his abuses were to be taken with a pinch of salt.

The pain had subsided and now Ruchi was getting great pleasure. She herself was humping her waist and synchronizing her humps with Javed’s humps deriving maximum pleasure. The soft sand was slipping sideways with the humping and now they were in a small ditch. Javed stopped the fuck and pushing Ruchi a bit up, bringing both of them out of the ditch started fucking her again. Both were sweating like pigs and due to that sand had stuck their body. Both were aware of it but they were totally engrossed in the fuck.

Ruchi pulled Javed’s head down and kissing his lips said, “Javedji sorry, maine aapko galliya di. Yeh sab aapke diye huye dard se hua. Aapne jis berahmi se aapka lauda meri kamsin chut mai ghusaya, usse mere apne aap pe control nahi raha aur maine aapko galliya di. Lekin ab aapka lauda mujhe behaad khushiya de raha hai. Ab aap jaisa chahe mujhe dard deke chodna. Aapni Ruchi raand ab kabhi bhi aapko galliya nahi degi.”
Javed was happy to hear this and in return he kept fucking her hard. Both were grunting and shouting aloud and enjoying the fuck. Ruchi had already cum once and now it was Javed’s turn. He knew he was near to the climax. He told Ruchi about it and she told him to cum in her cunt as she was on pills, it would cause no harm.

Javed putting his hands under Ruchi held her near him. His stabbing of her cunt continued unfazed. As he realized his end was near, he increased his speed and said, “Yeh le maderchod raand, meri kuttiya, le mere Musalmaani laude ka paani teri chut mai. Teri maa ko chodu kuttiya, bada maaza aaya tujhe chodne. Maine kaafi high class chut chodi hai par teri jaise chut kissi ki nahi thi. Le meri kuttiya aur le aur le maderchod, ahhhhhhhhh Ruchi raaannnnddddiiiiii le meeeraaa paaaaniiii.”
With the final thrusts, Ruchi could feel hot jets of cum spurting from Javed’s dick in her cunt. Though she had been fucked before, Ruchi was experiencing such nice huge hot jets spreading deep inside her cunt for the first time. Both had held each other tight and Javed was yet giving small jerks, depositing the last drops of his cum in her pussy. Both were breathing hard and had a satisfied look on their faces.

As they regained their breath, Javed turn aside and lied near Ruchi. Ruchi was shamelessly lying near Javed with her cunt oozing Javed’s cum. Her full body had sand stuck to it. Both were looking in each other’s eyes. Javed could see love for him in Ruchi’s eyes. Ruchi saw a look of total satisfaction on Javed’s face. Though Ruchi knew what Javed had said about fucking other high society girls was true, she decided to keep quiet about that as she too had been fucked.
Ruchi then saw the watch showing 5-30. She was amazed that 3 hours had passed so quickly with her lover. She stood up and collected her clothes. Javed came near her and took the thong and bra from her. Then sitting in his legs and cleaning her cunt with the thong said, “Meri chinal, tu sirf skirt aur shirt pehanke jaa abhi ghar. Teri yeh panty aur bra mujhe chahaye.”
Ruchi saw that her thong was wet with their cum and so couldn’t wear it. She would have like to wear the wet thong as it would have reminded her of Javed’s cum in her cunt. . But she found going home without bra and panty quite absurd. She requested Javed to at least let her have the bra but Javed was adamant. So at last Ruchi just put on her skirt and shirt.

When they both were ready, Javed taking the new mobile kept in the window said, “Ruchi tu sooch rahi hogi na ki tere itne chillane pe bhi Raghav (the watchman) kyon nahi aaya? Uski wajah yeh hai ki idhar aate waqt maine usse Rs. 1000 diye thay. Maine usse bola tha ki bangle se chillane ki kitni bhi aawaz aaye lekin jab tak mai na bulau woh idhar nahi aayega. Usko maine yeh bhi bola ki usne meri baat thik se maani to jaate waqt usse ek tofha aur dunga. To chal meri jaan, ab jaate waqt tere haath se usse aur ek tofha dete hai.”
Ruchi realized that Raghav now knew that she had come here with Javed to get fucked. She knew she had done a big blunder by bringing Javed here. But now nothing could be done. Javed holding her hand led her out of the bungalow. She saw Raghav standing there smiling. He was a 65 years old man working even now for some money. Ruchi felt a bit embarrassed to face him. But Javed without a care for anybody walked towards him.

