Katva intoxication

muslim lund hindu woman

Archana’s husband is not very fond of musalmans, he calls them katvas in front of her but the biggest irony of his life is that he is totally unaware of the fact that she has experienced katva dick. During the college days Archana had a musalman boyfriend and she loved his musal circumcised (katva) dick. Hearing the term katva from her husband’s mouth kind of sexually intoxicates her, it reminds her of some of the hottest and sexist moments she had in her life especially the one when the thick swollen supada of the circumcised dick enters her vagina for the first time in her life that moment stands out, it has got permanently embedded into her brain, she cannot forget that heavenly feeling. She starts to crave for sex but her hubby as expected does not fuck her well enough. As the recent findings and surveys have proved that more and more married Indian women are looking for sex outside the marriage Archana is no exception. She knows she is beautiful and a muslim colleague of hers in the office is eying her. It seems these Muslim men have a knack of picking up unsatisfied Hindu women, they can just smell it from 10 feet away. Archana gives herself to Mohd. Yaseen so easily and now his big circumcised muslim cock is in front of her glowing face.

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  1. Biggest katva dick I had in school was 8 inches.. he was our PT teacher and fucked me so many times. I even told my mom that I’d marry only him but mom said he is much older than u and it is not possible. Aaj main jab us din k bare me sochti hu to bahot hansi aati hai..
    Kik: deviarti

  2. Thats great arti… I too had fun with an older muslim guy and he was a monster in the bed…kik simmi874u

  3. Ye ab aam ho gaya koi nayi bat nahi h. Bahut aisi married hindu womens ko mai janata hu jo musalman se chud rahi h

  4. My face also glows when i put my lips around muslim lund.
    kik: naughty_mishra

  5. all Hindu sis likes Muslim lund?

  6. Oh god.. i think sab hindu wife ko muslim dick hi chaiye…Pata nai kyon inka itna bada aur mota hota hai

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