Kamasutra and Sex – Part 1

This is a guide for many who are trying to find ways to please their hindu women. Luckily for us there is the kamasutra that accurately describes how to bring the best out of hindu women in bed. Even though this ancient text predates islam, it is really meant for hindu women’s guide for fucking real men (aka muslims). If you don’t believe me please refer to wonderfully summarized article on superiority of muslim men in bed ( In summary supada in muslim men brings out unnatural spiritual energy in hindu women that is irresistible, which is known to many of us who have extensive sexual experience with them. In addition, one hindu woman brought to my attention that it is demanded in the kamasutra (Part 5, Chapter 5). It is demanded for woman in that chapter for married women of lower status to welcome men of high status (kings etc.) and please them sexually. They should be paid for by the wife of the king and the king can go to any house of lower status and woman should oblige. During the Mughal era, this was employed by many muslim rulers on hindu subjects and many married hindu woman obliged to meet their obligations. Remind any hindu woman that it is part of their culture to please men of high status (in todays world men with higher sexual status aka muslim men/supada as mentioned above).

Preparation: By the kamasutra, preparation is key to have a good sexual experience. I would encourage any hindu woman that you have hooked up to properly prepare for the sexual event, i promise she will appreciate it at the end. Very critical for the hindu woman to be aroused by all senses including sense of smell. First make sure she dresses in traditional clothes like on they did on their first night after marriage (sari etc.). Application of mehendi of hands and feet few days before is important as it enhances the sexual energy when the dried mehendi rubs on the supada. Jasmine flower in the hair is preferred as the smell will wake the sexual senses of the partner (in our case the muslim bull). It is very important to wear sindhoor, as it is important for men to have it brushed off during sex to indicate sexual arousness. If the woman is married it is critical that she wear the proper symbols of marriage (mangalsutra, toe ring etc.). This will indicate to the man that you are married and you do not commit the sin of being false (per kamasutra it is approved or even encouraged for hindu woman to commit adultery as long as she is open that she is married, hence why it is critical for them to wear them). Now for many who are as experienced as me know most hindu women now are very liberal and dont wear them after marriage. They usually put their mangalsutra in bank locker or sell them. Tell them it is critical that they have it during sexual encounter. One hindu slut I was with recently usually hangs it bedside on the lamp to wear it only during sex with me. It is also important for the supada, the touch of mangalsutra helps unleash sexual energy. In addition it is important when finishing to have some of the Viriya (semen) sprinkled on mangalsutra. Also encourages them to wear the mangalsutra more often since it reminds them of how many men they have sexually been with it (usually I tell my hindu partners to remove it before showering so that it doesnt get washed out). Next, make sure they have incense in a banana on bed side which helps bring out aromatic smell for hindu woman to get aroused. And also very important to decorate the bed with roses. Now the text also adds the important of food. The text emphasizes the importance of kama foods. Kama foods include meats, alcohol and cigarettes. This is critical, have them refer to the text on its importance. This will help bring out sexual arousal that is important for them to enjoy the sex. The meats ideally have to be cooked by the woman or bought if the woman doesnt know how to cook meat products (eg brahmins). I personally tell them to prepare or buy beef (i live in uk, if in india and its banned try chicken or goat instead), because it helps block out the smell of incense. Finally this is a quote right from the kamasutra, they recommend having a picture of your favorite god across from bed before initiating sex. I think this is optional because I really find most liberal hindus I have sex with dont believe in religious superstition. But it has been quite popular with many hindu women (especially south indians), e.g. see ( So I would let your hindu sexual partner make that decision.

Now for the part you guys have been waiting for, I have summarized below popular positions/instructions from Kamasutra that many hindu women have taught me or demanded in bed. Due to immense number of positions I have learned from the book, I have summarized my two favorite sections from the book in this chapter. I have also included which woman prefers this position from my experience (state, caste). I will include more positions in future chapters, hopefully this will help spice up sex in bed and really fulfill your hindu woman’s sexual desires.

Auparishtaka (Part II/Chapter IX of the book):

This is absolutely my favorite. In english translation this is equivalent to blowjob + rimjob. The book makes it clear this is not for eastern indian women. From my personal experience people who are tamil brahmins (iyer/iyengar) absolutely enjoy this. The best way to do this is sitting on corner of the bed/couch. Have the girl in between your legs kneeling and start with sucking your cock. For added pleasure if married wrap the mangalsutra around the supada. After a few minutes of stroking and sucking, have her go down to your balls. Important for her to suck them both and have her do it for 5 minutes. The critical part is she has to look up at you while doing it. The eye to eye contact is very important per the book. I also find this is the perfect oppurtunity to take pictures/videos with camera or cell phone (with their permission of course, believe me they never say no when I say its for interfaithxxx). Next elevate ure legs on corner of bed/couch like in missionary position and scoot forward to expose your asshole. Have her lick down to the asshole. It is important for her to use her tongue to circle around the rim of the asshole (where sensitive nerves are) and suck on the juices. I personally make sure that I only have heavy beef meals that week. Hindu women really like the taste of beef juices (one brahmin woman I had sex with was obsessed since she kept stating it tasted so good). Have her stroke your supada while doing the rimjob. Sometimes it helps to have her put some lubricant in the ass with her finger (they usually prefer sweet flavored ones like honey). When you are ready to finish, the best way I find is to finish on her chest and have her suck off the excess from your supada.

