Losing My Wife

I really don’t know how to say this. I don’t like it but I suppose I must reveal my emotions somewhere and I think this site is probably the right forum for it.

My name is Avinash. And this is an account of how I lost my wife to a 49 years old Muslim man.

I was 29 and my wife Rachana was 26 when all this started. We both worked in IT.
We both lived in Mumbai and had a wonderful life. We married at an early age. It was a love marriage.

We loved each other and it felt like an eternal love story. At least that’s the way I thought about it.

But I never thought that her love could be so fickle.

We had bought a flat in Mumbai and had moved in it when something happened that changed our lives forever.

This is where we met the man who stole my wife.

His name was Wahid Khan. (Please note that I have changed the surname in order to protect the privacy.)

He was a businessman who lived in the same building as ours. Our first meeting with him was as dramatic as the outcome of our relationship with him.

One day, we were returning from a late night movie when 3-4 goons started harassing when came near our building. They started calling me names as well as using indecent language about my wife.

I resisted them but since they were 4 of them, they easily overpowered me and then one of them started to touch my wife indecently. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I started almost begging them to let go of my wife, but they didn’t listen and kept teasing and touching my wife.

And just when I thought this was the end, a Land Rover stopped in front of us. As I watched in horror, a huge man stepped out of it and shouted on the goons. He was well over 6 feet and as big as a bear.

“What the hell do you think you are doing? This is a decent people’s society.”He shouted and started walking towards the man who was holding my wife.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as he went towards him wife and slapped the man without even a word.

The other 3 men saw the huge man and almost panicked as he started beating up the man who was holding my wife. He tried to fight back against the man from the Land Rover, but it was no use. Clearly he was too big for him and after 3 minutes, the man who held my wife’s hand lay on the ground clutching his stomach.

He was groaning in pain as the big man kicked him in stomach once again. The other 3 men who were holding me turned pale.

They probably saw that even 3 of them were not a match for the big man. After he had taken care of the first man, he started walking towards the other 3 men who were holding me.

One of them left me and tried to attack the big man, but he just caught his arm and twisted it. Then he slapped him on the face 3-4 times as he cried out in pain. Then he kicked him as he fell on the ground.

The ease with which he had tackled 2 mean clearly had its effect on the other 2. They left me and just started running away from us leaving the other 2 unconscious on the ground.

“If I ever see you again here, I will kill you.” He shouted at the 2 men retreating as he kicked the unconscious man on the ground.

After this I came to my senses and as did my wife. She rushed towards me, hugged me and started crying. She was clearly rattled.

We hugged each other and tried to comfort each other.

At this time the big man spoke.
“What are you doing so late in the night? Come on. I will drop you.” He said to us. I thanked him and mentioned the address to him.

He looked surprised and spoke to me.

“I live in the same building and I haven’t seen you before.” I was very surprised.

“We have just moved here a month back. Probably that’s why.” I replied.

He nodded and then looked at my wife who was still clinging to me.

I couldn’t help but notice that the moment he laid his eyes on my wife, he changed. He said that he will drop us to our home. But what I couldn’t understand what that something in my wife also changed that day.

I said that we will walk but at that time Rachana said.

“Avinash, I am too shocked to walk right now in the dark. Can we go with him?” My wife said as she looked at the big man.

He also said the same thing and we both sat in his car.

“By the way, I am Wahid Khan.”He introduced himself as we sat. As a courtesy I introduced myself too and then introduced my wife.

He smiled at both of us and started the car.

After 5 minutes, we got out of his car and we all walked in the building. As we got out of the elevator on our floor, suddenly Rachana spoke to Wahid.

“Mr. Wahid, I really can’t thank you enough for what you did for us. If you hadn’t arrived to help us, I don’t know what would have happened.” She was somewhat emotional as she thanked him.

“Oh it’s all right. We are neighbors. We have to help each other.” He said as he looked at my wife.