As they reached near Raghav, Javed took out Ruchi’s thong and placed it in her palm. Ruchi looked at him surprised and embarrassed. Javed without giving a damn said, “Ruchi aaj tu jo panty pehanke aaye thi aur teri chudai ke baad jisse maine teri chut saaf ki, usse ab tu Raghav ko de.”
Ruchi felt as if the earth should break and take her inside or lightening fall on her. It was the worst embarrassment ever she had faced. Her lover telling her to give her cunt cleaned panty to a low class watchman was so insulting. Now Raghav knew that she had been fucked by Javed and after giving him the thongs, he would also know that Ruchi was naked under the skirt. Ruchi couldn’t do anything about it and silently gave her thong to Raghav who immediately shamelessly sniffed it in front of her.

Ruchi felt very embarrassed to see Raghav sniffing her cum soaked thong. She couldn’t understand the pervert thinking of these low class men. She was more surprised when Javed then took out her half cup bra from his pocket and holding the cups in his hands said, “Raghav dekha, meri is maal ki panty tujhe mili aur iski bra mujhe. Sooch meri yeh sexy item ab kaise inke bina ghar jayegi? Aur sun maderchod, aagar aajke is chudai ke baare mai tune kidhar muh khola to harami, tere ghar mai ghuske tere saamne teri bahoo ko chodunga, samjha na harami?”
Raghav being a poor man didn’t want any problems because of this ruffian Javed and high society Ruchi’s sexual encounter. He was getting hard cash for all these fucks and he was more interested in the cash. He assured Javed that he will keep quite as always. Javed then kissing Ruchi in front of Raghav told her to go home and call him in the night.
After the first fuck, Ruchi and Javed’s affair became deeper. In spite of all the abuses and humiliation showered by Javed, Ruchi started liking him more. The way he had quenched her sexual thirst was the main reason, Javed’s hardcore fucking added with his abuses and humiliation was like very much by Ruchi. Though they used to meet in the car where Ruchi would give nice blowjobs, the right place for them to fuck was the bungalow. Ruchi now, without any shame would meet Javed there knowing that Raghav knew all about it. She now also didn’t mind it much when Javed used to kiss and fondle her in front of Raghav.

Javed had taken lots of selfies and snaps of Ruchi. Many of the snaps were in various stages of undressing. But Ruchi’s didn’t know that Javed had secretly recorded the first fuck by keeping the mobile in the window. He had filmed the slum girl with whom he and his friend had a threesome. It was for this reason that Javed had brought her in that same room as he knew where to place the mobile to record all the action.

Things were going on fine for them but then one day disaster struck. One day when Javed was fucking Ruchi like a whore, the owner of the bungalow came to inspect the site. He incidentally heard Ruchi’s painful moaning and when he saw Javed fucking Ruchi like a whore abusing her and giving her lots of pain, he thought that Javed was raping Ruchi. He immediately called up Ruchi’s father and when he came they beat Javed mercilessly.

Javed could have easily overcome them but he kept quite to make a place for him in Ruchi’s heart. But seeing her dad in such a furious mood, she told him that Javed was taking advantage of her and seeing her alone came and was raping her. Ruchi’s false confession surprised Javed. He could have murdered her there itself but he kept quite. He had already planned for something like this happening and was ready for it.

The police were called in a hush manner and Javed was arrested for rape case and sent for interrogation. Ruchi’s dad being influential kept the case quite covered to save his and Ruchi’s name being spoiled. Just within 3 months of getting bail in eve teasing case, Javed was once more in jail, this time for rape case.

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