Junid uncle thought mom a lesson

Hi my name is Rohit I live in Jodhpur, I am doing my engineering from Jammu. My family include four members including me, my brother and my parents my father is a business man that’s why he used to travel to different parts of country and last my mom Susheela , she is a Hindu women from a village.she got married to my dad when she was just she is 40 and physically she looks like a perfect milf. The best part of her body were her massive boobs .She generally wears sarees with low cut tight blouse.she is a house wife and a very hard working women .
Now coming to the main was the time of July and summer were at there peak .I returned to Jodhpur from my college because of summer holidays .As I reached the railway station a Koli come to me and asked me for help then he run toward another customer.when I noticed him carefully he was a big sized hulk with a huge beard . When I reached home mom welcomed me with a hug .after talking to her for some time I went my room I changed and started to look around and suddenly I noticed our new neighbours.At night when me and my mom were having dinner I asked her our new neighbours ,on which she replied
Mom:- ya they just shift ed here one month ago
Me :- that’s good
Mom:- Rohit they are not good people .The man who leave their usually drinks and also not well behaved .
Me :- oh
Next day morning when I was walking in my garden .Our neighborhood come to me and wished me good . After talking to her for some time I came to know that our new neighbours were Muslims and they have a child who is now working as offcier I indian army .She was a very sweet women just opposite to what my mom told to me,she also had invited me to her house for some sweets on which I promised her that I give a visit to there house in evening . Whole day I was just thinking why mom’s assessment of our neighbours was so negative.At evening when I a went to our new neighbours house I got a suprise when I saw the same Koli who asked me for help at railway station.He also welcome d me and asked about my studies and other stuffs . After having some snacks I returned to my home and I was very impressed by new Muslim neighbours behaviour but still I was confused why mom was so negative about them.Next morning I woke up by sounds of verbal abuses and shouting ,I rushed to my main gate and noticed that my mom and Hasina aunty were verbally fighting with each other .I intervind between them and stopped them them both the women’s went back to their respective home.when I asked mom what happened she said
Mom:-these Muslims don’t know how to leave properly .They cook meet every night and then throw the waste in front of our home, unmannered Muslims.

Now I got to know what the matter ,my family was a complete vegetarian and my mom had special hatred for meat eaters.As days passed I joined a tution classes but the matter between our neighbours and mom was getting out of day when junid uncle was drinking beer and cooking meat in his garden ,mom got offended by this and started to shout at them
Mom:-you Muslim bastard’s ,why you can not cook this shit inside why you are cooking it here in open.
Junid:-susheela listen today we have a party with our friends ,so please copreate with us .
Mom:- why I copreate with you and who the hell is parting with low class people like you .
Hasina aunty tried to intervind between them but mom started to shout on her also
Mom :- ae you Randi (slut) shut your mouth .
On hearing such comments on his wife junid uncle got angry
Junid:- Susheela listen you are crossing our limits ,I am a men and you are a woman that’s why I am not responding to your rubbish.
Mom:- you and men , what a joke , you are Katwa and a Muslim can not be a men they are just in cultured , useless people .

Hashina:- Susheela just stop otherwise you will pay for your wards .
Mom:- oh oh oh!Now these Katwa Muslim will make me pay for my wards .
As seeing things going out of control I stepped in and brought back mom back in home . Today I was shocked to see and hear mom’s word’s.i was also angry on my mom for behaving I such a way because of somebody’s religion.
At night when mom was slept I went outside to smoke a cigarette and suddenly I hear hashina aunty was saying something to junid uncle in Hindi
Hashina:- is sale Susheela rand ne had paar kar de hai(this Susheela whore have crossed each Line)
Junid :- ha
Hashina :- ab is Ko isko aukat batane badege( now we have to show her her limits) .
Junid :- ( in anger) Kasam Allah ki agar is kutiya Ko sabak na sikaya to me ek musalman nahi.