Striking (Part II/Chapter VII)

This chapter of the book goes into great detail on importance of striking the woman in sexual way and goes into steps on how to do it. Although this is not a sexual position, hindu women beg for this especially when they are with muslim men. This was difficult for me since my wife who is muslim absolutely will not allow any striking in bed, I have had many hindu women demand it so I have included it as part of my sexual routine with them. From my experience I have found that no particular state or caste prefer this, it is actually highly preferred by the younger liberal generation. For some reason, liberal youngsters who are active in #metoo who make their lifes work against sexual harassment/rape demand it the most. This never made sense to me but they demand being passive in bed and not in control for them to help them be really aroused. Maybe its a taboo that they get pleasure from I am not sure but it is common right now. The craziest one I had was one hindu liberal insisted that she wear a hijab the whole time to respect my religion. Anyways on to the proper technique I have learned to incorporate striking in your sexual acts. I find the best time to do it is in doggy style position. I want to add that I found the most pleasure you get from your supada or act of Ragda is in this position. This position I found best to be reserved for marathi or bengali women. They for some reason love this position because it makes them very vulnerable and puts you the muslim bull in control. In addition liberal hindu predominately demand this position. I have also found that marathi women demand anal sex in this position. I know anal sex is controversial amogst islam men but I can assure you it is definitely okay to perform to women of different religion or women who are not your wives. I highly encourage it because anal sex is one thing I am missing at home since my wife opposes it due to religious reasons and hindu women just demand it like no other. So as I was saying, in the doggy position, it is best to start with a slap on the butt and increase in frequency and intensity. Next, the book describes the importance of hair pulling. Again doggy style makes it really easy to do it. I pull it back to help them arch their back so they get the most aroused. This also helps them roll back their eyes in ecstacy, which is very hot to look at. I would recommend having a mirror in front of you while performing this act to get the most pleasure. No body parts are off limits according to this chapter, but this is the order they recommend (shoulders, head, space between the breasts, back, jaghana/middle part of the body and sides). In addition the chapter goes into detail very accurately the orgasmic noise you will hear from hindu women during the strikes (Hin, thundering sound, cooing, weeping, Phut, Phât, Sût, Plât). This chapter makes the observation that hindu women makes the sounds of quail or goose when being hit, which is very accurate. Also the book emphasizes yelling out obsenties usually with words related to mother and father. I have found that hindu women in particular love yelling out obscenities without coaching. One particular example was one married hindu mallu I had sex with another time made it a habit to yell out hindu gods names while I strike her. It was bit odd in beginning but I started enjoying it towards the end. Now before I end this discussion, what I realized when recommending this to many of my muslim friends they were concerned about going overboard with striking. I personally recommend asking the hindu woman before initiating sex if they are okay with striking. I am a big believer in hindu woman being comfortable the whole time. Almost 100% of the time not only do they want it but demand it. Also I found that they have very high tolerance for pain (especially bengali women) and demand striking them harder. It is extremely difficult to go overboard with them although I would recommend caution and use judgement. This one hindu chick from andhra demanded choking her while having sex. Even though I did it, I was very careful to make sure to let her breathe so she doesnt faint. Also very important to know that many hindu women (especially liberal hindus) make outlandish demands. Make sure to say no and don’t give in. Remember you are in charge and hindu women like it if you act that way. Believe me its easy for us muslim men to say no to certain things since we are not desperate, especially for me at least since there are handful of hindu women I got through each month. But also the hindu women for most part are very desperate since they don’t have that luxury (also poor sex life at home if they are married) and would go with any demands you have.

For more information on behavior of liberal hindu women check out (

I have lots more sexual positions that I will describe in next chapter. Also I will create a table of positions and which women (state, caste) prefer it for muslim men on this forum looking for ideas. All of my statements above are cited from the actual Kamasutra text. I highly recommend all muslim men to read few chapters of it before having sex with their hindu counterparts. Also if you are trying any of the above positions/recommendations please post pictures/videos on interfaithxxx (please cite this article to give credit) for many fans on the site to see how it was performed. More to come to Chapter 2….

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