Lindu Linduwom

Namaskar, my name is shivnarayan yadav, lucknow up se, 34 saal ka, married, i am a visitor of interfaith site, want to share my thinking. before that i am attaching photo of my uncut dick. i am a Lindu(big Linga fantasizing humiliated hindu cuckold man), i want to be dominated cuck also a bottom.
My wife is 32 years,we are together for 4 years,we have been involved in cuckold and couple swapping,though from my picture you can guess i am incapable of swapping.
I want to say about some of my dark desire.i like to be chained and dominated like a dog.i am slave to my wife who dominates me.make me suck her feet.i like to see her doing sex with another man specially muslim and black bull and make me suck her pussy and their cum,make me watch and humiliate me using vulgar comments.though i am impotent we never have been unhappy in our marriage because we relish our dream.i have another desire i want to say.we all know history of Hindustan,several times we were betrayed and invaded by dutch,british and mugal.those whites and mugals have thoroughly enjoyed our women,when i think those man have done with our pavitra suddh hindu woman i get excited.i always fantasize it happening again,whites and mugals come to our country and do it again so we can watch. hindustani boy and girl should serve the arab master again.Hindu man are lacto vegetarian,it gives us great bottom shape,i want to be bottom for them and our hindu woman serve them and make us watch.All hindu woman’s sudh womb should be impregnated by arab masters sperm and seed who are superior then our lindu man.our woman will become linduwom(Big linga fantasizing humiliating hindu woman).those arab will put many muslim bacche in our woman’s suddh hindu breeded by arabs our woman will swell muslim babies from their sudh pavitra hindu womb.
Muslim are black people outside africa.i fantasize one day this muslim and black man will take over the world and dominate all small uncut cuckfir(kafir cuck) man and make us cuckfir watch what they do with our woman.if we need to produce strong generation only way is to get our hindu woman bred by black and muslim man,and change muslim and black babies name to hindu name.natural dual toned black and muslim dick going inside our hindu woman’s tight sudh chut and make them scream is the best turn on scene for me.i want all hindu woman’s tight pussy and hindu man’s big soft ass to be bred and filled by arab or black dick’s cum.all hindu should be carrying and breeding black and muslim babies in them.


5 thoughts on “Lindu Linduwom

  1. pure impotent …most hindus are having same lulli… last month ek hindu cpl ko choda tha same aisa tha…uski pujaran ptni ne yahin interfaith se contact krke mujhse chudwaaya ..uske clear bol diya tha mujhse ki bache ke liye chudwa rahi…agr sb kuch theek raha to hm hr dm mze le skte hain…ab news hai ki bacha thahr gya hai.. main cpl ko swap krwaata hun lekin dono hindu randion ko main hi chodta hoon… kik: smartykhan81

    u can see my real posts at this site…

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