Now I know that mom is going to pay for her behaviour.for the first time I had seen this 6.5 feet hulk in anger and I know he is going to do something big.
After two days I went to my tution but it was closed because teacher got I’ll so I came back to home early .As I reached home I found that mom had gone for shopping but suddenly I realised that their is someone inside our home .I got tensed but after some time I came to know that junid uncle was inside our house . After noticing for some time I come to know that he was decorating my mom’s bed with flowers .He was decorating the bed in same way as sawagrat( Frist night after marriage).He was not wearing nothing on his top body and his huge muscles were in open for display . After 1 hour mom come back and she opened the door as soon as she reached her room she got a shock of her life ,she shouted on uncle
Mom:- how dare you bastard ,go get out of my house.
Junid:- Susheela just calm down ,I am here to show some thing to you .
Mom:- what you want to show me .
Junid :- the real Muslim men’s power.
Mom slept junid very hard .
Mom:- sale Randi ke bache ( you son of bitch).
Junid got angry on this and he forcefully grabbed my mom Susheela and started to kiss her madly . Mom was still hitting him but there is is no effect of those hits on junid muscular body .He was continueslly kissing and bitting Susheela’s lips suddenly he pulled out her saree and threw it in air but he was still kissing her and was still resisting in front of this Muslim bull.after kissing Susheela for 10 minutes he lifted her up and threw her on well decorated bed he then jumped on bed .At the age of 48he was still a athlete.he them started to play with full body of Susheela .He was continueslly kissing , grabbing , bitting her body .then he put his hand on her red blouse and he smiled for a second in her eyes and in next second he pulled the blouse with full force and the was that both blouse and bra of Susheela were in parts . Susheela was surprised by her power .Now the two massive boobs of Susheela were free for my Muslim neighbour to enjoy he jumped on them like a lion.she was sucking and crashing both the boobs and till now mom had stoped to show any resistance.
After 15 minutes of good sucking of Susheela’s boobs he grabbed her patticote and suddenly he entered his finger in Susheela’s pussy along with her panty , Susheela shouted
Mom:- junid oh please leave me please.
Junid :- acha to AP nahi bolegi Katwa Muslim (oh now you will not say Katwa Muslim).
He then started to finger her and Susheela started to moan while fingering her junid uncle pulled the patticote and splitted it in pieces the he grabbed Susheela’s red panty by his mouth and removed it .Now my mom Susheela was lieing naked in front of my Muslim neighbour and I was watching whole incident from outside .Now junid started to lick my birth hole and as his tough come in contact with Susheela’s pussy she gave a loud moan “aaaaahhhh”.Now junid started to play with her Hindu pussy.susheela was in heaven as she was feeling these sensation for first time in her life as my parents doesn’t had oral sex.within 5 minutes Susheela was reaching her first climax but junid uncle stopped and in few seconds he got naked now his 10.5inchs cut Muslim cock was saluting Susheela’s Hindu pussy .His cock was full of Venus and it’s was divided into two colours one part was dark black and other was pink in colour .His top was very massive it was around 3 inchs . Susheela had never imagined that a man’s cock be so big that’s why she shifted backwards and said

Mom:- what is this .So big how is this possible.
Junid:- ha ha ha !This is a Muslim rod Susheela not a Hindu cock .
Mom:-why it has two shades .
Junid :- it is what you are making fun of a Katwa lund (cock).
Mom:-please junid this will destroy me please leave me you have already used me to a limit.
Junid :- what do you think that will forgive you ,never you have to pay for your behaviour .You called my wife a Randi .Now I will make you my Randi .
Then junid hold her legs wide and then directed towards Susheela’s pussy .Now Susheela’s was going to punished and I also wanted her to get punished .Junid put his massive weapon of mass destruction on Susheela’s pussy and forced it inside in one strock only his cap was inside and it was stretching Susheela’s pussy to its limits .
Mom:- is it in junid
Junid :- just relax Hindu rand
And then he gave another stock now 65 percent of his cock was inside and it was more than enough for Susheela,she started to cry and shout

