Letter to h!ndu husband

Hi there H!ndu husband

Would you believe me if I were to tell you that your wife is actually getting fucked outside marriage?. Yes I’m talking about a Muslim Mard fucking your wife!

Don’t get me wrong, Hindu husband. Your wife is a very beautiful. You actually did strike gold when you found her. And it’s a good thing that you did. You’ve been taking good care of her all these 3-5 years.

You’ve been keeping your wife well groomed because you’ve been waiting all these years. You’ve been waiting for someone like me to take notice of her. Not merely to complement her figure (how her boob just seems to stay firm and bigger, and her hips seem to get wider in those jeans of hers), but knowing that she’s been getting bored with you. You’ve known this was coming, so don’t go acting surprised to hear me say it. Yes, she’s been getting bored that you just aren’t man enough to handle her anymore. She’s frustrated.

It might hurt for you to hear her say this. Know that it’s just as true and honestly expectant of her to declare this to you. Better she revealing her frustration to you this way than she do whatever she wants behind your back. I know you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you? No, you want to be help her understand why she’s frustrated with you.

You’ve been searching for answers all these months, not knowing what to do or whom to tell about it. That was why you’ve combing through the net till you stumbled upon my post here. You know what I say is true, but you wanted to take things a step further. You wanted me to become aware of what’s ongoing in your home, in your bedroom, and to know if I can lay it all out for your understand. But especially, you wanted to know if I’ve got the answer to your problem.

Here’s the truth, Hindu husband: your lovely wife wants better sex, and you’re not the one to give it to her. You know she needs it, too, but you’re scared to admit it to yourself. Why else do you think she’s been dressing sexier everyday she goes out? Don’t you notice how hot and gorgeous she’s making herself to be?

Her friends are going to work on her and tell her about what’s going on in city/Metro. About the latest addiction that hot Hindu wives toward Muslim Mard. About wanting to become sex sluts for Muslim mard. They can get all of that and more from Muslim Mard. Don’t matter where they find themselves at in the world, first thought on their minds is going to be about getting some Muslim cocks.

You don’t know it now, but keep reading my post.

Hindu women want sex. Hard, fucking type sex. They don’t want any of that cute loving that they often get from their Hindu bfs and husbands. They want the real deal – getting well fucked like a tramp slut. They want a Muslim mard to remake them into being his sexual plaything. They want to be a Muslim Mard’s whore: they won’t mind him inviting his buddies over to come fuck her as well. The more Muslim cocks she gets to fuck, the better. And they don’t want no condom-wearing Muslim cock either. They want to feel that Muslim cock stretching their virgin-tight Hindu pussy like nothing ever had before.

You shocked right now? I’ll bet you are. You’re new thinking how possible any of this really is. It’s possible, and its happening right now, Hindu husband. There’s the new movement that’s taking shape that’s called the MuslimOwnedWorld Order. It’s not too late for you to get along with your wife. This new world order involves every Hindu woman out there, married or single. That as well includes Hindu husbands like yourself. Who better to open your minds and get you and your wife prepared to face the world order.

Hence why you’re here. Hence the reason behind you not sleeping too well at night. I want to be the one to introduce you and your wife into this order. I want to remodel your wife into becoming my sex slut. And I want you to be there to watch and see it happen. You can either become a part of it, or not. Either way, your wife is a Muslim Cock whore. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets her to fall to her knees to worship a Muslim Cock in her mouth, pussy, and ass.

And don’t go thinking that she won’t!


9 thoughts on “Letter to h!ndu husband

  1. I am sikhni. I am single n never married. By coming through this site I got lots of attraction towards Muslim males. I am looking for a Muslim boy from delhi for marriage.

  2. Whatever told id true, at least in my case. I was thinking that my wife is aa pure as a goddess but later found out that she is getting fucked by muslims in our area. The bad part is that she likes men like auto driver or vegetable vendors. I had objected it first, but now I understand that she has appetite for more sex.I am Vipindas, from kerala works in Maharshtra and she lives with two daughters in Kerala

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