J!n!ta Seth hot maal

In 2012 Ali met j!n!ta at a common friend’s party and become friends. They eventually fell in love and started dating.
Ali was the first major guy to get into her pants and he nailed her real good. Ali Merchant was once in a relationship J!n!ta Seth and he banged her real hard and she rode him like there is no tomorrow. Isko khola Ali ne he.

Ali is a musl!m alpha male who keeps changing women, he has had multiple marriages with girls like sara khan at the same times maintained affairs with h!ndu girls. He even admitted it that he was involved with other women while being married.

Some cozy pics with Ali below (2012-13)

2013 Crazy Fun in dubai with Ali. Looks Exhausted He Totally Drained her

With musl!m designer Rehan


Other sexy pics

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