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K!m Sharma aur musalman husband

H!ndu hottie K!m Sharma secretly married Kenyan Musalman named Ali-Badrudin-Punjani in 2010.

hindu wife muslim hubby

With husband Ali

Ali was a divorcee musalman when he married Kim which ain’t a surprise since many h!ndu girls have a liking for mature divorcee musalmans and go on to marry them this isn’t the first case.
Kim visited Kenya and happened to meet Ali , who was in the process of getting a divorce from his first wife. Close friends say that Kim and Ali dated each other for just a week, and Kim was in a hurry to tie the knot. She was so bowled over by the musalman mard, she couldn’t wait.

hindu wife sex

Recent rumors suggested that Ali had dumped K!m but K!m Sharma rubbishes the news about the her breakup with Ali.

The rumors about kim being dumped triggered some h boys.
Not gullible but smart choice making full use of the empowerment as they are choosing real mards who can satisfy them to the core.
Sex slave – thats the favorite bedroom fantasy of many h!ndu gals with musalman mards, makes them climb the peak of liberty not to mention the carnal pleasure of the highest order which comes free with it.

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  1. uffff…ye muslims aur kon kon se humari hindu actress ko chod rahe hai

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