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H!ndu girl : Leaving my family to marry my muslim boyfriend was the best decision of my life – Reactions included

H!ndu girl writes:
I met my husband in college, we were mere classmates till we were formally introduced by common friends. We soon became inseparable, madly in love with each other.
I was Brahmin and he was a Muslim.

My father warned me against marrying muslim man and that I will be tortured by the muslim inlaws and will be forced to eat non-vegetarian food.
But I didn’t agree with my father’s opinion and trusted my muslim boyfriend. Till today i am happy and proud of my decision.

I am not treated like a daughter-in-law but like a daughter by my Muslim in-laws.

Today after nine years of marriage I consider myself the luckiest married woman.
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Reactions are really interesting

A muslim girls reaction to the negative comments

Another musalman girl’s reaction

Crystal’s boyfriend is also muslim
and H!ndu girl Dhaara is also married to a muslim man Imran Khan

A H!ndu girl not happy with negative comments which comes from h males usually on such articles.

Cute Nisha Anand’s partner also musalman irshad

Hindu girls like muslims and why not

Another H girl in the comments telling her story, the girl below married a muslim and converted willingly.

Sweet hin mus couple

her female hindu friend also married muslim

Bengali Hin girl Ankita

H guy referring to Ankita and saying ye bhi kisi kattu (katwe) k chakkar mai hai.
She says don’t interfare on”kattu” (katwa) maintain you have “fattu”
Musalman guy muzafar posts a sensible comment which she praises.

Bengali H!ndu girl Ankita again


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  1. yeh sab sunke aur dekhke ab gusaa nehin haasi ata hain….bechare…
    kik siddique79

  2. but i support my unmarried sister to marry a Muslim only… so that he can fuck my wife Ashima also ….. if my sister has a Muslim husband he can bring his Muslim friends to my home and fuck my wife too. anyone interested??

  3. will you take your friends along to my home???

  4. Supportive family mile to hindu ladki muslim se hi shadi karti hai.. bade lund zordar chudai aur dher sara maal use aurat hone ka asli sukh deta hai.. mmmmmm

    Kik: deviarti

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