Leena Kapoor sex with paki muslim guy

Hindu girl Leena Kapoor sandal with a Pakistani muslim man Asad Rauf. No wonder she must have enjoying that big long paki lulla of da beef eater. It has been seen that many hindu women fancy mature married or divorced musalman men like saif, aamir etc.. she went one step further and had sex with a pakistani musalman.

2 thoughts on “Leena Kapoor sex with paki muslim guy

  1. I think the attraction is that Muslim men are a bit more muscular and have bit more rugged features bcuz of they have turkish/pathan/arab genes a bit more. Also Muslims are more sex drive and less into studies. Whereas hindu men are obsessed with career. Also Hindu woman are willing to date whereas muslim woman are supresses so muslim man have no choice for his sex drive but do go after hindu woman

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