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  1. Kash mere pati bhi apke jaise ho jaye, fir mujhe chup chup k apne muslim bf se baat nahi karni padegi

  2. Somya gupta tum hindu aurat spevially hum muslim louda ke liya paida huyaa ho and u deserve the best ie:” SULTANI LOUDA” TUMHARI CHUT KE GHARMI sifir hum muslim maard he bhuja sakthe hai

  3. Hindi pe parne ka tarika hai

  4. Hindu behano biwiyon ki chut aur gand me jab tak muslim lund nahi jata tab tak ve adhuri rahti hai. Jai ho arbi n muslim lund ki. Writers se meri ek request hai ki story hindi me likhe

  5. Kash had Hindu aurat ko aise hi PATI mile

  6. Yaar I m Hindu and want ki meri wife Muslim Lund Se chude but she is not ready

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