Kunal’s sister fucked by his Muslim friend

Hi friends, I’m Salman from Bangalore. Actually just now I’ve completed my +2 and I’m waiting for my admission. This is an incident that took place just yesterday. (7 june). I didn’t expect my friend Krunal’s sister will be very cute. But when I saw her I started to like her. Her name is Vanika. She has just completed her 11 and still doing her 12.

My friend Krunal and I are very close friends. We both go to gym together. he doesn’t do any workouts but helps me to do all the exercise. Thanks to him ive a good posture and good fitness. Even in school I m always a fast runner. Only Krunal helped me to win. He brings health drinks for me from his home. I m from a well to do family my father is in a big post.

I always helped him by giving money in thousands. So we had good relation. But seeing his sister I became mad. She is very fair. I imagined her vagina and nipples should be rose colour. (Now I can tell really its in baby pink). Even though I’m muslim and he is a hindu we both have a lot of respect and affection for each other. Krunal is senior to me for one year.

I went to his home during last week. I was determined to woo Krunal’s sister. For sure I knew she is also interested in me. First I collected some information about her daily routine. Then I come to know that daily 3 o clock she goes to economics tution. And I ve decided that was the right time to meet he. First day. I saw her and had a casual talk.

And I started to go to her house frequently. To escape from my friend’s suspicion I told him that im in love with a girl near to his house. So he promised me that he would help me in every way. I was very happy to hear those words from my saala. (brother in law) Daily I started to talk with vanika on phone, chat on facebook, and sometimes personally.

I’m brown complexioned but she is very fair. I loved her lips a lot. Very cute kind of rose it is. I’m not able to sleep during night. So one day I proposed her to go out and have a date. She said, “tum mere bhai se pucho agar vo permission diya to hum chalenge”. I was in an awkward situation. How could I ask my best friend to sent his sister with me. But I was determined.

I went to my friend and told him about my feeling without telling her name (she was also overhearing us). he told me “are yaar tum uska bhai ko le jaoge to, uske saath kya karoge. Uska bhai se bolo ki uski behan ko tum le jaake ghaand maarke vaapas sahi salamat se dedoge.” Hearing this we both smiled at each other. Krunal did not know that I was talking about his sister.

Now she was convinced a little. I saw her next day and told her “are tum aooge ya nahi. Jaldi bol”. She told “okay, lekin kuch galat kaam to nahi karna mere saath.” I told her “tumhare marzi re”. next day I took her to a park. Both sat and discussed about our future life. Then she told “I love you.” Then she offered her lips to me. I accepted. A cute smooch.

She caught my hair for balance and combed my hair out of love. My penis got erected. I found this is right time for me to have a golden night with her. So I took her to my guest house. I told her that that was the house where we both are going to live. She was very anxious. I caught her hand and kissed her.

Then I took her to the bedroom. I called krunal and told him that ive got succeeded in trapping my girlfriend. He told, “usko chodo mat salman, usko swarg dikhao”. Listening to her I felt like I‘ve taken a huge quantity of boost. She too called her mother and told that she’ll come home late. I did not expect this but I was lucky.

But next problem is convincing her to have sexual intercourse with me. I know we are young but I can’t control myself. So I planned to have a small marriage ceremony. Because after marriage ceremony naturally any girl will accept a boy’s proposal for first night. So I went out with her. Since I didn’t have enough money I had to buy only silver rings.

I came back to my guest house. She was waiting to go home but I told her not to go and showed her the rings. We both exchange the rings. After that she told me that she wanted to take leave of me. But I kept my face sad and told her not to leave me alone now. She called her mom again and told her that she would stay in her friend’s house.

She also informed her friend too to avoid problems. Then I ordered food from a nearby restaurant. It came. But both cannot eat it. She went to bed. I followed her. I caught her hand and kissed her. We both hugged each other and had lips kiss for some time. Then she released herself from me and she told me not to do anything more than this.

But I told her that she should not keep me hungry anymore. So I took the position of her husband and ordered her to remove her dress one by one. She felt shy and bad. I removed mine. And I was with my sorts. I showed my body and smiled at her. She too smiled at me. I told her to remove her dress. She told she could not. I touched her and told I’m your husband.

You have to obey your husband. She then removed her dress one by one. I took some juice from fridge and drank to increase my energy I gave the half to her. She drank and bent down and touched my feet. I told her not to touch my feet but to touch my penis. I showed my penis to her. She closed her eyes. But I took her hands and out over my penis.

I felt like fucking her like a bitch. I was aroused. I removed her pantis and bra. I touched vagina. She hid it from me. I told her that that vagina should be offered to me. She now took her hands then I slowly touched her vagina. She was also aroused. She lay on bed herself and I climbed over her. She told “salmanji Mujhe chod dijiye ”. I licked her body.

She was under my control now. I hugged her and rolled over the bed many times. Kissed her neck. Then caught her breast. And licked it. Tried to even draw milk but milk didn’t come. I bit her nipples. She shouted and told her not to shout but adjust with me. Then I put my penis inside her vagina. She had bleeding in the initial poking.

She went to bathroom and washed the blood and came back. I was waiting. But I was really fortunate now directly I started to insert my penis inside the vagina. now she was screaming like anything. But no one could come for her rescue. Because in that lonely guest house who would come. She prayed me to do slow but nothing stopped me. I fucked her like a bitch.

So to control it she hugged me tightly and kissed me and said “Go slow”. But I kept fucking her like a dog fucking a bitch. She balanced herself on my back part of my head. She caught my curly hair and combed my hair telling ah.. please salman ji bahut dard hor a hai.. aapko me samal nahi pati hu.. but I didn’t listen her. I fucked her squeezing her small breast.

In rage I bit her nipples and made her cry for help.. to stop it I closed her mouth with my mouth and usko choot ko faad diya.. I told her she cant be a virgin anymore.. she told that it was her pleasure.. in between I had Krunal’s phone call many times. I thought in my mind “ruk saale tumhari behan ko rape karke, baad me baat karta hu.

I put her legs wide open and I fucked her with my decent penis.. she smiled at me sometimes and cried sometimes.. It went for some 10 minutes then I released my sperms. It was hot.. after many days I released my sperms. I felt good. I was happy I’m no more a boy. Im a full man.

She was relieved a little and told me that I was very fast and advised me to go slow in the future intercourse. So that she can also enjoy without pain. And we hugged each other and had small kisses. Nearly she gave me more that 50 kisses. Then I had a phone call from her brother telling that vanika was not found in her friend’s home.

So we wore our dresses and rushed to her brother. I told her to have a good bath. and I took her to a hospital and asked her to be there for sometime. Then I took krunal there and told him that his sister felt giddy and fell down and she was admitted by my car driver since I was not at home my driver was not able to convey my message to me.

So I was not able to bring her to his home at right time. Luckily the doctor was not there at that time. Krunal felt relieved and hugged me telling that I was really his best friend. But in my mind I said, “Jab tumhari behan pregnant hogi na, tabi patha chalega mera talent tumko,tab tak wait karo saale… then I left the place and came to my home and slept peacefully.
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