Losing my Wife because of my Small Penis

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My name is ankit and my wife name is Shivangi. We have been married for 4 years. 3 years ago we moved to Netherlands. There she started working in a company and become friend with a Pakistani guy. Since they both can can speak in hindi and felt comfortable with him.

Slowly they got closer and i told her she could date him if she wants because my penis is too small to have sex. They started their relationship and after few weeks he took her virginity. It was very embarrassing to know that after 2 years of marriage my wife finally lost her virginity to Pakistani man.

Afterwards they got more into sex and on weekends she begin sleeping in his house with my blessing. At first everything was ok she would be my wife for weekdays (expect few days she will have sex with him) and weekend she would be his live in girlfriend. But 4 months ago she moved in to his house full time. She still visits me now and then. She tell me she still love me and dobt want divorce.

I am attaching my small penis as u can see its too small for sex and i dont produce enough sperms to get her pregnant. I want her to become pregnant with his child.


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  1. Haha, what is that? It’s not even a lulli, must be tiniest ever.

    Not surprising that you couldn’t break your wife’s seal with that thing.

    kisko ulloo Bana rahe ho, saying you gave her permission and blessings? You could never have broken her seal with that giggle, she would never have waited forever for your thing to grow into a lulli, she would have found a tagda Musalman anyway…she would have decided to go ahead with him anyway, must have enjoyed with him even before you found out…you can tell yourself lies that you gave your blessings, but if you objected, she would have left you for that Pakistani, so stop acting like you had any say in the matter hehe

  2. ab ek acche pati ka role nibhao aur doosre mardo ko bula k apni biwi ki pyaas bujhao unse baccha bhi lo kyu k tumse to hoga nahi…
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