Kashmiri Musalman After Dandiya Night With Hindu Girl

Musalman’s khatna ho rakha lunds are at their peak during Garba nights
Musalman mards in large numbers take part in Dandiya. While hindu boys invoke lovejihad and question the motive behind musalman’s interest in Hindu event like dandiya. The musalman mards are invited by hindu girls themselves.

Kashmairi Musalman mard Khaliq living in Jaipur was invited by hindu girls for some cultural exchanged. His lund became super hard seeing hindu girls flaunting their sexy bodies. The real exchange happened after the Dandiya night when the hindu girl went on her knees to worship the big musalman sullah.

2 thoughts on “Kashmiri Musalman After Dandiya Night With Hindu Girl

  1. Hamare yahan Kolkata mei Durga puja k time bhi kuch aisa hi hota hai.
    Noodles stall pe kuch Muslim launde mujhe chedne lage to mere husband be waha se khisak Lena behtar samjha.

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