Mom:- hey ram !Aaaaiiiii mar Dala junid mar Dala ( you have killed me junid).
Junid :- Susheela now you will never going to insult somebody’s it’s my promise.
He again pushed with a full force and now he was fully inside Susheela with a sound of “paaauuch”.. .  junid uncle was fully determined to teach her a lesson.he started to tore her pussy and after 2 minutes he gained a rapid speed and then his both hands were spreading Susheela’s legs apart and his cut Muslim cock was enjoying what it enjoys most a Hindu pussy.Bed was fully shaking by ruthless drilling of Susheela’s pussy by junid . After 10 minutes Susheela started to enjoy it .
Mom:- aaaah ooooohhhhhh junid III lovvveeee you..Uuu.aaaahhhh aheee hey ram ooouuu.
Junid uncles cock was looking like a piston in and out of Susheela’s pussy .Her pussy was grabbing that Muslim cock very firmly.after 20 minutes he ordered her to become doggy
Junid:- chal kutiya ban.
Susheela’s obeyed her in seconds and now he again entered in her pussy from behind .
Mom :- hey ram !Junid chodo mushe Bana love Apne Hindu raghal ( fuck junid fuck ,make me your whore) .Punish me destroy my pussy junid please destroy my pussy.
Junid :- ab aye na Hindu aurat Apne aukat par sale sadak ki kutiya (now Hindu bitch realised her place ,road side bitch).

Now he pulled her hair and then started to fuck Susheela ruthlessly .The sounds of his bolls hitting her massive ass was coming out of house also “faach patch patch patch patch”. Susheela was moaning on top of her voice anybody can hear her at a very large distance.after 50 minutes of ruthless fucking of Hindu pussy junid uncle said
Junid :- ah sale Hindu rand le musalmani beej apni Lough me ( Hindu slut take a Muslims seeds in your pussy).
And he started to give Susheela very deep strocks and in few storks he filled my mom pussy with his Muslim sperm .Then he laid down on Susheela with his cock still inside her distroyed pussy.
Mom :- I love you junid you made me realise of true women inside me.
Junid:- now you know what a real man is , a real Muslim.
Mom :- (kissing uncle) ya you are right know I know why our previous generation women used to serve Muslim king in their harims .

Then suddenly junid started to make his hips up and down again . Susheela got a shock
Mom :- what are you doing you are hard I can’t believe it.
And slowly junid uncle got hard again and he again started to stork her pussy . After 2 minutes he take his cut cock out and slept with his back on bed and cock looking towards sky .It was clear indication for Susheela that junid uncle want her to ride his Muslim rod . Susheela come and adjusted uncles cock on her pussy entry and then junid uncle put both his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down and in one push whole 10.5 was inside Susheela and she gave a heavy moan
Mom:- Aaaaiiiii he Bhagwan ! Junid you are massive .
Then junid uncle started to suck Susheelas giggling boobs by his mouth and his cock was on his mission to distroy Hindu pussy .The up and movement of this Muslim cock in a small Hindu pussy was looking like a pure match.after 30 minutes Susheela started to kiss junid uncles muscular and heart cheast and junid uncle was continueslly spanking her massive ass and sound of hard slaps were “cchhtt ccaaht ccaaht”. Susheela’s ass was looking like a red light because of hard slaps of a strong Muslim men.Then junid uncle grabbed Susheela mouth and order ed her to open it and then he spitted on it and all this time he was continueslly drilling Susheela’s tight pussy . After another 50 minutes he said
Junid:- ya Allah .
And then he threw Susheela on ground and then asked her to be on her knees and then he started to cum on Susheela’s face .His cum shots are so big that Susheela’s face was totally covered in just one cum shot . Around cumming for one minute junid uncle stopped . Susheela was fully covered by his Muslim neighbours cum cum was dropping from face to boobs and boobs to legs.susheela drank all of that come in next 5 minutes .Then she came close to junid uncle and started to kiss madly and junid uncle was responding in the same manner then junid uncle said to Susheela.
Junid :- Susheela your are best Randi I have ever fuck .Allah had gifted you a best pussy.From now you are my parsanal slut.