“Oh no, but we still owe you something and really want to thank you. It would greatly please us if you can have dinner with us this week end.” Rachana said and I just couldn’t believe my ears. I mean yes, he had helped us no doubt, but did she really invite him for dinner?

But I still hoped that Wahid would probably decline the invitation. He didn’t.

He looked straight in my wife’s eyes and said.

“I will be glad to have dinner with you.” I couldn’t believe it. It was almost as if she had invited and not both us. She could at least have consulted with me, but she didn’t.

“That’s great. Then is this Sunday at 7 PM ok for you?”She flashed him a brilliant smile.

He just nodded and then we got off on our floor while he went on to his floor.
Later when I asked Rachana why she invited him, she made some lame excuse about being grateful to people who had helped us.

Well she hadn’t invited anyone else who had helped us many times for dinner. And yet she had invited this one man.

But I let it go. I mean he was after all a 49 years old man. I had found out that he was a widower and lived alone. Both of his sons were in Dubai. His wife had passed few years back.

I didn’t like that she had taken lead and invited him for dinner, but I still felt it was an innocuous invitation.

It took me over a year to find out how I was wrong.
He came for dinner and we had dinner together. It was pretty uneventful. Mr. Wahid told us about his business and we told him about what work we did. After dinner he thanked both of us and went away.

But as I see it now, something changed in our relationship that day and it never recovered. Something changed in Rachana that evening and I had only one inevitable outcome as far as our marriage is concerned

The change in Rachana was subtle. Earlier she never wore western clothes. But since that night, she started wearing them. She would wear short skirts, sleeveless blouses with low cuts. I couldn’t understand this change in her preference of clothing but perhaps this was the effect of moving to Mumbai.

After few months, every now and then she would sport some piece of jewelry that was new. Sometimes it was an ear ring. Sometimes it was a gold bangle. Sometimes it was a necklace. When I would ask her about it, she said she bought it.
But clearly the jewels that she bought were beyond her salary. She hadn’t asked me for money either. When I asked her about it, she said she got some money from her mother.
But somehow it all just didn’t add up. The necklace was in my view at least worth 1.5 lakh.

And it then that for the first I started suspecting my wife. I couldn’t pinpoint it but I sensed that there was something wrong.

Her behavior with me also changed. She would often just cut me off abruptly when I was talking about something as if what I was saying had no meaning. She started fighting with me more often than not. I couldn’t believe that my sweet and lovely wife had suddenly become so nasty with me.

She would often insult me and my parents.

Then one day after one such fight, she removed her mangalsutra and put it aside. Instead she decided to wear her necklace.

I was absolutely shocked but she didn’t budge from her decision.

All this had taken just 6 months since we had first met Wahid. And I still couldn’t believe that he was the reason behind all this. I thought she was having some kind of affair in her office.

But when I did find out the person behind this, I was shocked to the core.

I was kind of stressed and sorry about all this. So on Valentine’s Day I decided to surprise her and booked a hotel resort for us. I allowed her to leave for the office.
I had planned to take her out for lunch in the afternoon and then to the resort in the evening to spend the night there.

So as per the plan, I went to her office with flowers to surprise and pick her up.

And boy, did fate have a surprise for me in store.

The moment I had stepped out of my car, I watched Rachana walking out of her office building. She wore a sari and sleeveless blouse. Her hair was spread on her back.
I was across the road and she was walking along the road on the other side. There was a Land Rover parked on that side and I couldn’t make any mistake about the owner of that car.

It was Mr. Wahid. He stood beside the car. Rachana walked towards him with a smile on her face. The moment she reached him, she hugged him.

I had flowers in my hand and I almost dropped them. I couldn’t believe my eyes as Mr. Wahid kissed Rachana full on her lips right there on the road. She didn’t resist one bit and almost kissed him back. After couple of minutes, he handed her a bouquet of flowers.

