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Kattar H Guy worried about this hindu girl in relationship with a married muslim man

There are two kinds of stories related to hindu girls and muslim men – The first one is usually written by well educated modern day hindu females  which encourages hindu girls to go for muslim men, telling them there is nothing wrong in it and the other one is usually written by kattar H males who don’t like mus guys and these types are stories are written to dissuade hindu girls from going to muslim men.

Below is a perfect example of such a story written by hardcore kattar h guy. In this story Muslim man uses hindu girl for his sexual pleasure then betrays her which is usually the plot of such stories.

But one thing is common in such stories the muslim man is shown as virile and sexually dominant,  even the kattar H guys deep inside acknowledge it that Muslim men are masters of seduction and many hindu girls somehow flock to muslim men which is evident from this fictional story.



How Common for muslim guys in india whether young or old, married or unmarried to get hindu girls

A H guys comments about the real life incident in the comment section of the story. He says he knows a Hindu girl who is in love with a Muslim guy who is already married and the girl is very stubborn.


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  1. India mei ab yei common bat hai ab to hindu ladke accept bhi krne lage hai

  2. I think its now very common that all hindu women wants to get fucked by muslim men. my sister had a muslim bf but my family did not let her marry a muslim. Now I know that we hindus just pray that our sisters dont marry muslims we dont mind if they fuck muslim men because its unofficial. Offcially muslim men are not acceptable to hindu men. Unofficially we all know that muslims will keep fucking our girls…. but when our girls are ready then what can we do.

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