Mom :- ya I am your personal slut .I am your Hindu bitch
From now every hole of mine is yours .
Junid uncle just smiled and then he lifted nude Susheela up in his arms then he started to move towards a farming field .It was around 8in night and it was a full moon night .As we leave in remote area of Jodhpur so there was nobody in that farming field at that time .He came near a water pump and started to make Susheela wet and after 5 minutes of it the soil of that air become very wet and then uncle order d Susheela
Junid :- Susheela come and suck your masters cock .
Susheela obeyed it and bent down on her knees and started to suck that massive cock and then junid uncle grabbed her mouth and started to mouth fuck her .She was struggling for air but junid uncle was ruthless fucking her mouth.after 10 minutes uncle lift her in air and asked her to make a tight good of uncles body .Now Susheela’s both legs were in junid uncles hands and she was holding junid uncle by her hand .Then uncle started to look for a perfect position and then suddenly he put his massive cock head on Susheela’s ass hole Susheela’s got scared and said
Mom:- junid
But in one full force store half of Muslim cock hade invade in Susheela’s virgin Hindu ass .She started to cry on the chest junid uncle as her both legs were in air and both hands were grabbing junid uncle .
Junid :- what you have thought your punishment is over .No my Hindu whore no it is just a tralier .
And then he pulled back his massive cock a little bit and then applied full force and now he was fully in and his Muslim cock was stretching Susheela’s pussy.
Mom:- your are such a bad person junid.
Junid :- I am not bad Susheela I am just a Muslim and Hindu whore’s and meat are our weaknesses.
Then junid uncle started to pump Susheela’s virgin Hindu ass hole with full force . Susheela’s whole body was shaking.

Junid :- now see what a Muslim Katwa lund ki capable of doing .
Susheela’s ass was traveling those 10.5incs up and down in air after some time Susheela started to bit junid s chest .
Junid :- oh my slut is going to come by anal sex great cum by slave Hindu bitch cum.
And the Susheela cummed for 20th time on junid uncles Muslim cock . After that junid asked Susheela to lick junids ass hole and Susheela started to lick it and she said
Mom:-your ass hole sleep is very sexual and she started to lick it after 5 nights junid uncle made Susheela to lai down on wet soil and then entered her ass hole from behind
Mom :- hey ram ! Junid go and distroy this Hindu ass hole by master Muslim cock . Distroy me junid fuck your hindu slave bitch so hard that she can not walk tomorrow .Go and destroy me junid.
Junid :- as you wish Hindu whore.

Now junid started to Fuck Susheela’s already swollen ass hole so hard that for him there is no tomorrow.they both were now in full soil and water mixture . Junid was fucking Susheela so mercylessly that even horse will Lisa’s in fucking . Susheela was even no able to moan properly she was just getting her ass hole fucked with her body sweating and mouth poen for some air.There bodies were shinning in full moons light.after 40 minutes of unmatchable distraction of Susheela’s Hindu ass hole junid uncle was about to cum again.
Junid:- ah Allah ! Agar nahi Jannat hai to bas yahi hai, yahi hai ,yahi hai .
And saying so he started to cum deep inside Susheela’s ass .

After 10 minutes he got up and take his cock out of my mom’s Susheela’s ass hole . Susheela’s ass hole is now wide open any body can see her inner parts .Both of their bodies were in full mud . Junid uncle left Susheela there only and reached his home .At home hashina aunty was waiting and as soon as uncle came .
Junid :- darling mission complete .I destroyed every hole of that Hindu bitch Susheela.
Whereas my mom Susheela was so tired that she slept in that only at morning junid uncle went there and lifted her up on which mom said
Mom :- junid you have changed every hole of was something that I never imagined that any man can do but last you proved the strength of Muslim cock.
Junid :- it is just starting whore .There are more suprises for you in future.

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  1. Great treatment of arrogant hindu woman by a musalman mard
    Every hindu woman should be treated in like manner to respect

  2. one of my muslim boyfriends told me a true muslim never fuck a girl in ass… because of their Islamic belief… they would always go for pussy only…

    so try to avoid ass fuck

    1. Divya tumko pata h jaha jis chij ki manahi hoti h wohi log jyada karna chahte h, mere 2 Muslim bf ne meri pichhe se li h.

  3. One of my Muslim roomate fucked my ass when we decided to fuck each others ass one by one. He was first to fuck with his huge dick and after that i was unable to move and fuck him with my small cock..

    1. You can believe me Rahul that a Muslim of same age of your mom will be best for your mom . I can never never forget how junid uncle thought my mom Susheela a lesson of life by drilling her like a pure rand

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