Then they spoke for few minutes before they both sat in the Land Rover and drove away.

I looked at the retreating vehicle with my mouth wide open.

I immediately pulled out my phone and called Rachana. She disconnected it. I called her again and then she disconnected it again. I was angry and hurt. I called her again and this time she answered.

“Rachana, where are you?” I asked the moment she answered.

“Oh Hi Avinash, sorry I am in a meeting. I will call you later.”And then she disconnected it again. When I tried dialing it again, her phone was switched off.

I got in my car and tried to follow them, but they were nowhere in sight.

I was hurt, angry and humiliated by my cheating wife.

I tried her phone all through the day. It was switched off all through the day.

Finally I lost hope and slept.

It was almost 10 PM in the night when my door bell rang. I opened the door to find Rachana in my door alongside Mr. Wahid.

My eyes were blood shot and ears were red. I couldn’t believe the nerve of my wife bring him to our home.

“You lying bitch.” I shouted at her and slapped her.

But at this moment something happened. Mr. Wahid pushed me away and I was thrown away on the sofa.

My wife coolly caressed her cheek. Then she looked straight in my eyes and turned away to Mr. Wahid.

”Let’s go Wahid. I am glad that he has finally out about us. He had to know one day. The sooner it is the better. I don’t think I need to stay any longer here.” She looked at me, linked her arm in Mr. Wahid’s arm and walked out of the door and slammed the door behind her.

Afterwards I tried to meet her again and again, but she never agreed to meet me. She stayed with Mr. Wahid.

I was distraught and tried lot of things to get her back in my life but in vain. She was firm in her decision that she loved Mr. Wahid and remained firm at that.

We stayed in the same building but she avoided me every time she saw me. Also, my name was absolutely mud in that building. I was the guy whose wife had ditched him for a 49 year old Muslim man.

I just couldn’t live with that. My entire family also had to face lot of hardship as news of my wife ditching me for another man spread.

So finally after trying to convince her for almost 6 months and failing, I sold my flat and bought another one in the suburbs. After 2 months, Rachana sent me a divorce notice. I signed it without a whimper as I didn’t see any point.

It has been over 2 years since that. One day, I saw Mr. Wahid getting out of his car.

I was standing outside the mall smoking a cigarette. Then the door on the other side opened and a woman in burqa stepped outside. She was carrying a baby in her arms. The baby looked almost like 2 years.

She started following Mr. Wahid and tears started flowing out of my eyes. From what I could see of her eyes, the way she walked, there was no doubt in my mind that it was.

It was my wife, Rachana. She reached Mr. Wahid and then just for a moment turned around. Her eyes focused on me just for a fleeting moment. Then she turned back, linked her arm in Mr. Wahid’s arm and they started up the stairs of the mall.

I just stood there, angry, hurt and alone. And to this day, I don’t know if my wife left for Mr. Wahid’s money or she really loved Mr. Wahid.

4 thoughts on “Losing My Wife

  1. same thing is happening with me….I like a muslim guy name rizwan, i even proposed him to marry me…but my hubby dont know anything about us yet…. i dont know what to doo….hope god or i should say allah will do the good…

    1. Very good..i guess u got your real love now. I understand how hard for u it is. But keep petienc, u ll get pleasure to live wid him.

  2. Look Avinash, if this is true, don’t get upset. Every woman at the end of the day wants to feel “grounded” and as you described the turn of events, even I as a woman can feel how your wife must have felt. Problem is, marriages in India happen in an “as is” basis, which truly leaves a lot to be desired, especially by us women. As fate would have it, your wife was confronted by a profound truth and she took the only decision that any woman would make, in a situation like that. Just think that you could have both spent years married and basically living a lie. In fact, I see many Hindu couples who believe they are made for each other and I cannot help but think that the husband is enjoying on borrowed time; until a Reyhan, Aslam or even Tyrone comes along. Move on in life and learn to live by yourself.

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